Prince Lionheart Diaper Depot Clear

Prince Lionheart Diaper Depot Clear

The Prince Lionheart diaperDEPOT is the complete diaper changing station. The diaperDEPOT is designed to make diaper changing safer, quicker and more convenient by providing everything at your fingertips. The unique three-in-one changing station attaches and hangs from most changing tables. The roomy bottom compartment holds 16 to 18 large cloth or disposable diapers. Baby Wipes sit on flat tray and the two removable side bins hold ointments, powders, lotions and more. The diaperDEPOT is compatible will all Prince Lionheart wipes warmers.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Three in one changing station attaches and hangs from most changing tables
  • Keeps all diapering needs at your fingertips
  • Holds 16 to 18 diapers
  • Removable side bins hold ointments, lotions and more
  • Compatible will all Prince Lionheart wipes warmers

Verified reviews


This item is wonderful

This is a great item to have on the side of your changing table. I have both a diaper stacker and this. The diaper stacker is great for a decorative accent and storage of tons of diapers. The diaper depot is great for holding those diapers handy for the middle of the night changing. Also, the wipes warmer fits right on top in the perfect reach. The side compartment, they can come off, hold all the perfect necessities like Desitin and baby lotion. I held Alcohol pads in them for the umbilical cord for the first two weeks. This is really a handy little organizational item. It is clear so it doesn’t really stand out. I have two. One upstair in the nursery and one downstairs in the play room. I highly recommend it.

Bernadette Hicksville, OH

Don’t waste your money

This diaper stacker is a joke. The diapers come out 3 at a time, the shelf for the wipes container will buckle if you have a full container, and the plastic is very flimsy. I brought this because of the great reviews this product got. After just one day of using this I decided to pack it up and return it. I don’t believe this product is ment to withstand the test of time.

Isabella Red Oak, NC

Great Caddy for holding Changing Table Basics

Overall, we’ve been very pleased with the quality of this product. It was very simple to put together and was very easy to attach to the front of our changing table. The top caddy easily holds one of the wipes tubs. The diaper caddy holds a variety of sizes easily…we were able to double stack the newborn size diapers and easily hold several of our son’s size 4 diapers as well. The containers on the side are not huge and not very deep, but they are large enough to hold a few essentials (i.e. diaper rash cream, tube of aquaphor, etc). It will not hold larger items (i.e. bottles of baby lotion that are bigger than a tube). This isn’t a dealbreaker for me, as it’s just as easy to store those items in a bin on my changing table. The acrylic is pretty sturdy…it’s withstood at least one drop and a few accidental bangs and hasn’t cracked.My only one (very minor) complaint is that the clip at the top isn’t wide enough to attach to the side of my changing table. It’s a bit inconvenient to have it in the front, but the opening only fits on the front (which is presumably what keeps it secure). It’s not a huge issue, but it would be nice to be able to adjust it. Overall, we’ve been very please with this and plan to order another to use on our secondary changing area on the pack and play in our family room.

Nora Hamburg, IA

Get one of these for your Pack ‘N Play!

I bought this product to use on my Pack ‘N Play. It’s definitely a nicer way to keep diapers and wipes organized at my Pack ‘N Play changing table. It fits onto the side of the Pack ‘N Play nicely. I wish the tub for the wipes box on top was deeper though. The wipes box always tends to want to fall off when I’m taking a wipe out. I also wish it held more diapers and that the diaper slot wasn’t so wide, because when I pull out a diaper, about 2 or 3 want to come out at once. But all in all, this has been a nice item to have at my Pack ‘N Play for diaper changing!

Tommie Augusta, IL

Handy for Playard

We use the diaper depot for our Pack and Play playard. It’s not a perfect fit, but it works, and it sure beats running around to get diapers, wipes, etc. I gave the diaper depot 5 stars despite two things:1) The opening for the diaper stacker is a little big, so sometimes an extra diaper slides out. In Prince Lionheart’s defense, this may be necessary to accomodate larger sized diapers.2) The side containers could have been a little deeper.Besides these minor nuiances, it’s a great product.

Ivy Girard, GA

not good for fold out changing table

After purchasing the depot, I found it does not work well on my changing table (dresser style with fold out top). I had to put it on the side and was not pleased to find out that it is not possible to use unless it is hung. More bad news… I purchased the Ultimate Wipes Warmer, which will not fit on top of the depot while it is hanging on the side of the changing table. Perhaps these products work fine with a typical changing table, but keep in mind they do not work with a folding top dresser type.

