Prince Lionheart bebePOD Plus, Kiwi

Prince Lionheart bebePOD Plus, Kiwi

THE ULTIMATE in infant positioning and support now features an adjustable tray with 2 reusable placemats and an attachable toy specially designed by Sassy®! Ergonomic design provides optimal support in helping Baby learn to sit. Your baby?s own body weight helps ensure a safe and comfortable seating position without the need for uncomfortable straps. Lightweight, durable, non-toxic, and easy to wipe clean. Ages 3-14 mos.,9-22 lbs. Watermelon, Orange or Kiwi.

Main features

  • Ergonomic design provides optimal support in helping Baby learn to sit
  • Attachable toy specially designed to help Baby’s development
  • Adjustable tray with 2 colorful, reusable placemats
  • Snap-on/twist-off pommel
  • Soft, durable and easy to clean

Verified reviews


Love the Bebe Pod – Bumbo is just Ok

We chose the Bebe Pod because as the time the Bumbo had a recall & I wasn’t a fan of how flimsy it felt. Also, the Bebe Pod came with a tray, 2 liners and a toy. We never used the toy on the tray, instead it was used to entertain our daughter in the car when she was a few months old and is still a nice big toy that she occasionally plays with now that she’s 15 months.I give the Bebe Pod all the credit for helping my daughter be able to sit up. It kept her in a nice seated position and the number of giggle fits she would have from sitting in her chair was priceless! We also used this to feed her when she was 6 months at home and at my inlaws. Easy to transport and clean! The tray was a really great way for my daughter to learn how to pinch small items soft foods.We’ve been using this chair for almost a year and she still enjoys sitting in it. She recently figured out (and gained the coordination and strength) to get out of the chair so it’s now a great place for her to sit for story time. I’ve found her sitting in it and singing many times too so it’s also great for her to just enjoy some quiet time alone with her thoughts.I love the Bebe Pod, it’s truly a great baby product and with all the accessories it’s well worth the cost. We have had some experience with the Bumbo and in my opinion it really doesn’t compare when it comes to quality.I didn’t experience any weird chemical smells with mine so I’m guessing that may just be certain pods that were defective in some way. I have noticed that the Bumbo can get dirty easily (turns that black/brown color in areas that are touched regularly) I don’t know if it’s because the people that own them don’t wipe them down often or if it’s because the material is porous. The Bebe Pod does not get that dirty look, at least mine hasn’t and it’s been used everyday for a year now. I do wipe it down with baby wipes though.Both have tipping issues but mine will only tip over if my daughter throws herself off the side and forces it over. My daughter is off the charts tall for her age (always has been) and was able to tip over in the Bumbo by just leaning too much to one side. I half wonder if it’s because the Bebe Pod is made of stronger material and the Bumbo is more a more foamy type material.

Nan Ringtown, PA

Great for little ones

My 4 month old son likes this chair. He can sit for short periods of time. He really enjoys spinning the toy that comes with it. Made from a very soft durable material. Great seat for little ones just learning to sit up. Great item.

Marisa Purlear, NC

Never regretted the decision for choosing it over a Bumbo

Originally, I had never heard of the bebePod and had planned on buying a Bumbo but I happened to see an ad for this and soon decided to buy it instead. I never regretted that. I purchased this when my guy was probably 4 months old- he is almost 9 months currently. Sometimes I feed him in this on the floor at home when I don’t want to drag out the highchair and he always takes it to grandma’s where she feeds him. When he was smaller and less active I just put him in it with the pommel already attached. Now, he crawls out and runs off too much so I attach the tray which keeps him in place more. I loved this little chair for giving me a good place to ‘plop’ him when I was somewhere and needed to sit him down for a minute.Pros-
• Price is good vs Bumbo. At the time of purchase this with all it’s accessories (Pommel, tray, toy, and 2 mats) were cheaper than a Bumbo and Bumbo tray.
• Seems roomier in the leg area vs a Bumbo.
• Seems pretty comfy.
• Adorable design.
• Easy to get the baby in/out.
• Easy to get the pommel or tray on/off.
• Easy to clean.
• Mats help keep the tray clean.
• Portable enough to just throw in the back of your car.
• Toy is highly entertainingCons-
• Our baby could easily pull the toy out of the tray even when he was just 4 months old. Once he got it out, he didn’t have the coordination to hold it in a way that allowed him to still play with the toys.
• Baby can easily get the mats off and try to wad it up.Conclusion-I doubt either Bumbo or bepePod is superior to the other but they do have different shapes. Your baby may not have a preference or may like one better than the other. bebePod is a better value for the price, however. I still believe this is a great little seat, especially for having a portable place to put your kid to feed him while visiting someone.

Maureen Wetmore, MI

So cute!

Very nice for those Cute little ones with chunkier legs;O) and it is the same price as the bumbo once you purchase the chair and the tray which is sold seperately in the bumbo. With the Prince Lionheart you get both and straps to strap it down to a chair.

Marisa Jamestown, LA

Pros and Cons but overall, great!

This item is great! I bought this instead of the Bumbo seat for a few reasons.1.) This one came with a tray, toy, and 2 place mats for cheaper than I could have gotten the Bumbo seat with its accessories.2.) I like how when my daughter sits in the BebePod, her legs are comfortably pointing downward instead of straight out like the Bumbo seat.3.) I love the Kiwi color!!Others complained about a chemical smell – I never had that.A couple things I wish were a little different:1.) I wish the backrest was not so rounded at the top and I like how the Bumbo seat has “arm rests” in a way.2.) The BebePod is quite slippery and it looks like the Bumbo seat is not. (I’ve never even touched a Bumbo seat though so I don’t know for sure.)3.) While the Bebepod is foam, it’s a little harder than I expected. I’m curious to know if the Bumbo seat is any softer. On the other hand, I understand it can’t be too soft or it wouldn’t be safe enough for a baby to sit in it.But this product was great for what I was looking for! My daughter is 14 weeks old and so far seems to enjoy it. She’s not quite coordinated enough yet to play with the toy, but I’m sure she’ll love it.******UPDATE*********We absolutely LOVE the bebePod! Our daughter is 8 months old now and it’s one of her favorite places to be! She ABSOLUTELY LOVES the toy it comes with and spends a long time contently playing with it! She gets so excited when she sees it coming!VERY HAPPY with our decision to purchase this over the Bumbo seat. We love how the tray slides in instead of just sits on top like the bumbo tray. So far, the toy has yet to be pulled out of the tray by our daughter, which is something I was worried about.I put her in it while I shower and get ready for the day, giving me all the time in the world!!BUY IT! You’ll LOVE it!

Becky Decatur, AL