Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer

Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer

The ultimate wipesWARMER by Prince Lionheart is the number one selling wipes warmer worldwide. Prince Lionheart wipes warmers all feature the patented Ever-Fresh® System which is guaranteed to help keep your wipes the freshest they can be to soothe Baby’s delicate skin. The patented Ever-Fresh System works three ways: 1) Anti-microbial: Both the wipe warmer’s tub and the Ever-Fresh pillow are treated with an EPA approved additive to inhibit the growth of microorganisms that may cause spoilage, odors and mildew. 2) Non-browning: Keeping wipes moist prevents most discoloration from occurring when wipes are warmed. Over time, additives typically found in baby wipes, cause discoloration as they warm. The Ever-Fresh System effectively insulates wipes from the warming surface, preventing browning. 3) Moisture Retention: The Ever-Fresh System keeps wipes moist by an evaporation and condensation process. Micro pores in the pillow trap and release water as needed to maintain moisture content.

Main features

  • Polypropylene
  • Imported
  • The original and no.1 selling, worldwide, wipes warmer
  • Only wipes warmer treated with an EPA approved anti-microbial additive to inhibit the growth of bacteria
  • Non-browning: Keeping wipes moist prevents most discoloration from occurring when wipes are warmed
  • Prince Lionheart wipes warmers all feature the patented Ever-Fresh® System
  • Moisture Retention: The Ever-Fresh System keeps wipes moist by an evaporation and condensation process
  • The original and #1 selling, worldwide, wipes warmer
  • Only wipes warmer treated with an EPA approved anti-microbial additive to inhibit the growth of bacteria
  • Non-browning: Keeping wipes moist prevents most discoloration from occurring when wipes are warmed
  • Prince Lionheart wipes warmers all feature the patented Ever-Fresh® System which is guaranteed to help keep your wipes the freshest they can be to soothe Baby’s delicate skin
  • Moisture Retention: The Ever-Fresh System keeps wipes moist by an evaporation and condensation process. Micro pores in the pillow trap and release water as needed to maintain moisture content

Verified reviews


First thing my husband went out for after my baby was born!

Okay, honestly, with all those baby items out there I thought that this one was really "over the top" and didn’t think to put it on my registry. Well, my little guy had a hard time keeping warm when he was born and definitely hated cold wipes so off to Babies r us went my husband the first day we were home. Oh, what a Godsend this thing is! Now, regarding the browning of the wipes, DON’T put an entire pack of wipes in the unit. Just put about 1/3 of the package in and seal up the remaining wipes in the bag (if using pampers, buy huggies first and reuse their resealable bag), or just use a ziploc. That way, they don’t brown, they get warmer TONS faster, they don’t dry out, and everyone is happier. I have found that Pampers have a tendency to dry out faster than huggies if you put in a bunch at a time, but other than that, I love this thing! Mine has been operational for almost 3 years now, nonstop and still going. I think this thing is a definite must for every little baby.

Dina Fenton, IA

Another Wall Wart?

I returned this wipe warmer to the store when I realized that it uses a wall wart rather than a standard electrical plug. I will probably buy the Especially for Baby warmer, which does not use a wall wart. Do you ever wonder why manufacturers use wall warts? Because it’s cheaper to get UL certification for a wall wart than to get certification for the whole device.

Lidia Artesia, NM

A waste of money

First of all, we cloth diaper and wipe – so this review is based on our experiences using it with cloth wipes and home made wipe solution (distilled water, olive oil, baby wash, and essential oils). Because of this, issues like browning and drying out didn’t really apply to us.My baby was born in November, and it was pretty chilly around here at that time. We started out using just water and cloth wipes on him, and it seemed to take forever to get the water to run warm in the bathroom in the middle of the night. I hated to put cold water on his little bum when he was already so upset at the indignity of having his diaper changed. I thought a wipe warmer would be a nice thing to have – this despite the fact that just a few months earlier, I thought the idea was ridiculous and unnecassary.We started using the wipe warmer when he was maybe a week old. By then, I thought it would be OK to no longer just use water to wipe him with, so I began using the warmer with my cloth wipes (baby washcloths) and home made solution.First of all, the warmer seemed to warm very inconsistantly. Sometimes the wipes would just be room temperature. Sometimes they were quite toasty. This wasn’t a huge deal, as the issue was really to get the chill off, but it did seem kind of weird.Second, with home made wipes, you can’t use the pop-up feature. I knew this when I bought it, so this didn’t upset or surprise me. However, when you open the warmer in the non-pop-up fashion… as others mentioned, it does leak water from condensation building up inside. This was pretty irritating.Third, the warmer made our wipes smell downright funky. I don’t know if this is an issue with store bought, disposable wipes, but it was pretty nasty.After using this warmer for about two months, I ended up moving my wipes to an old Pampers wipes container. I also began adding white vinegar to my solution, which might have taken care of the funkiness issue even with the warmer, but even without this issue, I don’t think the warmer was worth my while (or money).My baby has no problems with room temperature wipes. The warmer might reappear next time I have a newborn in the house, but I doubt it.