Rosa Culdesac, ID

Four Stars

Pretty good. Sometimes the side containers pop off

Claudia Ipswich, SD

I purchased this to go along with the Prince Lionheart Premium Wipe Warmer, but it doesn’t really work….

The description states that this is compatible with all the Prince Lionheart Wipe warmers, but if you notice the pictures they have posted only show it with a generic wipes box or just holding the diapers. This is because the wipe warmers are considerably larger and do not actually fit flush in them. There are two small groves in the Prince Lionheart Wipe warmer that allows it to be forced onto it, but the wipe warmer hangs over the edge.The main reason I purchased this diaper depot to hang on the side was to hold the wipe warmer and diapers and save space on the changing table, but I don’t think this one is going work. The wipe warmer looks like it would just take a bump to send it tumbling and not very secure on the diaper depot. If you are just using plain wipes without the warmer, it would probably be alright. I primarily bought it to go along with the Prince Lionheart wipe warmer, so I’m left pretty disappointed."Compatible" and actually fitting seems to be two different things….

Martina Auburn, PA

Serves the purpose

This is not the sturdiest thing. It does fit on the side of the dresser we converted to a changing table though. I always feel like I am going to break it when I put something in or take something out. It was the best thing we could find to serve the purpose.

Marilyn Jerry City, OH

PERFECT! Exactly what I was looking for at a great price

I was using a basket to hold wipes, lotions, etc and keeping on the changing table. My daughter is growing and is very long so the basket was in the way. I looked everywhere for a hanging basket but couldn’t find one I liked for a decent price. This diaper depot is absolutely perfect. It hangs perfectly on my changing table. I did put a piece of fabric under it so the finish doesn’t get scratched on the changing table. I love having everything right there at changing/dressing time without taking up drawer space.

Reba Langworthy, IA

Handy to have but could use more accessory storage

We received the Prince Lionheart Diaper Depot for ease of access to diapers. It attaches perfectly to the Gulliver Changing Table we have from IKEA which made me really happy. Accessing newborn diapers is a bit difficult since the diapers are much smaller than those used for older babies but that’s fine since we won’t be using newborn diapers for long. I’m curious to see how it will work with the cloth diaper inserts since we’re planning on cloth diapering when our baby is out of the newborn stage. We haven’t received our cloth diapers so I have yet to see. I’ll post an update when I get them.I do wish it had a little larger storage for diapering supplies. With the wipers warmer in the caddy, it’s difficult to see the supplies on the back side and I can only hold a pump bottle of hand sanitizer or a couple of tubes of diaper cream. Other than that, it’s a handy product.

Eliza Portal, ND

Great item for the price

I have recently started having a problem with my 12 month old kicking everything off of the end of his changing table while I am changing his diaper. His changing table is a dresser than came with a wooden surround that is removable once you are out of the diaper changing stage. This easily slid onto the rail and remedied the problem we had with him kicking the diaper changing supplies to the floor.I like that the little side compartments are removable. DIsposable diapers are so thin now that the slot you pull the diapers out through could be a bit thinner. I do often have two diapers come out instead of one. Even with that issue, this product is well worth the eleven bucks I paid for it.

Mae Clarkston, GA

Great size and useful

This holds all you need and more. Great size, good quality and versatile. Worth the money if you are looking for something to keep diapers in on a crib or play yard.

Glenda Millington, MD

Didn’t fit my Pottery Barn Dresser with Changing Table Topper

Because my changing table is also a dresser, the changing table edge/lip isn’t as wide as the dresser, so the diaper depot wouldn’t hang on the sides, just the front (no thanks). It must hang on the EDGE of whatever you’re hanging it on, otherwise, it won’t fit. Would have worked for me otherwise though. I bought a different one (DEX) that has velcro straps.

Francis Ashaway, RI

Love it

I have an Ikea changing station and this works great to help keep everything handy while changing the little guy. It fits a Pampers wipe holder just fine. There’s not much more to say, if you’re looking for something to organize the changing station and want a practical simple solution, this is a great product.

June Seneca, KS

Nice to have

I have the diaper depot attached to the side of our pack-n-play and it is nice that his has all these compartments, but the larger section that I can only assume is for diapers makes it hard to pull diapers through the opening so I end up having to take the wipes that I have stored on top, off and then open the flap to get a diaper out. Which doesn’t really make it much more convenient.

Justine Wellington, KY

Extra Storage

For us, storage space is an issue. I was originally looking for a dresser top depot, I was unaware this was a hanging one. It actually worked out better this way! Tons of storage space for all the diaper changing essentials!

