Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer

Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer

Specially designed for use with Warmies reusable cloth wipes. The Warmies reusable cloth wipes-the environmentally conscious way to wipe. A new three part heating system and specially designed micropore pillow helps keep cloth wipes warm, moist, fresh and reafy for all of Baby’s delicate needs. Using reusable wipes for your baby keeps tons of trash out of landfills annually, making Warmies (R) the environmentally conscious decision.

Main features

  • 100% Rayon derived from bamboo
  • Imported
  • The only cloth wipes warmer on the market
  • Micropore pillow
  • 100% Rayon derived from bamboo
  • More absorbent than cotton
  • No dyes or bleaches

Verified reviews


A Must-Have and Great for Cloth Wipes!

Works great, easy to use. I use cloth wipes, which fit perfectly, stay very warm and plenty moist. I’d definitely recommend this item! This warmer came with 5 free bamboo wipes, which are very, very soft. (But I don’t use them. Instead I use the 2-sided terry cloth wipes I bought at Green Mountain Diapers and at Blue Penguin, since they fit perfectly and don’t require any folding, like the bamboo ones do.) In this warmer, you can use water–definitely use distilled, so you don’t get any mineral deposits. Or you can make your own wipes solution. (I’ve found that a weak vinegar solution works the best–8 parts distilled water, 1 part vinegar. It’s all-natural, cheap, convenient, and prevents/controls yeast diaper rash.) This warmer also comes with a moist pad to keep wipes from getting too dry, and it seems to do the trick. Mine have never dried out or turned brown. Overall a Must-Have! I can’t imagine my nursery without this warmer! Cold diaper wipes just seem cruel–especially during a middle-of-the-night diaper change. Who wants to be awoken like that!

Erica Brinkhaven, OH

Excellent product, just keep it clean

Baby girl is three months old now and we use this wipes warmer daily. The cloth wipes that came with it are ok, but I prefer the fleece clothes I bought on Etsy. Warm and wet is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold so it is important that you keep the unit clean. I fill the unit with dry clothes and add about 3 cups of warm water with a tablespoon and baby wash and a couple of drops of tea tree oil (natural antibacterial). I use all of the wipes and then wipe down the unit and start fresh. When I first started using it I would just keeping adding wipes and water daily and that’s when I would get the funk. You don’t want the same water hanging out in this thing for a week. If you can keep up with that you’ll be very happy with the wipe warmer. There’s nothing better at cleaning up ooky poop butt than a nice warm wet cloth. I also use the clothes to wipe my daughter’s face after feedings. She loves it.

Rosanna Deerfield, MO

Love the product, but the seller was not great

I decided to switch to using cloth wipes about 10 days ago, so that says a lot for the timeliness of the shipping, but the condition the warmer arrived in was far less than satisfactory. The seller said it was NEW, but when it arrived it was missing the 4 “included” Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes, the plug was unraveled and had a green marker stain on it, and the warmer itself had dirt marks all over it and in it as if it had been used. I don’t mind buying used items when they work, nor do I mind cleaning something of minor dirt, but when I bought something “new” I expect it to arrive that way. I contacted the seller today after seeing if it worked, it does, and am waiting for their response. You may want to contact the seller prior to purchasing if this concerns you at all. I gave the product itself the 4 stars, but marked it down by one start due to the condition the seller sent it to me in.

Allyson Gregory, SD

NOT SAFE! Water leaks into electronics.

This is the 2nd unit I have ordered from amazon as I thought maybe it was a fluke with the first one. Water gets into the electrical plug area. I dumped out about 1-2 oz last time I picked it up to refill it. The plug has gotten all corroded from water with both units. I could hear a hissing/ buzzing sound coming from the unit this time. i am not doing anything weird with the wipes warmer such as submerging it in water or anything. I am unsure how the water gets back there, but it does and water and electricity don’t mix well.

Ma Bowling Green, SC


I’ve had this wipes warmer less than six months and it’s dead. It completely shorted out. Because I’ve had it longer than the 30 day window for malfunctions I’m just going to have to buy a new one. It’s safe to say I’ll be shopping for another brand. Oh, the wipes, they really suck.

