Prince Lionheart Child View Mirror, Black

Prince Lionheart Child View Mirror, Black

Safety is always of the highest importance when it comes to our children, it’s just unfortunate that it means they have to face backwards while riding in a rear-facing car seat. In keeping with Prince Lionheart’s travel system, we designed one that looks good, compliments the upholstery, matches our other travel accessories, and will not distort your baby’s head like a carnival fun mirror. Adjustable and comes complete with two carabineers for attaching your child’s favorite toys. Comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Main features

  • 90% nylon, 10% polypropylene
  • Imported
  • Non distorted mirror
  • Adjust to fit all headrests
  • Comes with two carabineers to attach toys
  • Surface washable
  • Lifetime guarantee

Verified reviews


Perfect when you don’t have adjustable headrests

Our backseat headrests don’t raise so we had a hard time finding a mirror to work until this one. It fits great! Very adjustable. Love that you can hang toys from it. Good size. My son does pull it down from time to time but easy to put back up. Good quality & great to be able see what he’s doing when turned backwards. You can see him perfectly in this mirror.

Gabrielle Osceola, NE

Great mirror – love that it sits flat

This is a great mirror for my car. I ordered another one previously and it didn’t sit flat against the seat and was constantly moving. This was much better.

Ursula Greenville, SC

doesn’t fit

this doesn’t fit in my car (volvo) and I had to rig it with tape to kind of work. Should have just returned it but I opened it to install it.

Harriet Shacklefords, VA

Doesn’t work well with our GMC Acadia bucket seats

We bought this mirror to use in our GMC Acadia SUV second row bucket seats for our newborn…and it’s useless. The seat/headrest is apparently too low so the mirror hangs too low to be able to see into the baby’s car seat. The hanging hooks also then are too low so that if you hang anything on them, they get in the way when trying to put the seat into the base. Nice idea–and I like that it comes in brown to better match my tan interior–but it’s going back.

Maritza Witter Springs, CA

Works great

I love this mirror, works like a charm. We have a VW golf and this mirror was easy to install and allows me to see my baby when I am in the passenger seat. My husband says he can also see her in the driver’s seat. The mirror has velcro straps that are adjustable and easily fits over the headrest- if your car does not have headrests on the back seats, this product will not work.

Madelyn Blair, SC

Doesn’t work in my car

It’s not that I don’t like the mirror, I like how big it is and the design however it does not fit in my 2012 Nissan Altima. My infant’s car seat is behind the passenger seat and when I attach the mirror to the headrest, it doesn’t show my child. It is too high. I have tried everything from connecting the bottom hooks to the car seat to try and pull it down to attaching it dangerously loose around the head rest and still it does not hang low enough nor does it angle down so I can see what is going on. The only image I get it the top of the car seat. Unfortunately I will be returning this item and trying to find a new one

Young Marion, MI

Great for viewing baby

This mirror works great for viewing a baby in a rear-facing carseat. The only problem I had with installation is getting the tilt just right with the headrest of my vehicle. Also, it will reflect the sunlight if you have a sunroof on your car, depending on the time of day and angle of the sun. Otherwise, it works great and baby loved it too; she could see more out the window thanks to the reflection.

Terrie Walkertown, NC