Alma Goodell, IA

Great organizer!

Freed up space on my changing table as baby has grown and now takes the whole length! Good quality product! Just make sure your changing table has a rail for it to hang on (see the pic).

Ophelia New Baltimore, NY

Looks great

I got this for my changing table and it looks great. i might get another one to put downstairs on the pack and play.

Lana Jefferson, CO

Used every day!

This is a wonderful product. I actually purchased it used from an infant resale shop and I am so happy that I did. Initially the diapers seemed a little small in the large container but I soon discovered that newborn diapers could be stacked in two stacks which means the container holds twice as many! Now my son is about to turn one and his size four diapers are a perfect fit, we still use this item every day!

Pearlie Hamlet, NC

Success! Wipes now handy.

I was worried this wouldn’t work for us. We have a Pottery Barn Kids changing table that has a decorative moulding that sticks out about 3/4 inch beyond the frame of the changer top. This product hangs at a slight angle because of this, but it still hooks on solidly to the changer’s top edge, and gives us much needed storage space for wipes up top. It is an inexpensive fix to a very annoying problem. Another bonus is that the plastic piece that the wipes container rests on is hinged to allow easy access below for loading diapers or whatever you choose to store in there.

Clare Humphreys, MO

Very handy, could attach better

I like have this organizer, but on our changer (attached to the crib style) it sits just a little loose.

Renae Davidson, NC

Love This Thing But Fiance Broke The Wipes Holder

I am giving this five stars although it broke because my fiancé put a lot of pressure on it for it to break. Before it broke, I loved it. It held enough diapers for a two-three days and the side pockets held everything else that I needed for changing him. It WAS perfect, I am tempted to buy another one, that’s how much I liked it.

Olivia Gilman City, MO

Warmer will not fit

Although I gave the diaper depot a low rating I do have to say I like that it hooks on the side of my changing table. But the reason I gave it a low rating is for two reasons:1. No diaper warmer will fit on it… not even the Prince Lionheart brand2. There is a slit on the bottom so you can easily gain access to diapers… this seems great but the diapers stick together and you end up pulling out 3 or more diapers at a time. Not worth it.

Jan Cordova, NC

Love it after one minor adjustment

We have had this product for 2 years now and it works great! We hang it off the side of the changing table and it keeps everything handy. The plastic is thick and it is very well constructed. The only issue we have with it was keeping the box of wipes from moving about in the space for the wipes. We just use the plastic flip top box the wipes come in and it isn’t a wipe warmer so it is smaller. We couldn’t take a wipe out of the dispenser using one hand without either lifting the lid off the box or lifting the enitre box. To solve the problem, we just bought industrial strengh velcro and attached it to the bottom of the box and the “lid” of the diaper depot. Great product after this minor adjustment!

Jennifer Pioneer, CA

Great for pack n play

I bought this organizer since I will use the pack and play in our living room for changes. I have the Graco basic pack n play and it does not have an attachment for diapers and supplies. This fit perfectly and holds everything I need.

Rachel Harriman, NY

Perfect for my needs

It works really well for me. There’s plenty of space for diapers, my wipes warmer fits on top, and I have odds and ends on the (removable) side compartments.

Shelley Crawford, WV

pricey for plastic pieces, but useful

i do like this product but i dont think it was worth 15 dollars. if it was under 10 bucks i may have given it 5 stars. it seems a bit cheaply made. however, it does hang on the side of my changing table nicely and keeps all the little items together. i have a regular wipe container sitting on the top and it fits well. the smaller sized diapers dont fit too well because they just slide around in the little compartment and often more than one diaper pops out when you just need one, but i suppose it was made this way so you can use larger diapers as your baby gets older.

Eliza Ontonagon, MI

Very useful

I have this attached to the pack & play in my first floor. It allows me to have a complete changing station without having to go upstairs to the nursery…very useful since I had a c-section and going up and down the stairs is not the most fun thing to do.

Leann Lakeside, MT

Awesome Product!

My son is huge and long for his age. At 8 months he was way too long for the changing pad and his feet were kicking off the products and wipes at his feet.I ordered this product and it got everything off the changing table so he fits now with leg room to kick away without hitting anything. Wipes are right there and we put a kleenex box in the diaper dispenser (the diaper dispenser isn’t great–I’m not sure how it works w/o you grabbing more than one at a time. We put the diapers on the shelf right under the table and put products and stuff in the lion heart thing.A MUST HAVE!! I love this product.

Danielle Aguadilla, PR