PRIMO Folding Potty with Handles, White granite

PRIMO Folding Potty with Handles, White granite

PRIMO’s Folding Potty with Handles is a handy, folding toilet reducer for traveling away from home. Your child is sanitary, safe and secure with it. Child can hold clean handles not dirty toilet bowl for added security. The mother’s and the child’s hands never need to touch the toilet bowl, guaranteeing safety and hygiene. Folds compactly for storage into included travel bag. For stability, it has four large rubber pads to grip toilet seat and extended overhangs on front of toilet seat. Four hinges are designed so they won’t p” skin. It is designed for children up to 40 pounds or 16 Kg.

Main features

  • Compact travel folding potty seat reduce with handles, and 4 non-skid gripping underside pads
  • Folding hinges designed to prevent skin pinching
  • Portability and handle grips help increase child’s confidence and assist with potty training
  • Travels well inside most diaper bags
  • For Ages 2 and Up

Verified reviews


Not useful for my child

I thought this would be helpful when using public restrooms, but my child hasn’t needed it and I haven’t wanted to carry it around in my already-too-full diaper bag all the time. Wish I hadn’t purchased this.

Jerry Gable, SC

You’re better off simply teaching good hand washing…

This seat has never sat right on any toilet I have encountered and actually made my son frightened to use it. It would shift and semi-collapse in use if my son squirmed and all in all made potty trips a bad experience.However, I think the same rings true about any folding seat cover since I have used about every one on the market and they all have the same flaws.I say if you are really worried about germs in public restrooms either use a non-folding seat or steer clear of them. Or just do what I did and make sure your child knows how to properly wash his/her hands after using the restroom.

Josephine Solano, NM

I love this!

This seat is exactly what I wanted. It’s pretty durable and I feel comfortable with my son sitting on it. I think you have to remain realistic in your expectations when you are buying a potty seat that holds a child, yet folds small enough to put in your purse. The grip on the bottom is great, the handles are great, and it lips over the edge on the toilet enough that it protects hands from touching the toilet. I think it fits better on oblong toilets, which is what most public toilets are. If there is any down side, it would be the open part on the front…don’t expect a splash guard. You will have to help a little boy point things down into the toilet. I don’t find it to be a problem. The hole is not as big as a standard potty seat, so it might take a little assistance adjusting for what your child “needs to do” in the potty. It folds dirty side in and comes with a giant ziplock bag so you don’t contaminate your purse. I keep a mini Lysol with me to spray it until I get home. I’m very very pleased with this purchase!

Debora East Fultonham, OH

Not sturdy

We are starting to potty train our 18 month old and wanted something to use while on the go.We tried using this potty seat at my friend’s house and at the chiropractor’s office. It did not fit both times. I could tell my son didn’t feel secure on it either. I was also scared that he would pee on me, due to no guard.If you don’t want to have to worry about figuring out the quirks, as it seems some have, I would just spend a little more on the Potette Plus (what we purchased later). It worked great from the get go. It is smaller than this potty, but you can also use it on the go as a stand alone potty for those times when you don’t even want to bother with the hole in the wall restaurant or gas station! Also, it does have a little lip on the seat, not as prominent as a regular pee guard, but definitely much better than no guard! My son feels more secure on this and I feel less like I have to hold him the whole time to make sure he doesn’t fall in.Also, here’s a tip: We get a travel pack of sanitizing wipes to wipe down the toilet seat and surrounding area before we put our potty seat on.

Lee Verona Beach, NY

Better in theory

To be honest, I think the idea is AWESOME – but the execution not so fantastic.I purchased it for use in public bathrooms as something to travel with – but taking my kid’s clothes off from the waist down and having him squat (in sneakers – I put toilet paper on the seat first) on the toilet was much faster and more sanitary than setting up and using this proved to be.My main complaints – the handles were not big enough or positioned correctly for my child to feel secure sitting and the thin plastic seat didn’t feel like it locked into place or was very secure (sort of sagged down). I was always afraid my kid was going to land in the bowl.I wouldn’t discourage other people from trying it, but definitely wouldn’t spend more than ten dollars (including shipping) because you can get it for less at big box discount stores.

Susana Jeannette, PA

First Impressions and a Test Drive

Item just arrived and I was excited to try it out, so we tried it in our own bathroom. We have a more “oval” shaped toilet bowl and the seat fit quite awkwardly, even when placed at the front of the toilet. The picture on the box makes it appear that it covers most of the toilet and that is simply not the case at least with the oval, not round, toilets. Got it “in place” as best I could and it started to slide under my son.So, I lifted the toilet seat and placed the PRIMO seat directly on the toilet. A much better fit. Placed my son again and he was content to sit there for a while. He’s about 35 pounds though and that seems to be testing the strength of the seat! I don’t think it will snap, but I foresee having to stoop down next to him to provide added stability.I’m not keen on the idea of having to place the seat directly on the bowl in a public place… my own bathroom was one thing! For that reason, this item will see little use, save at Grandma or Auntie’s house. Also, a few more pounds and I don’t think my kiddo will be able to safely use it.If your child is less than 30 pounds and/or you think you’ll be using it on “round” toilets most of the time, you could give it a shot. In my situation, I doubt I’d buy it again, but perhaps I’ll feel differently after trying it on another toilet. I’ll update this review in a few weeks.

