Prince Lionheart Soft Booster Seat, Green

Prince Lionheart Soft Booster Seat, Green

The soft booster seat is perfect for meal time, TV time or anytime. It is waterproof, portable and slip resistant. The soft booster is made of light density foam for comfort. The soft foam protects furniture from scratches and easily wipes clean.

Main features

  • Foam
  • Imported
  • Seat that gets the job done while feeling good and looking great
  • Non-slip base, lightweight, easy-to-clean, waterproof, soft foam boosterSEAT
  • Textured seat to keep from slipping and sliding
  • Indoor or outdoor; meal time or family time;2 years+; seat weight: 2.7 lbs / 1.2 Kg
  • Provides a 3 inch lift; measures 5 inches high on the side and 7 inches high in the back

Verified reviews


Offensively Odorous

This booster chair never made its way out of the box. Its chemical smell was too noxious to warrant even a peekaboo. Even the best designed chair fails miserably when you can’t stand to get near it for the fumes. My search continues….

Maritza Barstow, IL

Beats the Cooshee, and less expensive too!

We first tried the Cooshee seat for our 5-year-old (she’s very small). At first, we thought it was great– it really stayed put on our wooden kitchen chairs and the foam was so soft and comfortable. Then, after about a month, we encountered three problems. (1) The foam clung so tightly to the wood chair that it peeled off the shellac when we tried to remove it. (2) My daughter’s habit of leaning over in her chair caused the Cooshee to crack and pieces of foam to fall off, at which point (3) my infant son began biting off chunks of foam and nearly choking.We ordered the Prince Lionheart version, and have been very happy with it. The foam is harder and more solid, which is actually more comfortable for my daughter. Her leaning poses no threats. My son cannot bite pieces off the booster. And while it does slide around a bit on the chair (not the tight suction of the Cooshee), our daughter is old enough to figure out how to hold the booster in one place while she’s climbing onto her chair. Bonus: no damage to the chair!

Gertrude Troy, PA

Nice seamless booster seat!

I bought this booster seat because there was so seams or cracks for food to get into, and it appeared easy to clean. I also liked that there was no seat belt as my son doesn’t need the seat belt and it’s just one more thing to get in the way and to clean. All in all this booster does a nice job. The sides are easy to clean and it’s comfy for him. My gripes are that I wish it had straps to hold it on to the chair, as it tips easily if he tips, and it usually ends up on the floor when he gets down. Also, it has a rougher surface (not uncomfortable though) where he sits, I’m guessing to help keep his butt from sliding. That rougher part is harder to wipe clean. The only way I can get it clean it to submurse it in water. Otherwise the sides of the seat wipe down easily. All in all it’s what I was looking for and it meets my expectations.

May Coalwood, WV


I absolutely love that I can wipe the whole thing down, and there are no tiny nooks and crannies that are impossible to get food out of. My boys are 2 and they feel like big boys sitting in their new chairs, and carry them all over the house for seating. The only problem I have with them is that they do slide around pretty easily. We have an original Cooshie for my older daughter and it sticks much better to the chair.

Lakisha Hanover, ME

Best soft booster!!

As a mom of 4, I’ve used many options for keeping my kids at table height and seated during a meal. This is my new favorite! I have used the boosters that strap to the seat but don’t like cleaning them. The crevices get very gross and I, frankly, don’t want to dig in them. I have enough to do! The Cooshie boosters were great, easy to clean and move however, all of ours ripped on the sides. I did superglue them back together and used them until my kids out grew them. With my now youngest son, I needed a new booster and found this. I am so happy with it! It is definitely more firm than the Cooshie. There are some differences in design but functionally, they are the same. This seems as if it will last longer and it costs less. To me, it just makes sense to go with this one. Highly recommend!

Kristine Haiku, HI

Everything a booster should be!

Our 2-year-old LOVES his new bright orange booster! He was outgrowing his old booster- we had the Fisher Price Space Saver highchair and were using it as a booster. This is one is considerably lower, which is what we needed. Plus it’s lightweight (he loves to carry it around the house), doesn’t slide around, and very easy to clean. If food sits on it too long it can “set” into the bumpy surface, requiring scrubbing, but if wiped promptly it’s a breeze.

