Prince Lionheart Table Edge Guard with 4 Corners

Prince Lionheart Table Edge Guard with 4 Corners

Protect your child against the bumps, bruises, and boo-boos they can get while exploring the world around them. The Prince Lionheart safety foam absorbs impact, secures easily to sharp edges, and trims to desired length. The Prince Lionheart cushiony table edgeGUARD plus four corners fits any shape table. The product includes 12 feet of impact absorbing foam, four cushiony corners and double-sided stick tape, which removes quickly and easily when no longer needed. Fire retardant, non-toxic and latex-free. Available in chocolate and grey.

Main features

  • Protect your child from sharp edges with impact absorbing foam
  • Includes 12 feet of impact absorbing foam and four corners Trim to necessary length
  • Fire retardant, non toxic and latex free
  • Full length double stick tape keeps foam securely fastened
  • Removes quickly and easily when no longer needed

Verified reviews



This is the worst thing ever. It sticks for one week and then its down. I put in on my coffe table and end tables and they are all damage because of the tape.Don’t buy it

Maura Island Pond, VT

serves its purpose and gives peace of mind

I bought thisPrince Lionheart Table Edge Guard with 4 Corners, Greyin hope of protecting my son from bumps on our coffee table. Well i procrastinated and didn’t put it up till this week. My son is 10 months and is full blown running so it was time. problem was i could not find the adhesive to attach the thing to the table. So i improvised. We measured the foam and cut accordingly to make it a tight fit. we then attached the corner pieces to the cut out parts using gorilla glue and then clear packing tape to re-enforece the hold. finally we put it on the table, it has just enough give to put on and off but not enough that LO will pull it off easily and huge plus for us…no damage to our pottery barn table! once i get so me photos i will attach but for the moment it is serving its purpose and we are very happy! another plus we had about 6 inches left over that we used to cover our desk pull out keyboard thing. can’t beat that.

Sonia Suplee, PA

Exactly what we needed

We were able to cover the edge at Grandma’s house with ease. Cuts easy, tape is sticky and hasn’t peeled off. My daughter has tried to peel off a part, and we just stuck it back on and it’s still sticking and working just fine.

Tami Reading, MN

Great Product

I put this on my coffee table and it works great. Seems pretty secure and there will be no split foreheads with this stuff on the edges!

Sonja Athena, OR

Usable in various places and not just tables.

Sticks well and comes with a bunch of additional adhesive stickers.

Jeannette Howard, OH

Little fingers are eventually able to figure out that it’s fun to pull off though

Protects heads from sharp corners well enough. Little fingers are eventually able to figure out that it’s fun to pull off though. Just needs to be re-taped.

Freda Birds, IL

Great protection and easy to install

This a necessary item. I hated to have to cover my coffee table and have my house look baby proof(I even avoided it for a while) but after two big bumps i bought this item.Its easy to install and I like that I could cut it to the size i needed. It came with the corners which is great. The tape it uses is perfect because it really stays put. My baby has tried to pull at it and it doesn’t come off.This color is light enough that doesn’t call too much attention in my living room.

Antionette Tahuya, WA

Great product for protecting your toddler

I have purchased what feels like 100 ft of this stuff to protect my son who is quite a climber and runner.Overall I would say this is the best stuff but loses on star because sometimes that double sided sticky tap doesn’t stick right.But you can’t go wrong and should buy this to give yourself some piece of mind

Nona Bedford, VA

Versatile Solution for Baby Proofing and Adult Proofing

These edge guards come in handy in a number of places. They stick very well, even on uneven surfaces. They are easy to cut and to mount exactly where needed. The variety of colors is also nice to try and match various types of furniture or hazards. I’ve deployed them in some areas for my own protection too … I’ve stubbed my toe one too many times on my bed leg in the dark heading to change a diaper … put a piece on each corner, and saved several swear words as a result!They’ve saved the day in several spaces:- Fireplace hearth (even on uneven red brick they stick well)- Underside of dining room table edges and corners- Edges of dressers and furniture- Edges of bedpostThey include 3M adhesive that sticks very well. My only complaint is that they provide the adhesive in strips rather than a roll. So you have to pull of many pieces and join them together on a long strip. For best grip you need to put it on each side of the inside "L" of the protectors. A roll would be much faster to apply.

Shawna Reubens, ID

Great product so far

I have only owned this for a few days but I love it so far. It’s very cushion-y and very soft. It has already prevented my child from a scrape. It comes with a bunch of different sizes of tape as well. Its double sided and seems to be holding up.

Victoria Avalon, WI

Couldn’t be better!

So easy to install too! I did the corners first so it was easier. You have enough tape for every square inch.

Naomi Forestburgh, NY

Depends on the table and the kid

I would have been okay with just the table corners. I have a glass table and I was worried about my 1-year-old niece visiting.The corners helped a lot as did putting a tablecloth over my table. There was no way the table guard was going to work around my glass table even with the tape included though. It’s for a much thicker table and my glass table was too thin.Also, my niece is still crawling so the guard wasn’t necessary. Even when she stood up, she couldn’t reach the table and she was safe as houses in her booster seat and high chair.

Meghan Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Prince Lionheart Table Edge Guard with 4 Corners, Chocolate

This item, it is so good. it protected my 10 month old son from many bruises. Baby crawls without looking what is ahead, he hit the coffee table edge mostly, but I have this on the edge… It is very helpful to have it on the sharp edges. I wanted to tape all the corner of my house.

Fran Princeton Junction, NJ


worked great for a few weeks but living in a hot humid climate the seals eventually loosened up. very easy to use and install

Marguerite Ashley Falls, MA

Easy installation, works perfectly

I have used it on both a glass-topped table & wooden crib. It was easy to put on & has been very durable, despite the best efforts of my very active 1 year old! Very functional & economical.

