Prince Lionheart Corner Guards, Chocolate Brown

Prince Lionheart Corner Guards, Chocolate Brown

Protect your child against the bumps, bruises, and boo-boos they can get while exploring the world around them. Prince Lionheart’s cushiony corner guards are 2” x 2” and secure easily to sharp corners. The corner guards absorb impact and lessen the chance of falls causing serious injury to young children. Fire retardant, non-toxic and latex-free. Available in chocolate and grey.

Main features

  • Protect your child from sharp edges with impact absorbing foam
  • Include four 2″x2″cushiony corner guards
  • Fire retardant, non toxic and latex free
  • Double stick tape keeps foam securely fastened
  • Removes quickly and easily when no longer needed

Verified reviews


These are so not worth more than $2

These are literally cheap rubbery foam corners with stick ons. They serve their purpose when I can keep them on the table. Unfortunately, my daughter can tear these off within seconds. They are extremely cheap and don’t look nice in addition to being way overpriced at $7.99.

Savannah Alta, IA

Great product!

Bought this for my old wooden coffee table that has very shape edges. They fit perfectly; seems that they would really fit any table – went on very easy with sticky tabs that were included. Not sure how well the sticky product will come off my table. My 8 month old falls on a daily basis pulling himself up on this table and this makes it much less dangerous.

Jackie North Collins, NY

A real head saver

We have wood trim on our kitchen counters. On the end of the peninsula the underside of the corners are very “sharp”. Our two year old granddaughter has just become tall enough to hit her head on these. I’ve had to put my hand over one when she walked too close. So I am always on alert when she moves close to them. I saw these and thought I’d try them. My husband put them on today. He had no problems at all. We put them on upside down as our problem is the underside of these corners. The tops of the corners are beveled. I hit the back of my hand against them and just felt cushion. If she hits her head on one of these corners now, it might slow her down, but there will be no trip to the doctor.A couple of months before my granddaughter turned 3 she finally tried one of the corner guards out. She was “flying” through the kitchen and hit her head right on one of the corners of the peninsula. Her head “bounced” off the corner and she just kept on going. If the corner guard had not been there we would have had a trip to the emergency room for sure. I was so happy I’d had the forsight to buy these guards. I’ve had to reattach them a couple of times with some strong double stick tape I have, and it’s worth it for the peace of mind. If you could have seen my granddaughter’s head hit that corner and then her keep running happily along you’d be buying these! I will say that if you have kids that will just go up and pull them off you’ll have to try and put them on with something more permanent like a strong glue or something, but our granddaughter would not think of bothering them, they’re not in a place she’s playing, she’s just walking or running past them.

Nadia Vaughan, NC

Four Stars

does the job

Florence Saint Bonifacius, MN

Great product

Very pleased with this product and have bought many, many boxes. They stick well and stay on, even with a toddler occasionally picking at them. We’ve purchased other cheaper brands and found that they do not fit our furniture corners as snugly as these Prince Lionheart ones do. Would recommend to a friend.

Cecilia Cold Bay, AK

Best we could find but still just ok.

The adhesive on the stickers isn’t that great. My daughter has spent a bit of time trying to pull one off and it’s already 75% of the way off. They’ve only been installed for a few weeks. However, the alternative is her hitting her head square on a sharp corner so I guess these will have to do.

Lois Bighorn, MT

Great idea, but they don’t stick!

These stuck on the corners of our custom made sandbox for about a day! Then they fell right off. Great for the one day though.

Lula Durant, FL

Great product

We are very happy with our purchase. The corner guards stay on really well and have already saved our 11 month old’s head on several occasions.

Audrey Middletown, DE

it is good but adhesive bond could be improved

good corner guards. i mean they really cushy and you need a lot of force to feel any corner. Also it absorbs force very well, the only thing that can be improved on this product is the glue or the adhesive bond. Currently it uses 3M tapes, which is okay but if you have a 15month in the house, their curiosity will grow on it and they will go an tweak it every day…..and couple of months it will come off. On the flip side, they provide plenty of 3M tapes, so you can put it right back on.

Shelly Halbur, IA

Great for Corners

I love these for the corners of our table and desk. I even put them on the underside of our kitchen counter and am so glad I did this early before my son was actually tall enough to bump his head. Now that he is able to reach the counter, these are there to protect him from the viscous corners that he doesn’t see coming.

Faye Mabie, WV

Great for coffee tables.

We have purchased these before. They are great for end tables and coffee tables. Our end tables are the same height as our daughter’s head. She just started walking and tends to wobble a little. I put these on the side of the end tables and I feel much better about her walking in the family room now.

Mollie Carlton, PA

Very foamy and soft

I installed these on my coffee table. They are soft and I think they will provide a decent amount of protection and cushioning. I bought them at Lowes instead of buying them on Amazon – the price was the same at Lowes as it is on Amazon. The color in real life is like the photo – it’s a tan-brown color. I would not describe it as "chocolate brown" because it is lighter than chocolate brown.I am giving this product only 4 stars and not 5 because the adhesive strips are very small. They give you three strips per corner, but the strips are short and narrow, and they are not super sticky. Also, the paper that is covering the strips that you remove in order to get the strips to be sticky is very difficult to remove. Even if you have long fingernails, it will take you a while to pry the protective paper off.

Tonia Lincoln University, PA


I’ve had these on the corner of my dresser, kitchen table, and counter for a year now and they’ve never budged. They do an excellent job at cushioning hard/sharp corners. Definitely recommend. These have stopped many booboos!

