Prince Lionheart Original Slumber Bear with Silkie Blanket – Blue

Prince Lionheart Original Slumber Bear with Silkie Blanket – Blue

For nearly 35 years, the original SLUMBER BEAR with Silkie Blanket has been helping newborns sleep in hospital nurseries and homes worldwide. It is the ORIGINAL audio pacifier with an actual recording made inside a mother’s womb. Comforting womb sounds lull Baby to sleep in minutes. Sound and motion sensors re-activate recording when Baby cries or jostles bear. Additional Velcro straps allows you to secure the removable audio box to crib rails, strollers and more.

Main features

  • Features an audio pacifier with an actual recording made inside a mother’s womb
  • Invented by a doctor and effectively used in hospitals nurseries for over 35 years
  • Hook and loop strap included to secure removable audio box to crib rails, strollers, and more
  • Velcro paws allow you to attach bear anywhere
  • Requires 4 AAA batteries (included)

Verified reviews


Pacifies parents, not babies

This product, IMO, is a waste of money. I bought this when my baby was ~1 month old and VERY colicky. I found myself horrified that newborns are not nearly as easy and fun to care for as I in my delusional first-time pregnant state imagined them to be, and equally horrified that COLIC does not neccasarily have anything to do with gas, does not always respond to gas drops, and sits back and laughs at the suggestions in “Happiest Baby on the Block” (another great bit of bunk for first time parents)My baby wanted to be held and nursed all the time and if he wasn’t being held or nursed during the day, he cried. I thought this was a problem that needed a solution. Turns out that’s just how some babies are.When I got this, it didn’t come with the “silky” – but I am laughing at the idea of it. You don’t need to BUY something special for your child to have your scent near him. And I am not convinced that this current practice of selling new parents something with which to give their baby a bit bit of the parents’ scent has any basis in fact. I just can’t wrap my head around its being useful. Your baby loves your scent because he loves YOU. He’s not stupid enough to think a scrap of material that kind of smells like you is the same thing.Anyway… the heartbeat function of this bear was useless. I tried really, really hard at first to make myself think it was doing SOMETHING. The first time I used it, I had it out of the bear, had the baby in the Bjorn on my chest, facing me… strapped the heartbeat box to the Bjorn, danced around with the baby, he fell asleep… it was working!!! I thought. But I really don’t think it was. I think my baby was just happy to be near me because I was never able to repeat the experiment – and believe me, I tried. I attached to ti his car seat. To his stroller. To the Bjorn again. Put it in the bear and next to him in his cradle. Never made a difference. He was fussy or not, depending on his whims and nothing else.I give this item two stars because at least the bear is adorable. Very cute, very soft, very squishy (if you take the hard plastic heartbeat box out). At 19 months my baby has JUST started to get attached to stuffed toys and he really likes the bear. He has a duck, a baby doll, and this bear that he likes to have in his crib. But given that all this item has ended up being useful for is a stuffed animal, I don’t think it’s worth it.This is just another product preying on the insecuritues and pocket books of new parents. Caring for a newborn is HARD. If you are reading this and thinking there is some nifty modern gadget that will make it a breeze, WAKE UP. Do not spend your money. Your baby wants to be nursed and cuddled and held and rocked and talked to and sung to. Your baby wants YOU. It is not easy. At times it will seem like sheer hell. But that’s the way it goes. It passes. Save your money, give your baby the gift of yourself, and someday, with or without modern gadgets, you will look back on these days and actually… sort of… miss them.

Molly North Windham, CT


It was a nice present for my friend, but I can’t say the result yet – she hasn’t delivered the baby yet 🙂

Lindsey Kidron, OH

Very nice!

This is a great item. I found out about it on the “Baby Whisperer” forums. We have this hung on the side of my baby’s crib where her feet can kick it (and start it) when she fidgets. Sometimes she will wake and start to fidget and when this comes on she settles right down and goes back to sleep. We also turn it on for her as part of our routine to signal that it is time to go to sleep. The first time we used it she was two weeks old and she wasn’t settling down. When we turned it on she perked up, listened intently, and then practically melted into my shoulder! She went off to sleep pretty quickly after that.It is a shame it only runs for five minutes, but I’ve found that my baby tends to kick it when it shuts off. We hear it run multiple times during the night also. If it didn’t shut off after five minutes it would run the batteries out even quicker.Ah yes, the great problem with this product…. We go through a set of four AAA batteries every three days with this! Thankfully we got ourselves some rechargeables, but even then you need two sets so one can charge while you use the other one.I didn’t find the silkie particulaly useful. Maybe when she is older she’ll want it for something, but right now we can’t put it close to her without it being a hazard and she doesn’t seem to know it exists if it isn’t very close. Perhaps other babies will be different.The sound box is not very loud when it is inside the bear. We ended up taking it out and hanging it by it’s velcro strip to the bear’s arm so that it could be turned towards our baby.A great feature of this product is that the sound becomes more and more faint as the battery dies. This way she can still hear it, but we know that the batteries need changing.There is an on and off switch and a volume control knob.In our house this has been very well worth the purchase price. Very worthwhile!

