Press N Pull Plug Protectors

Press N Pull Plug Protectors

Press N Pull Plug Protectors

Main features

  • Press ‘N Pull Plug Protectors
  • Easy For Adults To Remove & Clips To Cords For Safekeeping
  • Plug Protector Covers One Electrical Socket
  • Deter Children From Putting Sharp Objects Or Fingers Into Unused Electrical Outlets

Verified reviews



These outlet covers are a complete waste of money. They are perfectly designed for little fingers to pull out. My daughter has an easier time pulling these out than my husband and the tab sticks out in a way that makes pulling it out tempting for her. Bare outlets would be safer.

Roslyn Fort Loramie, OH

Horrible & Dangerous

My 22 month old just greeted me with a handful of these outlet covers. Sigh. I am so disappointed by this product. I should have bought the cheaper ones that are really hard to remove. Don’t buy.

Joann New Fairfield, CT


Trust me they figure out how to get them out of the outlets. Get the old fashion one that us parents have a hard time getting out.

Dolores Ina, IL

too easy to remove

at first i liked these because they were easy to take out. unfortunately, my toddler thought so too. the only outlet option that i’ve found works are the plate covers. the make it so the outlet is accessible to me, but not my son.

Sara Monument, KS

My 9 month old can get these out in 5 seconds flat!

Absolutely the worst! The little notches on the side are baby finger sized and they come right out. Buy the old school kind for REAL safety!!!

Henrietta Chichester, NH


My 15 month old has no problem taking these out. His interest has been drawn to them now and they are very ineffective.

Hilary Thaxton, VA