Prince Lionheart Playmat Plus, ABC

Prince Lionheart Playmat Plus, ABC

Finally, a well-designed play mat that lasts through the developmental stages of your child. Our play mats have been designed to cushion and delight babies during tummy time, entertain toddlers for play time, and encourage young learners of all ages to engage and explore. Search for the hidden characters, count the creatures, sound out letters, or master the road rules: the only limit is their imagination.

Main features

  • LDPE / LLDPE / EPE foam
  • Imported
  • Long lasting, multi use play mat with fun designs
  • Comes rolled in a carrying case
  • Reversible engaging art on both sides
  • Huge at 5”x5.8”
  • 10mm of cushion for extra protection

Verified reviews


Prince Lionheart Playmat Plus, Ocean

This is much bigger than I thought it would be. It’s a great alternative to setting the baby on the dirty floor. It has a little padding to help protect baby from tumbles. I like that it’s also washable. I see a lot of people commenting that it tears easily. I’ve had this for over a week now and so far I haven’t seen any tears. The mat is vibrant and colorful and engaging.I think the price is a bit high for this product, however.

Ashleigh White Cloud, MI

just what we needed for a hard wood floor

Our baby is only a few months old but we do have tummy time and it is nice to have it on a soft surface. I can’t say she is into the fish but it is nice we can move her to different locations so she is never bored. The 3 year old was sure we got it so she could play with her trains on the other side and of course that happens as well. Do look at the size it is big and you need to have room for it. It has a case it can go in when not in use or to take somewhere else but it is a hassle since it is huge. I don’t know how long it will last. We try not to walk on it and have it just for the baby’s play time. So far it has been great.

Marcie Lebec, CA

Play mat

Both the ocean theme for my boy and the alphabet theme for my sisters girl. These are awesome. Padded, big, easy to wash. Both themes have the "road" theme on the back which is so cute. Will be using this outside when my boy gets a little bigger.

Hilda Prairie Home, MO

Great option, especially if you have hardwood, cement, or tile floors

Pros:-We love the fact that this play rug is reversible. The older kids are going love the city/town scene and the younger ones will love the ocean scene.-Easy to clean. The fabric is nonabsorbent, a must for the teething age-It comes in a carry bag with a handle!!! For parents on the go, this is such a thoughtful detail.-Thick spongy type material is easy on the crawlers knees, hands, elbows, and heads.Cons:-The non-absorbant fabric has a slippery as opposed to a soft feel, so if you want something more pleasing in the tactile aspect you’ll have to look for a different play-matAll in all, this is a great option. I can’t speak to durability as it is new. If any problems arise, I will update this review.

Dionne Biscoe, NC

It’s better than the puzzle piece mats, but not the best

I got this hoping that it would be the same as another mat that I purchased at Costco and LOVE. This one is just good.It’s a good size, and is very lightweight, so it’s good for travel or taking over to my parent’s house. It’s got lots of cute under the sea animals, and my older daughter loves to help “find” the different creatures. It also comes with a travel bag that it can fit in when rolled up, and can be slung over your back. I would highly recommend this over those puzzle piece-like mats, my kids always liked to peel up the pieces and chew on them.The downside is that it’s made of a lightweight foam, like those puzzle piece mats, and because of that my older daughter can move it around the room easily and make a big mess. It cleans up easily, however I’m sure that over time it will get little scratches from the toys and wear down. I don’t think this would be a big deal, it will definitely last through my kids.

Hillary South Portland, ME

Exceeded expectations

So happy I chose this mat over other "non-toxic" offerings that are 3 times the price of this one.It is generously-sized, better cushioned that I expected, with bright and interesting patterns, and most importantly – no chemical smell or any other kind of smell that has often been a complaint with those "non-toxic" alternatives. In addition, it is well made- no sloppy stitching, hanging threads, etc.

Winnie Avis, PA

Ocean scene on one side, City scene on the other.

Love this two-sided play mat. I wanted to call that fact out in the review because it isn’t very obvious from just reading the description. Be sure to check out the additional photos to see what the City scene looks like. Our little one loves “driving” his toy cars on the streets.Pros:- This is a BIG mat at nearly 6′ long. It fills our nursery’s floor.- Well padded.- Surprisingly light weight.- Very easy to clean.- Includes carry pouch with shoulder strap.Cons:- The colors are a bit muted/washed out. Not as bright as you’d expect.- The surface material isn’t as soft as your typical yoga mat.Note: The sides don’t lay flat when first unrolled but after a few uses (especially if you swap sides a few times) it will settle.

