Prince Lionheart Jumbo Toy Hammock ~ Set of 2

Prince Lionheart Jumbo Toy Hammock ~ Set of 2

From the Manufacturer Get that clutter off the floor and take back your child’s bedroom. This nifty Jumbo Toy Hammock by Prince Lionheart is a creative way to get your kids to pick up their toys. This stretchy hammock expands to over 6 feet and is easy to install. The hammock includes 3 hooks and can be used in any corner.

Main features

  • Great Toy storage item – everyone loves it!
  • Gets toys off the floor, Expands to 6′
  • Easy to attach to any wall; hardware included
  • Elastic binding secures toys

Verified reviews



My daughter has a ton of stuffed animals and this was bigger then I thought it would be! Never had an issue with any stuffed animals falling out. It is pretty safe and secure! I actually didn’t need the second one like I thought I did and gave the extra one to a friend of mine.

Rosetta Syracuse, UT

kids use as hammock

holds alot of animals! it does stretch, so if you hang it high it will drop down a couple feet after filled with animals. it is strong and very strong at that, i have walked into bedroom and found my 3 year old son sleeping in it as if it was a hammock. he seemed quite cozy in it! my 2 year old daughter has climbed into hers also. we piled it high with big stuffed animals and the small ones. fits alot of them in it! quite useful and helps open up space in the bedrooms. comes with hooks and anchors for hanging.

Irene Wheatland, IA


These are amazing! They have elasticized sides so they "grow" or "shrink" to fit their loads, and they’re very well made and tough. If you find your wall studs, they’re also very easy to put up. I just tapped the screw hooks into the wall with a hammer and then screwed them in by hand. It took about fifteen minutes and the one I ended up needing had all the scattered animals filling our house up on the wall. My baby daughter also finds this incredibly fascinating and loves being held up to select a toy for herself each morning!

Sheri Crescent, OR

Must Buy

The product is wonderful and exactly what I needed and love it. It is a great buy at a great price It is a well made product and better than the pictures shown I would recommend to buy this product it may cost a little more but worth the cost such high quality

Patrica West Bloomfield, MI

Double the hammocks, double the fun

After having a similar toy net growing up, I didn’t hesitate to get my son something similar. After research I found this large toy hammock (this JUMBO sized one is 6 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet, not to be confused with the standard size by Prince Lionheart which is very small). It sounds really large and it does hold quite a few stuffed animals off of the ground and out of the way but it isn’t TOO large really. It hangs down to an extent and it is hung in a corner and so doesn’t take up too much space. It is very durable as well and my son loves to throw his stuffed animals up into the net, as I did when i was his age.

Jane Shellsburg, IA

Good product.

These work great. Our son’s room is small and this really helped to get his toys up and out of the way. Unfortunately we couldn’t space out the hooks far enough to have them stretch out. They still work good but hang a little lower. If we had more room we would have been able to hang them better.

Jill Harlowton, MT