Prince Lionheart Stove Guard

Prince Lionheart Stove Guard

The Prince Lionheart adjustable stoveGUARD is a great way to protect against scalds and burns, providing a barrier from dangerous stovetop hazards. The stove guard is adjustable to fit all size stoves and surfaces.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Protect your child against scalds and burns
  • Adjustable to fit all stoves and surfaces
  • Before use,the intended surface should be cleaned and thoroughly dried prior to application
  • The stove guards should be installed with a minimum distance of 1.2in (4cm) from stove burners
  • remove the guard sections and leave only the clips installed for 24 hours to cure the adhesives

Verified reviews


So far it’s been perfect

I have a built in stove top on granite counters. I stuck this to the inch of granite that ran in front of the stove top and so far it has stuck beautifully even after lots of cooking with a gas range. Got this because I always worried that my twin boys were going to reach for the pot handles or stick their hands on the range. They aren’t usually in the kitchen when I cook, but this has given me peace of mind. I do worry about them trying to hang on it some day, but that will be another issue.

Susan Locust Fork, AL

sticky pads doesn’t last…so use velcro!!!

i followed the directions to a T and all was good- my son couldn’t reach the stove- until i cooked two times and the sticky tabs fell off. this was pretty worthless. great idea, but it doesn’t last.update- i put 6 pieces of velcro on the stove and plastic parts that i bought from dollar general- it works WAY better! it stays put and doesn’t fall off. not too easy to pull it off, making it near impossible for my kid to take off and making it easier to clean around it. all i used was heavy duty velcro strips from dollar general. such a cheap fix. so, i would definitely purchase this product just for the shield.

Frances Valier, MT


When this stays on it works great. Like other reviewers have suggested, I installed using velcro instead of the adhesive strips that came with it. The problem is that that area of my stove gets very warm when the front burners are on, causing the adhesive of the velcro strips to melt then the guard falls off. The product itself is great if I could only find a way to get it to stay on my stove.

Aisha Benzonia, MI

Easy to install, easy to clean

We purchased this to install on our Samsung Convection/Induction range. I like it because you can easily remove the screen and throw it in the dishwasher at the end of the day. Also, if you’re entertaining and not cooking then it can be removed and not be such a distraction. I admit I have a really pretty stove and I wasn’t looking forward to defacing it with childproofing equiptment so when I saw this I was skeptical but I am in love. It’s a win win for all of us. It will slide open to fit larger stoves or closed to fit smaller ones so I think it is the best choice compared to the one size fits all products.

Dolly Roduco, NC

Stove Guard good for the job

Stove guard is sufficient. It is a durable plastic and fits easily on our stove. A little difficult to get the guard into the clips, but otherwise it works well.

Leta Orleans, MI