Peggy Carrier Mills, IL

Better choices out there

It’s a big mat with bright pretty pictures. However the alphabet is not in order. I went over the edge with the vacuum cleaner by mistake and the blue material that’s sown into the edges started to come off. Whenever my daughter falls asleep on it or spends too much time on it it makes her sweat real bad and keeps her extremely hot.

Johanna Palmyra, ME


This mat is very fun. It is a thick foam and is massive. One side has the ocean and the other has a little town with roads. The only problem I had with this mat is getting it to lay flat after unrolling it when it showed up. It took about 2 days for the corners to finally sit flat – but otherwise it is perfect. I also had to clean it and with a little soap and water it got clean in seconds. Perfect for kids 6month-6years!

Kimberlee Tunnel Hill, IL

Love the design

This is a totally cute play mat. It is fairly well padded and offers adequate protection during playtime for an infant or toddler. It is easy to clean, but the undeniable cuteness lies in its colorful design which will grab a child’s attention. This comes out when my young niece comes over, but it would be adorable in a playroom or a baby’s room with a nautical or fish-y motif.

Elva Carthage, AR

tough to lay flat but let the kids deal with that

coming rolled up in a convenient carrying case, this product resists laying flat, but the kids can deal with that as part of the work of using it. REmember, wear no heels while walking across this product as the literature specifically warns.we will see how long it lasts before crumbling into plastic rubbery waste bits, but for now the kids all love it

Ina Bendavis, MO

Good quality dual sided play mat for youngsters

Very pleased with this product. This is perfect in a playroom, basement play area, nursery or pre-school, or even your living room or kids’ bedroom since it rolls up easily for storage. A generous size at 78″ x 69″ and just 1/2″ thick, this offers plenty of imaginative play for little ones. One side is an ocean, filled with colorful sea creatures like sharks, whales, blowfish, mermaids, and a smiling, friendly octopus. Your child will love “exploring” the wonders of the deep ocean on this side of the mat. Turn it over and you’re in Any Town, USA complete with roadways, a school, ice cream shop, duck pond, gas station, movie theater, café, museum and post office. And don’t forget the stop at the Fire House! All these locations are along the roads that include traffic signs and stop lights. Whether your kids want to use the roads with their own toy cars and trucks or just pretend they are strolling along and visiting the town, this is an adorable little neighborhood that they will enjoy their making believe. Adults will find this a good play mat to use during play dates since more than one child can easily fit on the mat. Easy to care for with a damp cloth or paper towel for any spills. Just be careful not to walk on this with pointed shoes since the foam, though sturdy, will puncture. Prince Lionheart is known for imaginative toys and this one won’t disappoint!

Audra Irvine, PA

Awesome playmat for a large area!

Our 1-year-old son loves this playmat since it is so large at 5′ by 6′. We put the mat on our hardwood floor and the foam is thick enough that it provides enough cushion to kneel on. There is a pattern on both sides of the mat so some days our son likes the ocean side and on the other side is a scene of a city with streets and buildings. I think the only downside to this mat is that it is quite slippery underneath so you should definitely put a rug pad underneath it so that it does not slide around. Overall, this is a great mat if you have a large area that you want to turn into a play area!

Letha New Sweden, ME


This play mat is very large. It is a foam like material, but not easily breakable foam. (My toddler attacked it with a pencil and it only minimally damaged a small area. He has destroyed entire floors of those cheaper foam squares that click together.) It is beautifully colored- a great back drop for pictures of baby. One side is the ocean, the opposite side is a town with streets, so once they get to the toddler/preschool age they can drive cars on the streets. Makes for a quick clean place to throw in the middle of the floor for baby. It has elastic bands and a reusable handled bag for storage if you don’t want to keep it out all the time. (You know, if an ocean area rug isn’t your thing.) Bright colors. Very comfy for baby.

Doris Whitefield, ME

My son absolutely LOVES this mat!

