Prince Lionheart Premium Wipe Warmer

Prince Lionheart Premium Wipe Warmer

The Prince Lionheart premium wipesWARMER takes the chill out of diaper changing. It features the patented Ever-Fresh System. The premium wipesWARMER keeps baby wipes fresh, moist and free from discoloration.  The Prince Lionheart wipes warmers are the only warmers molded with an EPA approved anti microbial additive to inhibit the growth of bacteria and microorganisms.  This comes with advanced moisture retention system and insulated body to keep baby wipes warm and moist. It warms both pop-up and regular wipes to the perfect temperature.

Main features

  • Polypropylene
  • Imported
  • Helps prevent diaper rash
  • Molded with an EPA approved anti microbial additive to inhibit the growth of bacteria and microorganisms
  • Advanced moisture retention
  • Keeps baby wipes fresh, moist and free from discoloration
  • Warms both pop up and regular wipes

Verified reviews


12 Months of Cloth Diapering, the master list!

After extensive research and even a class on cloth diapering at the local birth center, I settled on the Grovia system and have not regretted that decision. My son is now 12 months and we have been using Grovia since about 8 weeks. We have lots of cloth diapering friends so I have had the chance to see lots of cloth diapers in action and I am very glad that I invested in grovia to begin with. Here are the products we use, why we like them and (in some cases) how they could be improved. There is a lot of material covered in this review. I am doing it this way because I wish there had been something comprehensive like this on Amazon when I was shopping for my diaper stuff! If you are considering buying a Grovia system, this will be helpful for you. If you are looking for a comprehensive review on just one item, other reviews may be more suitable.Our total system consists of the following:Essentials;
• 15 All In One shells in a variety of prints and solids = 6 velcro and 9 snapGroVia All-In-One (AIO) Cloth Diaper – Planes
• 36 organic insertsGroVia Certified Organic Cotton Soaker Pad 2 Pack
• Magic Stick diaper ointmentMagic Stick All Natural Diaper Ointment, Clear, Net Wt. 2 oz.
• Brabantia Pedal BinPedal Bin, 30 Litre (White) (25.98″H x 11.54″W x 15.55″D)
• 36 Grovia WipesGroVia Cotton Cloth Wipes, 12 count
• Diaper DetergentTiny Bubbles Detergent, Net Wt. 60 oz., Yellow BoxNon-essentials, we use these items for convenience,
• Diaper scraperMake My Day Two Birds Silicone Spatula and Scraper Set, Black
• Diaper sprayerbumGenius Diaper Sprayer
• Wipe Warmer (perfectly fits grovia wipes)Prince Lionheart Premium Wipe Warmer
• 2 waterproof changing pad coversCarters Keep Me Dry Flannel Bassinet Pad, Ecru
• 24 washcloths (for top layer of changing pad)Martex Hospitality Washcloths – 24-Pack (White)
• 1 little pottyBABYBJÖRN Little Potty – White
• Disposable Biodegradable diapers for backup and travel Broody Chick 100% Natural Fully Compostable Diapers Jumbo Box (Junior 26.5 – 55.1 lbs. (96-Count))
• Disposable overnight diapers for heavy wetters Seventh Gen. – Baby Overnight Diapers, Stage 4, 24 Count (Pack of 4) = 96 total diapers
• Triple Paste Diaper Ointment for use with disposablesTriple Paste Medicated Ointment for Diaper Rash, 16-OunceThere are a number of items that we have tried, but did not find useful and either returned, donated or gave away. There was quite a bit of trial and error and research that went into the above system. I have only listed the items that work beautifully and will simplify your cloth diapering efforts.I will jump right in with some gripes.Cloth diapering is not cheap and despite industry claims, I have not realized cost savings in the first year (as compared to buying premium disposable diapers at Costco). When you add up the cost of the diapers and accessories, the cost of your time doing all those extra loads of laundry (or paying a diaper service), the cost of the resources to wash and dry all those loads, and the cost of all the special “cloth friendly” accoutrements necessary to care for the diapers without ruining them, it really adds up. If you are going to use the system for more than once child, then you will realize some significant savings (be sure to buy gender-neutral covers if that is your intention). The bigger motivation to cloth diaper (at least for me) is the dramatically reduced environmental impact and health benefits of cloth diapering. Conventional disposable diapers are loaded with toxins that pollute the earth, the workers that produce them and of course, your baby. Not to mention that it takes over 500 years for regular disposables to break down in the environment. That means that your babies dirty diapers will still be polluting the earth when your great, great, great, great grandchildren are born. Talk about a crappy legacy to leave behind!Now the good stuff.I chose Grovia because of the convenience and simplicity of the whole system. I knew that if I was going to cloth diaper, it would need to be as simple and easy as possible, even if that meant I would pay a bit more up front. There is a massive amount of information about cloth diapering on the net and much of it is overly complicated. Cloth diapering does not have to be complicated. You can simplify things quite a bit by sticking with one brand/ one system.Having said that, the grovia system was too big, hard and bulky for our 10 pound newborn (and Grovia products are pretty trim compared to most cloth diapering systems) so we used disposables for the first couple of months. It would look like he was sleeping on an incline because the grovia insert was so thick under his bum. Other cloth brands have special newborn sized diapers and inserts, but I chose not to invest the money for newborn cloth diapers that would only be used for a short time. We used Broody Chick 100% compostable disposable diapers for that period and the added convenience of the disposables was great during that initial difficult phase. We had some minor problems with diaper rash during that time, but the Triple Paste always cleared it up in a day (then we would go back to the Grovia Magic Stick).I breastfeed our baby so the diaper changes are more frequent (than formula fed babies). I wanted enough diapers to last three days. I did not want to do an extra load of laundry every two days. I kept adding covers, inserts and wipes