Prince Lionheart Stove Guard

Prince Lionheart Stove Guard

The Prince Lionheart adjustable stoveGUARD is a great way to protect against scalds and burns, providing a barrier from dangerous stovetop hazards. The stove guard is adjustable to fit all size stoves and surfaces.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Protect your child against scalds and burns
  • Adjustable to fit all stoves and surfaces
  • Before use,the intended surface should be cleaned and thoroughly dried prior to application
  • The stove guards should be installed with a minimum distance of 1.2in (4cm) from stove burners
  • remove the guard sections and leave only the clips installed for 24 hours to cure the adhesives

Verified reviews


Of the few options, this is the least bad

I have tried several stove guards, and this seems like the only one that might work, but I don’t think the adhesive will last very long. My glass stovetop is exposed on three sides, and I haven’t yet found an effective way to block the stovetop from my toddlers.

Alexis Hanover, NM

Okay price and design but works terrible

This stove guard looks okay and was a breeze to install. It has easy removal for washing. My toddler son is one and he is a little tall. Sometimes he grabs on it for stability and then he would fall. This stove guard is a little flimsy. Also my son is very strong little guy. He can yank it and still get to the stove. So we just keep him in another room when we are cooking. Out kitchen is odd shape so child proof gates don’t fit. I think if or baby is not that strong and tall, this would probably work great.

Angelica Memphis, TX

Its perfect but did fall off in 3 days- but not a problem-still good product

The design is ideal. IT DOES COME WITH QUALITY 3M TAPE, but that could not hold the weight. Perhaps there is a heavier duty tape? Instead I will just Velcro it on with my heavy duty velcro. Again, the design is ideal, it just needs to remain in place, and I am confident I can get to stick.

Lupe Amasa, MI

Don’t waste your money

This is a good enough idea, but it doesn’t work. I just got this a few days ago and it does not stay on. It falls off about 3 times a day. If I use the oven it falls off within minutes.

Earnestine Burt, MI

Stove Guard

I have been using this guard for about 3 weeks now, and it does exactly what it is suppose to do. My son is tall, and was reaching up for pans, and is now unable to get to them. I am very pleased with this product.

Corine Opdyke, IL

Can’t tell you if it works or not.

I used it for a few days and I felt very safe but as soon as I washed the stove the 3m stickies came off. I was very disappointed. Thinking of getting more stickies to try it out again.

Judy Lovell, WY

Stayed on for about a month

We purchased two because our stove is on the end of our countertop. We cook on the range a lot, and the one on the front fell off after about a month. However, the other is still holding strong, so I don’t know if it was the heat or if it got pushed/pulled too often. I’m buying some 3M VHB tape from Amazon and will give it a second try.As far as installation, the clips were a little hard to get onto the shields at first, but it’s easy to adjust the width to fit your range.Overall, I’d say it’s worth the price compared to the other options I’ve found.

Audra Gainesville, VA


It worked well for a few weeks then the adhesive wore off and quit sticking. Now it is just a crappy piece of plastic.

Norma Poseyville, IN

Sticks way out and you constantly bump into it

This product is three pieces of rectangular plastic that fit side by side and overlap a bit. $20 for this? Pretty steep. It sticks out from the oven at a 45 degree angle ALL THE TIME. So when you’re walking through the kitchen it’s in the way, even if you’re not cooking. It gets hot! So when the baby reaches up and touches it, it’s not cool to the touch.Does it keep him from putting his hand on the hot burners? Yes, but other than that it’s a pretty poor design in my opinion. Would not buy again.

Daisy Worthville, PA

Our tape stuck for over 5+ years

I’m confused by all the bad reviews as the tape on this product stuck to the surface of our stainless steel stovetop for over 5 years before I removed it with a razor blade! I’m here again to buy a new one because we have a new toddler in the house who nearly grab a pan yesterday (super scary moment there!)! I do recommend this product! I do plan to use some rubbing alcohol to clean the stovetop edge where I plan to put the tape. Maybe that’s what did it last time (?)

Claudia Crawford, GA

Safety at its best!

This guard has been fantastic. Our stove has cast iron grates that get really hot when we cook. After my child started walking I was really nervous they were going to reach up and touch the grate – not now! These apply really easy with double sided tape that is included and have withstood the heat. Come off really easy out of their brackets to clean. Would recommend if you want a little extra security around the stove!

Cindy Galivants Ferry, SC

Buy this!

This lock installed in ten seconds and sticks in place no problem. Easy to open and quick to snap right back into the locked position. Baby can’t open the over door at all. Great purchase, would recommend to anyone with kids. Sidenote: Amazon prompted the rating of the educational value and ‘fun’ value of this item and would not allow the review without it. Clearly it is not a toy, nor is there educational value.

Gayla Westfield, IN