Raquel Somerville, IN

Better products out there

The seat easily folds and unfolds, but other than that does not have much going for it.This seat angles my kids very far back on the toilet so that their feet are dangling on the front part of a public toilet.The back fold meets them right at the butt, which is very uncomfortable for them so that they don’t want to sit on the seat.It is also just generally wobbly and unstable. And looks like it will buckle inward at any moment and leave them stranded in the toilet.We are returning it for a Potette 2 in 1, hopefully we will have better luck there.

Saundra El Dorado, AR

Serves its purpose

The potty seat is very compact and easy to fold. It is a bit unsturdy, however, and therefore one might accidentally might come in contact with the toilet seat. Previously, I had posted a review for this potty seat that asked how this product was supposed to stay clean, considering that it touched public toilet seats. Someone replied to my posting and suggested that a paper toilet seat cover or toilet paper can be put under the potty seat to keep the potty seat cleaner. The potty seat can then be carried in a plastic bag and thoroughly cleaned at home. This is a wonderful solution to the problem.

Kara Lublin, WI

This didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. The …

This didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. The first two times I tried to use it as a public restroom, it didn’t fit the toilet properly. It was a little too flimsy and my son was still scared to sit on it. I think we’ll have to find another solution for public restrooms.

Terry Reardan, WA

A must have in the diaper bag

It is small when folded and can be fit well in the diaper bag. We always have it with us when use a public restroom. Well made.

Ashley Sheffield, PA

So portable and nice design

I love that I can just slip this into a Ziplock bag and tuck it into my purse. It also sits up at the front of a public toilet so my daughter isn’t having to scoot back and touch any part of the toilet. I also put a toilet seat liner before setting this on top of a public toilet.

Claudia Uniontown, MO

Great little potty seat

Folds up easy for transport and easy to clean. It has a little rubber pads on the bottom to help it stay in place. In addition to saving my back so I don’t have to hold my son the whole time, it also means he can relax a little and sit comfortably. He, like so many other children, also has the gross habit of holding on to the sides of the toilet. It makes me cringe when he does. At least he’s now holding onto to this seat (mostly) instead of the toilet seat. Of course, it isn’t as sturdy as the one we have at home, but it’s portable, so you lose a bit of sturdiness.

Renee Owenton, KY

Didn’t seem strong enough

It didn’t seem strong enough to support my child’s 30 pounds even though it is rated to 40. And yes, I had the lip in front of the seat as instructed. I wasn’t confident enough in its support to use it beyond a fully-clothed trial run.

Hester Sigel, PA

Excellent portable seat

My 3 year old son loves it! He even says he needs to use the potty when he doesn’t because he wants to sit on his folding potty at public restrooms. Before we used it, my sons bum always touched the water in the toilet when he sat on public toilets. We used it several months now & it serves us well. Perfect size for my diaper bag.Update: It’s been a several years since we purchased this & our 1.5 year old daughter is potty trained but has no problem using public restroom as is, so we never used it with her. I guess we’re not as germ-phobic as we were with our firstborn too. Plus I no longer carry a diaper bag & it does not fit in my small purse, so I limit the items I carry with me. I guess that’s probably the main reason why we no longer use it.

Mara Henrietta, MO


Talk about a lifesaver! Fits in my purse and I always have it with me! This has been a huge help during this potty training time!

Kaye Hanover, WV

It’s okay

We only used the seat a few times because my son was to afraid to go on the big potty without a seat. There are a few flaws in the seat though.1) It doesn’t fit every style of toilet, so it can shift and slide around2) The whole sanitary issue is hard to deal with.I found after I would use it I would spend an additional 5 minutes in the public bathroom wiping down the underside with clorox wipes I carried with me before re-folding it and placing it in a carrying bag.I suppose it would be good for parents who travel a lot. It just wasn’t a great product for us.

Nan East Arlington, VT


I bought this for my two-year-old son to use in public restrooms. It got the best reviews of the portable potties I was looking at. I have a BOY, so there needs to be some kind of guard or something there or he pees all over the bathroom stall. Not only that, but because of where the handles are located, he can’t spread his legs very far apart, so he’s really just aiming for the floor. The seams don’t pinch and it does hold his weight (28 pounds), but it’s not the best solution for a little boy. Skip it and just help them sit on the toilet.

Corine Sedalia, NC

Works great for on the go.

We purchase this folding potty with handles for when we went on vacation with my 3 year old daughter. It folds flat and comes with a travel ziploc bag. It was perfect to use in our hotel bathroom and the handles give my daughter something to hold onto.

