Prince Lionheart 2 Stage Seatsaver, Black

Prince Lionheart 2 Stage Seatsaver, Black

The 2-stage seatsaver™ is the original and number one selling, worldwide, car seat protector. The Prince Lionheart seatsaver has been the most trusted product of its kind since 1980. Its high-density foam construction ensures that car leather and upholstery is protected from depression damage, spills, scuff marks and more, while keeping car seats level and in proper position. The Prince Lionheart seatsavers works with all latch compatible car seat systems and they conform to any size automobile seat. Stage one, the bottom tray is used alone and works with all rear facing infant seats. Stage two is used with forward facing toddler and booster seats. The two stages connect together with heavy duty Velcro®. Available in black, gray and beige.

Main features

  • #1 selling car seat protector worldwide
  • High density foam construction prevents depression damage that is caused by car seats
  • Bottom tray keeps all cars seats level and in proper position
  • Works with all latch compatible car seats that are both rear and forward facing
  • Skid free back keeps the seat saver from slipping

Verified reviews


This is Great – “Pros” Are Afraid of Lawsuits!

This protector does the job on preventing dents in leather seats.Remember that these days any type of professional is afraid of a lawsuit, and do not want to use any type of aftermarket product that could interfere with their “professional” installation. That is why no one will approve these mats, or even cupholders on strollers anymore!!!As a carseat safety fanatic, and being pretty educated on carseat installations I felt confident that I could make a decision if this was inhibiting a proper installation. I see no problems. To be sure the carseat is strapped in super tight, I sit in it as I pull the straps. It doesn’t budge one centimeter left or right, or front to back.This saver was easy to put in the car, and did not need to be adjusted a million times as I tightened in the carseat using LATCH & tether (we use the Britax Marathon). A previous saver bunched and made installation impossible, but this one is very thin, firm and stays put. The add on back was the perfect height, and did not block the tether strap in our F150. It also stayed upright as I put the carseat into place.This blends in nicely with our black seats and looks good. It’s available in three colors – black, tan, and grey. Let’s face it – if you’re interested in this product it’s because you care how things will look long term!This saver is a great combo of safety and function. While it may not perform perfectly with every single carseat/car combination – if your seat is moving more than an inch in any direction it’s not installed correctly whether you are using seat saver or not!

Jeanie Wind Gap, PA

We just didn’t use it

We tried to install his under our car seat, but it didn’t fit easily under the seat base in our small car, and seemed to make installation more difficult. Rather than risk it, we haven’t used it.

Janette Bertrand, MO

Highly recommended

Recently my husband and I purchased a Saab 9-5 wagon, our first car we bought together, and it is gorgeous, so we’d like to keep it that way. I wasn’t even looking for a seat protector, I just happened to stumble upon this on Amazon, so after reading ALL the reviews for ALL of the seat protectors, I chose this one. No complaints! It’s made of a thick, stiff “foam” to protect the leather seat from indents from our daughter’s car seat. I very much appreciate the “kick guard” as well, as we have a kicker. 🙂 The seat protector wide and tall, so it’s big enough to prevent indents from our “convertible” toddler/child car seat, the Eddie Bauer High Back Booster, 22-80 lbs, so we should get many years of use from this seat protector, so it’s well worth the money.

Carly Tarawa Terrace, NC

Not safe on contoured seats

We bought this at a different retailer and used it with our first baby’s carseat. Despite installing the seat properly on top of the the protector pad (putting my knee in the carseat and tugging the LATCH straps very tightly), the carseat still slid around a LOT.We ended up removing the protector and reinstalling the carseat the same way (knee in seat, tugging hard), and the carseat didn’t budge a bit.Our car has fabric, not leather seats, but the seats are contoured. I think because of the thickness of the pad, it doesn’t conform to the shape of the seat, but becomes an additional surface, which can lead to a carseat sliding too much.We ended up getting something else, much cheaper, for the back of the seat, rather than something underneath the carseat, and that worked great. I think using a towel could work fine, underneath the carseat, for some protection, without sliding issues.

Terri Rehobeth, MD

Helpful cover to protect your seats.

I just had leather installed in the seats of my car so I figured I should buy something to protect them from my baby’s car seat. I decided to give this product a try since the Lionheart brand has been very good in my experience with it. This item is fairly large, it will surely cover the seating area where the car seat goes, and a bit more also. I own an Chevrolet Equinox SUV, so I have medium sized space in the back seating area, so for me is not that troublesome. If you own a small car, you might want to rethink this purchase, because this seat saver will definitely take space from the other seating spaces in your car…people would have to seat over part of it, no kidding. It has a gray synthetic mesh underneath to help it adhere to the surface to prevent slippage. I read complaints about this gray material staining the surface underneath…I have not had that experience after a month of use, but were already on cooler climate, so that might explain it since these accidents are related to hot weather. If it happens I’ll update this review for sure. Bottom line is that it is a very decent product and does what it is supposed to do, which is protect the seating surface. I would recommend it.