Dianne Biscoe, AR

don’t buy

It wasn’t worth the money. The sensor was not very strong, we basically had to hit the side of the crib to make it start.

Jill Copenhagen, NY

Love our bear box!

I was skeptical if it would really work since I did not purchase it to use when she was 1st born & was using it at 6 weeks old. I was wondering if she would be stimulated by the womb sound at all, would she remember it 6 weeks out? She sure did!!! Totally helps at putting her to sleep every night, it has a drone sound effect and even puts me to sleep. I only use the box & am saving the bear for her to use as a toy later, BTW the bear is HUGE. The silky blanket is kinda ugly so we don’t bother with that at all. The box Velcros securely to her newborn napper & since it is not inside the bear the sound is much louder & the automatic turn on system works much better! It turns on by itself with her cries or is she gives it a good kick in her napper. I love how I can reach over half asleep and just tap it to start if I hear her starting to fuss. I just wished the sound would last longer than just 5 mins but overall a awesome product that gives me plenty more sleep!

Deann Frazer, MT

Almost returned it

The monitor is useful for white noise, the bear not so much. My 7 week old can’t tell the difference yet, though he does like the soothing noise of nothing

Jeanne Uncasville, CT

Works Great

The bear works well, but I wish the sound would go for a longer period of time. It only plays for 5 minutes, which isn’t enough to get my little one to sleep.

Germaine Bath, OH

VERY expensive for something that isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

I purchased these in my quest to find something to help my infant daughter fall asleep apart from me, as right now she will only sleep if she is next to me. I purchased one for her and one for my other kids, as i knew when they saw hers they would want one too. However, this was a total waste of money, and I have returned them to Amazon for a refund. For something so expensive, it is totally impractical for its intended purpose…1. The music box part cannot be left within reach of baby, according to the package directions. It clearly states several times throughout the instructions that baby should at NO time be able to get hold of it. The design is such that the music box part goes inside the bears back (held closed by VERY flimsy velcro). How do they expect to keep a baby (especially an inquisitive one like mine) from getting to it, if the back is easily accessible and opened?!? Any baby who has any curiosity at all will have this open in a matter of minutes (mine did). It suggests that when baby is old enough to access the music box, that the box be velcroed out of reach somewhere on the bed, leaving the bear to be able to be snuggled. Two problems with this. first of all, where on a modern baby bed can anything be velcroed out of baby’s reach, except under the bed? and secondly, the bear then has a back that can be opened by baby and placed over their face, arms stuck, stuff other items in, etc.2. There is NO way to turn this off once baby is asleep without taking the bear out of the bed (and room) without moving or bumping it. It is activated by movement and sound, so if you accidentally bump it or move it too fast, or make any sound, it kicks back on…since the whole point is to lull baby to sleep, this was VERY frustrating, because you creep quietly in to get the bear, so that baby doesn’t roll over into it and kick it back on, which would wake them back up again…it should have a remote control, so parents can turn it off without having to take it out of the bed, so baby stays asleep! All in all a very poorly designed product for its intended use!

Lesa Broad Top, PA

Love It!

We have this hanging on the baby’s crib and it’s very soothing for the baby. One thing I did though was actually pulled the little speaker device out so it hangs outside of the bear’s belly and it makes it nice and loud because it isn’t being muffled from the inside stuffing of the bear. PLUS, it’s then much more sensitive to pick up sounds that will then, set it off again. I can be talking quietly in the room and it will set it off.The down-side to this product is if you do keep the little speaker tucked in and closed up inside the bear, it’s a pain in the butt to turn the device on–it’s not easy to get to the on button. I suppose you could leave it on the entire time but there’s times when you don’t really want the thing on.