Priscilla Hopkinton, IA

Wouldn’t you want your TP warmed before it hit your sweet spot?

I thought this was all a gimmick, as in really a baby needs some warm wipes. OHHH whats the baby going to do cry a little bit. But seriously… I want you to go to the bathroom right now…. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GOOOOOO!!!!….. Grab some cold water and splash it all over your butt… How’s that feel. WAKEY WAKEY…Now imagine you are a baby and have no way of communicating anything to anyone. And your butt is all cold. NO ONE LIKES THAT!!So for the sake of your baby, warm up their wipes……. AND when you get older you too could have warm wipes for your butt… ITS FOR THE ENVIRONMENT….Trust me it’ll be ‘a thing’ soon.!

Olivia Clifford, ND

UPDATE! *** Important Update! ***

*****IMPORTANT UPDATE*****I went to move my sons room around the other day. When I unplugged the unit I noticed that the adapter was BURNT! Yes, burnt! The scariest thing about this is that it CONTINUED to stay powered and run while burning. SCARY!I wrote to the company with pictures, and the response I got was less than concerned. There was a mention on a 1 year warranty – WELL, LIONHEART …. I am not too concerned about the 1 year warranty, and honestly, if I were dealing with issues like this I would try to reassure my customers that their children would not be exposed to a dangerous product that could potentially catch fire! Seriously? You want me to fill out a claim report? How about the pictures of the product with the BURNS on it! I do not give a crap about the claim, someone needs to be informed that this happened and it needs to be dealt with. There should be a safety feature that shuts the units off when it overheats, anywhere on the unit. HOW AWFUL! AND ALSO AWFUL IS THE CUSTOMER SUPPRT VIA EMAIL!Thanks for nothing.DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

Colleen Gustine, TX

It warms wipes well

I like this warmer- i accidentally pushed the light in,thinking that was how to open it…but it just is an easy lift lid. It does the job 🙂

Sheree Barrackville, WV

Essential for cloth wipes

We thought we were just being “green” when we decided to do cloth wipes. Then we had our first foray out of the house with our newborn, and had the displeasure of experiencing disposable wipes. A diaper change that takes 6 disposable wipes takes 1 cloth wipe. Wow. And cloth wipes are so much nicer on our baby’s bum to use soft stuff like baby soap, olive oil, and warm water (one of the recipes that come with the warmer). The thing about this warmer is that it not only keeps the wipes warm (I’m not convinced that baby really notices whether it’s warm or cold…but it makes us feel better) but the moisture keeps circulating in this closed unit, which means that you mix and pour your solution once per batch. All the wipes stay wet. Also, throwing these in the wash and rolling them into the warmer takes no time. I think I can roll and stuff an entire batch in under a minute. Just make sure you have enough with your laundry rotation that there are always enough to put into the warmer.The unit includes some of the company’s wipes, and I will say that they’re the worst of all four we’ve tried. They started unraveling after 3 washes. TheSatsuma Designs Organic Wash Cloths and Wipes 5 Pack, Whiteare the best. They are thin but absolutely do the job. You can roll the greatest quantity of them into the warmer because they’re thin, which means you’re refilling less often — a huge plus when at home with new baby! TheGroVia Cotton Cloth WipesandBabykicks 10 Pack Baby Wipes, Colors May Varyare really nice, but they are much larger, so they take up more room in the warmer and don’t yield a better result. Needless to say, the GroVias and Baby Kicks are great for spit ups and such, too, though. If I had it to do over, I’d register for all Satsumas, and I would have registered for extra moisture pillows, too. I end up changing those once every so often.As for the reviews talking about discoloration — it’s hard for me to tell whether discoloration comes from olive oil mix deposits, or the warmer. But at the end of the day, they get clean, and they’re bound to be used for messes anyways, so I guess it doesn’t bother us.Overall, a terrific, essential product if you’re doing cloth wipes…which you should! They’re so much more efficient and green than the disposable variety.

Kathi Formoso, KS

Love this little warmer!

