Prince Lionheart Formula Mixer

Prince Lionheart Formula Mixer

A must have for families on the go! Perfect for blending powdered Baby formula right inside your Baby bottle – no more lumps! This convenient hand held mixer is easy to use and clean up! Can also be used with disposable bottles. Two AA batteries required.

Main features

  • Two interchangeable attachments
  • Easy to use and clean, this convenient gadget is a great addition to any kitchen
  • Two AA batteries required
  • Batteries not included

Verified reviews


Why the need?

I’m confused. Why would one even need this product? What’s wrong with just shaking the formula in the bottle? That has always worked for us.

Frankie Valentine, TX

Nifty Gizmo.

My wife picked up this interesting little gizmo and I get a kick out of using it. Boy, it will really mix a bottle of formula fast! And no lumps or clots to stick in the nipple. Basically, our son is fed mother’s milk, but he’s growing fast, has a growing hunger and sometimes mom just can’t keep up. So, she pumps milk and we mix a little formula in with her milk to ease the situation. Our boy doesn’t like straight formula and grimaces and refuses to consume it (unless he’s extremely hungry). However, he’ll take a 50/50 mixture of mother’s milk and formula without even noticing, so that’s what he’s getting at times and this little mixer will really churn them together. I have only two dislikes for the mixer. First, it spins so fast and powerful that it foams the milk. So far, this has not been a major problem, especially since I let the mix set a bit, and I’m careful with the mixing so that it isn’t overly churned. Second, it is a bit awkward to use in tall bottles. Some reviews have complained of durability problems, but we’ve had none as yet.I wonder what else I can use a gizmo like this for. Hmmmmm. It might be real good at the bar for fixing small pitchers of martinis. The problem is I don’t have a bar and don’t drink martinis. Maybe I could use one in the workshop for mixing and stirring up small amounts of paint. Maybe, I’ll give it some more thought.Gary Peterson

Nola Elkins, WV

Pretty handy

I got this formula mixer for my son who is eating more and more so shaking 6 bottles at a pop can be annoying. Plus shaking sometimes doesn’t get the clumps out and with this I get a nice even mixture. I use this on my 11 oz Avent bottles and it comes in very handy when shaking doesn’t cut it.The reason I took a star off is because it is mainly a glorified cake mixer slapped with a baby label and justified with a price hike. It takes a while to get used to otherwise there will be a big mess. I have no qualms with this product but I wouldn’t go out of my way to push it due to the price and what it is. If moms think it will be helpful, go get it! Best of luck!

Michelle La Verne, CA

way too powerful

It is way so powerful that it splashes the liquid point of buying this product was to help the formula less bubbling when mixing..but it created more..what a disappointment..

Lesa Cambridge, MD

Great Invention

With my 8th child who is currently 6 weeks old we had to use Dr Brown bottles. You aren’t supposed to shake powdered formula in that bottle. So we were looking for a way to mix the formula when we found this product. This product works and well. It should be pulsed when mixing. It is very powerful. If you use it wrong it will be like using a hammer to kill a fly. I am very glad to have found this product. My only complaint is for sanitary reasons it should have an option for a case.

Dollie Maplesville, AL


My husband and I LOVE this mixer – we first used the Munchkin one, but didn’t like that you had to constantly hold down the button to make it work, with this one you just flip the switch and it stays on. We use this to make a big batch of formula for the day (daycare mandates we have all bottles pre-made for the day) and it works well. I like that it helps mix the formula and that there are no clumps left so there is no need to shake the bottles when you’re done – so I know the nutrients are distributed evenly/correctly. This is worth the money!**After 2 months of use, though, the first one we purchased broke – not sure how/why, but the mixer came out of unit when we were using it, so we have since purchased a replacement. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again.*******EDIT: Now the second one has broken as well – it starts making a very high pitched whining sound and then the “mixer” comes out of the “base” while you’re using it (while it’s turned on) and all we’re doing it mixing powder formula and water in a mixing bowl – we are not touching the sides or the bottom of the bowl*****

Britney Walterville, OR

Wish I had found this with my first child

This is fantastic! I prefer to mix formula one bottle at a time and this was the only thing that I could use to do that short of shaking the bottle (and thus adding bubbles that upset my baby’s tummy). It’s inexpensive but it lasted the entire time I was making bottles of formula – for about a year. I really wish I had had one of these with my first baby. Worth more to me than what I paid, for sure!

Juliette Milano, TX

Easy way to mix on the go

I was so happy to find this on and it was definitely worth it for the price. I often have to make bottles on the go or at other people’s houses and this allows me to mix formula within SECONDS with virtually no bubbles! I am still using Medela 5oz bottles and it fits easily inside. Just be careful the first time you use it; it goes so fast that it could splash up on you if you aren’t paying attention and you leave it in there for too long.

Stacy Greenfield, IA

Won’t fit in Dr. Brown’s Regular Width 8 oz. Bottles

The mixer seems very handy but I could not use it as I intended because it would not fit down far enough in Dr. Brown’s 8-ounce bottles (regular width, not sure about wide).

Rosie Mahopac Falls, NY

Works well

I bought this one because it had a lot of good reviews. I personally think it spins way too fast though. If you’re not careful, the formula will go everywhere, especially in a 4 oz bottle.

Petra Belle Center, OH

worth its weight in gold, and then some!

I sure wish I knew about this before I was on baby #3. I wandered across this at Babies ‘R’ Us. No more leaking bottles as you try to shake powdered formula with water (and just get lumps!). About 4 seconds of this blender right in the bottle and milk is TOTALLY blended. Doesn’t spatter, even in small (4 oz) bottles; easy one-hand operation (while bottle is sitting on counter and baby is in the other arm!). Then just rinse the end and set aside for next time. On button has both pulse and on (I only ever use pulse because it’s that fast). Takes 2 AA batteries.

Kenya Mooreton, ND

Love it.

This mixer is great. I used it with my daughter who is 4 and just bought another one for my son. I dont like shaking bottles cause it makes them foamy and I inevitably get formula on me. Also when your done mixing bottles it is great for chocolate milk and grown up drink mixes.

Kay Knowles, OK

Wow product but a little flimsy

This really makes sure that the formula is mixed without clumps. Lifetime of it is poor, but at such an low price with high return, it is worth buying a couple. I would have given it five stars if it did not break so frequently.

Alissa Phippsburg, ME