Georgina Savanna, IL

Havent been able to use

I bought this baby wipe warmer in hopes that it was compatible with german housing. Well it wasnt. I should have read more into it. It basically just serves as a very expensive wipes holder. I dont really know how well it warmes up as I haven’t been able to use it.

Katherine Minden, NV

Ridiculous waste of money

The wipes dry out quickly or are too soggy, there was no in between. Furthermore, this thing is really a gimmick “you must have this for your child to be a good mother!” piece of junk. YOur baby won’t die of hypothermia if you don’t have a wipe warmer. If the thing is that cold, hold it in your hand for a few minutes. Sold mine on ebay. Don’t waste your time or money. Put the twenty bucks in your kid’s college fund instead. It’s a much better investment

Maribel Sabana Hoyos, PR

Just not a really “necessary” nursery item

OK, I got this at my shower, and I thought it was pretty neat. But I am basically using it as just a glorified wipe box, because it’s too much of a pain to do the warming part. There is this cloth that you put in the bottom that you have to make sure is always moist, and you have to keep it moist with bottled or distilled water. So I just throw a package of refills in it and use it just like that, with no warming. It looks really nice in my nursery, nicer than just a refillable box of Pampers wipes or something, but not worth the money to use just like this. I wouldn’t have bought it myself, so it was nice to receive it as a shower gift.Plus, I like having my baby used to room temp wipes, because when I go out with her and do diaper changes with room temp wipes, she is used to it and doesn’t throw a fit. She didn’t like room temp wipes at first, but now she expects them at room temp and doesn’t mind diaper changes at all!

Joni Endwell, NY

Babies love warm wipes!

This seems like an extra you can do without, and in a pinch or super tight budget..yeah, I’d agree. But it is really nice to have, especially with newborns who tend to be particularly sensitive to cold. We have not had a problem with the wipes drying out and we’ve been using it for 7 months now. Just be sure to wet the pad enough and it will get you through a whole package of wipes before getting too dry. Also, be sure to buy wipes that are “pop-up” wipes, otherwise you can’t use the top lid on this where the wipes automatically come out, you have to open the whole thing up each time, which takes away from the convenience factor. Pampers brand work great, they’re all “pop-up” style..but Huggies come in both a non pop-up variety and a pop-up so you have to be careful. Buy the right wipes, make sure you wet the pad well enough and this little luxury item is excellent.

Annie Ragley, LA

Waste of money…

This was one of the first things I purchased because I had read everyone’s reviews and everyone seemed to love it and called it a “lifesaver”. WOW, what a waste of money! If purchasing this item make sure you can place it somewhere where there is an outlet, be able to place it on some sort of protector to protect your changing table from water damage, and also be prepared to also buy the travel wipes warmer because your little one will get use to their bottom only being wiped with warm wipes which is not always so convenient if your out and about or traveling. I didn’t know why my Mother laughed at me when I told her I purchased this and now I know why. Save your money and purchase something your baby really needs.

Sherri Utica, MO

not a luxury… a NECCESITY!

Okay when I had my first set of b/g twins 3 years ago, I was certain that I didnt need alot of the ridiculous baby products on the market. Well I will tell you that my twins SCREAMED every time we changed them, and we could not figure it out, I think the nieghbors even thought that someone was being murdered, SERIOUSLY! We honestly didnt know what was wrong until they were 2 and we heard someone else had the same problem, but our twins were almost potty trained, so we didnt get a wipes warmer. But with our second set of twins b/b, we registered for ALL of the “ridiculous” baby products, AND THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST! We wet the sponge very frequently, and we have never had a brown or dried out wipe. We replace the sponge about every 2-3 weeks or so. Unlike some other wipes warmers, this keeps the wipes warm long enought to actually wipe a babies bottom. We love them, our boys love them and we even had to buy a portable wipes wrmer! I am telling you that this product WILL save you many headaches. (we keep ours in the den by the PNP’s(thats the most frequent changing station) and keep the travel one in the babies nursery) and in the diaper bag)***** UPDATEWell I just found the perfect wipe, as one of the next reviewers said, PAMPERS. They pop up nicely, and they never get dry. But if you are more interested in very moist, comfortable wipes, I think huggies are better. Or if you just want to save some money and dont care if the wipes dont pop up and get a little drier, get LUVS. But I think I would recomend Pampers, they are nice, just not as “fluffy” as Huggies. But when my boys have diaper rash I tend to use Huggies!