This mat is excellent! It’s such a great, big size, it fills up most of the free space in my son’s room. (He has a twin bed, two bookshelves and a dresser in an average-sized room). I like that it’s foam, so it’s really light, and easy to clean. Also, unlike the big, heavy carpet ones, my cats are not remotely interested in it! (They scratched up the carpet one we used to have).This is a great mat for babies all the way up through childhood. My son is currently seven, and LOVES playing on the car/road map, which is on the back of every design. He also really enjoys the ocean print on the other side.The mat is sturdy and well-made, and it comes in its own carrying case. You get three stretchy bands to put around it if you ever want to roll it up again and put it back. I also like that it came rolled instead of folded, so there wasn’t a crease down the middle that would never go away (like I’ve seen with other play mats).Overall this is a really great product that you can get years and years of use out of, no matter how old your baby/toddler/child is!

Jeri Maquoketa, IA

I’m not in love.

I thought this playmat would me more soft and cushiony. It’s kind of flat and sticks when walking barefoot on it.It came rolled and it’s been several days when we put it on the carpet and still rolls up on both ends. Also I had to put bed and shelf on 2 sides to keep it in place.I like that there are two themes on both sides, but the ocean is a bit too dark. The details are nice though.I wouldn’t buy it, I would go for something more soft, and heavier to lay down by itself on the ground.

Rosanna Kingston, NH

Best Money Spent in Forever

This is the best playmat ever. The kids love it and it has saved so much money on carpet cleaning. Wish I would have found this earlier it would have saved me a ton of heartache. Not to mention that it rolls up and has its own travel bag…now I can take the roll up, wipe off floor any where we go.

Julia Mindenmines, MO

Pros and cons but a nice playmat

We ordered the Ocean scene “Prince Lionheart Plus” playmat. It appears that all the various style mats in this line have a city on the other side with lots of roads to drive Hot Wheels around on….I’m going to skip right to Pros/Cons:PROS:-Lightweight-Comes with nice durable straps and storage bag-Detailed images on both sides of mat to add to the fun for the little’uns-Surprisingly “padded” feel to reduce baby’s face-plant pain quite a bit over our previous play-rug-Liquid-resistant surface allows for fairly trouble-free cleanup of things like spilled drinks or spit up, etc.-is largeCONS:-Tears easily. Within first day there were a few small tears. I think they are both from toys being dragged across the surface of the mat, and from our dog’s toenails one time when she took off running after sitting on the mat. We’ve had this for a week now and there are many tears on it. Baby hasn’t discovered these little flaps yet, if she does we’ll have to, I don’t know, glue or tape them down or something.-Doesn’t lie flat after having been rolled up, which is fine if you don’t mind putting stuff on either end to keep them flat, but not so fine when your kid wants to interact with the images on the mat (“that shoe is right on the gas station!”)-is large. yes this is a pro AND a con. Make sure you know where it’s going to go and that it will fit… the size makes it a tad bulky to store and for a smaller room makes for a bit of shoving around of stuff to make room.NEUTRAL:-some have commented on the texture. Our baby is fascinated by the texture. Just sitting on her bottom and moving her feet around entertained her for the first 15 minutes alone!-some have commented on how the mat will slide around. We’ve got ours on a wood floor and that’s not been an issue. Maybe because we’ve got stuff holding the edges down, maybe not.For me, the huge plus of the Prince Lionheart Playmat over the typical “rug”-style playmat we’ve always used is the “waterproof” aspect of it. I just wish the surface didn’t tear so easily.This is more than I thought I’d ever write about a Playmat!

Phyllis Meyersville, TX

good value play mat for your little one

If you’re a germophobe like me it always makes you nervous to see your little one (lo) crawling over the floor and then sticking his hand or foot in their mouth. Now that I’ve stated my problem – here comes my solution… Prince Lionheart Playmat Plus – its a large colorful mat that is relatively inexpensive and perfect for your lo that crawls a lot.Its large – and ample to allow for your lo to crawl around…I also like the fact that it is reversible, but because I am a germophobe I will only stick to one side. The price is certainly right for the size and engaging graphics on both sides of the mat.So where does this need improvement? definitely in the quality feel, The mat itself doesn’t feel solid so durability is called into question…4/5 starsfor large mat reversible mat with engaging graphics (and relatively inexpensive). -1 star for potential durability concerns.

