Prince Lionheart Dresser Top Diaper Depot

Prince Lionheart Dresser Top Diaper Depot

The complete diaper changing station is designed to make diaper changing safer, quicker and more convenient. The unique three in one changing organizer includes a roomy compartment for 18 to 20 diapers, a flat tray for baby wipes and two removable side bins that hold ointments, powders, lotions and more. The dresser top diaper depot sits on top of your dresser. Any Prince Lionheart wipes warmer is designed to lock securely on top.

Main features

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  • Three in one changing station for use on top of any flat surface
  • Keeps all diapering needs at your fingertips
  • Holds 18 to 20 diapers
  • Removable side bins hold ointments, lotions and more
  • Compatible will all Prince Lionheart wipes warmers

Verified reviews


OK but impractical for cloth diapers

Since we are using a regular dresser as our changing table, we didn’t want our PL wipes warmer sitting directly on the wood, plus we needed storage for creams, lotions etc. The side units do hold our shampoo, lotion, oil, and powder (full sizes, Burt’s Bees brand) and were bigger than I expected which was a pleasant surprise. However, my PL wipes warmer was EXTREMELY difficult to affix to the top of this diaper depot; I had to put the depot on the floor and use my body weight to get the wipes warmer to snap on top. I’m concerned about removing the warmer to clean it for fear that I won’t be able to get the dang thing back on. Lastly, from the picture and description I expected it to accommodate at least a few cloth diapers. We use BumGenius 4.0 and there is simply no way I could fit one diaper, let alone a day’s worth, in the cubbies. The picture must be displaying premie sized diapers because I can’t imagine 20 fitting in there! We have to store our dipes elsewhere and just use the cubbies to hold a few extra liners. Also, the depot arrived scratched and with a crack down the side of it. Definitely my most disappointing purchase from Amazon.Bottom line: wasn’t worth the hassle of a return, but I wouldn’t get it again. doesn’t fit my PL warmer very well and is useless for storing cloth dipes.

Rowena Askov, MN

Did not like this at all

In theory, this looks like it might be useful. However, the side compartments are really small. Not even an average size bottle of cornstarch can fit in it. When I try go to remove something from there, like a tube of cream, the plastic side piece detaches and I have to click it back into place (all of these pieces can disconnect, which could be nice, but I found that they would disconnect when I did not want them to). The diaper areas in the front do not hold many diapers at all. The top doesn’t have a non slip grip, so the box of wipes just slides all over. PAIN IN THE REAR. I returned this and bought a large basket that I keep on the changing table edge and just put all my supplies into.

Angel Saint Peter, MN

Very boring!

This is the most boring thing one can have in the nursery! Waiting for it to fall and break and buy a different one.Although looks arent of concern then its a good buy!

Brenda Topaz, CA


The dresser top Diaper Depot is a great thing to have in the nursery. The Prince Lionheart wipe warmer sits perfectly on top of it. I did not need the space to store diapers, but use that area for Q-tips, lotion, thermometer, etc. It has really organized the changing area for us. I highly recommend it!

Melanie Leakey, TX

Does not fit all wipe warmers

This says it fits all prince lionheart warmers. Not true, I had to return it and purchase another model which then fit

Jade Tombstone, AZ

Handy Dandy Depot

It is what it is. The depot keeps everything you need to primp your baby in one small space. This had been very convenient for us, as we much prefer everything at hands reach. We can keep anywhere from 12-14 Pampers swaddlers diapers stacked on one side, and two 64 packs of pampers sensitive wipes on the other. The wipe warmer stays stocked with warmed huggies thick wipes for wiping baby down when a bath isn’t necessary. The side storage hold his aveeno wash&shampoo, powder, desitin, comb, etc. The depot is worth the buy!

Corinne Noatak, AK

Best Diaper Depot

Good price and easy to use. very convenient storage. I could only find this on Amazon. I highly recommend buying this product for your nursery.

Ophelia Vanleer, TN

Very useful

This organizing station works great with the wipe warmer. Worked out great. Can’t beat the price. A must if you have the warmer.

Kris Warsaw, IN

Eh… not impressed

I bought this to try to get some organization for my diapers as I have two babies in them. But it doesnt hold a bag of diapers so Im constantly filling this up. Itd be so much easier if it held a bag. I would understand if it didnt hold the box of diapers but newborn size 1 diapers? really? It barely even holds one row! waste of money for me….

Ophelia Branchville, IN

Have 2 and couldn’t imagine not having them

I bought one of these for both my house and lake house. I love this product it stores everything neatly and the sides come off if you don’t need them for ointment and stuff. I love this product.

Dona Rohnert Park, CA

perfect for every infant room

keeps all the diapers, lotions and creams organized. it doesnt move around and its sturdy. bought the wipes warmer to go on top. so worth it 🙂

Zelda Point, TX

Best Organizer

This thing was awesome to keep diapers, wipes, and creams organized all with in arm’s reach of the changing pad. Holds a good amount of diapers, even when they’re the bigger sizes. Keeps your changing table looking neat.

Judi Randlett, OK


A friend purchased this for us because she loved the one she had. I have to say it has been a wonderful organizer and space saver. It keeps our diapers, wipes and grooming tools at arms reach and looking nice and organized. A really great item!

Lynda Reading, PA

Side bins aren’t big enough to hold anything useful.

I have a munchkin diaper organizer that I love. However, it comes in blue and green only. I was looking for something a bit more feminine or neutral for my daughters room. The price is comparable to the munchkin version, so I went with this on looks alone. I regret that, but the box is long gone so I can’t return. The side bins on the PLH depot are too narrow from side to side and from front to back. My powder nor my lotion bottles will fit into the side compartments. Also, they sit forward of the back of this depot and stop short of the front. A decent amount of wasted storage space, given that you can’t really fit anything of size into the compartments. The munchkin version has larger side compartments and more side storage space. Though the munchkin compartments are divided, I can still get my larger bottles, etc into them. That said, the plastic of the PLH depot is sturdy and the pieces fit together well. It’s ok for what it is. If you don’t want blue or green, go with this one. If you don’t mind blue or green, go with munchkin’s version.