Cleo Leola, PA

Not that thrilled

I purchased this item because of the great reviews it got here, but I am not impressed. It does generate a lot of condensation soaking the wipes at the bottom too much and making their scent disipate. The wipes at the top when the dispenser was full really weren’t all that warm. I have to say there needs some improvement.

Josephine Fulton, KY

Makes Diapering Comfortable for Baby

I received this as a baby shower gift, and I have been using it now for 11 months. It has been very useful; it keeps the wipes nice and warm without browning or burning them. The only drawback I have noticed is that sometimes the wipes in the warmer dry out a tiny bit. Still, this does not interfere with my baby’s changings. He stays warm and comfortable, and is not startled by cold wipes on his little behind.Many reviewers on this site commented on difficulties with certain types of wipes. They said you have to use Pampers wipes because Huggies wipes will not pop up. I only use Huggies wipes, but I make sure to buy the wipes that fit in “Pop-up” dispensers. Their other wipes fit in “Reach-in” containers, and each package specifies which type it is. As long as you buy the wipes for the “Pop-up” dispensers (which are available at Target), you should not have any problems.As a final thought, remember to rinse and soak the pad in the bottom of the warmer every time you fill it. Otherwise, it will heat up and dry out. As long as you follow these simple steps, your Wipes Warmer will keep your baby warm and comfortable.

Addie Toomsboro, GA

It’s good if you need one.

First off, I put wipe warmers in the same space as diaper pails – you really don’t “need” them. However, if you decide you really want one, this is a good one to get.You definatley need to get “pop up” wipes, otherwise you’ll have to open the unit every time you want to get a wipe out. We never had a problem with browning, and only added some tap water to the pad with every refill. When we refilled with a pack of Costco wipes, the warmer lid wouldn’t stay completely closed since it was slightly more wipes than the unit could hold – hardly a flaw with the unit itself. We got around it by resting an object on the lid to keep it shut until some wipes were used up. It does a good job warming the wipes. The push button lid release is very handy and easy to operate with one hand – easier than the lids on some store bought wipe packages. The biggest benefit: the opening in the lid has little “jaws” that you can use to grab the edge of the next wipe. So you can always just pull 1 wipe out. Nothing more annoying than grabbing a wipe and ending up with 3 stuck together.Sadly to say it does not change the laws of physics and any wet wipe will still cool off if held in the air. So use the wipe and don’t stand there holding it.

Taylor Talbot, IN

Not too excited about his one!

I purchased this item thinking it would be perfect for those late night diaper changes. I still think wipes warmers are a good idea, just not this one! This warmer heats from the bottom. I quickly noticed the wipes at the bottom were warmer than the ones at the top. I also noticed that the wipes at the top were a bit dried out and soapy feeling. I returned the warmer and found the PERFECT warmer at a TARGET store. The target warmer heats from the top to the bottom, which keeps the top wipes moist and warm, just as they should be. It was a little cheaper in price and it has a lid lock that the other didn’t have. All around it is a better purchase!

Selena Matfield Green, KS

Good idea but not all it’s cracked up to be

I loved the idea of this wipes warmer, and in fact, I considered it the one “luxery item” on my registry. My son seems to love the warm wipes and will flinch when I use the wipes straight from the container, so yes, warm wipes are better.However, the problem is with the warmer’s design. There is a top flap that will not stay closed and the sponge inside dries out, browns (although the sponge’s package calls it a non-browning sponge) and cracks!! I even tried to keep the top lid shut with electrical tape and it still pops open!! My son is only 4 weeks old and I have had to replace the sponge which is supposed to last at least 3 months. In addition, the sponge needs to be re-wetted at least twice a week. Very disappointing design, but I will continue to use as long as I can keep re-taping the lid.A word of advice- look at the warmer after each use. If lid is not shut completely, the sponge will dry out very quickly.

