Primo 4-In-1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer and Step Stool White with Pastel Blue Seat

Primo 4-In-1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer and Step Stool White with Pastel Blue Seat

PRIMO’s 4 In 1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer/Step Stool is a complete graduated 4 stage toilet training system. It follows your child through all of the stages of toilet training 1) beginning as a stand alone potty with an extra large easy to clean pot 2) graduating to the adult toilet with the PRIMO Soft Seat Reducer and step stool 3) using the step stool to reach the bathroom sink to clean hands 4) traveling with the PRIMO Soft Seat Reducer to continue and reinforce toilet training skills learned at home. The unique molded design of the PRIMO Soft Seat Reducer will not tear or rip and is easy to clean unlike many of the vinyl cushioned soft seats on the market today. Handles are integrated into the PRIMO Soft Seat Reducer to provide extra security and stability to the child. The PRIMO Soft Seat Reducer can be used on either a round or elongated adult toilet seat. The base of PRIMO’s 4 In 1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer/Step Stool is extra wide for added stability. It has handles that are also integrated into the Primo Soft Seat Reducer that allow the unit to be moved easily without the components coming apart. The base doubles as a step stool to allow your child to reach the sink to wash their hands and face for personal hygiene. The base supports a child’s weight up to 45 pounds. Included are bonuses to aide and complete the toilet training experience. Toilet Training Tips for parents, a fun set of reward stickers to encourage your child to use the toilet trainer, and discount coupons for training pants to help parents economize on the toilet training experience.

Main features

  • Complete graduated 4 stage toilet training system. Includes stand alone potty, soft toilet seat reducer and step stool
  • Unique molded design of the PRIMO Soft Seat Reducer will not tear or rip and is easy to clean
  • Handles are integrated into the PRIMO Soft Seat Reducer to provide extra security and stability to the child
  • Includes toilet training tips, reward stickers and discount coupons for training pants

Verified reviews


Great for potty training on the go – we keep it in the minivan

One of the biggest challenges with three young kids is going to the potty while you’re on the go. I cannot begin to tell you how hard it is to find a bathroom that will fit all three kids plus a double stroller. The Primo potty has been a lifesaver – we keep it in a minivan.You can easily keep this potty in the aisle of the minivan or in a SUV’s cargo area so that your children can use the potty whenever they need to – just place an absorbent open diaper inside the bowl and put the seat on to secure it (Pampers Baby Dry Diapers Economy Plus Pack, Size 4, 176 Countwork great). This will catch everything and prevent a mess or spill in your car. Once your child is done, roll up the diaper and wipe the bowl and seat down with a Lysol wipe. No mess and super easy.The Primo potty is large and comfortable for bigger kids – my four year old (32 lbs) still uses it. It fits fine if the passanger seat is moved a little forward (you can get a smaller potty or just remove the lid w/ handles when not in use if it doesn’t fit). I have a waterproof pad folded underneath to protect the carpet in case of an accident but it’s never been a problem as the bowl is large and fits securely inside the potty. Unlike other potty’s with bowls that slide out, this one lifts out – less chance of a mess as your child cannot pull it out while sitting on it.With this potty, an extra diaper bag and a small cooler for snacks, you can turn your minivan into a moving nursery and keep your toddler happy too. It’s made getting out with the three kids a whole lot easier.

Annmarie Panora, IA


I ordered this potty chair after seeing the others all had some negative aspects. This seat is perfect! My almost 2.5 year old daughter took to it immediately. It’s not too small (she’s very tall) but not too big (she has a petite bottom). It cleans up easily, and is not so lightweight or small that it becomes a toy for her. The seat part itself comes off to use on a regular toilet, and has handles for the child to steady him/herself. The bowl insert is large and removes easily for cleaning. There are also handles on the base that overlap with the handles on the seat so you can easily pick it up and move it. The lid closes “just like mommy’s potty” and becomes a wide flat step stool. Perfect product!