Christie Immokalee, FL

easy, convenient, not completely functional

Pros:folds small to fit in small diaper bag/purselittle hands can go on the handles and not the public toilet seatvery quick set upcons:its possible to get pinched, if its not fully flattened.bows in the middle when the child sits on it.does not guard child from front, center of toilet.

Adela Willow River, MN

Great product

perfect for on the go for small toddlers / kids who are potty trained and don’t like the big public toilets. The handles are perfect. I have my daughter "hold onto the handle" so she doesn’t touch anything else in the bathroom! The only thing that would be nice if it came with some type of pouch so you can carry it in your purse etc. I use the plastic bag it came with or a ziplock bag and that works just as well.

Tommie Becker, MS

Convenient and perfect for small toddlers

I love this folding potty seat. It’s must easier than carrying a giant thing around. As others have said, you must line it up with the front of the toilet at public toilets. And it doesn’t hurt to hold on when your child is getting off just to make sure it doesn’t slip. But having said that, it has worked great for us. No pinching, no falling in. And it’s a lot easier than trying to hold our little girl balanced on a large toilet seat that she could easily topple into. If you are taking your little one to zoos, airports, etc., it’s great.

Ladonna Globe, AZ

perfect thing to keep with you on the go

public restrooms are gross enough but to try to get your toddler to go to the bathroom can be disgusting. I really like this thing…you can set them up on the toilet and they won’t fall in and even better, they aren’t touching the toilet seat. I have a boy and we still use this and he sits when we are in public. highly recommend.

Earlene Champlain, VA

Works great

This folding potty is compact, fits easily in my diaper bag or large purse. Fits elongated toilets as well as round ones, does not slide around and has not yet pinched my two year old daughter. The only problem I have is that it did not come with the self sealing bag as was advertised. It did come in a plastic zip lock bag but I can’t imagine that this is what they meant by self sealing bag. Or maybe it is.

Maggie Kutztown, PA

GREAT potty seat for diaper bag

This is a MUST have for all parents. It folds down very small to fit in any diaper bag. Our child is almost 3 years old and is 31 pounds and it easily supports him. You have to put the front lips of the potty seat in front of the toilet seat it is going onto. This potty seat has worked on every toilet seat we have put it on… both elongated and round. No problems. The hinges open in a way that your child’s skin cannot get pinched so do not be worried about reviews that said their kids skin was pinched. There is no way for this to happen unless they are using the seat upside down which is impossible to do. The only thing I wish this had was a cup in the front to block liquid from spraying out the front. So if you have a little boy you will have to aim him down. Our child is very secure on this seat and we love it. A must have at a great price.

Katharine Deweyville, UT

wonderful travelling!!!

Great for the adventures we busy mamas take our kiddos on! light, folds up smaller than the similar things out there and does not pinch them at all! No need for padding to take up space as little ones (1 year to 3 years or so) carry their own little padding. I was concerned about how hard it would be or if it would be stable enough or if the handles would work for my little daughter but no concerns! Its been fantastic and all the other mamas and airport / airplane staff have been impressed 😉 Wish I would have invented this 1st but when I went to search and see if it existed … it did! A diaper bag must if you like to avoid BMs in the diaper! My Daughter started using the potty very very early and so long before her little friends knew what a toilet was for this was a helpful tool for us 🙂 Enjoy.

Lynnette Powersite, MO

Perfect for on the go

My daughter said pee pee while we were out one day and I took her and tried to hold her above the toilet but she was not comfy and was moving around and wouldn’t go. I remembered I had this seat in her bag and quickly pulled it out and put on toilet seat. I sat her on it and she used the bathroom! I was thinking this seat is perfect! I never leave home without it. It supports my 1 year old weight just fine. She is 29 lbs.

Margie Wood Lake, MN

Not so great

I found that this seat pinched my child’s legs/hind area on the sides where the seat unfolded. It also has some foam on the backend (I assume so it doesn’t slip on a toilet seat) that just didn’t seem to get clean when I would try to sanitize the seat. I ended up throwing it away.

Rosanna Berrien Springs, MI


It is sturdy, easy to use, and folds up small enough to fit in my purse. There are no pinchy points and my child feels very secure on this potty seat. Just make sure the front lip is in front of the toilet seat. I put toilet paper on the toilet seat and then this on top so It doesn’t really get dirty. I occasionally clean it with a germicidal wipe.I love that it sits way at the front of the toilet unlike other portable seats, so it minimizes potential contact with the toilet itself. The price is right, and we never leave home without this! I highly recommend it.

Cindy Lost Springs, KS

doesn’t fit any toilet!

I was really disappointed as this didn’t fit any toilet I tried it on. It is also extremely flimsy and feels like it is going to crash in when my daughter tried it out

Francis Dunnellon, FL

Too small and rickety

This was just too small and didn’t seem stable enough. Plus the peepoo hole is too small! We returned it.

Augusta Redmond, UT