Francine Bramwell, WV

A must for a new baby

This was my son’s favorite soothing item when he was a baby. It comes on when a noise is heard and makes the white noise to help them get back to sleep. I now get it for all my friends and their new babies.

Janice Tsaile, AZ

Doesn’t stay on long

We got this for our daughter and took it to the hospital when she was born. It is cute and you can take the sound box out of the bear, which we did, and attach it by velcro to railings such as the baby bed at the hospital. It sounds great but it won’t stay on. It lasts for about ten minutes and then it stops, usually right as you or baby are almost asleep, leaving a deafening silence. Then you have to reach over and bump it to make it come back on, over and over. Tedious!! Also, the batteries ran out after less than a week of use and as they dd it just got quieter and quieter. We found much better results for the same price when a friend gave us the Homedics sound maker and projector:Homedics SS-3000 Soundspa Lullaby, WhiteThis not only plugs in, wth NO automatic shut-off, but also has several sound settings as well as beautiful and colorful discs that project wherever you aim the device (wall, sofa back, bassinet cover, etc.). Our baby has watched it since she was three weeks old. I highly recommend this instead of the bear!!

Candice Letohatchee, AL

This turns off!

I think I jumped too quick with this product. It’s super cute and cuddly, but it turns off after like 5 min and then is activated again by movement. So, I turn it on, baby falls asleep. It turns off, baby wakes up. Baby starts to move, it turns on and scares her. Then I have a crying baby. Not the ideal situation. I ended purchasing the Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound Machine. It has options to turn off or stay on. Works much better for my little one.

Kimberlee Camillus, NY

Fine Toy, Not an Effective Pacifier

We purchased the Slumber Bear for our two-week-old daughter in the hopes that it would help lull her back to sleep when she awakened in the middle of the night. While the bear itself may eventually be of use as a generic toy, the audio pacifier has not been at all effective in the anticipated pacifying efforts. The audio/motion detector is only triggered 50% of the time when our daughter screams directly at it, and oftentimes I’ve needed to give it several good, solid whacks to get it to play. When it does play, the audio track of womb sounds has had no impact on her crying. I acknowledge that it may work better for some children, but ours is not one of them. I should note that our daughter is not what would be considered colicky or otherwise overly fussy.

Essie Redfield, KS

AWFUL!!! Cause of Sleepless Nights! Needs to be Redesigned!