Isabelle Trenton, NJ

Does the trick…

I like this product… we got it for my 16 month old at Christmas so he can get used to seeing the potty and sitting on it, even though we’re not potty training yet. My only complaint is that I wish the pieces would clip in place so they weren’t so easy to remove. My son has taken this whole "getting used to the potty" thing to heart and likes to take the potty apart. Not an issue now, but I’m sure it will be once he starts using it!I also like that it LOOKS enough like a toilet that he tries to "rinse" his cloth diapers in it… (like I said, he’s a fan)

Kaitlyn Sonora, CA


I purchased this potty strickly on the customer ratings and was not disappointed. It’s very sturdy, enough so that even my husband can use it as a seat when sitting with our daughter. All parts are very easy to clean. I started her training at 15 months, just by keeping her potty in the bathroom and having her sit on it (with her clothes on) every time my husband or I went to the bathroom. She soon got the idea and was sitting on it without a diaper. Because it took so long for her to go, we used the entire unit, but it didn’t take long until we started just carrying around the padded seat for her to use on the adult potty. PURCHASING THIS PRODUCT WAS WORTH IT, EVEN IF WE’D ONLY GOTTEN THE PADDED SEAT. I bought a second seat from another manufacturer to keep in our other bathroom so we wouldn’t have to go up and down stairs to fetch it every time she needed to go, but it isn’t NEARLY as nice. The Primo seat isn’t just a piece of plastic with a hole in the middle. It’s thin and contoured to the shape of a little one’s bottm. It fits snugly on the adult potty. It has rubber pads and plastic pegs on the underside to keep it from slipping when she sits down. I also like that either a boy or girl can use it, without extra parts to assemble or disassemble. There’s a small rise in the front for boys, but it isn’t so high that it gets in the way when the child sits down.Very sturdy, very easy to use and clean. Can’t say enough about this product.

Kathi Pandora, TX

Not perfect, but the best I’ve found with a lid!

Oy, another potty review. I thought I found perfection in the simplicity ofBABY BJÖRN Potty Chair, which has an absolute minimum of parts and nooks to retain and hide pee.But when we began nighttime potty training, the excellent Bjorn proved weak once our nostrils and the dog’s penchant for the flavor of pre-schooler poo entered the equation. I mean, we’re talking absolutely disgusting stuff here!I did check out the half-dozen lidded potties at Babies R Us (that count is a stretch — some are Dora while others are Thomas) and they all suffered from too many pieces, removable pee shields, etc.This PRI isn’t perfect in some of those same ways: for instance, the squishy seat sits atop a molded plastic “carrier” — the thing the handles are attached to), providing a place for the pee to hide, and the fine non-slip texturing on the lid only makes it that much more difficult to wipe down. Not that it gets all that dirty. And beneath that handled seat is the removable bowl, which doesn’t have any obvious handles, and which has gaps between it and the base. Toss the hinged lid into the mix, and we’re talking about a sum total of five pieces, which (I believe) is quite unnecessary), and the ill-placed handles only encourage the child to lift them (Bad Move!).BUT! with a little talking to, we were able to put that all to rest. Our son poops and pees quite competently in this potty, doesn’t mess with it much otherwise (other than dragging it a few feet here or there across the bedroom carpet — no spills yet), and the lid keeps the stink in and the dog out, so we can sleep through the night. Actually, the lid works so well we from time to time find a “surprise” in there that has escaped our attention for the better part of the day.So IF you want the easiest toilet to clean, stick with the Baby Bjorn. But if you must have a lid, this Primo PRI is the way to go.

Shelby New Bethlehem, PA


Perfect potty chair for my 2 boys, made in USA, lead free, bpa free, phtalates free. Size is perfect for a small bathroom, sturdy and the cushion is soft. Stickers were a bonus, my son cant wait for a sticker reward. He also use it as a stool to brush his teeth, even i stand on it (130#), is very solid build. I would buy Primo products in the future, my research is over.

Rochelle Burdette, AR

Perfect for training….

Easy to clean. Detachable seat convenient to place on toilet. Use as a step stool. Soft seat for child to sit for long periods of time during training.

Marylou Ruth, NV

Great so far!