Alexis Shamrock, TX

Big Lovely Play Mat

This this is huge. I know it says in the description that it’s 5″ by 5.8″…but it didn’t occur to me that meant feet!It’s printed on both sides. I got the Ocean/City print. Both sides are equally adorable and lovely.The play mat material is like that of an exercise mat. Not like a thin/tacky yoga mat. More like the thick exercise/pilates foam mats. Using just my eyeball, I’d say it’s approximately half inch thick or a bit less. The edges are bound with durable/rugged nylon material. The suface is textued but can still be a bit slipper when babe has socks on or has sweaty feet. It is very comfortable for the children to play on for hours. Sometimes I lay on it to watch my babe play and I’ll fall asleep on it. It’s cushiony and foamy…but not sure if this is rubber, latex or whatever.The mat is a bit delicate. Keep sharp objects away as they can gouge and rip the foam surface. This is why I roll it up and put it away after use. When I first got it, I was delighted by the size and thought it could be used like a rug and left out in the kid’s room permanently. But I soon realize it was too delicate for constant heavy foot traffic and pet claws. So now this only comes out when it’s time to play.It comes rolled and packaged in a plastic zippered sleeve/sack like a large yoga mat tote. Keep it so that you can use that to store the mat between uses.Easily wipes clean. Does not soak up spills.Great product and great price for such a big and cute mat.

Savannah Leck Kill, PA

Huge, portable, vibrant colors.

Love that this mat is so large. It folds up compactly and is lightweight. The colors are bright and engaging. It also works nicely as a background for cute pictures. My kiddos ages 6 & 3 love it and have plenty of room to both use it at the same time without being in the other’s space. We use this in our living room for a short time and then put away when not in use. It works well for this purpose.

Elnora Steuben, ME

Excellent and multifunctional

I had never heard of the Prince Lionheart line or company, so I looked them up, and they are considered very reputable and make high quality items and toys for babies and young children.This particular play mat is made of polyurethane foam that has been printed on both sides. The mat I have is more for toddlers and young children with a city scene on one side and an underwater scene on the other side. However, there are other options like city/farm, city/alphabet blocks, and city/dinosaurs. These are all colorful, highly detailed, and interesting for children to look at. Toddlers like to fine all the details and name the colors or animals. On the city scene, there are roadways for children to “drive” their cars and create imaginative trips through town.The mat itself is 78 inches x 69 inches (190 cm x 170 cm). Even though it is made of foam, there was no odor when I took it out of the package – no lingering smell and the materials and colors are non-toxic. It is padded so it is perfect for infants, crawlers, toddlers, and older children. I have used it for a play/sleep area for my 4 month old grandchild, and a play area for my other grandchildren ages 19 mos, 3 years and 7 years. The mat is great for an outdoor picnic area because it is clean and protective of grass, bugs, dirt etc. We even put it down in the garage on a rainy day for a sheltered and padded snack/play area. It wipes clean and rolls or folds up for easy storage; however, the mat I have is never stored – just moved from one play area to another depending on the children’s interests and who is visiting me at the time.I like the little bit of padding it has = excellent for babies, and my grandchildren love this mat.

Dolly Mc Clurg, MO

BEST Baby Present for Boys & Girls

This is really the perfect present for any new mother. The mat is large–30 feet–and has beautiful decorations on both sides. One side has an ocean-scene picture and the other side has more of a city/street picture. The mat is soft, making it a comfortable place for a baby on tummy time to rest. It also is easy to clean, when the baby spits up on it. The mat is very light weight and comes with a very nice carrying case so that it can be easily transported. Be sure, though, that your car is large enough to hold the mat. It does not fit into the trunk of a large sedan but does fit in the back seat of a large car. That is fine, as long, as you don’t expect to use all the back seats for other children. I still give the mat five stars, though, because it is fabulous, even if it is difficult to transport. Please note that there are many other designs for the mats–an alphabet, etc.–that you can also choose.

Jenny Carlton, PA

Thin and questionable value.

I found this playmat to be a little cheap for the cost. It is thin and easily moved around. It rolls up easily. And I don’t mean those as positive attributes. I was hoping for something a little nice for the price point.

Bobbi Campbell, NY

Nice double-sided play mat

We got this playmat for our nursery. It said that it would be a soft playmat and we thought it would be great for tummy time. Unfortunately, we had difficulty with laying the mat down flat after it had been rolled up for shipping. We stretched it out and put some books down on the ends and that seemed to help it. There are several benefits to having this mat. One benefit of the mat is that it is double sided and secondly that it comes with a carrying bag if you want to travel with it. I can see using this mat in years to come because of the ability to flip it over and use the side for playing with cars and trucks.

Tonya Herrick, SD