I tried the Prince Lionheart wipes warmer first but the wipes didn’t stay warm for more than 2 seconds and I burnt the pillow twice. I then found out my diaper service offered cloth wipes so I got this model instead. (I suppose you could still use the wipes warmer – they’re exactly the same except for the extra slot in the lid). The cloth wipes are SOOOOO much better than the flimsy baby wipes!! They hold the heat much longer, clean 3x the area, and there’s no chemicals – just the cotton wipe and your wipe solution. This warmer keeps the solution at the perfect temperature. Google “wipe solution” and you’ll get a ton of recipes or experiment a little for your own signature solution.HERE’S A HELPFUL TIP: Don’t bother rolling each individual cloth. It really is a waste of time. Just keep your warmer full of the solution and the anti-microbial pillow with your wipes close by. Dip and ring out the cloth and you’re good to go. I also found the pillow lasts much longer this way as well. I just rinse out the warmer and pillow in the sink with each batch of solution. There’s no chance of mold or bacteria growing with this method. I also haven’t had any problems with the lid leaking when open. Maybe that was an earlier model? The only thing I don’t like is the super bright light on the front. But a little duct tape solved that problem.If you’re into washing your own cloth diapers or your diaper service offers cloth wipes, this is the way to go.

Lupe Coronado, CA

Thought this was an unnecessary luxury. I was WRONG. Great customer service.

We have been cloth diapering our son for two years and enduring his screams and squirms every time we cleaned him with a wet cloth wipe that wasn’t warm. We didn’t want to waste water waiting for the hot stuff to come out. We considered filling a thermos with hot water, but the extra added step of getting one ready at all times seemed like such a hassle (plus opening the thermos and pouring water while trying to keep a squirmy toddler from escaping froim the changing table did not appeal to us). When I found out I was expecting #2, I took this for a whirl. It was about $24 and came with 5 free cloth wipes. Diaper changes are so much more pleasant now because we just open the little box and the warm wet wipe is available right away – and baby is so much happier. He enjoys getting cleaned now. We also use the warm wipes on his face and hands. We have been using this contraption with the included wipes plus 12 Grovia reusable wipes for about 2 months now (plus the cloth wipes we had been using before) and will probably have to replace the pad in about another month, but we don’d mind that minimal expense ($8 for three pads). If the thing doesn’t conk out, I can see using this for my own face as well.EDIT: heating element died in May 2014 – after 13 months of use (right after warranty expired). Prince Lionheart was great – I emailed them asking how to fix the heating element and they sent me a form to explain the problem. I emailed it back, and they are sending me a new warmer. Nice that they back up their product.

Nadine Fredonia, PA

The best out there for cloth wipes!

With 4 children I’ve tried several different wipes warmers. And I’ve tried them all with both disposable and cloth wipes. While other models work great for pop up disposable wipes (Prince Lion Heart brand is my favorite), there were too many floppy parts to the lid when using cloth. And the Munchkin model with the blue front leaked when I poured in wipes solution. But theirs simple solid box model works perfectly with cloth wipes. Can’t believe I waited this long to find it!

Winifred Dwight, IL

Came with Recipes for wipe solution!!!

this product still burns the wipes and etc without proper maintenance of moisture as well as a constantly wet lionheart pad that goes in the bottom (sold separately). However this product is MADE FOR CLOTH WIPES!!! And it comes with 3 recipes for wipe solutions that do NOT STINK like tea tree oil which is hard to come by in the cloth diapering world. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR CLOTH DIAPERING!!!

Clara Patterson, IL

Good with some tweaking

My son needed cloth wipes because disposable ones were tearing up his booty. The Warmies that come with it are not that good. We don’t use them. Instead, I bought Baby ‘r us brand washcloths. They are cheap and work much better. They are larger and softer than the Warmies. We didn’t use a solution, just tap water, to wet the wipes. Creating a solution seemed like more work than I wanted to do. When we used tap water, the warmer got a musty smell after 2 days of use. We bought distilled water and stopped using the pad (it got musty even with distilled water). It works fine without the pad and it holds more wipes that way. Be aware that at first, when you are doing a lot of diaper changes, you have to refill the warmer every other day. It takes about 10 minutes to wet and roll the wipes, longer if you are making your own solution I am sure. Once we got past the small hiccups, the warmer works well. Our son cries a lot less having a warm wash cloth on his bum vs. a cold disposable.