I spent quite some time shopping around for a potty which met my requirements: easy to clean, easy to use, and would grow with child. I chose this after reading several reviews and the price for the product. Nothing beats $25 for a potty, toilet seat insert with handles, and a stepping stool.We recieved it on 8/28 and there was no damage to the item. It’s much lighter than expected, so much so, my 17month old daughter carried it (lid closed) by the handles around the house and into the bathroom! She was VERY excited to see her new potty (esp since she’s being exposed to it at daycare) and immediatly lifted the lid and sat on it. We’re not training just yet for REAL use at the moment, but I’m thrilled she knows how to use the lid and what it’s for. We practiced opening the lid, sitting on the potty, then closing the lid once she was off for over 20 minutes.The plastic is smooth and the insert fits snugly on our adult toilet. Some complained that the rubber liner detaches from the insert, but that makes me happy because it’s easier to clean instead of trying to get urine out from a thin seal line. As for cleaning, I simply filled the tub enough to cover the pices, added bleach and came back in 15 minutes to rinse it. This saves me having to use my hands and still gets the job well done. Any sticky spots or feces I’d wash off immediatly anyway.All in all, I find this a wonderful potty and already have high hopes given my lil girl sat on it with her diaper, grunted, then demanded I change her because she’d pooped! But she knew do to it on the POTTY! (sorta lol)

Sharlene Hartville, OH

WORKS for boys

My son is 27 months and won’t sit bare but on potty. I have a bjorn potty as the other one. He seems to like this one more. I think for kids that like softer/warmer seats this works better than the bjorn.

Eloise Andover, NJ

Good investment.

I researched for many weeks before buying this. After reading many reviews from helpful parents about which Toilet Trainer they had chosen I finally ordered this one. So far my 11 month old daughter has only used the seat on the big toilet. It fits well on a standard circular toilet and she fits well on the cushioned seat and doesn’t mind hanging out there for a while as we introduce her to potty training. It rinses easily but I could see how the shape of the guard in the front might present cleaning problems for parents with little boys. Overall I am very pleased with the product and appreciate its’ versatility.

Traci Hebron, IN

Great training toilet

I recently purchased this for my 2 year old son. So far we love it. I didn’t want to get one with characters all over it as it would probably distract my son from using it correctly. He’s still in the training process but he’s headed in the right direction. It’s the perfect height and easiness for him to use. I also like how it can be used as a step stool and you can put the seat on a regular toilet. Perfect!

Jaclyn Reads Landing, MN

Best Potty for the price

After using and loving the PRI infant bath, I was glad to find a potty from PRI as well. We’ve had it since our 25-month old daughter was 16 months, and we love it. The removable seat is excellent for those times when she wants to use the big potty, and it fits just perfectly. The handles are easy for her to grab. The seat itself is perfectly-sized. It was never too big for our average-sized daughter, even at 16 months, and it seems she has plenty room to grow. The splash guard is a good size to avoid splash, but not so big that she has trouble sitting down (plus, it’s soft enough to not hurt if she did sit on it). The potty has also been extremely easy to clean, and our toddler has no problem taking the basin out and dumping it herself. There are some crevices that pee can get in, but most toilets have that and it hasn’t really been a problem for us.We did remove the lid and store it, as it has a tendency to flop down and we didn’t want it to hit and scare our daughter. We don’t really use it as a step-stool (who wants to drag this over to the sink after using it??) so the lid isn’t necessary.

Blanche Charm, OH

Cute little Pee-per

I love the practicality of this product. Congrats to its inventor! My child loves it. Easy to use, soft seat, easy to wash.

Lorrie Bowdon, ND

Great for a big toddler

My son is in the 97th percentile, just a generally big boy. He’s 2 1/2 and wearing a 4T. Baby Bjorn potty was too small. Potette Travel Potty was so small it was a joke. I ordered this in hopes it was big enough for him. It absolutely is. It’s not that it’s taller than any other potty, it’s just the actual seat is bigger which is what we needed. I actually think he’s more comfortable on this than the Prince Lionheart seats we have for our regular toilets, although those have worked well too. I will agree that there are maybe a few more crevices than I would prefer but I don’t care, it rinses clean with soap and water at the end of the day if need be. A small sacrifice for a potty that fits my son.

