Prince Lionheart Complete Dishwasher Basket System

Prince Lionheart Complete Dishwasher Basket System

The Prince Lionheart dishwasher basketSYSTEM is all you will need to clean, sanitize and rinse, nipples, collars, pacifiers, teething toys, spill-proof cup parts and more–from Infant to Toddler. The infant basket holds nipples and bottle parts directly above water jets for thorough sanitizing. The toddler basket accommodates larger feeding accessories and hard-to-clean kitchen gadgets. The small basket holds is the sippy cup valve cleaner. Made in the USA from 100% recycled material.

Main features

  • Includes patented infant basket, toddler basket and spill proof cup valve cleaner
  • Baskets are top rack dishwasher safe
  • 100% Recycled Plastic Made in the USA

Verified reviews


Don’t waste your money on a 3 pack

We can only use 1 out of the 3 of these baskets: the large basket. We can’t figure out what the other baskets are for exactly and have used them for a month. We didn’t get any instructions as to the intended use for the baskets. All we can figure out that the purpose of the bottom part of the medium basket is for nipples. However, the nipples (Playtex Drop-Ins silicone slow flow) are too large of a diameter to fit although they appear to be a standard size from what I have seen in stores. So, we have to put nipples in the bottom of the large basket in a single row leaving a lot of wasted space in the basket. The rest of our baby feeding equipment (Bottles, rings, etc.) stays put in the dishwasher. I encourage a reader to not pay extra for a 3 pack and instead just buy a single dishwasher basket. Also, for the price, I expected better quality plastic and latches. It does not appear that it will last much longer with daily use.

Carol Jerusalem, AR

Not so happy

I use Playtex DropIns bottles/nipples, which are larger than average nipples. These nipples do NOT fit well in the nipple compartment of this dishwasher basket. I can only wash 3 nipples at a time in this basket. The latches to open the different compartments are very snug, making it difficult to open them quickly or with only one hand.

Mildred Excelsior, PA

Dishwasher Baskets with Options

We purchased this basket because the one we had with my first child finally bit the dust, but was never quite exaxtly what I needed. This comes as a combo set of 3 baskets which have suggested uses, but what I really like is that of all of the dishwasher baskets I looked at, I had trouble finding a basket that accomodated everything (breastpump parts, bottle accessories, sippy cups, etc). While these baskets aren’t perfect, they offer a lot of versitility. I can fit Breastflow bottle parts and pumping accessories in these without any trouble. Most of the previous baskets I’ve encountered only fit standard sized bottle parts or parts from specific brands.The only feature I wish is contained was a better place to store the straws from the Take and Toss style cups. These are thin enought that they can fall through the holes unless you have other items in the basket.

Gale Grosse Tete, LA

Still using it after 3 1/2 years!

I purchasd the combination of the valve basket, the toddler basket and the one with the compartments for the bottle nipples. I didnt find the valve compartment one useful at the time and ended up taking it to goodwill. Later I wished I had kept it for the sippy cup valves, but the 2 other baskets I have work great. These are both still going strong after 3 1/2 years. There is no wear and some days we even do 2 dishwasher loads per day – that is a lot of times that the hinges on these baskets are opened and closed!I use the nipple one for the sippy valves (in the top portion), breast pump accessory parts, plastic spoons, medicine vials and mini-tupperware pieces (such as condiment containers). The large one I use for sippy lids and anything else.There are just so many uses for these two baskets, that was worth the price of all three, even though I don’t use the valve one.

Regina Edison, CA

Best Dishwasher Basket I’ve Found

I have two of these dishwasher baskets, but I do not have the valve basket. They can be purchased separately at some stores. I originally bought another type of dishwasher basket that had the bottle nipple compartment on top, but it much more difficult to use. Everytime you opened it to add another nipple, the ones already in there would fall out. These dishwasher baskets are designed allot better. They have the nipple compartment on the bottom for better cleaning and have slots that the bottle nipples fit into. The best aspect, however, is that the nipples do not fall out when the compartment is opened.