I don’t know why this thing got such great reviews. After a couple of rather sleepless nights, I’m ready to throw this thing out!!!I got both the Slumber Bear and Cloud B Sleep Sheep as baby shower gifts. I opened and used the Sleep Sheep first and have it in the nursery. It works great. My 10 week old is consistently sleeping almost completely through the night, waking only once a night for a feeding.Last week, we had to go to stay with my parents’ house for an entire week. So I decided to take the Slumber Bear thinking I could leave it there and have one sound machine at each location. My baby, who consistently sleeps great was restless all night long for first two nights. I had to get up to check on her six or seven times a night. At first I thought it was the change in environment and we’d have to tough it out. Then I decided to sit by her on the third night, to see what was happening. Boy, was I surprised…As soon as I turned on the bear, her eye lids got droopy and she started falling asleep. I didn’t even have to cradle her in my arms. Five minutes passed and the bear turned off. The change between the swooshing and pumping sounds made by the bear and complete silence was too abrupt and this startled her awake before she could fall into a deep sleep. Her eyes wide open and staring at me, I tap the bear to get it started again. Within a minute or so, baby’s eyelids began getting heavy with sleep again until the bear turns off after another five minute span. And my baby’s eye were wide open again. We did this about 4 or 5 more times and each time, the same thing happened except baby started to lose patience and became cranky. She began to cry every time the bear turned off. And her crying would also reactivate the bear. So this is when I realized that the previous two nights of restlessness was not because of being at grandma’s house. It was the bear! She’d fall asleep. Then the bear would turn off prematurely. She’d wake, cry and the reactivate the bear…all night long, without ever getting deep sleep.Who came up with such an absurd design? A sound machine that turns off in 5 minutes!?!?! No one can fall asleep fast enough and deep enough in 5 minutes. I’ll admit that even when I was sitting with my baby, I was dozing off. And like her I would wake up as soon as the bear turned off. UGH!!! When I figured it out, I got my cellphone and downloaded a sound app. Then she and I were sleeping great again, even at grandma’s house.——————Slumber Bear VS. Sleep Sheep———————————–1. The bear has only one sound and the sheep has 4 or 5. But the unique womb sounds of the slumber bear works better and gets baby to relax and fall asleep faster than any of the nature sounds on the Sleep Sleep2. Slumber bear is designed to run for 5 minutes and then is reactivated by either motion (baby kicks)or sound (baby crying) for 5 minute intervals at a time. The Sleep Sheep has two choices–20 or 40 minutes duration and does not automatically turn on after that. I use the sheep at 40 minutes. After the baby falls into deep sleep, she doesn’t even know when the sheep turns off and she sleeps through to her next appropriate wake time.3. The bear does not attach to the crib as securely as the sheep. The bear is attached via a small patch of velcro on it’s paws. It has short arms that are stiff and overstuffed (See #5). Getting the arms to wrap around one of the rails on the crib is not that easy. And can be impossible depending on how wide the rail is on a particular crib. Even if you get it to wrap, the stiffness of the arms can create enough force to undo the velcro. The long velcro strips on the sheep is a much more generous design and can wrap around anything securely.It wraps around the rails of my crib 1.5 times. I couldn’t attach the bear to my crib. I attached the sound box and left the bear on a nearby shelf.4. The bear has the edge on cuteness over the sleep sheep and comes with a satin/velour lovey blanket.5. The bear is overstuffed and quite stiff. If you plan on giving the bear or sheep to baby to hold and play with at some point, the lamb is a lot cuddlier.6. Both bear and sheep are battery operated. I’ve been using the sheep for 3 weeks now. Twice at night and 5-6 times in the day time for naps. Each time at 40 minute intervals. After 40 minutes, the sheep turns off automatically. I’ve been using the same batteries and they are still going strong. Other reviewers says the bear uses up a lot of batteries even though it only runs in 5 minute intervals. This makes sense. Even when the bear is not making noise, it is on. The sensors are working 24-7 to detect motion and sound. So even with no noise, the bear is not off unless you turn it off completely.Overall, I like the Sleep Sheep A LOT better than the Slumber Bear because when baby sleeps through the night…so do I! I have to admit that I like the sound app I downloaded WAY better than the Bear or Sheep since it has tons of great sounds and useful features, timers, alarms–so many ways to personalize it for your use. The app was $3.99. But because I need my phone and can’t let it be a noise maker for baby all the time, I might just get an adult sound machine to use at grandma’s house like a Homedics and forgo messing with these cutesy plush sound makers.I hope this helps! I wish I knew all this when I was putting together my baby registry!

Mary Bartley, WV

Helped Our Baby Sleep Through!

A friend recommended this to me when my baby was 3 weeks old. When it arrived, we took the speaker out of the bear and attached it to the side of her bassinet. I don’t know if we’re just lucky, but our baby has been sleeping through the night since about 8 weeks (and only woke for one feed a night prior to that since about 4 weeks). It does get through a lot of batteries, but I definitely think it’s worth it! I have been recommending this to many friends!

Esperanza Purchase, NY

Grandson loved this

Grandson loved this so much he had to have it everywhere he went. fortunatley it was small enough it fit well in bag.

Jacquelyn Mack, CO

A Life Saver for our Preemie to help her sleep

My daughter was a preemie with reflux and it was hard to get her to sleep. This was the ONLY thing that got her to sleep. We removed the womb machine from inside the bear and attached it to her crib. It almost always made her drift off to sleep and stay asleep. We tried MP3’s of womb noises and nothing worked until this. The bear is cute and soft and will cling to the crib but we preferred just pulling out the machine. Only reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is because this thing eats batteries! It is amazing how many we went through. So you ether need to stock up on batteries or have lots of rechargeable ones. Second it only runs for 5 minutes unless triggered by motion so since her crib was next to the bed we were constantly starting it again since by the time she triggered it to run she would have been fully awake and screaming.

Traci Belcourt, ND

My son loves it

The bear is cute, and it really does help my preemie son sleep… it is comforting to me too, to know it is there and if he cries it comes on by itself… I like the silkie idea too… I had read that some NICUs recommend this type of bonding aide… they arent supposed to think it is you, but it helps soothe them with your smell… We used to do that with pets, I never imagined it could work for babies too!!! I recommend this.

Millie Rushville, OH

Great crib companion!

We used this on our son’s crib with the included velcro that helps attach it to the sides. Make a noise that is similar to what the baby heard before being born, that wishy washy sound they call it. Really liked it and is made of good quality overall.

Rhonda Pierce, NE