Prince Lionheart bebePOD floor seat, Yellow

Prince Lionheart bebePOD floor seat, Yellow

12951 Features: -Booster with strap. -Color: Lem. -Made of durable, non-toxic materials. -Once baby is able to start using the bebepod able to view things from an upright perspective. -Used with the snack / play tray and custom toy. -Baby can sit, eat and play happily and comfortably. -Used by children with: positional plagiocephaly, torticollis, gastroesophageal reflux disease muscle hypertonia. -Consult a physician before using the bebepod with a child who has medical conditions. -Bebepod tray is top rack dishwasher safe. -Keeps your baby safe. -Ergonomic design provides optimal support in helping baby learn to sit. -Easily wiped clean with warm water and soap.

Main features

  • Ergonomic design provides optimal support in helping baby learn to sit
  • Snap-on or twist-off pommel so tray accessory can be used
  • Available adjustable tray with two colorful, reusable placemats as an added accessory
  • Great for playtime or snack time
  • Soft, durable and easy to clean

Verified reviews


Dangerous and unstable

We bought this chair for our 7.5 month old daughter when she was 4 months and we got a lot of use out of it until this week. If not buckled in, she can easily twist out of the chair. When buckled, she tips the whole chair over with herself in it. it is worthless now, and more importantly – dangerous.I also got the tray which we are not happy with. The place mat does not stay in place and food gets in the slots where the toy would go.

Juliana Saginaw, AL

Nice for the baby beginning to sit

I got this for my daughter when she was just starting to sit up, but couldn’t do it on her own. She was only happy when sitting and this chair made it possible for her. I did notice the smell other reviewers mentioned, but it didn’t bother me very much. Honestly, the smell reminds me of how a package of disposable diapers smells. And it definitely didn’t bother my baby.The only thing I would mention is that the cover that comes with the tray is pretty much useless. There’s no way to keep it on, so it just slides around when she grabs at it.

Muriel Montevallo, AL

Great fit!

Bought this for my 4 month old daughter. She’s now over 5 months old, and it’s been working out great. She’s about 15 lbs, and the fit has been perfect. She could have even been using it earlier. Her legs are a pretty average size, and they fit well. She is able to sit up in it, and not slouch over too much. I can see the tray being useful, but we didn’t get it. She either just holds a toy to chew, or I sit her at her play mat where she can play with the hanging toys. I have tried her in a Bumbo seat, and she slouched over a lot more, and the fit wasn’t as great. Glad I chose the Bebe Pod!

Mable Gazelle, CA

Good product but please use straps!

My six month old has loved this seat for the past couple of months. It lets us move her to where the action is, and allows her to sit up and watch while I cook, give her brother a bath, etc. As long as she has something in her hands she is happy for fifteen minutes at a time in this little chair (may not sound like much, but before the chair it was all-mommy all the time!). So I really love this chair-but please be careful and put the straps on no matter how secure baby looks. THe other day my daughter somehow arched her back and shoved herself up and out of the chair and onto the table! No idea why I thought she was securely wedged w/out the straps, but apparently your baby can and will find a way to get out. Still, since straps are included I think it will continue to be a gret product to keep her involved in the action.

Milagros Walloon Lake, MI

Both my boys have loved it, better then the Bumbo

I got this as a shower gift for my first son. At 3 months he started using it. As he got older it was a great seat for him to sit in and play with toys and then for him to eat in as well. We used it with the tray all the time for a “travel high chair” when we went places we would need a place for him to sit and eat. We now have another little boy who is 3 months and he has started using it for a place to sit upright. When I got it they didn’t have straps and I wish it did, but now that they do I think its a perfect seat. The leg openings are bigger then the Bumbos so the Bebe pod is better for those cute chunkier babies with chubby thighs. I can’t think of any negatives!

Alicia De Graff, OH

Cheaper than bumpo and works just as well

This is like the bumpo but cheaper. It’s a cute color and my son enjoyed sitting up so he could see around him.

Winifred Easthampton, MA

Love it! Prefer this to the booster seat version.

