Prince Lionheart Versa Formula Mixer

Prince Lionheart Versa Formula Mixer

The Versa Formula Mixer is a dual purpose tool perfect for a family. Two interchangeable attachments in one: the first blends formula or other powdered drinks inside a bottle, while the other is perfect for frothing milk in coffee drinks. Easy to use and clean, this convenient gadget is a great addition to any kitchen or on the go lifestyle. Two AA batteries required.

Main features

  • Mix your baby’s formula or froth your grownup drinks
  • ABS with 100% nylon rod
  • Great for on-the-go moms and dads

Verified reviews


Small & simple, but I love it!

Before having the mixer, I would just shake my sons bottle to mix the formula. This created two problems: One, the formula often wouldn’t mix all the way & the small lumps would clog the bottle. It would frustrate my son because he wasn’t able to get anything to drink until we un-clogged it. The bigger problem was that shaking the bottle would create a lot of bubbles. My son is a BIG TIME ‘spitter’, so we try to eliminate any air in his bottle that would make the spitting up worse.With the Prince Lionheart VERSA Formula Mixer , I can easily & quickly mix my sons bottle and it gets the job done.Don’t have any bottles to mix?This mixer can be used for mixing any kind of powdered drinks. Use it for protein powder, instant breakfast powder, & more! It also comes with a second attachment that is perfect for frothing milk in coffee (hot chocolate for us). It’s easily washed, & is very compact so it’s easy to store. The VERSA Formula Mixer is a very handy tool to have around.Seems like a simple little thing, but I really love having it and I use it several times a day!!!

Elisabeth Wolfe, WV

An inexpensive must have if mixing formula in bottles and a great multi-tasker

I am breastfeeding and supplementing with formula. I purchased this gadget due to difficulty mixing powdered formula in bottles without clumps and froth from shaking.Pros-This little gadget has more power and spins much faster than I anticipated when I ordered it.Previous reviewers stated that it was not long enough to reach the bottom of a bottle, which is true. However, in my opinion, it doesn’t need to. The mixer creates a mini “vortex” inside the bottle. I first put in the water then add the powder, and I’ve had no issues with caking or unmixed powder collecting at the bottom.-Also great for mixing hot cocoa and other drinks. We love hot cocoa in the winter, and it tastes much better when mixed with this little gadget.Cons-Does not reduce frothing as much as I’d like, but there is a definite improvement over shaking. Of course it is helpful to keep the mixer submerged while using it.-Changing the mixing attachment could be easier in my opinion. The instructions state to grasp the small black plastic portion at the end to avoid bending the attachment, but this is not easily accomplished. We’ve resorted to carefully pulling off the attachment from the end.-Not really a con, so to speak, but something to be aware of. If bottles are very full, the mixer must be used very carefully to avoid overflow.-Really only useful for mixing in individual bottles. If you’re mixing several bottles at once in a single container, this isn’t really powerful enough in my opinion to prevent clumps from sticking to the bottom of the container.UPDATE: After a few weeks of use the on/off switch began to fail. The unit would turn on consistently, but sometimes I had to depress it several times in order to get it to turn off. I contacted Prince Lionheart, and they sent a new one immediately. I am not deducting any stars because of their excellent customer service. My new unit works perfectly and has for a few months as well.

Dona Harpswell, ME

used for mixing formula

It’s ok, but not really needed. It does just about as well as shaking the bottle. Also formula builds up on the metal part and base so it need to be washed thoroughly after each use.

Diann Patterson, NY

Excellent product

I have been using this thing for about a year now. At least 8 months of being used no less than 4 times a day followed by around 4 months of at least 2-3 uses daily. I purchased several different brands of these devices and this one is by far the best for mixing bottles. I have also used the frother while making cappuccinos and it works very well. I dropped it several times over the months and performance did not seem to be affected. During most of those drops, the battery compartment cover did fly off and eventually broke. I just slid it back in place, wrapped a rubberband around the handle to hold it on, and it worked fine.

Kayla Laughlin A F B, TX

Gets rid of most clumps

Works great. Blends formula well for those who are using newborn-3 months nipples with small holes and trying to blend powdered formula. After using this, I didn’t have any more problems with clumps plugging the nipple hole. Easy to clean.

Margot Newberry Springs, CA

Great for mixing formula!