Jeannette Radium Springs, NM

A good size for toddlers in training

I have two of these: one in each bathroom. My 2 yr old son is very comfortable sitting on them (while sometimes reading a book) and leaving after he’s done: no stepping down: no accidental toilet dives into water from an adult sized toilet booster seat. Plus, the seat on this can be placed on a normal flushing toilet once they become larger. Also serves as a useful backup when traveling and there are no rest stops nearby. Cleaning of these toilets is easy and they reassemble in seconds. I’m happy with this baby porta/training potty.

Charity Thendara, NY

That was easy.

I’m not sure if this is normal for a child or not, but once we put this next to our toilet, our son started using it all by himself without any kind of “training” from us. Even weeks later, he still runs to the bathroom to use it…The other odd part is that he likes to empty it himself. He takes the seat off, pulls out the bucket, dumps it in the big toilet, flushes, and puts everything back together…No complaints here!

Roseann Holts Summit, MO

Best solution

Some people want trainer potties with all kinds of bells, whistles, sound effects, songs and nonsense. I don’t. I think they’re tacky. This potty is great. It’s an all in on solution for getting your little one transitioned to using the big potty. Solid as a step stool. The removable seat is great. LOVE that it has a lid – would NEVER buy a potty that didn’t have one, especially since we have a "lid down" rule in our house that my little one will have to learn to follow. Clean design works well for us since we have one bathroom and I didn’t want anything too obnoxious in there. Reasonable size footprint. I wouldn’t mind it coming in a few more solid colors that would compliment various decors, but it is really a good buy. I say get it.

Allyson Cypress, TX

Mixed Review of this potty

We do E.C. so my preferences for a potty are based on having a baby younger than traditional potty learning age. That said, here’s my mixed review of this Primo 4-In-1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer and Step Stool. I like that this is a multi-functional item. I’m not sure what the fourth thing is, as all I can figure out is that it’s a potty, a toilet seat reducer and a step stool. I like that it’s made in the USA and it seems sturdy. I don’t like how wide it is. It’s footprint is a problem for a smaller bathroom. The lid doesn’t stay closed when the potty seat is on. And it was easy to splash pee out the side when moved. There are a lot of pieces – which could be good or bad. The blue foam seat top comes off the white plastic seat bottom. The bottom side of the white plastic seat bottom isn’t smooth but has little crevices – our high chair tray is like this, why don’t they make baby items with smooth bottom/backs so that it’s easier to clean?! The potty bowl comes out for cleaning, but is still quite large and doesn’t fit well in the bathroom sink to be cleaned out. This means an extra step of using the tub or the kitchen sink to properly wash it. For the price, it’s a good deal if you have space for a larger potty and plan on using all three (or four?) things that this one does.

Marissa Redway, CA

Works perfectly just a little cheap…

I really like this potty and I’m glad we purchased it. The seat seems to be comfortable and the handles are nice to have. I love that the seat can be put on a regular toilet. The one thing that I don’t like is the fact that it seems to be a bit cheap in the way it is put together. the blue seat part comes apart from the white frame that it is in fairly easily. Hasn’t been an issue yet at all but I just don’t like it. I do like the fact that it can be a stool as well. All around, I like this potty a lot. Just seems to be cheaply put together.

Rosario Brookville, PA


The toilet trainer works pretty well. But as a stood I wish they had placed rubber grippers to prevent from slipping. My daughter likes using it as a stool to wash her hands but I feel I need to always supervise whenever she is on it because the stool has slipped when she puts pressure on one side or the other.

Pearlie Oshtemo, MI

Perfect for tall boys!!!

My son is 18 months old 36″ tall and 33lbs. All other potties were absolutely too small for my son, he dwarfed all seats but this one. We love it so far!!!

Eugenia Vestal, NY

Love this seat!

My daughter used to refuse to use the potty. I tried this seat and she loves it. It seems to be more comfortable that her previous seat. It is easy to clean and very convenient to have the 4 in 1.

