Prince Lionheart playMAT, ABC

Prince Lionheart playMAT, ABC

Finally, a well-designed play mat that lasts through the developmental stages of your child!  The Prince Lionheart playMATS have been designed to cushion and delight babies during tummy time, entertain toddlers for play time, and encourage young learners of all ages to engage and explore.  Search for the hidden characters, count the creatures, sound out letters, or master the road rules: the only limit is their imagination! Dual-sided featuring a city roadway and ABC creatures.

Main features

  • All our products are designed to safe for babies children
  • Simple and clean design that just simply works
  • Interactive illustrations engage child in imaginative play
  • 58′ x 65′ and dual sided; 5 mm thick
  • Folds easily into carry case for storage and transport
  • Water proof and easy to wipe clean
  • ABC theme on one side and Roadway on the other

Verified reviews


Adorable and the kid loves it

My 3 year old loves this mat. The farm scene is adorable and my son enjoys naming all the animals and driving his toy tractor over the scene. The road side is perfect for all sizes of cars. It’s big enough that several kids can play at once or even mom and dad can play too. The material is very easy to clean, simply wipe off. The reason it’s not five stars is because I’d like it better if the city scape didn’t repeat 3 times. Granted that doesn’t phase my son.

Sophie Somerville, OH

Cute…but that’s about it.

This mat is really very cute but it is not worth the price at all. Aside from having cute graphics, this mat is very thin. It almost feels like it has no padding to protect my little 6-month old. The graphics are cute but it is poorly produced, the print is off (on the mat I received, the eyes on the crabs and seahorse are all printed off so that it looks like the eyes are in the ocean!). Lastly, the mat can be easily scratched. My dog ran across the mat once and the surface was scratched off immediately. The only thing I like about this mat is that it cleans easily…just wipe with wet cloth. I will not buy again.

Tania Adamsville, PA

It lasted all of a day…

Great idea, but did not hold up. We have a 6mo old and wanted to use this with the baby gate. saw a snag in the cover material that morning and thought maybe the gate messed it up. Well come to find out my little man scooting about on it pulls the plastic top up from the foam and it rips, leaving fun flaps of plastic he LOVES to pull at. The cats walking on it have left it dotted with holes as well. Very disappointing. No idea how one could expect to use it with a toddler

Josefina Lowell, AR

Easily punctures with the lightest of pressure

The waterproof covering on it is very thin and punctures very easily. Once torn, the material underneath it reminds me of those old styrofoam trays meat was packed in. I had bought this at a store before I read the Amazon reviews (others have warned of lack of durability.) I have upgraded to a Baby Care play mat (made of rubber, flexible, and durable) that is much better than this product.

Jenna Arlington, TX

Good value, nice padding

The playMat is thick enough to offer additional cushion for my child. She appears to be very comfortable on this mat. It’s large enough to offer her crawl space. And at $30, this is much cheaper than the $85 foam blocks.

Lindsey Chula Vista, CA

thin but large

large and easy to clean but very thin, which makes it easy to transport but not ideal for the actual play area i have setup for my daughter, good to put away and bring out – just wish it were a bit thicker

Gertrude Attleboro, MA

Great mat

This mat was a great next step after the small play mats and blankets for our son. He can move all over on it without bunching up. It is approx 5’x8′. Clean up is easy, I just use dishsoap and water. It is a thin plastic foam so toys can puncture it but at the price it is, it is great. If anyone is wondering it comes folded in a carry case that is about 2 1/2 ‘x2 1/2’ and the wrinkles smooth out as it lays outt.

Catherine Capulin, CO

Awesome pictures and easy to fold and move

I love it! I’ve been looking for an easy to transport play mat for my baby (now 1 years old) to crawl around on. He has the alphabet tile pieces too which is a nice thick foam but a pain to move since the puzzle pieces drop out and fall apart. My son and other kids loved to play on the road map and look at the ABCs (with funny names like “cool cat” for C and “dirty dog” for D). It’s a cushion padded foam feel but not like rubbery foam, more cloth-like. It’s easy to fold and put into its zippered case/bag, however I kinda wish it also came with a velcro tab to keep it folded together if you didn’t want to put it in the bag. It’s really big too – I’m 5’7 and lay on it horizontal, vertical and diagonal easily.Update – 1/9/13I noticed there were some stretched, scrapped lines in the mat. Probably from the kids wearing shoes on it or dragging something heavy on top.

Glenda Winnisquam, NH


perfect play mat for all children. my 7 month old son loves it and keeps him very busy. buy this mat if you dont like thoes dumb foam puzzle ones. awesome mat.

Bertie Saint Bonaventure, NY

Don’t expect it to last

It’s very cute, provides good cushion and my 2 year old loves it. But it is not durable. It is made of foam and we already have many tears in it after only 6 months of use. If it’s meant to drive their little cars on, with hard wheels it should have been made of a tear proof material.

Marjorie Ravencliff, WV

Awesome product, great material

Awesome material, great purchase

Jannie Wimberley, TX

Thumbs down

It ripped easy so had get rid off it.

