Prince Lionheart pottyPOD, Pink

Prince Lionheart pottyPOD, Pink

The Prince Lionheart pottyPOD helps create a hassle-free potty experience that makes potty training easier for you and your child. The potty is soft and cushiony and height adjustable. The rigid base and the non-slip grip strips provides strength and stability. The removable bowl and deflector shield make for easy clean up. It comes in 3 different colors.

Main features

  • Soft, cushiony comfort for training time
  • Height adjustable base to grow with child
  • Removable bowl and deflector shield make for easy clean up
  • Rigid base with non slip grip strips provides strength and stability

Verified reviews


too big, too easy to take apart

I purchased little potty by babybjorn and this one to train 3m old to use potty. Plus, it’s soft. Unfortunately, this potty is huge, the recipient is very small, and will leak for sure. Do not buy.

Annette Galway, NY

move over baby bjorn – this is the potty to own!

Out of all potties that I have tried this is the best hands down. The wide and soft cushion does not leave red marks on baby’s bottom, and its height can be adjusted when baby grows. The splash guard is really effective because of its size and angle, so it’s especially good for baby boys.I started my boy early (at 7 months) with the baby bjorn infant potty (BABYBJÖRN Little Potty – White- we were doing elimination communication part time. It worked great until the boy grew up. So at about 12 months I moved up to the baby bjorn potty chairBABYBJÖRN Potty Chair, White. This set back our potty training for a few weeks, since my boy was more interested in removing the collection bucket than sitting on it. I bought the POD because the bjorn splash guard was a joke, and the hard plastic left marks on my baby (I even think his legs went to sleep from sitting on it because it’s hard molded plastic). So far I am very happy with the POD. My son is 19 months and in the 90th percentile for height/weight and seems quite comfortable on the POD. Although large, it’s negligibly larger than the bjorn potty chair.

Alexandra Perote, AL

pricey but worth it

My son started out using the weepod at 20mons. At 24mons I purchased this one after I tried to be cheap and bought a hard plastic froggy potty.He used that one as a toy bucket. Two days after we recieved this potty, he’s trained. I think I spoiled him with the cushioney seat with the weepod. My son is small and is able to get on by himself. He’s 25mons and 25lbs. with a little booty. The first time he got on, he put one leg over from the side of the potty without a problem. He did have to hold onto the front. Now he just backs down onto it. I love that the pee guard is flexible cause he hits it everytime, but does not hurt him. I/he has not had any spill problems. Every drip goes in the bowl. I like that its easy to lift the bowl to dump. It took a $40 potty to train my son. Better than $40 every month on diapers.

Tricia Pope A F B, NC

This thing is BULKY and really tall. Also, hard to clean?

We’re trying the “diaper free before 3” approach, so we got this for an 11 months old. This thing is HUGE! It might be great for a 3 or 4 year old, but it’s certainly is waaay too big for a younger child. It’s at least 2 or 3 inches taller at the seat that the regular bjorn potty. Finally, the seat and the plastic are separate pieces, which makes me think that if there were ever leaks, it would be more work to clean that something like the bjorn that is one piece. We went with the bjorn, that’s good enough for an 11 months old, and seems like it would stay comfortable for a long time.

Bonita Castle Rock, MN

Nice but leaky!

This potty looks wonderful and it worked wonders in getting my little girl to sit on it, she loves the pink color. Unfortunately, it leaks all over and there is always a huge potty mess on the floor to clean up every time she goes in it. Several things cause this. The back of the potty is shaped so that my little one can lean slightly back when she goes, and the front, even with the splash guard up, does not do much to prevent the pee pee from splashing out. The bowl part also leaks all around the edge where it meets the color part of the potty. granted, this could all be from the way my girl sits on the potty, but she is learning for crying out loud! a good potty should be able to contain pee no matter how a little one sits on it. It is hard enough teaching her to sit and go. I would like a potty that does not require extra work.Grandma purchased the Fisher Price Precious Planet Potty ( also known as the froggy potty) and it does it all! looks cute and no pee pee mess at all. Do yourself a huge favor and get a potty chair that does not leak.