Natalie Castleton, IL

Works fine

It’s very sturdy. My little guy is a climber and it’s never tipped over. He learned quickly how to back himself down onto it. We’re still working on the process, so I’m not sure if the urine guard will work well or not.

Margie Oakley, MI

Our favorite potty!

We have 3 training potties and this is our favorite. The seat is a little more spacious, while still having a small enough center to be supportive for small toddlers, but enough space to sit comfortably as they grow. The splash guard is great for boys when used on an adult toilet! And the handles make it feel very secure on the adult toilet for our tiny 2-yr old. Having it work as a step stool is terrific for washing hands after using the potty. The height is great – not too short. Occasionally you need to clean under the cushion seat, or wipe up around removable bowl, but for the convenience of the multi-functions of this potty it is so worth it. We recommend this potty to all our friends getting ready to potty train!

Juanita Toppenish, WA

All right, but I prefer the Graco one

We had the Graco soft potty for my son and we liked it a lot. I had some issues with the seat coming off the ring but it can be fixed by gluing on some heavy duty velcro (which in an ideal would you wouldn’t have to do but it’s not an ideal world and I happen to like tinkering with things so…)I needed a second potty with my twins and decided to try a different flavor. So I ordered one of these.Honestly, I prefer the Graco one, which is a little cheaper. They are VERY similar. The main body is nearly identical.Pros – can be totally taken apart and cleaned and reassembled. Pee shield does not come off, so nothing to lose. Generous size for bigger kids.Cons – Handles feel flimsy. There’s actually two halves to them, an underside attached to the base and an upperside attached to the seat. I guess it kind of keeps it together more but I would prefer one set of solid handles, as the Graco has. Seat is NOT soft – I was expecting a padded seat but this is not, it’s just a layer of rubbery stuff. Granted, I personally can’t stand padded toilet seats myself but the Graco has a soft seat, my kids seem to like it, I was expecting this to have a SOFT seat, and it does not. It also has no skid protection – the Graco came with little rubber feet you could put on so this doesn’t slide all over, but this does not.This will do for our purposes, but save yourself a few bucks and get the Graco one. I wish I had just stuck with what I knew.editing this to say – the seat on our old Graco potty was ripped a little (it had a padded seat) and one of my girls decided to peel the cover off. Totally nasty inside!!! We have ordered a new seat from graco but now I find myself thinking, though it doesn’t seem as comfy, this Primo seat really might be the better way to go as you will never have THAT problem with it. Nothing to rip and wear out over time. Nowhere for startling black mold to grow.

Reba Balsam, NC

The best

This potty stays in our minivan for all trips short and long. It is highly functional, fits my daughter perfectly (she is 2 1/2yrs old and weighs 29lbs). I started with placing a plastic grocery bag in the bucket part, along with her unused diapers (since she is fully potty trained now), inside the potty. This makes all waste fully disposable without having to do any cleanup. Works like a charm.

Shirley Boys Ranch, TX

Simple and nice.

This is a basic item and does the job. The seat does’t fit that well into the main toilet but its ok. As a step stool I think its low.

Deloris Rose Bud, AR

My son has been using this off and on since he was seven months old.

Good quality, my husband loves it and wants a second for another bathroom. My son uses it, and even as he gets old enough to really start potty training its holding up great.

Angeline Madelia, MN

Just about perfect!

I wanted to pick up a potty in order to have an option for my LO when traveling. A friend told me to keep it in the car and you never have to find a bathroom. Great idea! The only trouble I saw with this idea was having to clean up the mess while out and about. That’s the main reason I like this potty. You can place a diaper in it and the seat will hold it securely in place. No mess to clean up!It also serves as a step stool and this has come in handy ( we use it at home when not traveling). LO seems to really like it too.

Angeline Byron Center, MI

multi-functional, easy to clean, sturdy

Works well.- The seat is comfortable- Easy to clean, not too many parts or small corners- Fits well on a standard toilet bowl- Like the step stool part of it- Lightweight.

Sherri Ukiah, CA