Prince Lionheart Deluxe Dishwasher Basket, Toddler

Prince Lionheart Deluxe Dishwasher Basket, Toddler

The LARGEST capacity dishwasher basket available! The Prince Lionheart deluxe toddlerBASKET is top rack safe and fits all dishwashers. Thoroughly sanitize all spill-proof cup parts and small kitchen gadgets. Removable valve basket included. Made in the USA from 100% recycled materials.

Main features

  • Top rack safe and fits all dishwashers
  • Thoroughly sanitizes
  • Large capacity
  • Keeps all the little parts together

Verified reviews


Great for countertop use too

We hand wash most of our baby things but we needed a place to store everything while it was drying. These racks (with the lids pulled off) fit perfectly on the counter along the wall next to our sink and we place our bottles in it upside so they can air dry. We used the larger one for bottles and the smaller ones for nipples and caps. It’s a great way for us to keep everything together in a very small space that still allows for drying.

Kimberley Macksville, KS


I am so happy with this basket and size! It fits all sorts of sippy cups and baby needs. A lot of my friends bought the munchkin basket from Target and envy mine!

Gwendolyn Black River, NY


This item is just as I expected. A large basket to throw small but ‘larger’ baby items into for the dishwasher. Works as intended. I use it almost daily.

Latasha Sherwood, AR

Dishwasher Basket

We use this everyday, its the best one on the market! Its still looks brand new and works really well.

Della Blanco, OK

Will save your bottle caps, rings and nipples

I use this to put my daughter’s avent bottle rings, caps and nipples and the cover and straw for her sippy cups in order to keep them from falling and melting in the bottom of our dishwasher. I learned my lesson when one of the bottle caps fell and got broken and so I got this product! I do not put the actual bottle and sippy cup inside it as this will take up too much space because if I do that it will only fit about 2 avent bottles along with the parts (if I remember correctly). The bottles can stay upright anyway outside the basket so no need to put them inside this. Really great product!

Shelby Nevisdale, KY


This basket is great for items that don’t fit the built-in wires and racks of a dishwasher. Now it is being used for baby accessories (nipples, eating utensils, etc.) but when we no longer needs these items, I’ll still use it for all those lose items that need to be washed in a dishwasher, but would otherwise float around. I really do love it.

Nichole Etlan, VA

Very difficult to fit anything I have

Almost nothing fits in the bottom portion, to include nipples, utensils. It either doesn’t fit or falls out the opening. Overall I think an open basket without the bottom portion would be more effective and useful.

Naomi Apple Springs, TX

Ideal Dishwasher Basket

I got this “DELUXE Toddler Dishwasher Basket” through another site that specializes in baby merchandise. At the time it was not available on Amazon. It works perfectly for the intended purpose which I’ll describe.You need a dishwasher basket for the 3 small parts of the baby bottle that otherwise will often find their way to the bottom of the dishwasher and get melted. That’s what happened to me before I got my basket, so I have more bottles that parts for the bottles.A baby bottle has 4 parts: the bottle itself, the screw cap that holds the nipple, the nipple and the cover. Those last 3 parts are small and can easily get melted if they fall down to the bottom of the dishwasher. That is why you need the basket. You can place the actual bottles outside the basket, and I never put the bottles in the basket. They wouldn’t fit anyway, even in this one, which is probably the biggest basket.I have twins, and I fill up that basket every time I run the dishwasher. There’s not much if any room to spare. I’d rather get a bigger basket than a smaller one, so I’d recommend this one for singletons as well. I haven’t had problems with the basket; it’s just a simple device that opens and shuts. When you take it out of the dishwasher, you turn it upside-down over the sink to get excess water out. Then you place the parts onto a drying rack that should be right next to the sink.The main thing to be aware of is that you only need the basket for the 3 small parts that fit onto the bottle, not for the bottle itself. You can just put those bottles where you put glasses and cups. The bottles won’t really fit into the basket properly anyway even if you have a singleton, and forget about trying it if you have twins.

Rosanna Hughesville, PA

Perfect but…

This basket is large, but still fits in the dishwasher! Its taller, but still the same width. Which, I like. However the straws can come out of the slits on the sides and bottoms. Other then that this basket is FANTASTIC.

Felecia Berlin, MD

Great Size

Perfect to wash bigger bottle items and parts of the Sippy cups. I could’ve imagine how I would’ve washed my bottle parts without this. It helps out so much and makes My life so much easier.

Kaitlin San Luis Obispo, CA

Great for the dishwasher

I’m glad I purchased this basket over a couple other ones I had looked at. It fits our dishwasher just fine & I especially like the fact that the nipples fit in the bottom because they get cleaner there than if they were mixed in with the other bottle parts. I have Avent bottles & the fit is a bit snug for the nipples from those bottles but still works great. Just wish it was a little bit bigger overall so I could fit more in it. Overall, I would buy it again.

Dona Rosholt, SD

It’s okay

Sippy cups stay put nicely, but lids and other things flip over and collect water and detergent, so I have to rinse them every time. There is a smaller basket within the large basket that’s convenient, but there aren’t any nice slots to position lids and other things that you want to keep upright.

Amie Iva, SC

Must have

This is a must have for all new parents. It is great because of the large size and the bottom basket is great!

Patricia Askov, MN


Great size and very durable. you can fit all kinds of things in there and it will fit in any dishwasher.

Flossie Pendleton, IN

Does exactly what it advertises

The insert holder is moveable and removable. This works great in the dishwasher. It’s easy to open and close and it seems like its made well. I’ve had mine for 4 months + and its doing fine.

Claudette Martin, GA

Way to small

Unless you have baby doll mini bottles this won’t fit more than 1 or 2 nipples and tops. We were disappointed and sent it back. Not very helpful at all

Lacey Brant Rock, MA

broke pretty quickly

This has been great, but the latch broke fairly soon after we bought it, so I’m fairly disappointed in it.

Thelma Waupun, WI

Too small

I was hoping to be able to fit all of my pump parts in this basket, but I guess I should have looked more closely at the dimensions. The bottom (small) compartment is awkward to open and there isn’t much that can fit in there – pacifiers and some smaller bottle nipples. The large compartment is too small to fit any bottles. Breast shields fit awkwardly. I would not buy this again. If you have more than a few small things to wash at a time, buy something bigger.

Leola Farber, MO