Lela Kremmling, CO

Awesome warmer for cloth wipes

We bought this at the recommendation of other cloth diapering moms, to make it easier to use our cloth wipes. Before, we were wetting them one at a time as we did diaper changes. With a screaming newborn in a dirty diaper, the minute that took made a difference. With this, I stick a stack of 15 or so wipes in, and dump in about 1.5c warm water with a bit of baby wash and coconut oil to make my own solution, and that lasts us about two days. It keeps them warm but not hot, just perfect.I don’t use or buy the replaceable sponge thing, and we don’t have a problem. A couple of the same brand wipes came with this warmer. They are awful. Don’t waste your money. They start falling apart the first time through the washer.

Fannie Howard Beach, NY

Problem free wipes warmer

I’m not sure if the construction of this warmer has changed, but I have not had problems with leakage like other reviewers. The inside of the lid has an additional plastic ridge that guides the condensation that has accumulated on the top inside of the lid onto the wipes in the warmer. I have never had a problem with it leaking onto the cord connection or onto my furniture. I’ve been using this warmer for three months and I couldn’t be happier. No leaks, easy to work with one hand, and no burning or browning of wipes. I started rolling the wipes like the instructions suggested, but now I put the wipes in folded in half and stacked because that was easier to do with one hand while holding my baby with the other. I do use mostly thirsties wipes; the ones that come with the warmer do tend to snag in the laundry.

Marcia Florissant, CO

Fits lots of wipes!

Just started using our warmer — baby is 7 weeks old. For the first weeks we used cold disposables. Our son didn’t have a problem with them, but we were given the warmer as a gift so we might as well start using it! I just filled the warmer tonight and was shocked to be able to fit 20 flannel wipes (OsoCozy Flannel Baby Wipes – 15 Pack (Unbleached)) and 9 Thirsties (Thirsties 6 Pack Fab Wipes, Boy). I pre-moistened in homemade solution, rolled, and stacked the two styles of wipes side by side. The wipes are being kept warm, and enjoyed by baby. Haven’t used the product long enough to be able to speak to the reviews that state it stopped working — hopefully those were isolated incidents.UPDATE: Don’t accidentally use your last wipe, thinking you’ll replace it but then forget and leave the warmer plugged in with the littlePrince Lionheart Ever-Fresh Replacement Pillows for Ultimate Wipes Warmerstill in the bottom of the warmer. I did that and when I realized what I’d done, my brand new pillow had become all brown and hard. 🙁 Sad since they are so pricey! At least they come in a two-pack. However several reviewers said they use their warmers without the pillow, so I might give that a try in the future and see what happens.

Ellen Tyrone, GA

Simplified our lives!

This was another product that I thought was completely unnecessary and did not plan on buying. However a few weeks in we realized how hard it was to remember to wet a cloth before we undressed baby (especially middle of the night)…leaving us in the dilemma of leaving the baby on the table or carrying a naked newborn to the sink. Now we always have warm wet wipes right at the table. I’ve had it for 4 months and haven’t replaced the filter, seems fine. It holds a lot more than ten wipes if you fold them instead of roll them. It comes with some wipes but I also use GroVia cloth wipes which are much nicer.