That’s all I’ve used it for. I’m not sure if it’s less bubbly than shaking (it probably is) but overall I’m very happy with it. As a matter of fact, I took it on vacation and apparently lost it someplace so I’m going to order another!

Audra La Salle, IL

It created bubbles but its not bad

I still got bubbles in the milk bottle but it wasn’t as bad as when I use other mixers or when I shake it.

Kristina New Town, ND

Works great

I love this mixer and it’s great for on the go. I wish it was a little longer so that I could use it to mix larger amounts for bottles that I store in the fridge.

Mitzi Conception, MO

Good buy.

Good buy. Convenient and useful.good price. Batteries were not included. Easy to clean and use. I can use it for formula and hopefully after for my coffee.

Leah Fowler, OH

Easy to use

I read reviews of other mixers that were hard to push the button and use…and this one is super easy! Great little mixer! We got too much water on ours and it stopped working (our fault) and I ordered another one…

Gay La Grange, KY


I bought this because our 3-week-old was having some gas issues with the powder formula and the air bubbles. I love the fact that it mixes the formula really easily and very proficient. However, in the sense of getting out air bubbles, I really don’t see much of a difference. So, I mix my sons formula in a separate bottle and then pour it into the bottles he’s going to eat from. This allows for the air bubbles to stay in the mixed bottle and the formula in the bottle is nice and smooth. Still happy with my purchase because I know the formula is really getting mixed and won’t leave any chunks!

Marcella Venetie, AK

Only works for the shortest wide bottles

Works well if you use a really short bottle, but it doesn’t reach the bottom of 8 oz bottles. My kid eventually will outgrow these small ones and pouring mixtures back and forth will only add more gas, so I ended up using a tall stirrer instead.It mixes formula well if it can get to the bottom. Remember to turn it on and off while it is in the mixture to prevent bubbles forming.

Kelley Rock, MI

great!… but…

it mix formula without the bubbles… but it broke after a couple weeks. I know for the price the product is not going to last forever but a couple of weeks?

Berta Dulce, NM

Love It

This is an awesome blender! I use it to mix my daughter’s vitamins into her formula. Works great!! I would HIGHLY recommend this product to parents, especially those who use powdered formula!

Tisha Arrow Rock, MO

Excellent for Hot Chocolate; OK for Baby Formula

I purchased this mixer for mixing both (but not together) hot chocolate and baby formula.For baby formula, I found that i did an adequate job of mixing the powder with the water completely (we always use warm water before adding the powder). Here are my two critical comments about using the mixer for formula:1) A two-speed option for the mixer would be ideal. I found that when mixing 4 oz of water + 2 scoops formula, the mixer was so powerful that the formula actually spilled out over the top of the bottle2) The attachment needs to be longer so it can easily reach the bottom of higher volume bottle.I use the whisk end for the hot chocolate, and find that it mixes the powder completely with the hot milk or water, and creates an amazing froth on top that helps me feel a bit like a hot chocolate snob. Here are my 2 critical pieces of advise for using this with hot chocolate (or other warm drink):1) Immerse the whisk into the liquid BEFORE turning it on. If you turn it on and then submerse it, you will create quite a mess for yourself (and possibly personal injury depending on temperature of liquid)2) Test the liquid level in your cup with cold/room temperature water and the mixer before adding in your hot liquid. This motor is powerful and can easily drive the liquid level up and over the top of your cup because of it’s cyclonic action. I would recommend, AT LEAST ONE INCH of space between the top of your cup/mug and the top of the liquid in your cup. I first used a "standard" size mug and found that when adding 3 scoops of hot chocolate powder to 6 oz of water and mixing, the mixture was about 1/16" away from spilling over the edge of the mug.Overall, I Like this product. For its low price, it can’t be beat, just be aware of the shortcoming/limitations of it before purchasing and using it.

Lupe Atlanta, GA

Handy and inexpensive mixer

I’ve been using this for about a month, and it is worth every penny! I use the formula mixer attachment. It works great for making single bottles of formula. My son gets about 4 ounces of formula a day right now, so this is perfect for us. If I were exclusively formula feeding I think I’d get the Dr. Brown’s pitcher mixer. This produces formula with no clumps (which means no clogged nipples)! It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and inexpensive. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Alfreda Pewamo, MI

Good product!

