Prince Lionheart Fireplace Guard with Two Corners

Prince Lionheart Fireplace Guard with Two Corners

Protect your child against the bumps, bruises, and boo-boos they can get while exploring the world around them. The Prince Lionheart cushiony fireplaceGUARDS absorbs impact, secures easily to sharp edges, and trims to desired length. Package contains five 18″ sections and two large corner pieces and double-sided stick tape, which removes quickly and easily when no longer needed. The guards accommodate most fireplaces. Fire retardant, non-toxic and latex-free. Available in chocolate and grey.

Main features

  • Protect your child from sharp edges with impact absorbing foam
  • Includes five 18″ sections of impact absorbing foam and two large corner pieces; can trim sections to necessary length
  • Fire retardant, non toxic and latex free
  • Full length double stick tape keeps foam securely fastened
  • Removes quickly and easily when no longer needed
  • Includes five 18″ sections of impact absorbing foam and two large corner pieces Can trim sections to necessary length

Verified reviews


Pretty much sucks.

We ended up giving this away. The stickers it comes with is a joke. We went with another brand (just one long piece) and it worked out much better since our brick fireplace is rounded. If you do go with this one, make sure to get the removable caulk as the stickers don’t work AT ALL.

Marisa Grandview, MO

They might help if they would actually stick!

We got these becasue our new house has a brick fireplace with an elevated ledge. Our daughter was just learning to walk when we moved in and as part of our baby-proofing we decided we needed something for the fireplace. This was about the only option BRU had and it was a waste of money. It didn’t fit together right and then the adhesive didn’t stick to the brick. Plus when it was on our daughter seemed to be drawn to it! It never failed she wanted to go right to it and try to get it up. So we just took it up and she’s been fine without anything on it. In fact, she’s pretty much left it alone since we took this off.

Graciela Tres Pinos, CA

Semi stay on

This does not stay on a brick fireplace. I constantly have to be sticking them back on. But it’s better than nothing. The corners stick well though.

Rene Crandall, IN

Works great

It is so annoying that my son figured out how to rip these off.. but at the same time I love this product. Very soft, cushy, works great, looks nice, easy install. No complaints here! Makes me feel more comfortable with him playing in the living room : )

Inez Hatboro, PA

An Imperfect Solution.

A new baby reaching toddler size presents a lot of difficulties around the house. What will he get into? How will he injure himself? What do we need to do to protect him? Hmmmmmm. It’s a tough question and no matter what you do, he’ll probably find something you didn’t think of. Our toddler has already found a tube of diaper rash creme and spread it all over himself (primarily the face) and over the wood floor and a carpet.Well, we’ve tried to do some common sense things. For example, our living room has a large fireplace with a raised brick hearth. The edge, and particularly the corners, are sharp and harsh and could cause a good wound if the baby were to fall against them. So we bought this Prince Lionheart Cushiony Fireplace Guard. I installed it in about an hour. It’s a one-size-fits-all solution and I was afraid our fireplace was too big. No problem. It took a bit of cutting, but we ended up with about 6 inches of edge left over.We don’t like the looks of it, but the baby’s safety is of greater importance. The guard is stuck on with some tape from 3M and there are warnings in 10 different languages that they do not guarantee that the glue will do no damage. Hmmmmm. I expect there will be damage when the guard is removed. It’s an imperfect solution, but better than nothing.Gary Peterson

Ivy Gaylesville, AL

Saved our Grandson’s head already!

When our grandson started pulling up and standing, I knew it would be just a matter of time before he would find the hearth made of brick and waist high. So I looked at my favorite shopping place and found these guards. I read the reviews and decided to give them a try. They were really easy to install using the 3M tape that was included. We have had them on the hearth now for 3 weeks and they have stuck solid so far. Reid has even used them to pull up and they have stuck. He fell the other day and landed right on the corner, I held my breath, nothing happened he didn’t even cry just went on. So I thank the makers of these guards for saving an hospital visit. The don’t stink like some people said. They match the color of my brick so unless you look and stare you hardly notice they are there. I am not the type to worry about how they look with the rest of my living room, I just wanted PROTECTION and they have done that already. Thanks.

Jeanne Blaine, TN

Perfect for Grandson

Just as described. Works well, good quality. Needs replacing when child is teething and I will replace with same product.

Rachelle Mulliken, MI

Great product, great customer service

This has been stuck on my fireplace for a year without coming off (cement slab hearth). I did have the problem with being about six inches short. Looking at reviews recently prompted me to call Prince Lionheart about getting a short missing piece, and they offered to send me one at no charge! I was also happy that they are one of the few companies that still seem to have their call center located in U.S. Very nice not having language issues.

Traci Como, TN

Does not stay stuck on

My son was able to pull this off right away. I’m constantly retaping it to the fireplace. When it does stay on, it’s great. Have prevented a few bruises/cuts.

Aimee Rhodell, WV

good product

Easy to put on. Only put tape at TOP and not SIDES if it isn’t a perfect 90 angle. Our fireplace is made out of stone pieces so it is uneven on sides. It still stays with tape only on top holding it on. Colors are true to actual look.

Young Dickens, IA

Does not stay stuck

It’s okay. It pulls off of brick very easily. The sticky provided it’s strong enough to get it stuck on brick, but maybe another surface like a smooth tile would be okay.

Aisha Mantoloking, NJ

Noggin Saver

These cushions seem pricey, but they were the only ones we could find to buy, and going without some type of cushion on our brick hearth wasn’t an option. My 11 mo. old daughter started to pull a piece off the other day, but then she gave up and I pushed the piece back down fine. What I really love about this product is the color of the foam that really blends right in with our living room decor, and the foam can be easily cut to fit perfectly, which we had to do. My daughter loves to crawl up and sit on the hearth, and in her exuberance she’s tumbled off before. This cushion has directly protected her head a few times.

Samantha Canton, PA

It works!

Haven’t had any issues with sticking. My 13-month old has tried pulling at it, but haven’t succeeded. Not sure if it’s due to getting the product on right or his lack of interest and attention to it. Or both.

Lynn Lowland, NC

Does a good job

We have a standard fireplace hearth (no odd angles) that is about 6 feet wide and this has worked out great. It sticks to the brick without a problem and my 11mo old plays on our fireplace constantly. Since we bought these from BabiesRUs He has managed to get one piece off but considering he weighs 25lbs and has been pulling at these constantly I’m only taking 1 star off. Otherwise this is doing a great job keeping him safe and reapplying the one piece isn’t that hard.I bought the brown ones and both my wife and I actually think it looks pretty good on our gray brick fireplace and brown tables. We also bought a 4 pack of their edge guards after the first two brands we tried couldn’t survive my son’s curiousity. I’m sure my kid will still find some weight to hurt himself but hopefully now it won’t be a call 911 kind of hurt.

Allie Swanton, OH

Used this for our fireplace mantel + playroom tables

Worked very well for when my son began walking at around 12 months and would fall into everything. I purchased the colour that best matched our fireplace mantel

Tammie Jefferson, SD