Marva Norfolk, VA

I only used the little one

I got this for the little one and use it for sippy cup inserts (I use playtex and they come with small plastic inserts) works well

Sybil Bremen, ME


I don’t use the round thing (I guess it’s for sippy cups), but I use the other two for Dr Brown bottles and Medela pumping supplies. No complaints so far, it just does what it should!

Dayna Reed Point, MT

Prince Lionheart

I purchased this set at a local baby store about a year ago. I do not use the valve cleaner basket at all since it is very cumbersome to use. It clips on so it seems to be floating above the rack and takes up a lot of room and it has very little useable space inside. However, I have been using the other two baskets everyday for about 10 months now. I useDr. Brown’s 3 Pack BPA Free Polypropylene Bottle, 8 ozthat have a long tube, so the larger basket is perfect for them (I just line up the top of the tube with the holes in the top of the basket so it is held in the upright position). As for the small basket, I do not use the nipple part (which snaps right off) as it seems weird to me to tilt the nipples sideways because they may not get as clean(?). However, this is just a personal preference and not a product defect. Of course, I am happy that it is made in the USA from 100% recycled material! I had to deduct one star for the useless valve basket and because the lid of the larger basket comes loose which can be annoying.

Marian West Paris, ME

Serves its purpose very well!

These have stood up very well in our dishwasher and hold all of our baby’s bottles and parts. A must have!!

Sarah Zavalla, TX

Pretty good

Holds the bottle stuff pretty well, but not everything always gets clean because of the way you have to put things in.

Iva Arcadia, SC

I like these baskets.

I am using the bigger one more right now since we are using sippies. In a few days I will also be using it for bottles too. I like how you have options on which basket to use. The bigger one holds quit a bit and I have 3 using sippies right now. Not sure about the round thing. I think you could use it for just about anything you need it to be. I haven’t had a reason to use it yet.

Hilda Belmont, CA

Works Well, No Problems

All baby bottle supplies fit fine with no issues. Seems sturdy, items come out clean. No complaints.

Dorothy Staley, NC

Great baskets for bottles and parts

Agree with much of the positive reviews here, and wanted to add that the baskets are slender enough across to fit our standard dishwasher top rack without straddling wires, which I was a little worried about. Taking away one star because the nipples undertray is great but tends to squish the nipples a bit when you close it — either I’m not loading properly or the nipples are too big (? because they’re newborn) or it’s just a bit shorter than it needs to be. Still, everything seems to get clean and I’d say this is a good buy.

Kari Fortville, IN

avoids bottles and bottle parts from being tossed around the washer

good to have when cleaning baby bottles, toys, pacifiers in the dishwasher. keeps them from falling to the bottom of the machine.

Dee Cayuse, OR

Exactly what we needed

We use these for both Medela breast pump parts and Dr. Brown’s bottle parts. Works flawlessly in the top rack and fits a lot of pieces.

Cleo Jackson, WI

Handy baskets

I got these baskets to wash small parts for my Dr. Brown’s baby bottles and breast pump parts. They are so handy and useful that I’m now using them for my Aquasana water bottle caps and a variety of other small washable items. One basket has an extra compartment for bottle nipples which is really handy. Overall great buy!

Keri Larned, KS


This basket combo will grow with your child as their feeding needs change.the first basket holds nipples, pacifiers, and all those small bottle pieces. this isnt useless after your child graduates from bottles either. you could easily place other things in here.the valve basket is GREAT for toddler sippy cups parts. i used to place mine in the utensil basket(like where you put your normal forks,spoons) and they would fly around the dishwasher and i’d have to reach in and find them at the bottom but this basket holds them all together and gets them clean!the last and largest basket can hold pretty much anything you want. smaller 4oz bottles, sipply cups+lids, plastic eating utensils and straws(these used to also fly around my dishwasher cause they’re so light). so it has something for every feeding age. and i love mine. they dont take up very much room in your dishwasher either, i was wondering before i purchased this online that they would be hgue but they’re really not. i think they’re perfect. makes things a little bit easier.

