Prince Lionheart On-the-Go Bottle Warmer

Prince Lionheart On-the-Go Bottle Warmer

Reusable On-the-Go bottleWARMER by Prince Lionheart is an instant heat source anywhere, warming Baby bottles and Baby food jars while on the go, no power source needed!

Main features

  • PVC, Cotton
  • Imported
  • Instant heat source
  • Warm bottles or jars of food
  • No power source needed

Verified reviews


Works great!

We love this on the go bottle warmer. All you do is bend a small piece of metal within the plastic “bag” filled with fluid, and a reaction hardens the fluid and it becomes warm. To use again just boil the “bag” for 15 minutes and use it over and over again. I am giving it a 4 star rating because it isn’t easy to find additional warming “bags”. We found Dex Products has a similar warming bag at, but haven’t purchased it yet.

Bobby Monument, OR

No CORDS!!!!

I got one of these with my first child over a year ago. I bought two more recently (one for my sister & a second one for myself, since we’re expecting)The first time around I wanted something that I could use when I wasn’t around any type of electricity or hot water (for example, in the mall). I felt like this option was a decent price to try out, even if it didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped.Pros:-no cords. use it in the car, on a walk, at the airport, etc. No water, electricity, car charger,…etc- Fun. I’m a little weird like that, but I think it’s fun to watch it crystalize into a warm solid, then back into a liquid state when boiled!- worked with our bottles. We used both ventaire and medela bottles. Both fit inside well.- fairly compact. I am able to stick it in the diaper bag (a little cautiously so it doesn’t get bumped).Cons:- One shot deal. If you set it off accidentally, it’s done until you can boil it. If you’re on a long trip where the baby will need more than one bottle, you will need to find another way to warm the next bottle.- Boiling it does take time, but not a big deal (at least in my opinion).- Takes a little time. Many people complained that it takes a long time to warm the bottle and doesn’t get the milk HOT… 1. it takes a long time when you stick the bottle in hot water at home too. As a parent, you learn to anticipate & prepare. 2. I don’t think milk should be hot – room temperature, maybe a little warmer.Would I buy it again / Recommend to a friend: Yes and Yes (and I have!)

Lula Hillsboro, NH



Sharlene Fall River Mills, CA

Lifesaver if you know what to expect

This gets the bottle very nice and warm without being too hot for my baby. It works well each and every time if you know what to expect. Here’s what to expect- 1. It will take 30min so plan ahead. 2. It will keep it warm for up to 3 hours in the sleeve so you have some leeway on when to click it hot (click the button early!) 3. If you drop it or it is in a bag getting bounced around, it might click on accidentally. It’s not the end of the world because it will keep the bottle warm until the baby is hungry. 4. You have to boil it in hot water for 15 min each time after you use it to reset it.I have the Dex Grab and Go and this one. The advantage of this one is that there a handle on this with velcro that keeps the handle together so you can hang it on the stroller or hold it easily. The Dex cover is more malleable and I prefer that one but my nanny prefers this cover. The heating mechanism is a different shape too. This one has a circular part that goes under the bottle too but yet it is not as long as the Dex. All in all, the heating mechanism on this and the Dex one works about the same.

Nona Nevada, TX

it’s okay – not good if you have a baby who wants to eat right away

It’s okay. it does warm the bottle slightly – but my baby can’t wait that long. once he decides he wants to eat he wants to eat! the boiling is also a little time consuming.I don’t use this item too much – also tough to fit the tall Dr. Brown’s bottles in. all in all, I could have done without purchasing this product.

Angel Boys Town, NE

Good in a pinch but SLLLOW

My son would only drink a hot bottle so we had little options when it came to traveling and “on-the’go” bottles. I purchased this product and while it got the job done it literally took almost 20 minutes to warm the bottle up to the temperature that my son preferred. It would eventually get the job done, but in a pinch it was less than ideal to have to wait 20 minutes when you have a screaming baby.

Jami Yacolt, WA

Good for on the go.

Comes in handy when you are on the go. Heats up quickly and warms bottle in minutes. Will purchase more.

Terra Fargo, OK

Perfect for heating up bottle.

This is a life saver when it comes to heating up my bottles. It takes about 10 minutes and the heat pack stays warm for about 2 hours or less. I never leave home without it. I just wish it was a little wider. It’s perfect for my Doc Brown bottles but too small for my Mixie bottles.

Eve Byers, TX