I love this seat! My baby’s nice and snug, and secure with the waist buckle. You can use this seat as soon as your baby can support their head up all the way up to toddler years. (My 2 1/2 nephew fits perfectly in this seat!) No sharp edges to hurt your baby, no cracks where food can get stuck in. Super easy to clean, just wipe it off!We use it for kind of an emergency seat. Like when I’m cooking dinner and my husband needs to do something on the computer, we just put him in this seat and put the seat on the table right next to daddy and he stays happy for a while. (You’re not supposed to use it on an elevated surface. When we do, we are right next to him and never leave his side.) Or during the day when I have to go to the bathroom, I put him in this seat and put him on the floor right outside the bathroom door and play peek-a-boo with him so he won’t freak out!My sister got the one with the booster seat option, and I personally prefer this one since we don’t intend to use it as a booster seat regularly. The straps to attach it to a chair don’t come off very easily so they are kind of just dangling and a pain when you’re not using it as a booster seat. The manual says to tuck them underneath the seat when you don’t need them and there are holes on the back of the seat where you can tuck the straps in, but they don’t quite stay in there and it just seems cumbersome. We have taken it to grandma’s house and a restaurant to use it as a booster seat, and we just sat right next to him on both sides and never left him. IThe tray is not a very substantial tray. It’s not very big and the way it attaches to the seat is not super secure. I think it’s more of a bumper for young babies who can’t quite sit up yet. But we don’t use it as an eating seat so this is not a problem.I like the look of this seat too. It’s simple and cute and stylish.I agree with other reviewers who said this seat is better than Bumbo. The leg openings are wider than a Bumbo so they won’t cut into baby’s chubby legs and last longer (Again, my average sized 2 1/2 nephew fits perfectly comfortably), and it’s just a nicer, smoother material and looks better in my opinion!

Kerri Wilmington, DE

Fun but My Baby Tends to Lean to the Side

As soon as my baby turned 3 mos and was able to hold her head up very well we tried it out and it was fun to see her sit up right in front you when just 3 months ago she couldn’t even lift her head on her own. Now at 5 months my baby can’t sit on her own but loves sitting in it but not too long. I’m excited to start feeding her rice cereal and using the tray attachment. She tends to lean to the side though on it which bothers me and she won’t stay in it on her own too long. She’d rather crawl/scoot on her floor mat so it’s going to be more for a temporary place to sit, especially when starting solids. My baby’s a bit on the slender side but I can see how this is better for thicker thighed babies. But I’m wondering if the Bumbo would’ve held my baby better because her thighs aren’t as chubby.

Viola Pine Ridge, KY

Not for chubby babies.

Our little man didn’t get much use out of this at all. He was too chubby. His legs were too chubby – he barely fit in. I might have used it half a dozen times?In a nutshell – if you have a small baby, this might work. If you have a chubber, go with something different. 🙂

Bonita New London, NC

Works fine, not great. Don’t overthink this one, there are plenty of other baby products to overthink.

I got this one because my little guy has some thunder thighs, and I read reviews on other seats that said they weren’t good for chubby baby legs.The leg holes are ok, but he ends up being kind of crammed in there anyway because of his gut (he’s 3 months and 13ish pounds). Also, I don’t understand what that stupid seatbelt is for other than having plastic buckles stick him in the butt. Lastly, I don’t understand why the white knob piece comes off. I picked up the chair and the stupid thing fell on my foot.It works fine, though I don’t think it will work for long, honestly (I’m not sure if it will need to). I’d buy it again, but it’s not like my favorite product or anything. In an oversaturated baby market I’m surprised there aren’t better designed options.

Jesse Bealeton, VA

I love this seat… great purchase

We bought the bebePod when my baby was 4 months old, and now she is 6 months old and she still uses it daily. I keep it on my kitchen island and she sits in it when I wash my hands after a diaper change, as I prepare dinner, or when I need to do a few chores around the kitchen. I do not use the seatbelt since she has always fit snug in it. Since she’s a little taller now, I can place toys at the base of the pod, and she will reach down and pick them up. I did not buy a tray for mine, but that might be useful to have too. My baby has always preferred sitting upright rather than leaning back, so the Pod has been perfect for her rather than a bouncy seat.

Lois Dollar Bay, MI

Great baby seat

I bought this seat for my 3month old, and my mom was skeptical as she’s so young. All it took was a receiving blanklet around her (she is 13lbs and 25in tall) and she was able to sit up perfectly. She loves sitting in this and playing with her toys. There is a smell when its right out pf the box, but I find it quite pleasant. It smells just like diaper rash cream. I have friends who have the Bumbo seat, and it seems like this one accomodates a wider range of sizes and also has better back support.

Nettie Kansas City, KS