Celia Marlboro, VT

So far, so good!

So far, so good! I’m using the larger basket in the top rack of my dishwasher for my breast pump accessories. No complaints!

Helga Allendale, IL


So far we’ve only used the smaller basket. It works great for washing teethers and baby spoons. So much easier than washing by hand! Probably gets things cleaner too.

Rhoda Vernon Center, NY

Must Have, Ordered Twice

I was (possibly needlessly) a little concerned about some of our small lightweight bottles flying around the dishwasher. The deep basket easily holds a few of our 4-6 ounce bottles, keeping them in place and upright. I love washing pacifiers in the bottom section of the two-part basket. I ordered a second set. Love them.

Eula Cary, IL


These things annoy me pretty frequently because of how flimsy they are. Maybe it’s by design, but its just weird getting things to snap back together. Its just cheap feeling… very cheap feeling..Also, one of the containers have this compartment that folds out from the bottom… which is also annoying. Its made worse because you’re doing all of this snapping and swinging with wet parts spilling all over the place. It’s messy and awkward.The round thing seems to waste a whole bunch of space, I assume its the perfect design for something specific, but I have not figured out what that is just yet.We bought this item to help with Dr Brown’s bottles, and it does very little to help.. nothing fits anywhere and I’m always just rigging stuff in there.Save your money..

Janette Holy Cross, AK

Not That Sturdy

I’ve used the small round one in the dishwasher twice and the clasp that keeps the cover closed snapped off. The hinge seems tight so it might stay closed enough even without the clasp but they’re definitely not as sturdy as I’d imagined.

Yvonne Junction City, GA

Not the best quality

I bought these to replace a large basket that I lost when we were moving. The quality of these isn’t great, but the price is pretty good.

Tamera Wassaic, NY


These baskets are great for misc items that we have for our newborn son. We use for his pacifiers and bottle and pumping accessories. I would recommend to any mother with small children.

Geri Bartlett, NH

What’s not to love.

As an expectant mother, I have been cleaning all of my new baby products. I quickly realized that I needed something to put pacifiers and smaller items in, so I could just throw them in the dishwasher. These baskets are perfect for this. I bought this product with a drying tree, so I could just put the bottles and products on the drying tree after they come out of the dishwasher, and then I can relax! These are the kinds of things you never think to register for, but is essential to daily life!

Tracie Eaton, IN

Works Great If You Know How to Use It

I received this from my registry before my son was born. I have been using it more and more recently. At first I was confused by the medium basket and how to place the nipples into it. I use the Tommee Tippee bottles with the wide neck so I couldn’t fit more then 3 across the bottom.Then I had a DUH moment and went directly to the Prince Lionheart website. […]I was laying the nipples in the basket incorrectly and now that I see how to do it, I think I’ll be able to fit more in there.The big basket works great for bottles, tops, pacifiers, small toys, etc. The valve basket is great for those small valves in sippy cups. It keeps them all in one place so that they aren’t flying around.My one gripe is the lack of any kind of instructions or pictures which has led to some confusion on how to place items in the basket. The medium basket isn’t intuitive at all with the nipple placement.

Harriett Claire City, SD

Not as sturdy as the competing brand

I don’t really like these dishwasher baskets. I also have the munchkin brand, and it is much sturdier. The Lion baskets are not as sturdy, they are flimsy and don’t close easily due to the flimsy quality. I don’t even use these anymore because the munchkin is so much better.

Veronica Liebenthal, KS

good product

I like the idea of using this in my dishwasher to keep the baby’s things separate, but to be honest, I usually on use the bigger basket..

Gladys Tionesta, PA