until I had enough to last three days, hence the numbers above. If I had known in the beginning how many covers and inserts were going to be required, I would have saved some money by buying some of the larger Grovia combo deals.The 30 liter Brabantia garbage pail is all steel, easy to clean and self sealing (no stink outside the pail) and the perfect size for three days worth of Grovia wipes, covers, inserts and changing pads. It has an inner plastic pail with handle that makes trips to the laundry room a breeze. I reuse use the plastic liners (that came with the pail) by putting them in the sun and alternating every three days. The sun eliminates all the odor from the liners.I primarily used the 6 velcro covers (more convenient than snaps) through 11 months when our baby was finally able to figure out how to open them (and they are pretty worn looking velcro tabs at this point). Then I transitioned into primarily using the 9 snap covers and keeping the velcro covers only as backup. Grovia has a service that will remove the velcro tabs and replace with snaps for $6 a diaper. I wish they would offer a service to just replace the velcro, but I am happy with the durability of ALL the covers. They have held up better than I expected.Our son gets a lot of time in nature. We don’t worry about his clothing or diapers getting dirty if he is having a great experience. The darker colors and the patterned shells hide dirt and grass soiling better than the light solid shells. The gentle cloth diaper detergents aren’t great at getting out dirt or grass stains either. If I had to do it over, I would not buy any light colored solid covers.We bought some Grovia Booster pads to try before we went to the disposable overnight diapers, but our guy would soak through the regular “Soaker Pad” and the Booster Pad and wake up with wet clothes and bedding. There just wasn’t enough absorbency for our breast fed baby. Changing him several times a night just added to the stress of those early days so we transitioned over to the disposables for night time and have been happy with that choice ever since.The Grovia Magic Stick is truly brilliant! It is all natural, effective and does not require you to dip your fingers into diaper ointment while wrangling a diaper onto a squirming baby several times a day! It also does not adversely affect the absorbency of cloth diapers they way regular ointments do. Do not use the Triple paste (or any regular diaper ointment) with your cloth diapers. The waxes and petroleum oils in regular diaper ointments coat the cotton fibers and prevent them from absorbing liquids. We tried several top rated “natural” ointments for our occasional diaper rash, but Triple Paste worked where the natural ones failed. We used it sparingly whenever bumps appeared (which was pretty rare compared to our disposable diapering friends).Grovia wipes are fantastic. I wrote a separate review on these that compared the three types of wipes I bought. Grovia wipes were the best of the three and they work with the Prince Lionheart wipe warmer perfectly.The Prince Lionheart Premium Wipe Warmer is the perfect size for the Grovia wipes and will hold a stack of about 15 wipes folded in half and stacked. We load a stack of wipes and then fill the wipe warmer with water from the tap. We do not use any “wipe solution” and we have had very little problem with diaper rash. 95% of the world cleans their bums with water alone (no paper) and it works beautifully. We stopped using the warming function after 5 months and baby does not mind the cool wipes at all. At this point, it is basically a nice looking/ easy to sanitize box to keep the wipes moist on the counter.Little Potty. We started our son on his Little Potty when he was about three months old. Whenever he would cue that he was “going”, we would take him to his potty to go. Now at 12 months, we take him to his potty after every meal and when he cues and he uses the potty pretty consistently. It is easier to dump and rinse the little potty contents into the toilet than it is to change and wash his diapers so we encourage him to use his little potty as much as possible. He gets lots of positive feedback and interaction when he “makes it” to the potty so he enjoys using it. At 12 months, he is very comfortable sitting on a potty to pee or poo. We keep the Little Potty on the bathroom counter and stand with him while he is sitting on it. I have seen lots of people start out with the Little Potty on the floor, but if you have the counter space in your bathroom, this will save your knees and back and make it easier for you to interact with your baby while on the potty. In another month or two, we will transition it to the floor for his use.Grovia Little Bubbles diaper detergent. I have used the 5 top rated diaper detergents and honestly, I can’t tell a lick of difference between them. I do a prewash with 1/2 indicated amount detergent and then a full wash with extra rinse using the full amount (per detergent instructions) of detergent. The most important thing is that you use a detergent designed for cloth diapers. Regular detergents have enzymes that will deteriorate the waterproof barriers in your cloth diapers. Cloth diaper detergents also do not have the dyes and perfumes that can irritate baby skin. I am currently using Grovia detergent and it is at least as good as the other top rated diaper detergents. I can’t say that it is anymore effective at removing stains than the others. My diaper inserts are stained, but they are clean, soft and have no smell whatsoever when they come out of the dryer. I have always used cloth diaper detergent and I have never had to “strip” them. I use 14 ounces of wool dryer balls to dry my inserts and wipes. The dryer balls shaved ten minutes off the 80 minute dry cycle required to get a load of diapers dry. It takes only 70 minutes with the added wool balls.Bum Genius Diaper Sprayer. We bought this, but after reading stories of flimsy parts and flooding disasters, we replaced the hose and a couple other flimsy parts with higher quality metal plumbing pieces and have not had any problems for the past year.I will come back from time to time to update this review. I hope it was helpful for those trying to wade through all the cloth diapering info out there and find a simple, but effective set up. If this review was helpful for you, please vote!

Sharlene Fe Warren Afb, WY

wipe warmer

Got this as a gift at my baby shower.It’s ok but not something one needs. I actually stopped using mine now because of the hassle. Read on…If it’s winter and you want this wipe then go right ahead BUT be sure to have the wipes VERY CLOSE to the baby. I initially had mine about 6 ft away from baby so my husband grabbed the wipe and passed it to me while I was changing my son.Thing is that the once warm wipe became cold in approx 3 to 5 seconds, even if we crumpled it up in the palm of our hands. Eventually I found a better place to keep it next to baby, however the wipes kept getting stuck in the bottom part of the warmer so i eventually got tired of lifting the cover and pushing the wipes through to the top.This was just too much trouble for me. My son has never flinched when touched by the wipes or signaled in any other way of the wipes being cold.If you’re wondering if this should be an item on the ‘must have ‘ list then the answer is NO WAY.

Kaitlyn Grey Eagle, MN

Worked Fine but Never Used It

The best feature of this affordable wipe warmer is the night light, I think. It’s not ridiculously blazing, but it gives a person enough light to find the warmer and do a diaper change in the middle of the night. Outside of nighttime, I did not find use for this product. I wanted to keep baby’s disturbance to a minimum in the middle of the night so that she would *fingers crossed* go back to sleep. My child almost never had a dirty diaper at night, so eventually I gave this wipe warmer away for another new mama to try. It may have been a waste of money for me, but it was a good experiment at a pretty decent price. And it worked just fine, never discolored anything, etc.

Cathryn Prentice, WI

Fire Hazard. As others have stated, design flaw leads to power cord corrosion.

Attached is a letter I sent to Prince Lionheart. It pretty much sums up my review, so I figure I would just copy and paste. I will post updates if the company responds.Dear Sir or Madam:I bought two of these wipes warmers when I had my twins in November 2011. I loved both of them over other wipes warmers I had owned in previous years (Dex baby and Babies R Us Brands). The moistened replacement inserts were a plus for me- because of them, the problem of needing to add water was not an issue with your warmers as opposed to others I had used. Because I had twins, they both received high usage and were both maintained/refilled and moistened on a weekly basis. However, a few months ago, I noticed that one of my AC inserts was severely corroded after taking on water. Water?? The cord, nor the warmer had never been anywhere near water?! I stopped plugging it in, aware that it could pose a fire risk. And in a nursery right next to my baby’s crib, no less! I assumed it was just a fluke and went about using my other one, which was not anywhere near the nursery on the other end of my home.Last week, I noticed the SAME thing had happened to my second wipes warmer AC adapter insert. A simple inspection showed me that when the top is lifted, condensation that has collected drips through onto the AC adapter insert – a design flaw and undoubtedly what is causing this problem with so many consumers. I am fortunate that nobody was hurt and I am just out $60 for the wipes warmers. However, in searching for a replacement, I started reading reviews of your premium wipes warmer on Alas, I am not the only one that is experiencing this issue. I counted at least half a dozen people with the same issue – and that is just from the small population that actually takes the time to post a review. Then, I saw someone had also reported this wipes warmer on for, you guessed it, the same thing. I noticed that your corporate response was one averting blame and indicating it was not your product that is the problem. Very disappointing, to say the least. I take very good care of my items, live in a home with a whole house generator and a whole house surge protection system -it is very unlikely that there are wiring or power issues here that would have caused this. Furthermore, it was not exposed to water other than the water that leaks through the cover when in use. All signs point to the fact that this is not a consumer problem, but a manufacturing problem.PLEASE for the safety of every family using your products, bring this issue to light with your design team so that this issue can be fixed, and stop averting blame to the consumer. My wipes warmers were refilled and instructions were carefully followed. I agree that a lot of the times, product safety issues are the result of poor, neglectful parenting or the lack of common sense, but this is simply not the case here and to continue to ignore it and act like it is not your fault is unethical and simply put, unequivocally wrong.Update May 2013: Price Lionheart did respond. Here is the response-“Dear Ms. XXXXXXXX,Your message has been forwarded to me, since it referred to a safety concern about one of our products. I am the head of operations for Prince Lionheart, where my responsibilities include oversight of quality control and regulatory compliance. Thank you for taking the time to explain your experience. I was greatly relieved that no injury to your family or damage to your home occurred, but sorry that you had to go through this troubling incident at all. I would very much like to learn as much detail as possible about the circumstances, since first hand information from real-world environments is extremely valuable in our efforts to improve our products. I hope you’ll respond to this message with a phone number and convenient time when I may reach you for a short conversation.In the meantime, you might find some measure of reassurance in knowing that the issue of producing the safest possible wipe warmer, even though both water and electricity are inherent to its function, is always first and foremost in the efforts of our design team. Much care has been exercised in developing the channeling that returns condensation to the wipe tub, where it belongs, so your observation on this subject is of great interest to me. Of the many, many wipe warmers Prince Lionheart has sold over almost fifteen years, we are not aware of any instance of a fire being started or an individual being injured by one of them, but we’re always seeking ways to further improve our warmer.Again, thank you for your time in bringing this to our attention. We’re sorry for the distress it caused you, and I hope to speak with you soon.Best Regards,Richard Siegel”I did reply to this message providing him with a phone number with which to contact me, but I never heard from him after that. It has been more than a month. Not really impressed by Prince Lionheart to say the least.

Elda Laie, HI

Nice warmer

This wipe warmer is great. I have never used one before and I am glad that I started with this one. It keeps the wipes very moist and warm. The wipe does cool off quickly once it is removed but that will happen with any warmer you get. The wipes come out very easily, as long as you are using pop up wipes. The pad inside of it stays very wet for about 9 days and then I have to re wet it. You may see some discoloration on the pad but not on the wipes. The discoloration easily cleans off though under hot water. This is worth the money & can also be found at most walmarts

Carmella Smith Mills, KY

General review for wipe warmers

I got this for nightime changes and the house is 70 degrees year round. The wipes are cold by the time they reach LO’s bum. Perfectly useless as far as I’m concerned. The product does its job and had no defects.

Carolyn Tracy, MN

Keeps your wipes warm

There can be nothing worse than cold wipes in the middle of the night. These always kept all of the wipes at a nice warm temperature and hopefully made things much more comfortable for my young son at the time. The temperature never feels too hot and delivers the wipes at a constant warm temperature at all times.We had to occasionally replace the heating pads inside (I can’t remember if it was every 3 months or so) as those do wear out and need new pads to keep everything working well. The pads themselves are not too expensive and you can buy them most retailers.

John Parkersburg, IL

Hot towel madam?

Before we got this my daughter use to wail through diaper changes. Now, we have a LOT less drama. We originally had this on our registry but took it off because we thought it might be frivolous. But it turns out it works great for us and we love it.*for parents who CD, wash cloths wont pop out of the dispenser at the top but it is easy enough to just lift the lid and get out your wipe. This warmer holds about 15-20 baby wash cloths.

Robin Keuka Park, NY

Comprehensive Review – User for 5 months

After 5 months of use using disposable wipes, here’s how I address/summarize the 42 reviews I just read…Warmth – If you keep the warmer very close by at your changing area and use one at a time, these stay fresh, moist, and warm (we’re by a cool window). I didn’t find any of this inconvenient as all of my stuff is set up in one area and I have no need for multiple wipes at once. Finish with one, pull out another if you need it.Necessity – Is this absolutely necessary? Nope, you will survive without it. But I’m SO GLAD we finally just made the decision to use a gift card on it – wish we had it from day one. Especially if you have a BOY – My son dramatically reduced his “open air incidents” when we started using this. He also used to HATE diaper changes and got much less fussy when we started using this. We used to DREAD nighttime changes before this warmer.Maintenance – Every Sunday, I rinse/squeeze out the replacement foam-like pad at the bottom (which looks like it can be used in any warmer, by the way). Every now and then I see some slight staining and a few harder spots but after rinsing it all goes away like new. I have yet to replace the pad so I think my weekly regimen is working fine. After I squeeze all the old water out a few times, I just run more water over it but not to where it’s dripping everywhere and put it back after adding any wipes necessary. Once, I forgot to rinse the pad and we went 2 weeks. It was dry, hard & discolored & I thought it would never recover (it did, as always) but some of the lower wipes were discolored. I was in a hurry so I figured as soon as I got to the discolored wipes I would just throw them out. Well the pad must have pulled the discoloration out of the affected wipes because I never saw them when I went back the next week.The Lid – I’ve had no problems with the upper lid failing to close. It is a little difficult to open the inner lid with one hand which you only need to do if your wipes fail to come through the opening. This has only happened twice and only because I was in a hurry and using easy tear biodegradable wipes. When I pull out a wipe at a normal pace, I have no problem seeing the following wipe tip pop up for the next use.Nightlight – The first night, I hated the nightlight (slightly brighter than a phone charger). But I loved it the second night when we had to do a night change and I didn’t have to turn on any other light and the baby stayed drowsy and my hubby stayed asleep. I got used to it quickly but you can always throw a little cloth over it or some white electrical tape.Size – it was the size I expected and as described. If you have a plastic organizer, it probably fits on top as the sizes are rather standardized. I have mine on a Munchkin organizer and was surprised at how well it fits. It almost seems like the little grooves were made for it.

Elise Wantagh, NY

fire hazard!

horrible product — condensation runs down lid, through hinge holes, into bottom compartment with exposed electric heating element. eventually stopped working and rusty water poured out the power jack! opened it up and it was all rusted/corroded. the company claims this is impossible, well, reports of it are all over the web. returning for refund, lucky it didn’t burn our house down!we switched to just using a glass bowl of water sitting on this, works great:Mr. Coffee MWBLK Mug Warmer

Angel Florence, KY

Loved it for a year, but now…not so much!!!