Mercedes Anita, PA

works as they should but adhesive bond could do some improving

i reviewed similar product from this company before. it is a good product which can absorb force well so all in all it serves it purpose well.One thing it can improve on is the adhesive glue used for bonding. Currently it uses 3M tapes, which is okay but over time a child’s curiosity will grow they will pick on it and over a period of two months of picking it may come off. But they give you plenty of 3M tapes, so you can put it together again.

Bettie Vermillion, MN

Perfect for saving little noggins!

Easy to apply, stays on, and is perfectly cushioned for protecting little heads (and also great for teething!) Make sure your table is clean, you might even want to go over the edges with rubbing alcohol. If your table is dirty, it won’t stick as well! I’ve seen some reviews saying that it’s not very attractive… of course it isn’t! That’s not what it’s made for. We love this, and highly recommend it!

Kristin Ben Lomond, CA

Must-have for sharp corners

With an adventurous and slightly clumsy baby, these have gone a long way towards avoiding bruises and bumps while she learns to walk and run. The ability to cut the padding and included double sided sticking tape with scissors make it easy to pad sharp furniture edges of all lengths. However there are a couple of things we have found that help us optimize its usage. We learned to make sure the ends of any piece were very well stuck down and didn’t jut out otherwise our baby would pick at them and start peeling off the padding – to avoid this, it helped to put double-sided tape all the way to the end of the piece on both inner edges. Also we didn’t use the precut edges because we found that our baby managed to rip them off pretty easily and then tried to eat the backing tape.Just be aware that if your baby is teething, the spongy texture of the padding makes it tempting for them to bite on. I’m not 100% comfortable with that as it is fire retardant-treated despite being labeled non-latex and non-toxic. For now I just wipe them down several times with hot water and dry well or try to put other more tempting teethers within reach.

Chandra California, KY

Terrible instructions, so the final result looks terrible

The instructions that came with this are terrible. The diagrams are really tiny and have no labels. The written instructions for Step 1 say “see the diagram” and do not elaborate, making the instructions worthless. The 3M sticky tape is REALLY sticky. Do not expect to get it off your furniture or to reuse these edge guards – the tape will cling to your furniture and to the guards, destroying both.In the end I was unable to install my guards properly – they attached to the furniture crookedly and then I couldn’t un-stick them in order to make it right. The guards are nice, thick foam, but that doesn’t matter if the installation goes miserably.You can see my photos of the final results I got in the Customer Image Gallery.

Tania Camp Sherman, OR

As long as your child doesn’t like to chew!

Nice bumpers. Very soft and easy to place. The only down fall is that they may be too soft. My daughter stood up to it and but a chunk off the day after we put it up!

Rosetta Drayden, MD

looks good, easy to apply

This is pretty simple to put in place and not too much of an eyesore as childproofing goes. I’d recommend it.

Ella Nichols, IA

soft and safe

I like it. It is nice. It sticks nicely. and soft. Not worried about baby’s head hitting the table anymore. Thank you.

Juliet Ouray, CO

Does the job

I gave it only four stars because the item arrived with some of it missing,that was however resolved.The product does what it is supposed to.

Lenora Gold Creek, MT

life saver, seriously

My crazy bruiser has made this probably the best baby purchase I made. Doesn’t come unstuck like the crappy clear one I tried before.sticks to my wood coffee table and glass trim on tv stand.Haven’t tried to take it off yet so I don’t know what that’s going to be like but it was def worth it.

Alberta Fe Warren Afb, WY


We LOVE Prince Lionheart products. We decided to get the edge guards. This are awesome around our coffee table, end tables and entertainment center. The are soft and fit perfectly.

Carolina Hassell, NC

Works well

Great Idea and has helped out alot as our son seems to always be bumping his head on stuff in the near vicinity of him. However the glue on this device could be a little stronger because soon after applying it to what ever you need it on, our son figured out how to pull it off and now it won’t stay on!

Bernadette Danville, NH

Good and bad

I used this product on our fireplace to cover up the sharp edges but it doesn’t stick very well to natural stone. So occasionally I have to re-stick it once it comes loose. Other than that it looks great and helps protect my baby from injury.

Constance Alamo, GA

Does what it’s suppose to

I just put this up yesterday and was glad I did. My daughter been using the coffee table to pull her self up to stand and also been crawling through it to play with the stuff underneath. Just right after I put it on she was doing that! She even bumped her head on the edge! Thank god this was on so she was fine!Not sure how it would work on a walking/running baby into corners/edges. But this seem to be doing well. It’s nice and thick.The tape that came with it isn’t that sticky though. It makes it easy to stick and restick back on so you get it on good. But at the same time, I fear my daughter would figure out that she can pull it off.I’ll see how that goes but so far I’m content with this.Cutting the roll itself seems a bit annoying. because I can’t seem to get a STRAIGHT edge using a scissor.

Janell Boley, OK

Very effective

Very cushioned. They stick fairly well, but a toddler could peel them off if motivated. I’m not wild about the brown color, but this is a case where the safety and thick soft material outweighs my aesthetic sense. We have even used this around a rock fireplace base and it stayed stuck. The longer guard is easy to cut for whatever length is needed. I’ve reordered and used this product for two houses and I will reorder again if I ever need more.

Opal Thurston, OR

Good enough!

I think my daughter would pull off any table corner I put on, but this one at least seems the most sturdy and is easy to put back on when she does pull it off. The chocolate is the closest color we could get to our espresso tables, nothing is going to look great, but this at least looks decent and clean.

Nelda Denhoff, ND