Cheri Houghton, SD

Easy to put on

These corners were perfect for the sharp edges on my platform bed. Also, my husband was concerned that they would damage the finish but the adhesive is by 3M and it says to just use vegetable oil to take it off of wood, so it sounds pretty easy.

Dolly Clarendon, NC

Easy to install and they look good.

Pretty easy to install with the supplied two sided tape and it is nice to have something that isn’t glaring white.

Miriam Ione, WA

corner guards

great! i used these for my first son when childproofing and i for whatever reason saved them and now i just started using them again for my second son. they worked great the first time around and have been wonderful again thus far. i am using different 3m stickies to hold them in place and it has been a couple of months and they are working just as well as with the original sticky stuff they came with a couple of years ago. very happy with these and highly recommend! nice, big and squishy for protection of little heads, etc. not very attractive looking, but who cares about that as long as our kids are safe!

Ollie Dundee, MS

Great product!

These have worked very well for us and the color is nice (blends in with our room decor; I don’t even notice them anymore). My daughter has avoided several boo-boos by using these, as they are very soft. I would definitely recommend!

Elisabeth Gladstone, ND

will save us some black eyes!

I got this for my coffee table because my little one is at the cruising stage…. which means the lose your balance and smack your face stage!These work really good and blend in with the wood well. But the adhesive strips used to attach them don’t stay that well, and my kiddo figured out how to pull them off and chew on them quickly!So I ended up super gluing them on… it wasn’t an expensive piece of furniture so I don’t mind! I’d rather my baby be safe than keeping my furniture pretty!

Leslie Bokoshe, OK

good corner guards

We bought these for our coffee table when our daughter started crawling/pulling up/walking. They are very easy to install and while they will come off if you/your LO pulls on them hard, the adhesive is pretty strong. Our table is a dark brown “espresso” wood, and these corner guards were maybe a shade lighter but look pretty good.

Alexandria Rapid City, MI

Soft yet strong corners

Good product:- great size, not bulky- glues well (stays glued)- matches nicely items in the houseI will buy another set.I recommend them.

Myrna Westminster, TX

Squishy & functional!

We got these for our small wooden coffee table – our 16 month old’s favorite piece of furniture. She has started being very confident and therefore a little less careful in her standing/cruising abilities (I assume she is about to finally start walking independently), leading to distracted behavior and therefore frequent head bumps. We have other corner protectors from various brands around the house that seem fine, though I prefer these. I really appreciate that these are squishy, so instead of just keeping a sharp corner point from stabbing my daughter’s head they also help cushion her & protect her from being hurt in general! We installed these in the evening so the tape would have a chance to set before she discovered them, and they have not budged in the 3 days they’ve been up. She likes to chew on them (getting molars – yuck), but other than some slobber, you couldn’t tell, which surprised me. We didn’t buy the sister product that lines the edgs of tabls since she seems to only ever make contact with the corners, but I would imagine those two products together would be great! Well worth the (good!) price via Amazon!

Patsy Pecatonica, IL

Does the Job

The coffee table looks ugly, but it gives me peace of mind that the baby is always safe. At least I can always remove it when the baby outgrows it.It is secure if you use all the sticky pads. I tried tugging them myself, and they are firmly secured. Just make sure you attach them while the baby is asleep.Otherwise they will try to pull it off as soon as you stick them on.

Kristin Hilham, TN

Works great, sticks great, and keeps our baby safe from corners.

I have used these for about 6 months and they have yet to come off. Maybe try putting these on before your baby is older; so they are part of the furniture when they start walking; otherwise, they may notice these as new additions to the furniture and pick at them. Either way, they work great for me! Though they are overpriced for safety; small foam rubber pieces with two sided tape should not cost this much.

Sharron Childs, MD


It serves the purpose however there were no instructions as to how the adhesive works.The adhesive looked sticky on one side, I tried to peel off the other side but that destroyed it …Eventually when I stuck one end to the corner guard and put it on the table… the adhesive ‘cover’ came off…

Tammi Argyle, TX

Too easily pulled off

My 15 month old banged his head on the corner of a dresser, so we bought these and they fit on fine and are cushy enough to protect him, but he just won’t leave them alone. The moment he sees them he runs over and pulls them right off and flings them across the room.

Rosanna Tylersport, PA

Blends well with furniture

This product fulfills it purpose. It is easy to apply and perfectly cushioned for table edges. The color also blends well with brown furniture of any kind.

Jordan Kewanee, IL

made my corners safe

Stick well, lasted a couple months in great condition and still going strong. Good quality product when you’ve got little ones running around!

Lenora Whately, MA

super cushy

I have had several set of these applied for over a year, and my daughter had only pulled one off. However, I wouldn’t say that she’s really abused them or tired.

Ladonna Fort Walton Beach, FL

Sticks well to surface

These corner guards stick well to the surface – better than the previous kind that we had purchased.Tip – apply the guards when your toddler is not present. Our toddler observed us applying them the first time and she consequently pulled them off (these guards also did not stick that well). The next time we applied them during a nap and she hasn’t pull at them.

Allene Ware Shoals, SC

Great for little cruisers

This corner cushion product is by far the best I have tried so far. It does not keeping falling off like the others. Cushion is soft yet provides great protection. The colour I chose blends well with my wooden furniture.

Jasmine Pomona, KS