Teri Daisetta, TX

No suction cups

For some reason I thought they had suction cups on the bottom to hold onto the chair, but it does not. But it is great it does stay in place really well, until the child decides to scoot forward to get out. I think the child has to be a little older to seat a little more quietly at the table, but for the price it works perfectly.

Nelly Waverly, MN

Great booster!

Love this booster seat. At first my 2.5 yr old son wasn’t sure about it. He missed his high chair and wasn’t ready for change. He likes the Bumbo that his little sister sits in so we call this his "Bumbo". He’s able to climb up on it himself because it doesn’t slide around on our kitchen chair. He likes the independence and "big boy" quality of not needing help. It fits perfectly on the wood seat and is a snap to clean up. It is soft to sit on but sturdy enough for him to balance himself when getting on and off. Would def recommend to a friend!

Clara Andrews Air Force Base, MD

Needs suction cups or straps

Hard to keep this item on a dinning room chair. Especially with a three year old moving around constantly. Needs to be held down somehow.

Kathy Plainfield, OH

my toddler loves it

I decided to get this seat over the cooshie, and I’m very happy with it so far. I love the bright orange color. My son loves it and takes it with him to sit on the hard floor as well. I like that it’s removable and not strapped down to the chair. Cleanup has been easy with the exception of smushed blueberries, which left a slight discoloration on the seat. I could try something a little harsher to get it out, but I’d rather not make it worse. I know some reviews said the seat rips eventually, if mine does that I will post an update!

Valerie Boncarbo, CO

Comfortable and perfect height

I wasn’t so sure about buying this product. The description says it’s soft foam so I really was unsure about how much my preschooler would sink into it. I was also concerned that, without the straps holding it to the chair, it would move around on top of the chair and possibly fall off while my son tried to get in or out of it. I’m glad I took a chance. He LOVES it! He used to complain that his old booster seat with straps (both straps around the chair to keep the seat on the chair and straps to hold him in the seat) would be too tall for his legs to fit comfortably under the table – even with the height adjustment. My son loves that it’s so comfortable. He doesn’t sink at all, and it doesn’t move around on the chair. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a booster without straps.

Jessie Bowling Green, VA

Booster for my toddler

My toddler can now sit at the dinner table. This booster does not slip on a wooden chair. Very easy to clean…rinse in sink.

Jamie Sardis, OH

Would be better with some sort of strap…

My two year old is ready for a booster seat, but she’s not ready to have a seat that doesn’t make her stay put during dinner time. Overall I really like the seat; it seems comfortable, it’s large enough that a kid can use it at least until 5 or so, and the color choices are variable enough to match almost any decor. But if you have a kid that’s just now getting out of a high chair, I recommend choosing a brand/style with a seat strap of some kind.

Dale Campbell, CA

Just what we needed!

I have a 4 year old who is small for her age. I wanted her to be able to sit properly at the table at meal time but she couldn’t reach our table. I wanted a booster seat that didn’t look too "baby-ish". This is great because there is no belt, she finds it very comfortable and can get in and out of it on her own. Would work just as well for a 2 or 3 year old. I love all the colors it comes in, but ended up going with the Charcoal Grey because I was afraid of it developing food stains over time. Very happy with this product.

Jaime Luray, SC

Sturdy and useful

My smallish 5-year old can now eat at the table without sitting on her knees. She has never had a problem with the booster becoming unstable.

Brenda Lone Star, TX

No Seatbelt.. Beware

There is no seatbelt for this booster seat. Becareful, if you child doesn’t listen to instruction and move around, he /she may fallI would prefer this has a seatbelt and is much much safer in my view.;=1789&creative;=390957&creativeASIN;=B005ZBHXP4&linkCode;=as2&tag;=travguid0ca-20

Heather Winnsboro, SC

Perfect simple booster

This booster seat is easy to clean, aesthetically appealing and gets the job done. It doesn’t have any bells and whistles, but that’s exactly what I was wanting. It does not attach to a chair or have a seatbelt which I personally appreciated, but if you are looking for "safety features" this is not the booster for you.

