Prince Lionheart Faucet Extender, Gumball Green

Prince Lionheart Faucet Extender, Gumball Green

Washing little hands can be a challenge in and of itself, a challenge made easier with the Prince Lionheart handy Faucet Extender, designed to bring water source to little hands rather than making them reach. Ah, independence is beckoning. Comes in Gumball Green, Galactic Grey, Flashbulb Fuchsia and Berry Blue.

Main features

  • Polyethylene & Polypropylene Plastics
  • Fits most faucets including goosenecks
  • Allows children to wash their hands with ease
  • Extends reach of water towards the front of the sink
  • Stretches to fit over large faucet heads
  • BPA, PVC and phthalate free

Verified reviews


collects water

It works OK. Using the top opening doesn’t keep the extender attached while the water is running and the back opening causes a pool of water to collect after use. When you use the back opening, the angle of the extender points up rather than towards the bottom of the sink.

Geraldine Emma, MO

Good product, needs a little adjusting

This works well for its intended use and I like it, but maybe a little overpriced. I’ve fiddled with it numerous times but it still collects water because I cannot get it angled down enough. My two year old can easily wash his hands and brush his teeth from it, but I have to remember to dump the sitting water before use. I’m glad I bought it, but needs a little work.

Kristy Elverta, CA

great product

I had another faucet extender but when we switched bathrooms that had a narrow faucet head it didn’t work. This extender is more universal and it great for “gooseneck” faucet heads. This has made washing my toddlers hand much easier now that I am not trying to lift her and help wash her hands. I even bought one for the faucet in the bath tub which makes it easier for me to fill the infant tub. I would buy several more of these, totally worth the money!

Janie Moody, AL

One size fits most

We bought two of these and it fit really well on one faucet and not so great on another. If you have wide pedestal sinks, even with a stool your little one may be just a wee bit short for this. I would also make sure you install with a good downward angle so water doesn’t pool in the faucet extended and stagnate…Ew. Overall these are worth the money if you have a back that is tired from picking up a chubby kid to wash his hands. It’s worth it to develop good habits early.

Lucy Akaska, SD


Perfect size for a young one needing the extra distance. My LO is 1.5 and short and this helps her to wash hands and brush teeth on her own daily. I like that it is longer and has 2 options of how to attach to sink, versus competitor who doesn’t (and we have that one too!)

Melva Thetford, VT

Love having the standard & swan-neck options built into one

This is a very efficient tool to use with my 2 1/2 yr old. I had initially considered getting an Aqueduck, but I needed a faucet extender that could fit my swan-necked sinks. I like how the Prince Lionheart extender provides me with both options (standard & swan-neck) built into one. Now I can toss the make-shift extenders that I had been making with plastic cups (that kept getting torn by my little one). It looks very durable and I like the grey color which blends in better with the bathroom fixtures (esp since it’s kept in the downstairs bathroom). The only thing that caught me by surprise is the size…larger than expected. I would purchase this again and recommend to others.

Kristi Princeton, NJ

pretty good

its a good length & so far, pretty durable. just very difficult on my faucet, which is pretty large in girth

Lindsey Tipton, KS

Just so-so

Meets expectations and helps 2 year old daughter with washing hands. Not a life changing addition. Now that we have a better stool where our daughter can reach it’s really not needed anymore.

Greta Crossville, TN

Hard and awkward to put on

Hard and awkward to put on because you have to stretch the rubber out as you put it over the faucet but it stays put as it should. Our sink is slightly oval/shell shaped and the water falls close to where my toddler can wash her hands and brush her teeth without the water splashing out.

Colleen Aberdeen, MD

great product

I have been making some on my own because i didn’t want to buy it, but it is so worth it

Vickie Herculaneum, MO

doesn’t fit all sinks

This product doesn’t fit all sinks. It didn’t fit mine so I couldn’t use it. I dont know how well it works

Karin Huletts Landing, NY

Great item

I bought this for my grandson, hoping to make hand washing a little easier and fun. Now he doesn’t have to stretch so far to reach the faucet! It works very well and stretches to fit many sizes of faucet heads. I love the color, and I would highly recommend this!

Marta Mereta, TX


Works great at getting the water within reach for my little one. We had to do some adjusting so the water wouldn’t just sit in the extender once the water was turned off. But that was very easy to do since the colored portion is a soft silicone and very pliable.

Sheree Wingo, KY

Not a great fit

Not a great fit for small sinks. Wideness leaves less room for my and my toddlers hands to be in sink at same time.

Tara Hoehne, CO

So practical!

So ingenius! No more having to lift up your kids to wash their hands. It’s fairly flexible so it will fit over a wide variety of faucet sizes.