Beverly Lake Montezuma, AZ

2 year old loves it

We bought this potty several months before starting training so my son could get used to it. He immediately liked it. Once we started in earnest a few weeks ago it became clear that this was his preferred potty — we also have a baby bjorn in the downstairs bathroom, and a travel potty seat for when we’re out and about. He calls it the blue potty or the nice potty. It fits him very well, and will continue to work when he is bigger (he is just about 3′ tall and weighs around 28lb). It is comfortable enough for him to sit while we read books or play other potty games as necessary. He has figured out how to pick up the bowl to dump it in the big toilet himself, which makes him very proud. The only downside is that he is able to take the guard off, and if he doesn’t get himself set up correctly it can get a little messy without the guard there. Plus it is not as easy to clean as one might hope. That said, I think having a potty that makes the trainee feel comfortable is really important to success, and this fits the bill on that account. Overall we’re very happy with it.

Heather Trapper Creek, AK

Works great for us

My daughter is 26 months old, about 23 pounds, and somewhere between 34-35 inches tall. She is just now starting to potty train and this seat is perfect for us. She is able to back up and seat herself correctly over the bowl just fine, and she is very comfortable. She LOVES the bright green color. It is exceptionally easy dump out and clean, and it doesn’t take up much room at all in our small bathroom. We are very happy with it, and it is definitely helping her ease into potty training.

Aimee Rincon, GA

Very functional and stylish, for a potty chair

I bought this recently for my 18 month old son. He was showing an interest, and I am slowly introducing potty training, so this hasn’t gotten a lot of use yet. I am very happy with this purchase, and my son seems to like it too! The seat is comfortable and sturdy. I love the “squishyness” of it. My son likes to sit on it, and it does not leave any marks on his behind. It has an anti-skid bottom and doesn’t slide around. The pee guard is high enough to prevent any messes. The chair is simple, streamlined, and easy to clean. I like that it is somewhat height adjustable, by flipping the base, you can add another inch or two to the height. It is a little wide compared to other potties that I’ve seen. But my son (32″, 23 lbs.) does not have any problems sitting down on it; and it seems like he will be able to use it for years to come, if he’s so inclined.

Susan Woodbine, IA

Soft seat had a weird chemical smell.

I usually try to steer clear of products that contain chemicals, so I should’ve gone with my first instincts and passed on the pottyPod when I read that it contains an “antimicrobial additive.” Although antimicrobial substances are usually added to products with the best of intentions (e.g., to kill germs and prevent odors), most of them are chemicals with very questionable toxicity and side-effects. When I first researched the pottyPOD, I actually called the manufacturer’s Customer Service line to ask what kind of plastic the soft seat is made of, and what type of antimicrobial agent is in it. The rep was happy to inform me that the soft part of the potty seat is made of high-density polyurethane foam, but she was tight-lipped about the antimicrobial additive, stating that that info was “proprietary.” By that point, I’d already ordered the pottyPod, but I should’ve cancelled the order after my conversation with Prince Lionheart Customer Service. Instead, I decided to wait and check out the actual item “in person” before deciding whether to keep it or not.As it turned out, that was not the wisest decision on my part! As soon as I opened the box in which the pottyPOD was packed, my nose was immediately assaulted by a strong chemical smell. It was coming from the soft part of the potty seat. I couldn’t tell whether the source of the fumes was the polyurethane foam itself, or the anti-microbial additive, but either way, I was past the point of caring. Nothing that smelled that bad was ever getting near my preschooler’s bare bum! In addition, the so-called soft, comfortable seat is actually not that cushy. It looks and feels almost like a gel seat made out of extremely compressed foam, which is only about 1/4-inch thick. Honestly, I can’t see it doing much to ease the discomfort if your little-one needs to sit on the potty for more than a couple of minutes. The pottyPod is definitely being returned. (The only reason this potty got 2 stars instead of 1 was that it’s height-adjustable, which makes it good for taller/older toddlers and preschoolers).Grade: D

Dora Micanopy, FL

AMAZING potty.. daughter trained at 19months!

When my daughter was turning 1 I started doing research for THE potty. Well, I stumboled across the Lionheart PottyPOD my original thought was HOLY H thats an expensive seat to pee in haha! But, it went on sale and I grabbed it up ( in green ). It sat in my living room and became my daughters favorite place to sit for a few months. Then when she was about 15months I moved it into the bathroom and she sat on it while I did my business ( since she was already fascinated/wanting to watch). I started potty training her on Monday this week thinking it would take a few weeks for her to get the hang of it. ( Mind you she was showing warning signs like crying when wet.. not wanting a new diaper on.. tugging at her pants..etc.) Well, it is Thursday the same week and she has successfully completed not only a #1’s but a #2 on her PottyPOD! She hasn’t had any pee accidents and loves running to her potty to sit when she has the urge to go. ( we are doing the birthday suit method so she doesn’t need help with pants) So, if you ask me it has done its job like advertised.Keeping it clean: it is easy to dump her business in the toilet with one hand ( we wave bye bye and flush) .. I have been just spot wiping the collection area with a lysol wipe (cause lets face it she will stick her hand in there no matter what I say)… and it is nice and clean ready for next use!

Marisol Chazy, NY

Perfect for Toddler Boy

This has a nice soft splash guard for boys and allows the child to have a healthier squatting position. Very soft on the bum and an insert bowl that is easy to pour into the toilet then clean. The gray color is nice for parents who don’t want every child need in the house to look like colorful toys. My son is almost three and taking his time being potty trained but this is a nice height and bowl size to accommodate him.

Marie Rickreall, OR

Works for our 1.5 year old

My son is big for his age. He started sitting on this potty from 1 year old. He is now 1 year 8 months old and almost fully potty trained! He always liked sitting on this potty looking at books. I think that the comfort of this potty was an important factor for him spending a lot of time on it and eventually figuring out what this potty thing is about. Now we use this potty in combination with the dreambaby soft potty seat.

Leigh Auburn, WA

still not sure

both my wife and I got this for the big step of potty training for our little girl, but she is still not wanting to sit on it do to the shape of it. it has its built in Hight changer on the bottom to make it self taller for the older youngings but the different shape of it is what we are haveing the problem with. dont know if we are going to want to get a new / cheeper one to know for sure.

Hope Jacksonville, MO

Large but nice

This overall is a great potty seat. I love how easy it is to dump and very easy to clean. I have two small complaints. one is that its a pretty large seat. My daughter is only 15 months and small so its a little big for her but would be great for an older child. Also the splash guard seems nice if you had a boy. My other complaint is that it would be really nice if the sides had a handle or something to make it easier to move. My bathroom is small and i need to move this around when we are using the bathtub and its kind of awkward to pick up.

Nadine Erwinna, PA

We like it but our son refuses to use it

We like it but our son refuses to use it. Looks great in the bathroom but he prefers the weepod seat.

Sallie Whites Creek, TN

Great potty for kids that have to sit for a while

My 2.5 yr old takes his time on the potty. The Bjorn one he was using gets a little hard to sit on after a longer than usual stint trying "to make it happen". This potty is soft to sit on and easy to clean. The only improvement I would make is to make the cup part slightly longer in the back. He tends to sit back on it and he needs a little more room for #2 back there! But overall it is an easy clean up and looks pretty cool for a potty chair. I would recommend it to a friend. I also like the Prince Lionheart soft booster seat this company makes. Check it out!

Angel Hillview, KY

What a great toddler toilet

Love this toilet and so does my daughter. I will also find my 3 year old son using it. I like that it is a wider than my other potty cause hopefully that will prevent the pee from shooting up wards. Also I don’t see it in the picture but it does have a shield for the pee that can be used or if you bend it backwards it lies flat with the toilet. The only con is that my 18 month daughter likes to pull out the pee trap (bleached of course, I would never let her touch unless it was bleached) I am just letting her get used to it but she loves it!

Socorro Lakeview, NC

This Potty is a MUST!

After reading someone else’s review, I knew this potty deserved a chance. Most potty’s have all these bells and whistles, which can distract a small child from understanding what the potty is really about. This potty is plain but aren’t our toilets? I introduced this potty to my then 13 month old daughter a month ago and she has gone potty 19 times. Going potty is not play-time. If I would have bought one of those potty’s that played songs and made noises I’m sure we would not have made so much progress.This potty is soft and just the right height. You can also turn over one of the bottom pieces to add more height for the taller kids. Very easy to wipe down! I know this potty is more money than most, but the ease of putting together, keeping clean and the progress my daughter has made is well worth the price. This would be a great gift 😉

Tricia Osseo, MN

Good potty, we have two!

We have two of these very expensive potties. Yes–expensive is how I describe it, but this is the only potty that my son will use right now. After purchasing the first potty, I quickly realized that we needed one for both levels of the house (my son is afraid of the adult toilet). So, after a few days of forgetting to shuttle the single potty to the appropriate bathroom, I broke down and bought a second.I like it because the seat appears to be quite comfy for my son. For me, it’s easy to clean, both inside and out. It has a very wide footprint, making it difficult for a little-one to tip over while in use. I didn’t realize it on the first purchase, but you can change the height of the potty to accommodate both smaller and larger tots–which is a handy feature. I also find the bowl to be a nice size, as it has been able to accommodate some rather large deposits. Overall, I am very happy with the potty and obviously, would buy again–despite the price.

Monique Damascus, VA

Good for big toddlers

My son is 27 months and weighs 32 lbs. He is not really going potty yet, but likes to sit on it like older kids. The one we had from our first son (skinny) was too small for my youngest, and his pee would have been shooting over the top of the pee guard. This one has a cushy seat, soft pee guard, so if he lands on it, it bends and then goes back into place, and the pee guard is tall enough- perfect for him and will definitely fit him over the next year whenever he decides to actually potty in the potty.Update 1 year later: My son did use this potty for potty training, and since he was so big and not afraid of the potty, easily transitioned to the big toilet, without a seat topper. This potty didn’t get much use after the first month because he was so ready to get on the big potty. We didn’t start training until one month before he turned three(learned from doing it to early with other child), and we used an intensive potty training (salty snacks, water, potty videos, little prizes, and potty trips every 15min) and he was trained in half a day with a few accidents over the first month!So… fast forward 6 months and the potty has a new use! This wonderful potty was in the give away closet. Then my son started stalling at bedtime, calling out as soon as we left that he had to poop, though he usually didn’t, and we figured out his plan! So, now we have him sit on the potty for 5 minutes before bedtime story to see if he can poop, then after lights out, he now has this potty in his room. He gets no attention or visits from us for sitting on it, but if he does poop we will come clean him up. It’s worked like a charm. If he really has to go, we aren’t ignoring, and he can poop and call us. If he doesn’t really have to go, he doesn’t even try it because he knows we don’t come unless he has a poop in it. ***I also found out, for easy clean up, those little plastic baggies (baby dept.) that come on a roll for disposing of stinky diapers on the go- those fit easily over the cup and pee guard of this potty, so no more clean up! Just wipe him, tie up the bag and throw away, and replace the bag. I wish I’d have used those from the beginning!

Ella Washington Court House, OH

Perfect Potty

I purchased this potty after seeing the reviews and secondly for the color as it matches our bathroom. Everything about the potty is great!!My 18 month year old sits on it everyday at bath time and though we are not fully there in the potty time, she seems to like the potty. She is not scared of it and tells me its her potty.I did order the potty a few months before we started with any sort of introducing potty training so she would get use to the site of it. It was a slow month of touching it and calling it the “potty” but i am glad we spent the slow time getting her acquainted to it as she has taken to it.The seat is squishy and seems comfy for her. The tray is very easy to remove and dump into the toilet. Everything can be taken apart to be washed, so it is very helpful.I did not want a potty with a lid and glad I got this one as she cannot hide toys in there 🙂

Christian El Dorado Hills, CA

Great potty!

Son is 16 months and although he isnt ready to potty train it is never too early to introduce the potty! He loves it! Seat is comfy, has a nice flexible splash guard, has different height adjustments, and doesnt have distractions of toys music and bells to distract from the goal you have lol. Spend the extra 10 dollars and get a great potty!

Sheree Cape Vincent, NY

Used this for our kids when they potty trained shortly before turning 3y.

I place this POD on a folded towel or old bathroom mat and have never experienced a leak. Our children were instructed how to properly position themselves on the potty so to urinate down into the bowl. The fact that the height can be adjust slightly has been a huge help for us as well. We started with this POD and transitioned to the Prince Lionheart Wee POD later. Both seats have held up well and lasted through multiple children.

Ina Dalton, MA