Nichole Molalla, OR

Gift For friend

I can’t say anything as far as the functionality of the product, since it’s for a friend and they’re not due for another month, but this item looks really nice! They’re really excited about it, it was on their baby registry and their friends who use it say it’s great!

Eva Mineral, TX



Jenny Elberta, UT

Works well for non-pop up wipes

I typically use Huggies wipes because they are thicker and it is fine for that. My daughter likes warm wipes, but doesn’t mind cool ones either. But in any case, the wipes stay warm in the warmer and they stay moist. Just remember to soke the liner every week.If you use pop up wipes though, the wipe on top doesn’t stay that warm unless you restuff that top wipe back into the main warmer unit.I got this item as a gift and honestly, knowing that my daughter doesn’t care all that much whether or not her wipes are warm, I wouldn’t buy it for myself.

Alice Clyo, GA

The Best One Yet

We’ve tried three different wipes warmers and this is the best one yet. We haven’t had any brown wipes, they are always moist. Pampers wipes do work better than Huggies wipes because of the way they are packaged- the pampers wipes are folded into each other so when you pull one out it pulls another out. The Huggies don’t do this and then you have to open up the compartment each time which is aggravating. Also, you really do have to keep on top of the “pillow”- it dries out and gets brown and hard pretty quickly, about every 4-5 days I’ve found so you have to remember to keep rewetting it. The refill pillows are $7 a pack so I try to make them last as long as possible- it’s worth it though because there haven’t been any brown wipes unlike the other brands I tried. However, I’ve been diligent about keeping my pillows wet and I haven’t had to open a new pack yet- we’ve been using the same one for three and a half months.Overall, a great product- the best one I’ve found so far!

Reba Brice, OH

It fried my wipes!

I had this un-neccessary nursery item thinking that my November born baby would be more comfortable. . .boy was I wrong.The first time I used it, I pulled a wipe out and noticed that they seemed a bit too warm for my baby’s bum. I had to wait a few seconds before touching him with the wipe. This is my first big gripe. If it was a big job, I had to either pull a few of them out when I started chaning him or wait a few seconds before each wipe. . .a pain!The second thing I noticed is the lid would not stay closed. So now, not only did my wipes get too hot, but I could not use the top wipe because it would be too dry. Wipes are not cheap and wasting a wipe is for that purpose is silly. That was strike two!The thrid and final straw, and what made me throw this money wasted apperattus away was that when I got the bottom of the stack of wipes, I noticed that the wipe on the bottom was brown. 20 or so wipes were not as wet as they should have been, but the last one was fried.Not worth the money or hassle!

Cleo Mount Sterling, IA

5 (sorry not 3) stars for something I never thought I’d end up buying

I never thought I’d end up buying one of these, well I have to say after being peed on many times as soon as the cold wipe hit the bottom, and having my little guy scream in disdain with middle of the night diaper changes I send my hubby out to buy one as a matter of urgency. Well the warm wipes are absolute bliss! I think that they have improved upon the mat that lies on the bottom as we have yet to have a wipe dry out (we use huggies pop ups) and overall using this product has proved an absolute joy for everyone in our household! Even if you just buy one to use on your diaper table and leave cold wipes for out the house and other times, you will really see the improvement in changing a diaper QUICKLY and painlessly. This is a must especially in winter. This item is under warranty as well.

Earnestine Barry, MN

What a Way to Warm your Babies Heart

I purchased this item because when I had my last child 10 years ago there was nothing like it. I love it. There is nothing better than a warm wipe on your newborn. I just hate to see a newborn shudder when using a cold wipe. I have had no problems with it. As long as you routinely check the pad and keep it moist the wipes never dry out. Not an absolute neccessity, but a wonderful luxury.

Andrea Yakima, WA

Who knew

I didn’t know these existed until my friend recommended one. I am glad, these are really nice especially in winter. I can’t imagine living without it.

Juliana Joaquin, TX

Great wipes warmer

This is a great wipes warmer and the wipes do not brown. We have no problem with water spilling when we open the warmer. Our daughter loves having the warm wipes. Just be sure to keep water in the machine as the directions indicate.

Robin Ovapa, WV

No more startling baby with cold wipes!