This is one of my favorite baby purchases. It keeps the wipes nice and warm and it’s easy to maintain. I rinse the pillow when I get to the bottom of my wipe supply. Depending on the brand of wipes I use, some of them don’t pop-up through the opening, but it’s easily fixed. The Huggies brand wipes seem to work best, as they are connected to each other with perforations and not just stacked together. This is a great gift idea for someone that is expecting or for yourself!!!1/17/14 Update- Well after using this product for 14 months, it has brought on a concern. A week ago, I noticed the light on the front was not working. When I investigated the cord, I discovered that the metal piece that attaches to the warmer, was corroded. I immediately unplugged the cord from the wall, and also found that the inside of the warmer was cold. This scares me because it could have caused a fire. I am not in the market for a new warmer, as it’s winter and cold wipes are not enjoyable for my son. I have contacted Prince Lionheart and hope to have an answer from them soon.

Abbie Newcomb, NY

Great gift – must have if you live in cold climate.

I received as a gift and at first thought it was a bit funny. I now adore it, I find myself giving it as a gift at baby showers. The wipes are warmed and kept moist by a pillow – the one thing I learned is to soak and refill this pillow so your wipes stay moist and your pillow does not harden. This is important – it also keeps your machine from overheating. This machine as a dull green power light so even in the dark you can use without having to turn on a lot of light, and you know when you are plugged in.My August baby loved using this during the winter – she wouldn’t wake up easily when it was time for a diaper change and I found it was easier to get her to go back to sleep as the warmth soothed her whereas cold wipes seem to shock her awake.At about $20 this gift is the gift that your new mom may have not know she needed. I really like this product and recommend it to any mom, but especially those that have cold days and nights.

Essie Marshall, VA


This works great. I love the night light on it. If you remember to soak the sponge each week then it will work great for you!

Octavia Gordonsville, VA

Protect furniture from leaks!

I can’t say that I’m super impressed with this wipe warmer. First, it can (and did) leak onto my wood dresser top, which left a water stain and warped the wood. I ended up buying a cheap aluminum cookie sheet to put under it, to protect the dresser. Second (and this may be a problem with the wipes, rather than the warmer), I’ve been using it with Earth’s Best wipe refillsEarth’s Best Chlorine Free Baby Wipes Refill, 72-Count (Pack of 12)and the wipes don’t dispense individually through the top of the warmer. When I pull out a wipe, the next one doesn’t pop up, so I have to raise the second part of the lid and feed the next wipe through the top. Although I like these wipes, I may try another brand, to see if they work better. Otherwise, I’m probably going to ditch the warmer.UPDATE: I ended up ditching this warmer in favor of theOXO Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser, Green. I tried a different brand of wipes, but they caused an immediate rash, so I’m sticking with the Earth’s Best. My little guy doesn’t seem to notice any difference between the warmed wipes and the room-temperature ones. My husband made fun of me for buying a wipes warmer in the first place, and I hate to admit it, but he was right.

Vickie Kaycee, WY

How would I survive without it?!?!

We got this for our newborn. He is now 5 months old and this thing has held up beautifully. We have only changed the pad at the bottom once. I love this warmer. I have bought it for 5 other expectant moms!

Myrtle Brewster, OH

good deal

I used to make fun of this idea but once I got one ohhhhhh man its like my bff in pamper changing my daughter loves it

Mariana Adams, OR

Not Great for Cloth Wipes

This wipes warmer does what it says it will do: it warms wipes. I bought it because I was cloth diapering and using cloth wipes, and I liked the design of this one better than the one that they say was made for cloth wipes. Unfortunately I found that I could only fit about 10 wipes in at a time, which got me through less than one day’s worth of diapers before it needed to be re-stocked. I know that cloth diapering is a bit more inconvenient than disposables, but I was not willing to be THAT inconvenienced. Refilling this every other day I could handle, but more than once a day? Too much.Also my cloth wipes wouldn’t pull through the smaller opening, so I had to open the main re-filling opening every time I wanted to use one, which made condensation pour out the back and onto my change table every time I changed a diaper. The water droplets dripped right over the cord and I can’t imagine how this is not a fire hazard.Sold for $10 just a few weeks after buying it.

Susanna Arlington, NE

Excellent product especially if you have a sensitive baby

I received my first wipe warmer as a gift, and I thought I didn’t need it. I gave it a try and my daughter seems to get through diaper changes with less tears. In fact, she doesn’t seem to mind diaper changes now. It has been especially helpful for changing her in the middle of the night. Now I don’t know what I’d do without it. My husband was also skeptical, but now he thinks it’s a great product too. We bought a second warmer for our second change table.

