Prince Lionheart bebePOD Plus with Strap, Kiwi

Prince Lionheart bebePOD Plus with Strap, Kiwi

THE ULTIMATE in infant positioning and support features an adjustable tray with 2 reusable placemats and an attachable toy specially designed by Sassy. The bebePOD plus is an essential tool for babies learning to sit – Your baby’s own body weight helps ensure a safe and comfortable seating position and also now includes safety straps for added security. Available in two colors. Lightweight, durable, non-toxic, and easy to wipe clean. bebePOD – bebePOD plus – babyPOD – babyPOD plus. Are Registered Trademarks of Prince Lionheart, Inc.

Main features

  • Ergonomic design provides optimal support in helping Baby learn to sit
  • Attachable toy specially designed to help Baby’s development
  • Adjustable tray with two colorful, reusable placemats
  • Snap-on or twist-off pommel
  • Soft, durable and easy to clean

Verified reviews



I’ve had this seat for over five weeks now and it still smells like chemicals. I’ve tried washing it with vinegar one time and soapy water another but nothing has gotten rid of the smell.

Estella Newtonville, NJ

Very Cute

We bought this for our son before he was born because we knew he would eventually need one and Babies R Us was having a great sale on it at the time. We started putting him in it I think at around 2 months and it was great. He is a very strong baby so he would sit there for 3 or 4 minutes before getting upset. Now he is 4 1/2 months and he doesn’t seem to like it as much. We use it mostly for feeding and he will slump over and not hold himself up (this could be just him being fussy) and cry when we put him in it. I do love the bright colors and the fact it came with the tray and toy and covers. What I don’t like about it is because of the texture, which is really smooth, when my baby sweats(which he does all the time becuase of his hot nature) his legs will stick to the chair when I try to get him out and also, he has VERY chunky legs, so when I try to pull him out I end up picking him up along with the seat still attached to his legs because the leg openings are a little small. Otherwise, I really like it and hopefully my baby will start enjoying it a little more as well.

Ester Enville, TN

We Bought It (again)

The Prince Lionheart bebePod is one baby product we actually did buy again. Our three-year-old attempted to show his little sister how to use it, breaking the first, and we just had to get another. This is a great little helper when baby is learning to sit or when you want to involve him/her in family activities. While my mom probably wouldn’t approve, I sit our 7-month-old on the counter while I cook. She also sits on the dining room table while we eat. A step beyond the bouncy seat, this gadget keeps the little one in the action while keeping them put. It comes with a removable tray for playing or eating with washable placemats.Find more baby gear reviews at: […].

Terra Bradley, OK

Best thing ever!! Thank You!!!

Purchased this over the Bebepod because it came with the tray and toy included. We couldn’t be happier. The first time seeing your baby sit in this is just so precious. They may lean a little but this chair will train them to sit on their own faster. This product is HIGHLY recommended.

Dora Hinesville, GA

It’s sort of pricey

I kind of feel like I overpaid for this. It’s cute and I feel like it’s soft enough but I don’t think my 4 month old was quite ready for it as she sort of starts to lean over the side. It’s hard to get her in and out of with the tray on and if you take the tray off it’s hard to see what you’re doing to get it back on. I don’t hate it but I guess it wasn’t quite what I expected. I bought it for this summer when we’re traveling in our RV so she’ll have a place to sit and eat and play. We’ll see how it goes wen she gets a bit bigger!

Flora Gaines, MI

Why Would Anyone Get the Bumbo?

This is sooo much better than the Bumbo, and here’s why: first, it comes with a tray–you have to buy the tray separately for the Bumbo. The tray for the bebepod is adjustable which is great for growing baby. The tray also comes with two adorable plastic placemats for easy clean-up. It also has a toy that attaches to the tray and my daughter loves it. It keeps her entertained for a while. No such thing with the Bumbo. You can also switch out the tray for a little knob that the baby can hold onto. Again, no such thing with the Bumbo. Plus, the bebepod is just cuter!!! I highly recommend this product.

Esmeralda Paul, ID

We love it…could have waited on buying a highchair

We love our bebePod and use it everyday to feed our 9 month old. He’s on the small side, so this is perfect for him. We place it on the center of the table and he eats almost every meal from it. We have only used our highchair a handful of times and wish we would have just waited to purchase it. The bebePod chair itself is very easy to clean, but the tray and placemats require a little more work. The placemat does wear-down with use, so we were pleased that they include two. The tray has two small indentions (for adding the included toy), so food does get caught in there on occasions.Also, we removed the straps once our son got the hang of it. Those also will get dirty quick if you are using this for feeding.In summary:Very softVery portableEasy to cleanIncluded accessories (cap, tray, placemats x2, a toy)Great colorsCan be used instead of a highchair

Winifred Frohna, MO

love it

My girl is 6 months and quite slim, so she slides around a little in it. That should stop soon so I don’t have a problem with that. She’ll sit in it and play with the toy for a good 20 minutes. It’s really helped with her core strength too. We live in a small flat so this was the perfect purchase since we couldn’t have a high chair.