I could not live without a formula mixer like this. My son could not have his bottles shaken, it introduced too much air into the bottle. This product was the answer. I will say that I bought the Prince Lionheart version of this product after having about 3 of the Munchkin ones stop working. The Prince Lionheart has been going strong much longer than any of my Munchkin ones did. Love, love, love my formula mixer!

Brianna Farmington Falls, ME

Mixes Great!!

Didn’t need a mixer in the beginning but needed one after I had to switch formula on my little one. The new formula didn’t mix well when I shake the bottle and had lots of clumps. Tried the mixer and its mixes really well and fast. It did make it somewhat foamy, but if you let it sit for a bit it will decrease. Unfortunately, if you have a fussy baby that wants milk asap then it will be awfully hard to do so. Hope it will last long.

Millicent Sumneytown, PA


I am so thankful this product has been designed and not some cheap plastic thing either. I love this. I take it with my bottles and formula whenever I go out with my baby. I wish I had this for my first child. I would much rather be able to breastfeed, but since I am physically unable to, this has made bottle and formula feeding much easier on me. Thank you so much for designing this product.Works best with at least 4oz of water and formula powder. I do 2oz once in a while, when my son is having a growth spurt and it works, it’s just a little splashy. I use Medela bottles right now and the opening is smaller than other bottle brands so that was my only concern, but it fits with no problem.I think for future, the company should design a washable waterproof stiff case for it for traveling or to throw into the diaper bag.ABSOLUTELY ONE OF THE BEST PURCHASES I HAVE EVER MADE!

Geraldine Geneva, IL


I don’t go any where without it. Every time I pull it out I get asked where I bought it.

Lavonne Benton Ridge, OH

Great Mixer

THis mixer is great for mixing lumpy formula (Enfamil Gentleease). It is very compact and had a lot more power than I was expecting. The second attachment is great for milk in your coffee and making scrambled eggs. So very useful beyond just a formula mixer.

Doris Vaiden, MS

Best one we have tried

We have used a couple other brands of these, all of which still left clumps and died easily. This one has a really strong motor and whips the clumps out super fast. Only complaint is it gets a little frothy but letting the bottle sit for a few minutes gets rid of it.

Allie Washington, CA


I use this to mix my protein shakes in the morning. Removes all the clumps! Small, simple, cordless, works great!

Caryn San Patricio, NM

Great Formula Mixer

I’ve one from Munchkin before and it plain sucked. I wish someone told me about this mixer earlier! It’s powerful and works great.

Mona Gainesville, GA

Fantastic for baby formula!

Super easy to use and clean. We bought this for mixing baby formula. Shaking regular formula creates too many bubbles and causes gas for the baby. This little mixer takes about 2-3 quick bursts and a 4oz bottle is thoroughly mixed, without bubbles. One downside is it being metal, if you want to sterilize it, you need to do it with boiling water. It would be nice if they made it from BPA free plastic that you could put in the microwave sterilizer with the bottles.

Delores Buckingham, IA

Love it

Use this with every bottle I make. Gets the formula mixed in really well and fast. And you can use it for the older kids to make chocolate milk!

Chris Fallsburg, NY

The WONDERFUL Prince Lionheart Versa Formula Mixer

This is the best mixer! I’m so sad that I discovered this when my son turned 11 months, just one month shy of switching to whole cow’s milk! From birth to 6 months my son was on name brand formula that was great on the amount of bubbles it produced when shaking up a bottle, not many bubbles. But the expensive formula started weighing down our checkbook, so we switched to the Kirkland brand sold at Costco. What we discovered after the first bottle made was there were A LOT more bubbles. We then switched bottles to help with air ventilation. The Playtex VentAire bottles were the BEST. But then my son needed a larger ounce bottle, so we went to the Avent bottles, which do not have good ventilation, therefore my need to use a formula mixer.Not recommended for taller, thinner bottles like the Playtex VentAire.Best with shorter, fatter bottles like the Avent.

Winifred Morrow, AR

Loved it, at first

I bought this almost 5 months ago. At first, it was wonderful but since then my LO has upgraded to 8oz bottles. This mixer is not long enough for most bottles (avent is an exception). Plus, the the bottle mixer attachment somehow got stripped and falls off all the time! If it falls off in an 8 oz bottle it is so hard to get it out without dumping the milk! I give it 3 stars because it does help at first and I only paid $4.

Monika Chugiak, AK