Prince Lionheart bebePOD Upgrade Tray

Prince Lionheart bebePOD Upgrade Tray

The sit, eat and play tray is the perfect accessory for the award-winning bèbèPOD infant seat. bèbèPOD play tray has three adjustable settings and stays securely in place.  Play Tray is perfect for snack time and play time.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Perfect for snack time or play time
  • Adjustable tray slides on to fit snugly
  • 3 adjustable settings

Verified reviews


No Placemat

So…I lost the placemat that originally came with my bebePOD. I didn’t want to feed my daughter on the tray that the toy snaps into because there are grooves in it and I didn’t want food to get stuck in them. I couldn’t find a replacement placemat anywhere (except the manufacturer website, but after you pay for shipping, you might as well just buy this). I was glad to see that this is a tray with a “placemat included”. Except there is no placemat included. Ummm….what? It very clearly says that in the product description, but there was no placemat. Just the tray. I didn’t return it because the tray itself solves my problem, but I was kind of annoyed that the placemat was nowhere to be found when I received my order. Oh, well. The tray itself would get 5 stars. It functions as expected and there really isn’t anything to complain about. I gave this three stars because I was expecting to get everything described in the product description and I didn’t.

Ashleigh Richland, GA

Small and wobbles.

I purchased the BebePOD Boost and added this tray with a suction cup toy. It works okay. I wish it was bigger, had a higher lip at the edge, and was more stable. It’s quite wobbly and small.

Joni Wendover, KY

The lip is pretty low though

This tray is okay. The lip is pretty low though, so my daughter couldn’t push food to the edges and leverage it to pick it up. It’s also small.

Rosa Mesena, GA

Not compatible

Read a review saying it was compatible with their old version of the bebePOD. I have one that is 5yrs old so I hoped it would convert mine. Found out later that the pommel portion of mine is glued into place. Be sure you check your pommel before ordering.Tray is also smaller than the new bebePOD i own that comes with safety straps and toy. Spend the money and get the deluxe version. It’s awesome.

Marcy Gravois Mills, MO

So cute and simple

Started using when baby was about 5 months. It’s even better now that’s she’s eating solids. Perfect size for baby

Earlene Mendon, MA

Difficult to Install and Remove

The tray is a good size, though it could stand to be a bit bigger, especially if used for food. While the pommel top is easy to install and remove with one hand, the upgrade tray is a trickier feature, often requiring both hands and a look under the hood to ensure the tracks it slides on are aligned with the grooves under the tray. Add to that the fact that baby’s knees are often in the way of the sliding tray and I have to press them down to get the tray on. But once it’s on, it’s great and I am able to put an array of toys in front of baby. Removing the tray is also a hassle though. The plastic clips pinched to remove the tray seem a little flimsy. I hope they don’t break as I am not sure the tray can continue to be used if they do.UPDATE 12/22/2013: Now that baby is older and her legs are longer her knees are no longer in the way when I slide the tray on.

Rebekah Gaylesville, AL

Doesn’t fit my babies thick muscular thighs!

The concept of the tray is awesome, but unfortunately one size does not fit all. If your baby is at all healthy like mine is then this tray will not fit on the pod over their thick thighs. Too bad it was a waste of money, I love the pod though!

Young Moccasin, CA


I wish the tray was easier to put on. It has to be put on when the baby is already in the chair. Of course he wants to grab it when I’m trying to slide it in and I get nervous that I am going to pinch his fingers. Plus you have to remove the pommel on the chair first. It seems like it’s easy to scratch his legs without the pommel.

Muriel Mount Erie, IL

Tray works Ok but the mat ours came with doesn’t stay on

Our tray works Ok but ours came with a placemat that doesn’t stay on well at all, and also my baby sees that and pulls it off. We haven’t been able to get several suction toys to stay on the tray so I’m not sure if that’s due to the toys, the tray, or both.

Araceli Phillips, WI

Good tray

This tray for the bebePOD is just as I expected. It fits on the bebePOD after taking off the white top to the front. I like that it easily installs with one hand and comes off when I squeeze the front tabs, but my son hasn’t been able to push it off himself. It is a little flimsy, it bends and flexes. It is working great as our only booster seat for our 8 month old, now that he is starting to feed himself.

Lena Blawenburg, NJ

Gets the job done, a little flimsy

I got this when my son first started with solids because he’s still a little too unstable for a high chair. The little plastic mechanism that connects the tray to the bebe pod is a little flimsy, I wouldn’t be surprised if it snaps off after a while, but so far, so good. The tray is nice for feeding, but it’s also really nice to put toys on, especially ones with suction for him to sit and play with. He really likes his new upright perspective on the world.Functionaliry wise I really like this product, it just feels really flimsy and wobbly. As my son gets bigger and rowdier we will see if it lasts.

Dana Metairie, LA

Does not come with place mat

This tray is ok but is not easy to put on and doesn’t come with a mat. It is very thin and sort of cheap looking but is a decent surface to go with the bebepod.Bc it is so difficult to get on we haven’t used it much so not convinced if it was worth it since the thin lip may be a pain once we use it for food (if we do). However if you are looking to ‘upgrade’ the bebepod this seems better than buying the chair with the tray & toy bc this tray does not have holes/ grooves in it so food / dirt will not get stuck.

Diann Mcfaddin, TX

Replacement…fit a bit different than orginal

It’s a tray…Nothing too exciting about it. I had to get a new tray since we lost the orginal one in a move. It didn’t fit as well as the original though.

Rita Green Mountain, NC

Does the job, could be better

It’s a little smaller than I would like, and it could really use a deeper lip around the edge. My little guy loses things off the edge all the time (on accident, not on purpose).

Ashlee Batchtown, IL