Dianna Ponce De Leon, MO

Makes diaper changes easier plus very durable & holds a lot!

We LOVE this diaper depot! We have one in the nursery and one downstairs. We’ve had them both since our little one was born so 15 months now. They get daily use. The one downstairs is on a bit of an unsturdy table that’s about 4 feet from the ground. It has fallen at least 20 times and has yet to break. I’m amazed each & every time I pick it up to find no broken pieces. The top will snap off but hasn’t broken at all. It’s really taken a beating & still looks great! It holds between 20-25 diapers, depending on size, and the 2 side bins hold a decent bit. In just one side we have the diaper cream, another tube for eczema, saline drops, nose aspirator, nail clippers, & a pair of socks. It keeps everything close at hand & organized. We use wipes warmers and they’re just a little bit bigger so they don’t fit perfectly but they do sit on the top just fine. We are completely satisfied with this product and are buying a 3rd one for the nursery for our next baby we’re having. I’d highly recommend and have found it to make diaper changes so much easier!

Effie Glendora, MS

Like it

This product serves it purpose. We needed something a little bigger. But for the price it is fine. The plastic is sturdy enough. It was very easy to put together.

Cassie Flaxton, ND

Great for diaper station!

We’ve used this since my son was born and I love it! Everything is nice and neat, and I don’t have to go searching for anything (diaper cream, lotion, brush).

Barbra Newark, NJ

Great Organizer

This fits perfectly on our dresser next to the changing pad. It holds everything we need for a change (I.e. diapers, wipes, rash cream, etc. Plus I also have a brush and comb, thermometer, and hand sanitizer (for me) in it too. This is exactly what we needed! Thanks!

Melody Carbon Cliff, IL

Everything I needed it to be

I really needed a diaper caddy for my newborn and this works perfectly. I have a prince lionheart wipes warmer that fits perfectly on top, and the side containers hold all the lotions and creams I need for her. Very pleased with this purchase.

Rosanne Samaria, MI

Was just what I was looking for!

This organizer was just what I was looking for. I have a dresser/changing table combo and this organizer is a perfect fit! I am able to fit everything I need for a diaper change, with room to spare! I love that the diapers are at my fingertips. My one complaint is that my Huggies wipes container is just a tiny smidge too long for the space. It isn’t really noticeable when you look at it, but I just like everything to be perfect. I don’t use a diaper warmer, so I can’t comment on that. The price is definitely right and so far I am very happy with this purchase!

Andrea Jonesville, LA

Perfect for my changing table

I love this diaper organizer. I have the munchkin wipes warmer and it sits on top just fine. I don’t have any problems with it sliding around or lifting up when I remove a wipe. I love that I can remove the side containers, I have both of mine sitting on one side because of the size of my changing table and it works great. Between the two side containers I have a large JJ lotion, a tube of aquafor, butt paste, thermometer, bulb syringe, nail clippers and a tiny container of Vaseline. The bulb syringe is kind of hanging out the top but other than that everything fits just fine.

Willie Hinesville, GA

Best diaper organizer out there

This is great as a diaper organizer. This is the second kind of organizer we bought and I can’t say enough about how well it works

Francine Alief, TX


It looks exactly as shown on the picture and its good size, fits enough items and looks pretty on my dresser. A great organizer!

Corine Sutton, VT

The “must have” that I never knew I needed

This unit is ideal for organizing a small space and keeps everything that I need for a diaper change at my fingertips. It’s the “must have” item that I hadn’t considered until I started using it. The design and quality of the plastic is very good and I like the fact that the side compartments are detachable. I even bought the wipes warmer to go on top of it. I highly recommend this product.

Rosa Jefferson, SD

Works great

This item works great it doesn’t move, and holds a good amount of diapers so it only has to be refilled every few days. The wipes go on top and the wipe bin doesn’t move at all. Simple and easy.

Willa Angle Inlet, MN

Easy to use

I needed something to use on top of my changing table and not hanging on the side. This works great! Super easy to clean and stays in place without sliding.

Melisa Naperville, IL

Much nicer than expected!

I was expecting to live with flimsy plastic when I purchased this due to the price point, but ended up being very impressed with the sturdy nature of this organizer. It’s really easy to use and holds up great! We even mounted it to our wall with 3M stickies and it serves as an easy access diaper depot. Worth the money!

Lindsay Tangier, VA

Best Diaper Change Assistant

Keeps everything handy which is necessary when you have those surprise newborn diaper explosions. It hold everything that you will need for a successful diaper change. I love the side compartments and store my baby’s after-bath essentials such as his nail clippers, Q-Tips and brush.

Edna Jeffersonville, IN

Perfect to hold wipes warmer and diapering accessories

We keep this downstairs at the pack and play and our mid level diaper changing station which is adjacent to the living room. We had been using the pockets on the pack and play to store diapers, powder etc and that was OK but this is WAY better.Solidly made, very sturdy and holds about 2 days worth of diapers (for our 6 week old). Allows us to keep the area pulled together and tidy while keeping everything at hand for a quick diaper change.We ordered two and love them!

Jade Science Hill, KY

Wish it was a big heavier

it moves around a lot.but it does what it’s supposed to.having a wipes case on top weighs it down a bit, which is good.all in all, not a great idea to have all this stuff on the counter where the baby loves to reach for it and play.

Jessie Atalissa, IA