PRIMO Freedom Step Stool Blue

PRIMO Freedom Step Stool Blue

PRIMO’s FREEDOM STEP STOOL lifts children to new heights. Light weight plastic is easy to clean. Includes non skid rubber feet. Supports up to 150 pound

Main features

  • Lifts children to new heights
  • Includes non skid rubber feet
  • Supports up to 150 lbs
  • Light weight plastic is easy to clean
  • 180

Verified reviews


A no-brainer

I don’t care if the BABYJORN stool has over 200 excellent reviews. Why would I pay nearly double for something that does the exact same thing?? This Primo step stool is pretty much perfect. It’s white (neutral, goes with everything), very sturdy, a great height for potty-training and CHEAP. Not to mention safe. The rubber on the feet really grips the tile surface it’s currently on. You cannot bend this thing and I doubt you can break it. My daughter dropped it, jumped on it and pretty much did everything BUT use it for the potty the first time I took it out of the box and still not a scratch on it. Now she safely stands on it when she needs to go and can reach the toilet and sink with no issues. There is enough room to stand on it because the width is ideal. I can’t find a single fault with this stool, and I am usually fairly picky. For this price, you can’t beat it.

Martina Batesville, AR

Perfect for nursing

Purchased for nursing with a rocking chair. Non slip pads on feet keep it in place on my hardwood floor and height is just right.

Raquel Bristow, VA

Great stool to help little ones up for potty training

We have this stool in our half bath downstairs as it’s the main one used for potty training. It’s great because it doesn’t slip on the ground and is easy to clean (we have a boy). Highly recommend!

Earnestine Purling, NY

Perfect for the price

Like other reviewers said, this is a product that preforms like the more expensive brands at a lower price. Do not waste money on a brand when you can have the same thing for less.

Elise Lyons, OH

Perfect and lightweight!

My grandson needed a boost to use the commode – he doesn’t care for a potty chair and this was the ticket. It’s also great for getting him the right height for brushing his teeth and washing his hands!

Evangelina Leadville, CO

Sturdy, great inexpensive step stool

I wasn’t expecting too much since it was inexpensive but I am very impressed. It’s sturdy and doesn’t slip or shift when used. My 2.5 year old gets up and down from it easily on his own or sometimes grabs it to use as a little seat. I’m under the weight limit and also use it to reach for items on the high shelves.

Denice Nelsonville, OH

Works for what I need and is durable.

It’s a decent stepping stool. My daughter uses it to sit on and to stand on for brushing teeth/washing hands. She hasn’t ever complained about the bumps on the top but I can see where some wouldn’t appreciate that. I haven’t had any issues with it and compared to the other stool that I have this one seems tougher.

Brenda Ashton, MD

Good for a potty step stool

I read the reviews on this product before I bought it, and although some of them say this stool isn’t that great I bought it anyway, and I am glad I did. This step stool is sturdy and a good size for using to help your little one reach the toilet for potty training. My son is 45 pounds and it seemed to hold him with no trouble, no buckling or denting. One of the reviews I read says that the textured bumps on the surface are painful to stand on, and I have to disagree (this might be a design change) the textured bumps are not rough or pokey, they provide a surface that is not slick to stand on. The only downside to this stool is finding a place to store it, but that is a problem you face when you go with a sturdy non-foldable stool.

Ophelia Hermitage, AR


I got this for my son to use when potty-training, it’s perfect! The rubber feet are great so it doesn’t slide around, and it’s a perfect size for the toilet & sink, and it’s so sturdy.

Gabriela Schooleys Mountain, NJ

Serves its purpose

Does what I bought it for, helps my kids reach the toilet and get onto furniture. My youngest carries it around the house to help him get into things. This is both good and bad. However its not the stools fault he gets into trouble. lol

Jannie Longdale, OK

great for our 3 year old

light-weight for our daughter to carry around where she needed it and the feet had nice grippers on the bottom so it didn’t slide around like some other step stools have done.

Kate Presque Isle, ME

A little too short

I wish this was a little taller. For a normal sized toddler, it is a little short. My daughter has a hard time reaching the toilet and sink standing on this.

Aileen Aberdeen, ID

sturdy but not high enough

I like the look of this stool, the width, the size that it takes up is good but it just isn’t tall enough for a toddler. That is a big deal for a stool, thus only 3 stars. My son is 3 and he is finally able to use it to wash his hands from the sink but still has to stand on his tippy toes to turn the water on and he is not a shorty! It is however an okay height for helping toddlers on and off the potty. We have had the stool since the very beginning of potty training and it has held up well and is easy to clean. It just isn’t high enough!

Emilia Chippewa Lake, MI

Great stool for 4 year old!

We have this stool in our 4 year olds bathroom and it helps him reach the sink without slipping. It is 7 inches tall.

Harriet Makoti, ND