Kristen Great Valley, NY

Doesn’t keep dirt off seats

I bought this product hoping that I could keep my son’s feet marks off the seat back when he’s rear-facing. I know the directions say to use the bottom piece only when rear-facing, but I thought, “Why not try the top piece too?” Well the top piece won’t stay on the back of the seat and doesn’t cover a very big area. If the designers had only made the top piece a bit bigger and put some kid of strap or loop on the top, this product would be great for rear-facing. As it is, all it does is keep the car seat dents out of the bottom of the seat for rear-facing and bottom and back for front-facing. It is also a bit thinner than I expected. It will probably keep dents out of your seats, but don’t expect it to keep the seats clean.

Evangelina Ebro, FL

Get Beige-Grey, so it won’t match anything.

After learning my lesson the hard way on my previous car, I decided to start off on the right foot with my new car, and get a Seat Saver as soon as possible. After just a day of going “naked”, my leather seats were already showing pinch marks.My interior is black and tan, and I picked up theBritax Parkway SGL Booster Seat, Nutmeg, which matched brilliantly. I thought this would be pretty close, but the color isn’t really beige or grey, despite the box showing a color that actually comes reasonably close to matching my actual interior.”So the color’s weird? Big deal.” Besides the color, the product itself just screams of mediocrity. Getting the base portion on was no problem, and it does a fine job of protecting my seats. The back part, though, is something you basically have to align against the car seat and child seat when you install it. Unless you’re driving an ’83 Ford EXP, there’s just no way it’s going to cover properly when the base piece and back piece are attached to each other — unless you have teeny tiny back seats.Normally, I wouldn’t be so harsh on a product for something like that, but when it costs twice as much as base seat protectors, the back should be as good as the base.This Seat Saver gets the job done, but only barely. And the awful color has me looking for something else to replace it.

Diane Christmas Valley, OR


This is a must for any parent, especially one with leather seats. I have 2 one for each car and it did not interfer with the installation of my car seat base. I wish they had these years ago with my daughter. The time I could have saved cleaning fruit loops between the seats would have been a blessing.

Isabel Parkman, OH


this is a great seat saver. i have 3. one for each car seat. it catches all the junk that my son drops or spills, even juice. it really protects the leather and is a must own if you let your kids eat and drink in your car.

Jasmine Keeling, VA

Good seat protection

My wife and I purchased this in preparation for the arrival of our son. We knew that we needed something to protect the seat when we install his car seat so this set was the solution. Thus far, it’s done the job.

Eleanor Wildwood, GA

Sturdy and good price

We now have 4 of these between our two cars and they have worked great. No complaints on them. They stay put in the with each of the carseats (one toddler size and one infant). They are very durable.

Lynn Pine Ridge, KY

really helps

great fit in my 2006 Malibu and it helps prevent the car seat from digging in. like that its also meant for when the kid gets older. great investment.

Rosalyn Gans, OK

must have seat protector

We have (4) of these in (2) different colors for each vehicle. Love them. They save the leather seats from the constant pressure of the seat and gunk that falls from our kids hands!

Janice Pleasanton, TX

GREAT, but air out a week before you install!

This mat is great, but the only problem we had was that the mats smelled really BAD (chemical smell) initially. We aired them out for about a week, and then the smell was much less toxic.

Sadie Weston, PA

Had it a week, already saved my seats

I just got a new car, and one of the first things I bought were two of these seat protectors for under our 3-yr-old and 18-mo-old’s car seats. Within the first week, the 3-yr-old had an accident in her car seat, and there was a puddle at the back of the seat saver. I didn’t have these in my old car, I can’t imagine just how much got into the seats before. The only drawback I have found is that they don’t conform so well to the captain’s chairs in our car’s back seat, and it was a little difficult to reach the LATCH hooks behind it. I am definitely happy with them overall, and would buy again.

Patsy Westdale, NY

Does the job

We have tan leather seats in the car so this offered the best colour option and looked the least hideous. So far, it has not damaged our leather seats. The only con is that the top piece is a bit small.

Kerri Annemanie, AL

Seat saver

Purchased for my 2009 Honda Odyssey and love it. I’m very picky about keeping my car clean and the leather seats from getting beat up from the car seats. Great fit and even purchased a second seatsaver for my husbands Ford Escape.

Delores Spring Mills, PA

Does the job

I own 3 of these and so glad I do. They definitely do the job and then some. I wouldn’t put a car seat in my car without one of these. Grey blends in well with our honda grey leather seats.

Judy Model, CO

Works Great!

This is actually the second one I have purchased. Purchased for another vehicle. Works great at protecting the seats and matches the car interior perfect!

Stefanie Nowata, OK

Great Seat Protector

This seat protector has been great at keeping seats looking new and catching snacks the little one has dropped! Easy to clean too.

Bridget North Bangor, NY

Great cover

After using multiple covers these are the best we have found. They leave the least amount of indentions in the seats as others do. The only draw back is they separate easy when the are getting installed due to the velcro.