Dianna Trufant, MI

Works great!

It works great! It’s a little hard to put on because you have to stretch the rubber out as you put it over the faucet but it definitely stays put. It’s a wonderful product that allows my 1.5 year old to wash his hands without making a mess.

Florine Riverdale, ND

Great Spout for Little Ones

We have this in our bathroom for our little 19 month old to wash his hands. Our little guy is shorter for his age and he is able to reach the water with this extender while standing on a stool. The only issue is that he has learned to flick the white part down and the water sprays up. He loves this and it is cute, but messy! Also it does adjust back and forth with the rubber so that you can place it farther away from the edge of the sink. Sometimes these extenders are too close and it’s hard to adults to wash their hands when these are in the way.Also this thing never falls off and is durable.

Rhonda Taunton, MN

Better than having to use a bigger stool

Instead of having to bring in an even bigger, clunkier stool for our youngest child, this is a handy gadget that actually brings the water closer to them. It doesn’t sit very securely and moves around a lot, but this is necessary in order to have an expandable hole and flexible fit to work with most models of sinks. I don’t like how much it dissipates the water, and turning it up stronger doesn’t work because then it sprays everywhere, but I do like it better than the alternative of losing more bathroom floor space again. It works well for now, but I will look forward to not needing it again.

Luella Hartland, WI

Simple, but brilliant design

We saw this at a friend’s house and my husband insisted we get one immediately. We bought one to try it out and then bought a second one for our other bathroom. Simple, but clever design to let our 2yo practice washing her own hands.

Juana Palo Verde, AZ

Works well

It was a little difficult to get on at first. My faucet seems like it’s standard sized. I put a little more muscle into it and I got it on. It’s a snug fit and now I don’t need to worry about it slipping off or getting pulled off by my toddler. It works great. Along with a step stool, it makes it so much easier for my toddler to wash his hands. Another nice feature is that it seems sturdy and high quality. The neutral gray color doesn’t look childish or interfere with the design of our bathroom too much.

Mandy Hull, IA

Functional, great design

Works great and what a cool design. My daughter loves it and is very excited to wash her hands with it (for now at least!).

Tania Dakota City, NE

Good looking and easy to install

Prince Lionheart did a nice job of creating a good looking, easy to install, and effective faucet extender. As the pictures show, it makes it so you can install it on either a flatter faucet or the more swan-neck faucets. The dark grey rubber is nice and soft while the base plastic is stiffer. It looks nice and not like a kiddie product. My only annoyances are that if you use it with a swan-neck faucet, you can’t adjust the length and the flat design makes the water pour out slowly with much force versus the spray you get from a faucet.

Janet Clinton, MT

Great for my toddler

We use this in our bathroom for our toddler who gets up on a stool to wash and brush his teeth.It works so well, and is not a complete eye sore in our bathroom. Fits the decore well and we leave it on all the time. Great product!

Jolene Watchung, NJ

Love Prince Lionheart.

You can’t go wrong with Prince Lionheart. This is well made and a great price. Some show as a clip on; this one fits over the spout which I feel is nicer.

Marie Nolanville, TX

Faucet Extender

My son uses a step stool and the faucet extender together. I like this in theory, but I seriously cut my finger trying to pull this onto the faucet. My finger got caught when I was pulling to get it over the faucet and secure so water wouldn’t squirt in all directions. It has a super tight fit so I am not worried about it falling off.

Rena Glenvil, NE

Excellent for unusual faucets and 2 yo with dirty hands

This faucet extender works great on every faucet in our house – even the gooseneck one over the laundry sink. I even bought an extra one for our school. I worry that the hole might expand over time, but I think a rubber band on the faucet will keep it in place (when or if the time comes).I love the bright cheery color.My 9 yo is able to put this on and off as needed.

Sasha Preston, MO

Great faucet extender

Perfect faucet extender for my toddler. If you have a rambunctious kid though, they do enjoy hitting it to see water flying off the spout, so train them accordingly. It has 2 separate ways to attach to a faucet, so should work in a variety of settings. Going to get more for other faucets in the house.

Esther Shelbyville, MI

Perfect extender

Very easy to use – slips right onto faucet. Water comes through easily and at just the right place for toddler hands!

Christie White Oak, WV

Works great!

This has made it possible with a stool for my child to wash their own hands by themselves. Prince Lionheart has great products. I had an issue with my wipewarmer and the customer service at Prince Lionheart was great to deal with!

Wilda Weatherford, OK


We have a standard faucet and this fit fine. The product itself is well made and just as described. My son yanks on this all the time and it stays in place, it might move less than half an inch but that’s about it. Arrived on time.

Kimberly New York, NY