Sonia Udall, MO

Beats bumbo hands down

My baby loves this seat. She plays in it all the time. Sometimes I sit it on her activity mat and she reaches for the hanging toys. It gives her a different perspective on the world, which she enjoys. She also loves the toy it came with and will play with it on and off the bebepod. It has really helped sharpen her hand coordination. As far as the other reviews go, we had no unpleasant smell. The color is super cute. The texture of the plastic is smooth, not like the bumbo. It is also firmer and it is really easy to clean. The fact that it comes with two tray covers, a tray, a pommel, and a toy, plus it has a safety strap for a little more than the bumbo alone is great!!!!! It would be more if you bought all those things individually for the bumbo. Also, the legs openings are a little roomier, which I hope will mean it will last for a while, but even if it only lasts a few more months it was money well spent for the fum my daughter has in it.

Suzette Canton, SD

Useless and sent back

This is the only item I have ever sent back. It was completely useless and over-priced! My 5 month old baby could not sit comfortably in it at all. He’s skinny and his thighs were so squished (without the tray on), he screamed and pushed his way out of it. Forget about even attaching the tray… I felt like I was putting his legs in a guillotine.My son did like the toy that came with it though! And the refund was easy and hassle-free! The seller was very pleasant. Item came fast and was refunded very quick and easy. Thanks, but it wasn’t for my son. 🙂

Pamala Ross, OH

Almost a perfect product for us

I purchased this seat when my son was 4 1/2 months old and we’ve been overall happy with it. First off I have to say that my baby is shorter (20th percent for age) and fatter (90th percent) than most babies, so our experience may be different than others. My son really seems to enjoy this seat, as I assumed he would because he is constantly trying to sit up on his own but doesn’t yet have the balance needed. I think he likes being able to sit upright. We didn’t have any problems with a funny smell even right out of the box. I like the look of the seat and it is smooth and easy to clean. It does well for what it was designed to do. The only complaint I have is that the seat is pretty stiff, and while this is probably necessary it doesn’t offer much “give” for chunky thighs or tummy, or for cloth diapers like we use. We have a really hard time placing the tray on this seat also for the same reason, even on the biggest setting. Basically my son doesn’t fit in it that well but I’m hoping as time goes by that he will thin out a bit. Actually my thin 5-year-old daughter can fit in it as well or better 🙂 Otherwise he really enjoys the seat and toy, and we’re planning on using this when he begins eating solid foods. I would definitely purchase this again and would recommend this seat.Update: Our son is now almost a year old and we’ve been using this seat daily since he began eating solids. He does fit in it better now since his legs have thinned out as he’s gotten taller, so it is easier to place the tray on but sometimes still difficult. A couple more complaints as we have used the product more:1. The tray has a slot to fit the spinning toy, and the “placemat” is supposed to be used on top of the tray to cover this area when using it as a food tray. However our son will just pull the placemat off immediately, which is quite easy to do since it just lays on top. We have resorted to using clear packing tape placed over the top of the slots to cover them for food use. Tacky, but it works. It would be nice if there was a cover that used suction cups, perhaps, or something similar to our tape fix only better.2. This is a big one, and a safety issue–there is no way to secure the seat to a dining room chair. My son was seated on our dining room chair in the seat, buckled in with the tray on, while I was at the sink 5 feet away. I saw him out of the corner of my eye tip the seat up considerably and dashed over to grab him. Thankfully he did not tip all the way over but I know he would have if I had not been in the room, and he could have been badly injured. Our son is a busybody, and strong, so this may not be an issue with all babies, and there was negligence on my part as well, but I was pretty rattled. After this incident I sit next to him at the table the entire time he is seated (one side of his chair is right up against a wall). If I need to get up I either have my husband sit next to him or put the whole seat on the floor. This seat would get 5 stars from me at this point, if there were straps to secure it to a chair.

Germaine Lewes, DE

Great baby positioning seat for infants

This is a great baby positioning seats for infants starting about 3 or 4 months old (baby needs to hold his head up without support). Overall, a great product it does what it is supposed to do and baby will enjoy it. That said, it will probably have limited life as the baby will eventually outgrow it (or if you didn’t by this, be able to use a high chair or booster seat) – so I’d put it in the very nice to have, but not must have category.WHY USE A BABY POSITIONING SEATThese are great for helping your baby to sit-up when baby can hold their head up. You can then have the baby play in a sitting position and not worry about them falling down. When baby is older and can already sit-up, the seats can be a great way of keeping the baby stationary (while you are doing something else quickly.) A safety note, these seats should be used on ground level, as older babies can arch their backs and get out of an unbuckled seat or presumably tip the seat over.The BEBEPODThe bebePod is a great product overall, and we’ve enjoyed using it with our baby. That said, we use it less and less as baby began moving around more. We looked at both the bebePod and Bumbo (the two main competitors in the category) and chose the bebePod, in part due to 1) the safety strap, which we liked for buckling baby in; 2) it’s slightly roomier fit. That said, the Bumbo also seems to be an excellent product (though we have less experience with it) and might work better for smaller / younger infants, and allows you to conveniently plop baby in quickly (don’t have to bother with the strap).As others have noted, a new bebePod does have a strong chemical smell. I have no idea if it is safe or dangerous, but the odor does dissipate if you can air it out for a few days in the garage or outdoors for a bit.

Herminia Alba, MI

love it

I bought this for my three month old son and we are really pleased with it. It’s fun for him to learn to sit up and it offers a new vantage point for him. The toy is also very entertaining.I did not have a problem with the smell like others- there was a slight smell when I opened the item, but after washing it and airing out over night, I really didn’t notice an odor.I would really recommend this to other parents.

Patricia Hopkinton, RI