Clarice Point Marion, PA

tan product off-color

This product is doing what it is supposed to do–protect my leather car seats! BUT, the top half and the bottom half are two slightly different colors. They aren’t quite tan–one piece is actually sort of gray. (I think it is the bottom…I can’t remember) I actually returned the first one I received because it was so obviously mismatched; I thought it was a packaging error. But after checking the same product at a local baby store, it became obvious it was just the way the manufacturer made it. A bit weird, if you ask me. But better than the actual gray one.So, if having it be two different colors doesn’t bother you, go for it. It works well.The only thing I wish were different is that the back piece could be taller. It doesn’t cover the entire back of the seat, so our Britax Marathon digs into the car’s upholstery a bit.

Casey Gays, IL

Minor Changes Would Make This Perfect…

Grandma was not ready to give up leather seating in her car and wanted something to protect the leather from damage when a booster seat was installed. The Prince Lionheart Two Stage Seat Saver seemed to be what I was looking for. Not only was it somewhat more rigid than other seat protectors, but it came in tan so that it matched my car’s interior. Additionally, since I live in south Texas, the lighter color is more desirable for purposes of keeping the vehicle’s interior from getting so hot. There should be no issue with the seat saver staining the lighter leather black as, based on reviewers’ comments, some other brands do.The Prince Lionheart Two Stage Seat Saver was easy to install. The base filled one of the back “bucket” seats; the seat saver’s back needed to have been about 4″ longer to completely protect the booster seat back from coming in contact with the vehicle’s seat. Further, it would have been helpful if each side of the Prince Lionheart Two Stage Seat Saver had tabs that extended over the seat back. That would have prevented the booster seat straps from digging into the vehicle’s seat when the booster seat was correctly installed. Because of the vehicle’s seat depth, the Prince Lionheart Two Stage Seat Saver’s front flap does not “bend” at the marked area, but still provides a bit of protection to the seat edge. Having a little one who likes to “drum” his feet makes me appreciate this feature; I do wish the flap had been a bit longer and had multiple grooves for bending.There was no sliding of the Britax Frontier 85 SICT Booster Seat which was installed on this seat saver; the booster seat held firmly in place. The backing on the Prince Lionheart Two Stage Seat Saver is a rubber-like mesh, similar to the material used to keep floor rugs from sliding. Since I have not yet had the seat in place during one of our very hot Texas summers, I do not know whether there will be a sticking problem. I will probably remove the booster seat during the summer unless our little one is visiting so that I can avoid this potential problem.I would have rated the Prince Lionheart Two Stage Seat Saver a 4.5, if that rating had been available. With the exception of the suggested changes, I am very pleased with this product.

Chrystal Waldron, AR

Great seat saver

This thing is great. We have bought 3-4 seat savers over the years and this is the favorite. The bottom is thick, so it protects your seat from imprints and the bottom is formed like a tray to keep spills and food from getting on your seat. The one improvement, as others have said, is the back is a little short and doesn’t go up the full height of the car seat. So, it will leave imprints on your car’s backrest. Even with this minor issue, it is still the one I would buy again.

Mae Clifton, ID

Keeps car clean

Keeps my beautiful tan Napa leather nice and clean. Blends in nicely too. It is made of very sturdy and water proof material. I highly recommend this for people with toddlers who love to snack in the car. Clean up is a breeze.

Johanna Yakima, WA


I had bought the beige version in a baby store, for more $.Now with baby #2, i wanted another one for the beige interior of my A4.I ordered the beige, but I received the grey one. That is still better than a black mat, and with the car seat on it, you can’t really tell, but it’s not the beige. ( and i didn’t want to go through sending back, waiting,…).Other than that, it’s ok.For the comments about the plastic and the temperature, i live in TX and haven’t had a problem.Just one thing, not sure if it would be the same with other mats since I have this one in my car ( and cheaper ones in a car that is not leather interior): nowadays, car seats are huge, and I noticed that this was not going high enough when cleaning the car once: i have indentations in the leather from the top part of the seat.

Stacie Butler, IL

Like it but i think its not approved for safety…

I really like it however afterwards i have learnt that this is not an approved or tested product and that it should not be used as it interferes with the car seat’s performance in case of an accident.

Nicole Umatac, GU

Kept my seats like new

This keeps all of the sticky stuff off of my leather seats and thats exactly what I wanted it to do. It has also kept those deep indents that car seats leave behind off of my seats. the plastic is thick enough to protect the seat but does not get in the way of the car seats installation.

Marcia Orient, OH


I had to buy a new car when I got pregnant. It had brand new tan leather so I bought this to protect the seats. They first of all, work great at the protecting…however, they blend in so well they are hardly noticeable. Works so good I bought another one for my second baby’s car seat.

Kathie South Burlington, VT

Good quality, just size wise a bit off

I have purchased this for our new car and while it definitely protects the seats and works well, the bottom part is too big and the passenger next to it can’t actually easily buckle. It is probably better for a family car, type SUV. We have an economy size BMW so maybe this is the problem.

Etta Unionville, MO