Prince Lionheart Ever-Fresh Replacement Pillows for Ultimate Wipes Warmer, 2 Count

Prince Lionheart Ever-Fresh Replacement Pillows for Ultimate Wipes Warmer, 2 Count

The Ever-Fresh Replacement Pillow is specifically designed micro pore pillow that fits between the heat source and wipes, keeping wipes moist and fresh. The Ever-Fresh System also prevents discoloration to baby wipes. When used with any Prince Lionheart wipes warmer, they are guaranteed to help keep wipes the freshest they can be to soothe baby’s delicate skin.

Main features

  • Guaranteed to help keep wipes moist and fresh
  • Prevents discoloration to baby wipes
  • Lasts up to three months
  • Two pillows per package
  • Specially Designed for the Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer, Premium Wipes Warmer and Wipes Warmer Pop

Verified reviews


mold growth

It’s the second time I see mold growth on the pillow. I’ve owned the warmer for the past 9 months. It’s being used as instructed. The current one is not due for replacement till January 4th while I found the mold on December 14th.On top of the mold, the pad turns yellow, slimy and slippery and have a smell after a month.It’s very disappointing to have a mold problem with the warmer as it’s a product for little babies. Babies could possibly get very sick from this.I have emailed the company. Hopefully, I will hear from them regarding this.

Alana Leeds, AL

warmer works fine without them

I had been using these with my cloth wipes in the Premium Wipes Warmer and was tired of them drying out too quickly and having kind of a funky smell. The package says they should be replaced every 3 months, but I found they really only last a little over 1 month. I was getting ready to buy my second set of replacement pillows when I decided to try using the warmer without them. So far I don’t notice much difference! The cloth wipe closest to the bottom did dry out a bit, but it was still usable. I think I will deal with a dried out wipe every once and while and save the $7 or $8 to replace the pillows every month.

Guadalupe Mount Dora, FL

Even good for cloth diapering!

We’ve had our wipe warmer for almost 5 years now. These little pillows just make it even better! We’ve never had a dry wipe unless someone *ahem, hubby* leaves the top open. Since we’ve had our third baby, we have switched to cloth diapers and these even keep the bamboo and terry cloth wipes fresh and moist. I love these things!

Ruby Wasilla, AK

Don’t know what I’m doing wrong

after reading other reviews. Whether I wet it each week or not the pillows still become brown for me. It’s kind of a pain to take all the wipes out and wet the pillow. My wipes are still nice and wet when I reach for them. The pillows are supposed to last 3 months, mine only last 1 mo before I notice the odor. It’s strange to me that you’re supposed to use distilled water for the wipes but it’s ok to use tap water for the pillows. I thought maybe that’s where the odor was coming from but it didn’t matter which kind of water I used, there was still an odor and it still turned brown after a month. When I run out, I’m going to try my warmer without the pillow and see what happens.

Dena Norway, IA

Does exactly what you expect it to

This does exactly what it says it does. Just make sure you keep it moist and it lasts for a while!

Fay Point Pleasant, WV

Love these!

I love my Prince Lionheart Wipes warmer, and I like that these warming pillows can be replaced as often as you want. I will be purchasing the pillowcase, though, because these will brown your wipes and warmer!