Eddie Randlett, UT

Really great mat, just wish it was a little bit more durable

I really really like this mat. I had previously purchased a thicker foam puzzle mat as I wanted as much padding as possible for my little one. However, with three pets, picking up the individual pieces each day became a real chore, so I love this one piece mat. It didn’t smell too badly right out of the bag and it is so nice and big. The pictures on both sides are great and my little one looks at the characters a lot, and the colors don’t seem to wear off (or at least they haven’t yet). All in all this is a really great mat and it is standing up pretty well to our every day use. The only problem I have with the mat it tears or has sort of puckered in some spots, and for no real reason. We haven’t really abused the mat at all but it still has a few little snags in it. I had read previous reviews that said the mat wasn’t super durable and I am happy those reviews were there. In spite of the puckers/tears, I am happy with this mat and would buy it again.

Virgie Bunnlevel, NC

Big, fun, beautiful!

Love this play mat and recommend it for fun play time, crawlers and walkers. It is smooth but soft, made of a special material like the soft tiles for kids. I am keeping this play mat for my 18 month old son to play on.

Kelly Mount Sterling, IA

Much bigger than expected

I guess I shoulda payed more attention to the size, its huge. The only part I am not too fond of is that it’s made of a plastic like material. perhaps so its easy to clean.

Karina Henry, IL

It Is Cute & Helps Him Focus

My son is 9 months old and when we play this mat helps to cushion him from the floor (although I wish it was a bit thicker because boys are very rough while play). It also helps him stay focused while playing. He sees things around the living room and will start crawling away but when he looks down he gets excited about playing with his toys in front of him again.

Margarita Eaton Park, FL

This mat is huge!

I’m glad that I got such a large mat for a great price, however it was almost too big for our living room. Didn’t want to damage it by putting toys on it and risk getting indentations so we had to move things out of the living room to put it down. My baby is just now turning 6 months and wasn’t quite into as much as I think she will be when she’s older. I purchased it so that she would have a nice padded surface while learning how to crawl.

Lidia Falkner, MS

Exactly what we needed!

We were looking for a large play mat for our 8 month old son to keep him off the rental carpet. This play mat is definitely large. My husband, my son, and I can easily play on it together. The thickness is about as thick as a foam place mat and it works great on the carpet. I think this would be a great product to have on hard surface flooring to provide a little padding when crawling around. If you are looking for something a little thicker, Prince Lionheart makes this same mat with thicker foam called the play mat plus. I didn’t feel it was necessary to spend the extra money because by the time we move and hopefully no longer have carpet, my son will not longer be rolling around and trying to sit up. As far as other mats, I can’t stand the ones that link together because I didn’t want to deal with the mess after my son tore them apart. Also, I really am not a fan of the crazy colors. I know that sounds crazy because this mat is very colorful but I think the colors serve a purpose. The roads and farm encourages play and it is very cute. It folds up easily and can be put away quickly unlike the mats that link together. If you have pets that have claws that may get on this mat, I would advise you to look for a different product. The instructions even say not to use high heels, etc. on the mat. The only negative I can really say about the mat is it does move around on the carpet a little and I find that I’m having to move it a few times a day. Not a huge deal, but thought I’d mention it. If I had it on hard surface flooring, I would probably try a rug backing. One last thing – super easy to clean. It has had all sorts of baby mess on it and wipes clean.

Hillary Marquette, IA

very useful so far

We have used this mat for little over a month now and so far works great. It is thin, true but huge so for smaller room we simply fold it in half. Some buyers complained about peeling, all good here so far and we use it every day but will see. The colors are nice and bright (we have the ABC one). Great to use on the top of the rugs, also works ok on wooden floors but it is slippery and doesn’t insulate as well as foam puzzles (which I will not buy in the US because they have harmful chemicals in them unlike most of European ones). Overall-good buy.

Rhonda Dorsey, IL

Fun Paymat

A very good and fun play matPROS:~ Easy to Clean. Simple wipe and colours doesn’t come off.~ Large enough for a baby who loves to roll~ Introduces kids to alliteration~ Light and easy to transport. Comes in a zippered case.CONS:~ Colours are not as vibrant as in the picture. They are closer to pastels and the roads on the reverse side are grey and ours was speckly not black~ Where the mat is folded, crease lines remain. It starts to lay flat after more than a week but once refolded it reverts~ The mat also doesn’t start with the letter "A". Would’ve been better for teaching the kids the alphabet.The padding isnt that thick either but we placed ours on a thick rug and its sufficient

Brandi Elgin, OH

Cute and perfect

Love this mat! Baby loves to crawl on it and will be bringing it to the park when it warms up as a picnic blanket too! Easy to wash and all around great. It is very big and covers great space if you have a tummy crawler!

Clara Trenton, TN

not in use

The play mat is very nice and is twice as big as I expected. I like both sides, but it will be a year or so before he is old enough to use it.

Veronica Ashland, NY