Kris Chesapeake, VA

I love this seat! Perfect.

I bought this in pink for my 3 year old girl – she loves to sit on it, and knows that it’s hers. It’s a great height, she doesn’t hit her legs under the table, and it gives her a perfect boost. This truly is a great product and I’m happy that I spent the $ on it.*Do wash it pretty soon after food/liquid spillage – it’s a slightly textured material where you have to scrub to get milk or anything dried off of it unless you wipe it up shortly after it was spilled.

Doretha Guerneville, CA

Does the job but not easy to clean

This seat does its job for sure and my daughter loves her booster but even scrubbing food off with a soapy sponge is quite a challenge. I guess if you dont mind stains and scrubbing, this is a wonderful booster. However, I would try to find one you could just wipe clean after meals and save the extra work.

Alfreda Chugwater, WY

Soft seat that won’t damage chairs

I love the design and material of this booster seat. It stays put without straps attaching it to the chair and it is easy to clean. I only wish it had straps to keep my son from getting out of it.

Alba Grand Blanc, MI

We love it

We wanted a new booster for our toddler as we started using her Fisher Price Booster seat for our younger son. The Prince Lionheart booster is great. Nice and comfortable for our little girl and really easy to clean!

Raquel Thornton, CA

Love this chair for our older son

This works great for a child that does not need to be buckled it.You can wipe the surface clean so easily.I love the bold, fun color.

Faye West Chop, MA

Five Stars

Perfect for our bar height table and chairs

Judy Converse, SC

Not prefect

It may work just that my son won’t sit on it. It does not has a lap belt or safety belt so u have to make sure ur child is old enough to sit there not to move around and the chair has to be big enough for it. I like the material more comfortable and supportive design

Tricia Bluff City, TN

A good sitting for kids

Great product! Sturdy yet soft, great back support, love the colors. My child can carry it by himself. Love it. Recommend it.

Essie Adams, OR

Nice Booster

My 18 month old daughter is doing very well with this booster! It stays on the chair without slipping, is a great height, and I love that the color matches my espresso colored dining set.The only thing I don’t like is that the seat part of the booster is textured and can be difficult to wipe clean. But it’s not that bad and I would defiantly purchase this again with the knowledge of textured section.

Sherri Center, CO

Great Booster Seat

We like this booster seat because it comes in an unobtrusive color (grey) so we don’t mind having it always out in our dining room. We also enjoy the ease of which you can move it between seats because it doesn’t feature straps and our daughter seems to find it really comfortable.

Krystal Goodell, IA

Works as expected

This was a solid purchase. The foam is soft and wipes right up. It does not scratch my Amish chairs and stays in place on the chair even with my toddler squirming.A couple of cons I took a star off for, but nothing that would make me say don’t buy. First, it is not as high of a boost as some chairs. So while it works, it doesn’t boost my small toddler up all the way. Second, there is nothing to hold the chair to the seat. Fine for my little toddler, but I have no idea how it would hold up if your toddler was larger. Finally, food particles do get in the cracks, but I think this is going to be the case with any booster.Still, a solid purchase and one I would recommend. My toddler loves it, and asks to get to sit in it at the table with the grown ups.

Jacquelyn Jefferson, IA

Great seat for little butts!

We got this for our daughter who is 20 months. She was to the point she disliked the highchair and wanted to always sit in the dining room chairs. This seat is perfect! Gives her enough height to sit comfortably at the table and it wipes clean very easily! There are no straps to secure to chair nor does it have straps to keep her in – this is just what we were looking for! It will travel easily and no annoying straps to try and keep clean of food messes. I would highly recommend to any parent looking for a nice looking, yet safe and easy chair for the active toddler!

Phoebe Hornitos, CA

great except for one thing

Great booster except for the texturized plastic seat. The sides and front are smooth and therefore very easy to get clean but for some reason the actual sitting surface of the chair has a slight texture to it which looks grimy after time (I’ve have the orange one for a year), I can’t get that part to look clean even with a heavy duty scrubber and cleaner and a lot of elbow grease. Other than that I recommend, but in a dark color.

Marietta Peterson, IA