Betsy Granite Canon, WY

gross brown crust on pillow

UPDATE (4 stars):In case anyone else has run into the problem I detailed below, I wanted to offer a suggestion for how to get around it. I don’t use these Ever-Fresh Pillows inside thePrince Lionheart Premium Wipe Warmeranymore. Instead, I wet one of the square wipes that came with the Lionheart Warmer and use it as a makeshift moistening pillow by placing it on the bottom of the warmer, where the pillow should go. When I go through a round of wipes, I replace the “moistening wipe” on the bottom of the warmer, too–which, by that point, usually has a bit of brown crust, but not too much–with a clean wipe. This has almost totally eliminated the gross brown crust situation, and we didn’t have to spend any more money.ORIGINAL REVIEW (2 stars):I used these Ever-Fresh pillows since the birth of my son 10 months ago. They worked great, keeping my cloth wipes moist and warm between diaper changes.However, my family recently moved to the Midwest, and I have had to stop using the pillows. For some reason, after about a day in the wipe warmer, these pillows become hard, and a brown crust (which looks like rust) starts forming on the side of the pillow closest to the warmer. I have tried everything I can think of to prevent that crust from forming, but nothing has worked. I finally started just not using the pillow at all, and things have been fine.I don’t know what is in the pillow or what is in my water (gross), but something is reacting with something else to form some serious nastiness. Other reviewers seem to have had similar issues, so be warned. It is such a disappointment, too, because, otherwise, I absolutely love the Lionheart Warmer.

Dixie Gladewater, TX

dont really need these…

I stopped buying these and my wipes no longer get “burned”. I had alot of issues with my cloth wipes getting dried out, and it turns out the pad was absorbing all the moisture. I’ve stopped using them and no more browning or mildew. Go figure. :/

Janna Rake, IA

Make sure to keep the Replacement Pillows Wet & they are Great!

I bought this product back in 2006 and have been using them ever since(we have had 2 more children). Our wipes warmer is still working great. The replacement pillows are nice because as long as you keep them wet, they won’t dry your wipes out or turn them brown. They also last for a really long time. I just have to make sure about every other week that I take them out and put some water on them. Eventually, you will notice that they are becoming a little flimsy and that is when you need to change the replacement pillows. I also have friends that you use cloth diapers and wipes and the wipe warmer and refills work well for the cloth wipes too. I am very pleased with the wipes warmer and the replacement pillows!

Cleo Rumson, NJ

Gets crunchy burn spots, bad smell

When I first started using cloth wipes, I only had a toddler and was using them infrequently. After one week I noticed a burnt smell and found my pad had brown dry spots on it. Once I had a newborn and was using wipes regularly again, I gave it another try. First, I wiped down the inside of the warmer in case that was the problem. The pillow lasted a little longer this time until I noticed a funky smell on my wipes. Now on my third pillow, I’ve been flipping it every day and adding more water ever 2-3 days. It is STILL developing a funky smell. Ugh. I’m going to use the warmer without it as reviewers have suggested and see what happens.To be fair, we have hard water and we have the same problems with our humidifier filters. No matter how often I flip them, replace the water, or clean the humidifier, they get crunchy and gross quickly. (That is, until I discovered the antimicrobial solution you can add to them. I wish there were something like that for these.)

Kathryn Eastville, VA

Good warmer but has some issues

I love the wipe warmer but it has some issues. The pillows frequently stick to the bottom of the warmer and leave brown stains and decolorations… Other than that I really like the pillows and the warmer

Sheila La Grange, TX

Five Stars

great, couldn’t ask for more.

Beverly Coahoma, TX

Keep them moist and they last longer

Each time I refill the warmer with wipes, I take the warmer pillow out and run it under water to re-moisten it. This seems to extend the life of each pillow – it doesn’t dry out and brown. If you don’t take the time to moisten the pillow, it will get dry and brown. The browning doesn’t hurt the wipes, but it potentially could brown the bottom wipes if left for an extended time. We’ve had our warmer over a year now, and it still works great, along with these ever-fresh pillows. Glad to have it since our lil guy does not like cold wipes! (I don’t blame him!)

Isabelle Clarkson, NY

Love these!

These really do a great job of keeping the wipes warm and moist. I’m very happy with this product.

Shauna Gloucester Point, VA

Seem to Work!

We have just started using our warmer, so we are only about a month into it, but so far we are very happy with the moisture level. The wipes have not dried out at all, and in fact seem moister than they did in the containers the wipe companies sell.

Janna Brady, TX


They dry out really easily if they aren’t kept wet. Then they acquire burn marks. However, they are worth the buy to protect your wipes.