Augusta Mansfield, LA

Must Have Nursery Item

I love this warmer. We didn’t get it until my son was 3 weeks old and I could just tell how cold the disposable wipes were for him every time I used them. (He was born in October and going through winter with cold wipes didn’t sound like fun!) I found the cloth wipes that came with it very thin and not very usable – I love the warmer so much, though, that I couldn’t knock it down to 4 stars just for that reason. It only came with 6 wipes, so regardless, you are going to have to buy more – I would just suggest buying a different brand. A friend had recommendedBabyKicks Baby Wipes – 10-Pack, Ivoryto use instead, which I absolutely love. I can fit 24 wipes into the warmer at a time, so I only have to refill it every 3-4 days. I love that the wipes are warm and thicker than disposable wipes and they also are less drying and feel better on your hands (and I assume my son thinks it feels nicer, too!). I think this is a must have in every nursery – even if you get the warmer for disposable wipes. Some reviewers have commented on mold problems, which I have not experienced. I wipe out the inside and rinse the pad every time I replace the wipes. I replace the pad every 3 months.

Sonia Foreston, MN

Makes life with a new little one much easier

You can’t really appreciate this until you try carrying a screaming little one in one arm to the bathroom to get warm water for a washcloth in the middle of the night. The first week with our newborn was pretty hectic, but little items like this coming in the mail helped calm things down quite a bit.This item is a lifesaver. Having pre-warmed wipes right next to you on the changing table saves so much time and frustration for everyone. This holds at least a dozen cloth wipes, but we don’t roll them like the pictures show. If you fold them in half, you can stack them one on top of each other, and it’s very easy to use the oldest first, rotating out as you go. Then, when you need to add more, just add the newly wet cloths to the bottom of the stack. They stay warm and wet, and are ready to go whenever you need them.The light glows, but isn’t really enough to light a dark room, and so far the anti-microbial pad seems to be keeping things clean and moist in there. As for the bamboo wipes, ours were already coming apart at the threads before we washed them (straight out of the box), so we don’t use those. Instead, we use baby washcloths (mostly the Gerber) and bleach them, then rinse wash.Even counting the wipes in this one, it’s still a 5 star item in my opinion.

Maxine Swartz, LA

Perfect for cloth wipes.

We use this for cloth wipes and it works great. This is not intended for disposable wipes. We also tried the Munchkin one, but it left brown marks on the wipes and did not keep them warm. This is the way to go if you are using cloth wipes!I will say that the bamboo wipes that came with this really did not look good after a few washes, but we did not buy this just for the wipes.

Lupe Kanona, NY

Not completely necessary, but pretty nice to have.

I might try this with regular wipes some day, but for now – I use the warmer with cloth (hemp) wipes that I soak in a solution I make myself of water, baby shampoo, and baby oil for days when I need the gentlest possible wipe (commercial wipes cause an irritating drying rash on my baby’s bum.) The warmer helps the wipe not be so shockingly cold, which on a small but inflamed booty can make the difference between ooh!! and Ahhh…. I like that it detaches from the AC cord so I could take it to the sink to wash out if I wanted to, and not worry about drenching the power cable. The glowing indicator light is pretty bright in pitch darkness, but, acts as a handy night light for me when I don’t want to turn on a super bright lamp just to see that baby’s doing okay while sleeping. It’s a luxury nursery item, and I feel happy to have it.

Leanne Ninole, HI

Great cloth wipes warmer!

Hate the warmies cloths, LOVE THE WARMER! I use Under The Nile organic cotton baby wipes inside of it and it is an absolute dream come true! No diaper rash to date! No issues with browning, molding, funky smells, or leaks. I do use the pad though, so I’m not sure if the women complaining of those things did away with the pad as I read some of them did. The little Prince Lionheart emblem glows a soft white light which is a really nice feature for nightly diaper changes! It’s a beautiful wipe warmer, very aesthetically pleasing, well made, and I love it! I’ll probably end up buying a couple more to station in different places around the house since my toddler and my husband can’t stop using them! Do yourself a favor and buy different wipes though!

Althea Southfield, MI

warms cloth wipes very well but careful with humidity

Warmer does its trick well but be careful upon opening due to humidity and water from upper lid drips with warm water, like the light for night time changing.

Odessa Carbondale, CO

Great Warmer, even for regular thick wipes

This warmer is great, even if you don’t use the cloth wipes. I purchased this model because I thought we might use cloth wipes and wanted to have that option. Right now we are usingPampers Sensitive Thick Care Wipes Refill, 180-Count Pouches (Pack of 4) (720 Wipes)and they work well with this warmer. The “pillows” for the bottom of the warmer are easy to use and we have had no problems with the electrical cord. I give this warmer my highest recommendation.