Gladys Austinburg, OH

Burned out in 30 days.

I loved this warmer, it warmed up the wipes just right, and was easy to fill/maintain. No complaints at all until the warmer burned out at 30 days. You cant open it to find the problem, the light still works, its all hunky-dory exept that its COLD. Really dissapointing that such a simple product is useless after such a short amount of time

Florine Wewoka, OK


I LOVE this!! We got ours from a friend who used hers for a few years (her oldest is 4) and it was still in excellent condition…I love that it keeps the wipes warm for cold nights and my daughter does too…we don’t use the wipes warmer all the time, but when we do it’s nice to know that (as long as you follow the directions) the wipes are not dried out and they are warm not hot.

Jasmin Ticonderoga, NY

Nice and warm

I read a bunch of reviews and I like this warmer the best since it fits both cloth and disposable wipes. The wipes are nice and warm and our newborn loves it. She gets very upset if we use a cold wipe. Makes for a calmer diaper change. The only thing I dislike is the extremely bright light on the front. We cover it up at night and that solves that issue. Despite numerous websites saying a wipe warmer is a waste of money I find that I need mine and enjoy using it.

Anastasia Painesville, OH

Definitely recommend

This is great. As first I thought it was an unnecessary up sell, who would need such a thing?! Then I had our son and I asked for it as a belated baby shower gift, once all of the required items had been born. I love it. It makes such a difference in the middle of the night to keep him as asleep as possible during diaper changes! I mean who would want a cold cloth on their butt when they’re just waking up?

Wanda Lanexa, VA

Had this for two years and still going strong

I’ve had this for over two years and love it for warming wipes in the winter. I live in MI where it’s extremely cold in the house when it’s cold outside and this has been great for my infants. Nothing worse than changing a baby’s diaper in the middle of the night and startling them with a freakishly cold bum-wiping.

Corine Harrell, AR


At first I didnt think I would want a wipe warmer but this works great for not startling the baby with cold wipes on her butt.

Fay Calvin, ND

Burns wipes at the bottom

The wet sponge at the bottom burned and turned rust-colored, which transferred to the wipes at the bottom. Also, the only way to tell you’re about to run out of wipes and need a refill, is by the temperature of the wipes. The ones at the bottom are pretty hot. Would be nice if there was an indicator window so you know to refill the wipes before running out. Otherwise, this is a nice wipes warmer for nighttime use.

Francine Orient, OH

Musty sometimes but still a good warmer.

I find that I have to change the pad more often than recommended – about every 2 months or so – in order to prevent mustiness. I use cloth wipes and scent them with tea tree oil (which has antiseptic properties), lavender, and Vitamin E (which makes it so soft), but even with these fragrances, there is mustiness unless that pad is changed frequently. That’s my main criticism. Otherwise, it’s a good warmer. I did notice, however, that it didn’t work as well after I left it open by mistake for an hour or so.

Arlene Mantachie, MS

Heating part stopped working after 9 months

It was great up until about 9 months in, when it decided not to work anymore. Other than that it was a wonderful item to have.

Amy Dugway, UT

Useless piece of junk

Used for about 6 months with my first child, mainly for damp cloth wipes. Worked great for those. With the disposable wipes, the bottom 20 or so were always dried out and brown. With my second child, the warmer burned out after about 3 days of use. Now it is a useless piece of plastic that will probably pollute the ground for one hundred plus years. Thank you Prince Lionheart.

Lillian Conway, NC

Don’t buy it.

We bought this twice and it died both times! Each only lasted a couple of months. The problem was that the water seems to leak into the power cord, which corrodes it. Not to mention it is unsafe to have it by your baby! Buy the munchkin one instead!

Renee Treynor, IA


Worked well for about 6 or so months and then it totally stopped working. At the end of the day it’s the same price for the oxo wipes holder, and they are warm at the beginning- so I’m not super upset; BUT, the review is for a wipes warmer, and it kind of sucks at doing that.This was one of those frivolous purchases I made as a first time mom (my friend told me I needed one- what did I know…!). Would definitely not purchase again and would not recommend.

Michelle Milton, IA