Cassie Briggs, TX

It depends on the wipes

I like these, I think they work good, but I noticed that it depended on the wipe how well they work. Whenever I use Huggie wipes they dry out and the warmer doesn’t work as well. The Huggie wipes absorb all of the moisture, I literally could wring them out and use the water to wet the pad again they soaked up that much and that was with only 5 wipes. I have found that with the Walmart Parents Choice wipes that I did not encounter this problem.

Nola Granville, ND

a must for a baby

the wipes warmer is a must for the baby. a warm wipe to your baby’s tooshie in the middle of the night will help prevent them from waking up too much. the replacement pillows do turn brown a little, but that’s normal. the wipes never dry out or burn. just make sure you moisten the pillow once a week.

Maryellen Hansford, WV

baby loves it

My wife was concerned that the baby would freak out if we didn’t have warm baby wipes. So far that has not been the case. But it’s nice when she doesn’t mind the warm wipe and doesn’t squirm around… I love it and think she does too.

Selma Ettrick, WI

Keeps the wipes from drying out.

I would buy this product but I would buy the Prince Lionheart Ever Fresh Pillowcase as well. The pillowcase makes the Pillow last longer. The pillow by them self get brown fast And leave the bottom few wipes slimy. But it does keep the wipes from drying out.

Lucinda Peterson, IA


If you get the Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer, you must get these. I have replaced this pad once in the 5 months my son has been alive. So they are durable.

Karina Vadito, NM

Cheaper on shelf at Walmart store

About $7 on shelf at Walmart, 4-pack online $13. Product is excellent. I would put 1-2 drops of essential oil your favorite scent for extra pampering. Let me just say I would put a wipes warmer beside all my own toilets for my personal use!!

Tracie Universal, IN

Works like a charm

We have been using this product for 8 months changing it out every three months as it recommends. It keeps the reusable baby wipes moist and fresh. As 3 months approach it starts to brown reminding me to order more. Easy to use.

Christy Bunker Hill, KS


These keep the musty damp smell away from my cloth wipes as they sit in the warmer. I only go through about 20 cloth wipes a week, so mine stay in the warmer longer than they might if I used them every time (I follow up with cloth to help clean my baby’s sensitive skin after using lots of regular wipes – if ya know what I mean, or after a long night of pee pee diapers when we don’t have time for a bath.) I go a little longer than the package recommends between replacements, but, you can tell when it’s finally DONE and time to replace. I can tell a major difference, and for me, that means it’s working.

Becky Hustler, WI

As expected

Exactly what you need for the wipe warmer, ok price. Not thrilled at frequency needs to be replaced otherwise works as expected.

Alexis Saint Regis, MT

It Does Its Job

A bit expensive for a wet "pillow" but it seems like it does its job well. As long as you completely wash out and soak the pad once a week it keeps your expensive baby wipes from browning and drying up. It seems like there is some sort of chemical in the pad that lasts for many washes which supposedly keeps mold at bay. So knowing their is something necessary soaked in the pad I try not to squeeze it or "wring" it out when I wash it off… I just run it through water until it is white again and soaked. I do occasionally wipe down the entire diaper wipe warmer with a Clorox wipe and then a wet cloth to ensure no germs or mildew can hang out and brew anywhere. I normally only replace the lionheart pads every 4-5 months.

Lottie Apache, OK

Does brown up as well as cloth wipe if not turned over

This is a good item and thank God they now sell them at local Walmart. Item does brown up if not turned over weekly like instructions say and will leave bad stain on cloth wipes.

Traci Padroni, CO

Five Stars

They do their job

Nita Plumsteadville, PA

Must have for the Wipes Warmer

I love the Prince Lionheart wipes warmer, and have used it through 2 children. These replacement pillows are a must. Although, I use mine past the recommended length, just be sure to keep them wet, and you should have no problems.

Imogene Meredith, CO

Already turning brown

I follow all the instructions, but these are already turning brown after a couple weeks use. I just don’t use the bottom wipe and it still does the job.

Aida Hooksett, NH