Lorena Bastrop, LA

Warmer leaks

I’ve been using this warmer for a bit over a year. I like the whole concept of a wipes warmer. I like my collection of reusable wipes and I like that the Warmies warmer keeps them warm and moist and fresh smelling with the scented pad. I don’t like that it leaks so badly it’s warped my (admittedly cheap) changing table it sits on. Am I the only one with this problem?

Bethany Canby, CA

I’ll take the good with the bad

I’ve had three of these warmers over the past two years. They’re not made all that well but work ok. I use them for cloth wipes, quilter’s nappies wipes (made in the US by a work at home mom) and soak them in warm tap water with a couple baby bits wipes solution cubes dissolved in. The soapy cubes help the wipes glide and the tea tree oil in them has natural antibacterial qualities so no mold. Some people also add a squirt of baby wash and a couple drops of tea tree oil.- The warmer warms the wipes just fine but once half the wipes are used the rest are so hot they need to be blown on the way you cool of hot food.- The lid doesn’t stay open on it’s own for long; once it’s used for a couple weeks the lid hinge area loosens up and no longer stays open on its own; when changing a diaper one hand is often all you have to reach for a wipe so the back of your hand is scraped as you remove the wipe. I now take a wipe out with two hands and set it on top to cool but if I need a second I’m out of luck.- The wipes it comes with are terrible. I washed them once with our cloth diapers and they were shredded when they came out so I tossed them. I wish they would lower the price by a dollar or two and leave out the wipes.- The night light is way too bright. I had to cover it up until it went out several months into our third one.- It holds plenty of wipes. I can fold in half and stack up like disposable wipes around 20 and up to 25 if I need to.- It’s very warm on the bottom, not enough for a toddler to hurt themselves on but hot enough so I worry it will damage the wooden changing table so I put a potholder under it.- it’s really the only game in town for warming cloth wipes. Before this I either put dampened cloth wipes in an old disposable wipes container or left a stack of dry wipes on the changing table along with a little spritz bottle of wipes solution – either way the wipes were cold and the baby was not happy about it.- The bottom wipe or two ends up burnt looking and smelling. I don’t use the pillow since it just ends up burnt and charred smelling so I put a couple old wipes on the bottom and not use them, I wash them with the other wipes so they stay fresh.

Bianca Leesburg, GA

Keeps wipes warm, is too bright

We’ve been using this warmer to keep our cloth wipes warm for about 6 months now. The warmer itself does a very good job of keeping the wipes warm, but not too warm, and also helps to keep them moist. The "Antimicrobial micropore pillow" that comes with the warmer was absolutely worthless. It started molding almost immediately, even with proper care. They also recommended replacing it every month or so, which could start to get expensive for something that doesn’t do what it is supposed to do. We have just been using a washcloth on the bottom of the warmer to keep the wipes from getting burnt, and that way we can take it out and give it a thorough wash about once a week. The other thing I dislike about this warmer is the nightlight on the front. In theory this should be a nice thing to have, but the light on the front is just too bright. We usually end up covering it up, and I have even considered trying to remove it completely.

Tamra Monroe, AR

Nice to have!

I use my own cloth wipes (square pieces of flannel) and they work mostly well. I don’t know why but not all the wipes get warm. I don’t think I’m overloading it with wipes since there is room to spare at the top. 75% of the wipes are warm so that’s fine. I don’t like the logo on the front. When you plug the unit in, the logo shines so brightly that I was afraid it would distract my baby and wake her up. So I just covered it w/ black electrical tape.

Olga Mershon, GA

it’s ok

On the whole I like the warmer…two downsides 1) You MUST use different wipes…the lionheart ones fall apart- I use the thirsties. 2) you can’t fill it with more then 10-12 wipes or they won’t get warm at all. I have not problem filling it once or twice a day so it works for me…but not for everyone.

Roxanne Pennington, MN