Primo Ducka Toilet Set Reducer

Primo Ducka Toilet Set Reducer

PRIMO’s DUCKA Toilet Reducer is a fun, duck faced toilet reducer that your child will love. Great for home and for travel. Use on both round and elongated toilets. The yellow rubber edge helps to prevent the reducer from moving on the toilet. It is made with easy to clean, non toxic plastic. Suitable for children 2 5 years of age.

Main features

  • Duck faced toilet reducer that your child will love Great for home or travel
  • Use on both round and elongated toilets
  • Yellow rubber edge helps to prevent the reducer from moving on the toilet Easy to clean non toxic plastic
  • 18
  • 60

Verified reviews


Great fun Wee Duck

We purchased this after our 2 year old refused to use the potty as she became too tall for it. We had bought another duck-themed one (from Walmart) which didn’t fit our elongated toilet seat at all and the first time our daughter climbed on it, it slipped and she went splash.We bought this one after reviewing all the ones available online. We liked the idea of a character but didn’t like any of the characters available – plus some reviews stated that they didn’t necessarily fit elongated toilet seats.We chose this one because a reviewer said it fit their elongated toilet seat – and hurrah it fits ours.This is now known as the “wee duck” in our house and it has really helped my daughter with her potty training – she is attracted to the duck character and can also sit comfortably on it without the seat moving at all.It would have been nice if it came with a little hook for sticking to the wall but that’s easily bought at the local home depot / supermarket. The plastic loop at the top makes it easy to hang on a hook that you buy yourself.My only reason for not giving it 5 stars is that one of the times my daughter was messing about on the seat, she managed to lift the flexible yellow plastic bit on one side and then get her fingers stuck under it. It’s only happened once and was because she was wriggling and playing as she wasn’t sure she wanted to go. Just something to be aware of.I do really like this seat and think it’s really working to help us attract our daughter to using the potty – and increased her interest in ducks although hopefully she doesn’t try and wee on any others!

Tori Lebo, KS

Works with many toilet seats

This training seat was the only one we tried that worked with our toilets. I thought this might not be compatible with our elongated Toto seat, but the PRI Ducka fits it perfectly. The seat is very stable and doesn’t move when the boys climb onto it. Also, the boys like sitting on it because it looks like a duck. I highly recommend it.

Lashonda Yelm, WA

Love the duck

I like that it’s cute without having a gender preference. My daughter likes her potty duck. It’s inexpensive, already has a nice wall hanging component (though we use a door hook and hand it from the toilet). I don’t like that the eyes are stickers, as she peeled these off and I’ve had to redraw them with permanant marker. The rest of it is easy to clean. She climbs up into it herself without difficulty.

Nelda Cumberland, VA

Works Well

Fits on the toliet well, one of the pins was missing when it arrived… the post office beat the box up crazy! The company mailed them out when we called so that fixed that, but it hardly needs the pins the rubber feet hold it in place. Doesn’t pinch or hurt my baby’s bottom, so I would say a good buy. Cleans easy too, good luck

Mona Washington, IA

thumbs up

this seat is well made, fits our regular ole toilet seat, and my potty-training three-year-old and two-year-old fit perfectly on it. highly recommend it.

Vicky Bryans Road, MD

Nice shape but don’t like the rubber feet

My daughter likes this potty ring and appears to feel safe and secure on the big potty when she uses it, however, the ducks feet are rubber on top and she complains that it is uncomfortable. She likes to hop down from the potty herself, but then her leg rubs against the rubber part and she cries. So close to being a perfect potty ring.

Dora Uniontown, AR

Love the Ducka

I love this potty seat. My son loves it and it worked great for introducing him to the potty. We used this ducka from the beginning and didn’t have to use a separate potty. The head blocks most accidents for boys. It has held up well and is easy to clean. The only thing that has not held up is the hook but that is because my son pulled on it while it was hanging on a hook. I would say if you are planning on hanging it then hang it from a wide hook that is low enough that your child will not try to pull down on it. I love that this duck is cute but blends in nicely to bathroom decor.

Rosalyn Clinton, SC

Works well!

Fits fine on my toilet (I have an oval shaped one). My daughter likes sitting on it and pointing out the ducks eyes and nose. She seems to be pretty comfortable on it too.

Hester Baxter, IA

Comfy, doesn’t slide, angled, can hang on a wall = awesome!

Great price for this item! I was very pleased when I received it and so was my 26 month old daughter! We have had the Dora The Explorer Soft Potty Seat (Superstyle Pink) for months now and while it serves its purpose, it was only working ok for us – slid all over, didn’t fit well inside the ring and would slide around while she was on it, would stick to my daughter’s legs and then drop loudly back onto the toilet, etc. She still likes it and will use it, but I wanted a sturdier seat that wouldn’t slide and also wanted the wall hanging capability.Searched for weeks, reading reviews and this Duck seat stands above the rest for a few reasons.Great reviewsGREAT price (compared to baby bjorn, prince lionheart, etc)Does not slide very easilyHas option of using the pegs to make the fit better on your toiletCute duck that my daughter just lovesHangs on a wall (another feature my daughter loves – she gets excited to use to the potty by getting the duck off the wall and on the potty all by herself)The seat is angled so it’s very comfy, also the angle helps with, well, angling the kids a little so the pee goes straight into the toilet as opposed to underneath the seat!Lightweight yet sturdy!!Should be very easy to cleanThe cons:the hook to hang on the wall is made of the rubbery material so it might break after some heavy toddler usagethe pegs to make the toilet seat fit as snugly as possible are huge in comparison to the holes they’re supposed to fit into and not sure I want to bang them in with some kind of hammer and risk breaking the whole thing. Flipside of this con – the seat really does not slide and hardly lifts up, so they’re almost not necessary!All in all,Great product, great price, my daughter loves her ducky seat, and she seems comfortable sitting on it! Highly recommend!

Ollie Fenn, ID