This is a GREAT item to have for new babies! I’ve read a lot of complaints about it dryin the wipes out, but any wipe warmer will do that if not properly maintained (read the instructions). I’ve tested several different brands/types of baby wipes with this, and THE WIPES THAT WORK BEST WITH THIS WARMER ARE: *HUGGIES SUPREME* (the plain, unscented, non-aloe/shea butter/whatever else, in the red package that says “Huggies Supreme”) and you can get them in big refill packages. They rarely ever dry out in the warmer, even when the insert is dryed out; all other wipes I’ve ever tried with this have dried out, even when the “stay-moist” pad was kept watered.Basically, when your wipes run out, touch the “stay-moist” pad, the special insert to keep the wipes moist DOES dry out itself from time to time, but if you soak it in distilled water for about 10 minutes you can put it back in and it works just fine. Also, what I did was unplug this (you can disconnect the cord @ the back of the unit, without have to unplug from the wall, which is a nice feature) during the day when we were gone and plugged it back in when we arrived back home, which also helped to keep the wipes moist.This is such a nice thing to have especiially for the first 6-mo. to 1-year, for those middle-of-the-night feedings and changes. The warm wipes really help to keep the baby calm, because cold wipes can sometimes shock them when they’ve just woken up and are hungry and crabby anyway. Just imagine, if YOU wake-up @ 3 am, you stomach is howling for food, it’s dim and dark, you have a squishy sack of something strapped around your waist, and then someone takes a cold, moist washrag and puts it on your neck. You’d probably yell and curse. Well, babies do, too, when wipes are cold. It was wonderful to NOT have a howling newborn at 2-o’clock in the morning, when mommy (and/or daddy) is drowsy and sleep-deprived. It lessend the stress on everyone.I used this up until my son was about 1-1/2, then I realized that he was probably old enough to go without. He had to get used to the cold wipes, but after a while he didn’t miss much.I recommend this to all expecting mothers and have given it as a baby shower/new baby gift on several ocassions, just because it’s a nice “luxury” item to have that not many people think of getting (with all the other planning going on). Makes a great gift, and is on my “MUST HAVE” list for for new babies!

Sofia Weidman, MI

Better than nothing

All babies are unique, so I wouldn’t buy this until you have your baby home and see how he/she likes cold wipes, but our daughter HATED having cold wipes used, so we are very glad to have this. The other reviewers are spot on that the wipes are not warm by the time they get to baby, but they aren’t cold either, and there is a huge difference on the east coast when the house gets cold 🙂 More important, our baby is happier now and doesn’t cry when we change her, which is well worth the price to us.

Lilly Mc Calla, AL

Works great!

The wipe warmer has been working great for a few weeks. Our baby really enjoys the nice warm wipes. A must for cold weather.

Katharine Boyden, IA

It can be a good product if the lid stay closed!

The product as promised keeps the wipes warm. But there is a problem with the warmer the lids keeps popping up and doesn’t stay closed. Since the lids always opens on its own I have drives bunch of packages of wipes!Because of the problem with self opening lid, I wouldn’t recommend this product!

Noelle Fort Bidwell, CA

Easy to use warmer

I wasn’t going to get a wipes warmer when I first found out I was pregnant, but I am glad I did. You do have to keep replacing the antibacterial cushion in there every few weeks and I found Amazon had the best deal for a pack of three. The only downside to a wipe warmer is that if you don’t use the wipe right after you take it out of the warmer, the wipes get cold pretty quickly. As the boys got older, they wiggled a lot more during changing so sometimes we had to wait a few moments to get them back on center after we had already pulled the wipes out. Every change started with a cold wipe after the boys were about 8 months old. We unplugged it and just use it as a wipe holder.

Elba Monroe, TN


This warmer broke after only 2 months of use. It as extremely hot on the bottom and every time you grab a wipe,it opens so you end up having to use two hand to operate. The whole warmer is quite heavy and when moved it’s cumbersome, not for easy diaper changes in another room. Only wipes that worked in it were Pampers, all other we have to pull out by opening it. What a waste of money! I have since purchased a Munchkin Warmer and was VERY pleased with that one thus far. That model has a lock on the door, as to not fly open every time you grab a wipe!

Elnora Penryn, CA


Whenever I changed my baby’s diaper and he cried when in contact with the wipes, I would tell myself it would be nice to get the wipes warmer to make the diaper change a more relaxing and enjoyable moment for my baby.Unfortunately the wipes warmer I got doesn’t really warm them up, the difference in temperature is barely noticeable, in fact, ten seconds in the microwave gives the wipes better warmth than the actual warmer. Plus this, it generates so much humidity that wipes tend to be all soggy and wet. First I thought I had added too much water to the pad, but after several tries I’ve realized that’s how it is. So, if you want very, very slightly warm and very, very humid wipes, get this. Otherwise, try something different.

Alison Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA