Prince Lionheart washPOD Bathe, Blue

Prince Lionheart washPOD Bathe, Blue

The Prince Lionheart washPOD provides a better way to bath your little one in an environment that emulates that of a mother’s womb. The Baby in the wash pod will naturally convert into the fetal position. Because this is such a familiar feeling it will quickly soothe, calm, and relax the baby and allow them to bathe without feeling out of their element. Recommended by physicians and midwives as one of the best ways to bathe your newborn baby. Age: 0-6 months.

Main features

  • Safe and secure environment for Baby
  • Baby stays warm and relaxed
  • Recommended by doctors
  • 0 4 months

Verified reviews


Wait until you need it

Wait until baby is born. Mine had a dislocated hip and couldn’t use it for a while. Now we tried it at 3 months and she seems so uncomfortable in it. She was slouching and gruning and her mouth was getting dangerously close to swallowing water. i took her out and learned my lesson. She loves her big pink infant/toddler tub. she spashes and grabs her duck….and actually gets clean! Wish I could return the washpod!

Adeline Shiprock, NM

Liam LOVES it!!!!

Louisa Linden, TN

Ugh…I hate this thing

I got this as a shower gift. I really wanted it and was excited to use it. My son is now 7 months old and it has never worked for us. I use it in the tub, and here are my complaints: First off, I could have just bought a mop bucket, my son always leans forward to chew on toys and gets a face full of water – I have to watch him like a hawk, hands ready to grab him at any moment, the white cushion seat constantly pops up from the bottom, and how am I supposed to clean the baby? I can’t get to all his parts. He has to stand up and then I struggle to get him to sit down again.I have been trying to like this thing for 7 months, but I have given up. boo.

Sonja Plummers Landing, KY

Small window of usefulness. Fine in early infancy; unsafe for babies who try to stand.

The first time we tried bathing my then 2-week old son in the Washpod, he threw a fit. A week later I tried again, this time placing the pod on the bathroom floor instead of in the tub where I had to lean precariously in. We went nice and slow, and this time he actually seemed to enjoy the experience. I’m sure it will become easier to use as he grows and requires slightly less support to keep him upright.One minor complaint about the product: yesterday one of the white handles on the side of the pod slid off while I was maneuvering the thing, nearly making me drop it. I was able to replace it easily enough, but it would be nice if they were more firmly attached. The handles Are nicely placed: it would be much harder to manhandle the pod in and out of the tub without them.Update: The soft plastic cushion in this unit got pink and brown mildew on it after a few uses that I was never able to scrub out.Baby number 2 only used this item half-a-dozen times. For some reason I found it more cumbersome with her, and by the time she could sit up I was simply placing her in the tub (or tub insert) with her brother. Worse, it is so nice and compact that even a baby who can barely pull up on her crib can lever herself into a dangerous standing position. My kid was a determined stander, so we had to discontinue use when she was barely 6-7 months old.I’ve gotten rid of it: Baby number 3 will have to make due with sponge-baths at first and then larger, more traditional inflatable “bath-duck.”

Robin Lawrence, NY


I don’t write reviews very often, but I have to on this one. I also am not the type of person who rags on everything either, but here we go. This tub was horrible for my baby! This type of tub was recommended in a baby care class which is why I bought it. It was so difficult to give my baby a bath in it. He didn’t mind the tub, but I did! I was constantly nervous about him slipping under the water when I gave him baths, especially when he was younger and had minimal head control. He couldn’t stand either, so it was difficult to wash his lower body. I hated giving him baths in this and ended up giving sponge baths most of the time. Please don’t waste your money on this one!

Elisa Hopkinsville, KY

Thought it was gimmicky, but love it now.

It is hard to get a very young infant in and out, plus it can be challenging to clean the nether regions. However, our baby loves being immersed in water and enjoys her bath in the washpod far more than in a traditional baby tub where she lies prone. We use the traditional tub when we are serious about cleaning her bottom half, but we all enjoy bathtime more with the washpod.

Stefanie Puxico, MO

Not for fast growing babies

It was tricky getting my baby in the tub as a newborn. It was a 2 person job to get his legs in correctly and make sure his head didn’t bump on the way in. Once in, he was very happy. It is rather difficult to get to the nether regions of your baby in this style of tub and the water cools off quickly.The biggest problem with this tub is that it is really too big for a newborn and too small not long after that. My baby is a very fast growing boy and he stopped fitting in it at 2 months.I think the price is good on this and the design is a little better than some of the other “bucket” tubs. On the pro side it doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be used as a toy bucket when baby is older.

Nelly Lindon, UT

Couldn’t make it work for us…

This seemed like such a cool thing.I could not figure out how to get my baby in and keep him from tipping into the water. At only a few weeks old, he needed to be held up, but it is completely awkward to keep a hand under his armpit tand over the edge of the tub to do so.By 8 weeks old, he has pretty much outgrown it. He is a big baby (born just shy of 10#), but still…it should fit a baby longer than that.Aside from my inability to figure out how to use it effectively, it is well made for a plastic thing.

Lacy Bangor, MI

I wanted to love it, but our son didn’t enjoy it.

I was so excited to try this once our son was born. I call it his "baby bucket". Problem is that he doesn’t really like it…but then again he absolutely loves a regular bath (whether it’s in an infant tub or the regular bathtub). The one time I did try it, I found it awkward to have to reach down into the tub and clean him. I’d say if your baby can’t stand a regular bathtub then give this product a try, but if your baby is content in a regular bath then stick to that.

Earlene Gum Spring, VA

Great Option! Much Better Than Traditional Baby Tub Designs

Luckily, I did lot of research about bath time options and happened upon this tub. The idea of a baby sitting down IN water, vs. spread out above the water, like traditional baby baths, made so much more sense to me.My baby had his first bath in this tub, and I was able to give it to him unassisted. He loved it, and had no problems adjusting to the water.The base is sturdy and never seemed to be ‘tippy.’ The handles also made it much more comfortable/easy to move around.My husband and I used this very consistently for a few months, and then just started bringing him in the bathroom tub while one of us was in the bath.I will say that this tub was very critical to us gaining confidence around the water with our baby. We certainly would not have been brave/experienced enough parents to bring a baby in the adult tub, but now that we’ve done it and are ‘old hands’ at it, it would be no problem. This tub was an invaluable set of bath time training wheels, and I’m happy we purchased it. And I think the baby loves baths/showers so much now b/c he had a gentle/in utero-esque introduction to bath time.

Hilary Mazama, WA

More than expected

This tub sold for almost half the price of all the other tubs like this. I bought it knowing there might be a reason why it’s not as expensive as all the other tubs like this. I still can’t find out why. I guess it’s just the brand. This tub functions just as I would want it to and can’t find any difference from all the advertised features of all the other tubs that are twice the price. My 1 month old bathes in it without crying and only cries when I take her out. It’s sturdy and there’s no fear of tilting. No separate stand needs to be purchased. I’m glad I didn’t purchase the more expensive brand because I’m sure there would be no difference.

Selma Clutier, IA

Greath little play bath but not a bather

My son loves to sit in this thing and chew on a towel. It seems to put him in a good mood and relaxes him. It is for babies who can hold themselves in a seated position. They sit cross legged. It comes with a pad that I think makes them lean forward so I usually remove it. If the bottom was wider, it would be more comfortable I think. Also, there is no drain so you have to take them out to change the water. My son is 5 months old and he can still use it.

Suzette Willow City, ND

Worst Design Ever

I like the idea behind it. But seriously, this is a glorified bucket. Even worse, there is no angle to it. What is more uncomfortable for an infant learning to sit on his own that having to sit perfectly erect… which he slides forming a c-shape, sending him into a scream. Further more, it did not come with the insert. Make sure yours comes with the insert.**TO BE SAFE, ORDER THE **WHITE** VERSION AS IT IS SHIPPED AND SOLD BY AMAZON. THEN YOU CAN DO EASY RETURNS, HAVE GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, ETC.**I made the mistake of ordering the blue from a 3rd party, although shipped by Amazon. What horrible, horrible customer service!

Rosalind Saunderstown, RI

I don’t like this tub because…

First I will tell you, I purchased this tub because I liked the idea of the baby being more fully submerged in the warm bath water, so as to avoid getting a chill. However, what I find is that getting my hands down in the tub with baby, to support and bathe him, is awkward. And I have small hands. If this product were shorter and wider, I would like it much better.

Dorothy Whiteville, TN

Our second one

We loved this so much for our own child, it has become a go to gift for baby showers. Our friends have used it for several months and although they were scared of the idea of this tub, they began to love it. It really is the best way to give your newborn a good soak and they stay warm and comfortable. We put a towel in with our daughter when she was really small to help hold her up and she always had a great time. I highly recommend this because of the ease it brings to bathtime. Many children hate having their skin exposed in a normal lay back bath, but most will get used to it I suppose. I’m glad we went with this and made it a frustration free experience that was enjoyable for all of us in the beginning.

Caryn Winnebago, WI

Fun bath!

But please keep good watch of your child when using, and note that you need very little water. Even larger babies can slump and their mouth will be close to the water.Good quality and price. The only complaint would be the fact that the huge stickers on the front and back of the bath do not peel off easily and are very hard to remove.

Carole Bow, WA

Great infant bathtub. No crying!

I used the Prince Lionheart washPOD from birth to 5 months, and I loved it. My daughter seemed to enjoy her baths, too. I liked that she remained submerged in the warm water. I was a little nervous the first time I bathed her, and it was helpful to have another adult present. After that, it was easy to bathe her on my own.The tub comes with stickers to mark the right water level for your baby. It also has a soft foam removable pad for the bottom of the tub.After 5 months, my daughter wanted to stand in the tub, so we had to switch from the washPOD to a bathtub seat. It was certainly worth having for those first 5 months.

Elaine Massey, MD

It comes with hard to remove giant stickers!!!!!

I haven’t even used it yet since I am STILL trying to remove the sticker residue that covers almost the entire exterior of the tub I have already put in about 2hours- they were not fooling around with those labels- it’s infuriating and the tub looks super trashed with zero use 🙁

Inez Hatton, WA

GET ONE! ! ! !

For the first 4 months we used the WashPOD and it has become one of my go-to baby shower gifts.I realize the whole idea is silly – why use this when you could just use the sink or one of those whale tubs?Simple. Babies LOVE the warm, cozy feel of this that no other infant bathtub can provide. Traditional infant tubs require that the baby lay in a shallow pool of water and be cold and wet during their bath. (How many newborns do you know that HATE bath time?) The sink is great and inexpensive – but difficult and uncomfortable for all involved.The Tummy Tub/WashPOD, however, allows the baby to sink into a warm bath and enjoy that cozy womb feeling again.This all sounds SO romantic and cheesy doesn’t it?You’ll be saying these SAME cheesy things when you see what magic this tub is on a fussy, inconsolable newborn. Many of the first, elusive smiles and laughs happened when our baby boy was in his WashPOD. It became part of our nightly routine and I have to say, I nearly cried when I realized he had outgrown it. It is SO cute to see them scrunch up into the newborn fetal position in their tub, and to watch their tension and frustration and fussies literally wash away.I would like to respond to negative comments about this tub that you may hear in reviews or online:a. It’s hard to clean the baby in there! ! !!Ok. Yes, it is a tight fit. We used this for 4 months, however, and shocker. . .our baby did not come out of it smelling like a gym rat! Even just a quick dunk in there got him perfectly clean enough without drying out his skin. We used California Baby Wash in the water and he would come out smelling SO good and clean as could be.b. OMG they could drown! ! !Babies can drown in a whale tub too! You aren’t exactly going to leave them in here and walk away, I hope?c. Ummm. It’s a bucket. Why don’t I just get the mop bucket out of the garage and use that?This is a special newborn/infant sized bucket. . .and the bottom is lined with foam. It’s comfortable and clean for them. Please don’t just use a mop bucket.Every friend who has seen our WashPOD laughed at us until they saw what happened when we put our baby in it – and then they were sold. Our little guy is now just a few days shy of 6 months (and currently asleep on my lap!) and he loves his nightly bath in the adult/big tub. I do feel that his early experiences bathing contributed to his love for water and bath time, and can’t stress enough how wonderful this product is.

Laurel Leggett, TX

Completely confused by the good reviews for this product

I’ve tried using this over the first month of my daughters life until I finally gave up and bought one she could recline in that molds to your sink shape (thus preventing her from getting cold). The problem is that a newborn cannot hold their head up (duh) so she was constantly bending into herself. I kept having to try to hold her head up so that I could reach in and wash her with the other hand. This was incredibly difficult…and she was not a tiny baby. I do not know how this is for a baby that can hold their head up but it seems to me it won’t be very roomy. The transition between infant to the time they are sitting is not enough for me to even try since I like to put them in bath rings and just have them take a shower with me at that point.

Dana Hunnewell, MO

Great idea but not practical

I was so excited when I bought this but that excitement quickly fizzled away the first time I used this. For newborns this is awful. I could’t keep her head and body up AND bathe her and getting her out of the bucket wasn’t easily at all. It’s just too awkward. Then when she was older I couldn’t properly wash her because of the tub shape. Getting my hands in there and washing was ridiculous. It’s a good soaker tub to let them soak and enjoy the warmth of the water surrounding them. My daughter did enjoy that part. As a bath tub, I give it two thumbs down. I ended up going with the First Years infant/toddler tub. It’s so much easier to use than this bucket style and my daughter was just as happy in the traditional tub.

Jana Weir, TX

I LOVE this bathtub

This tub is perfect for bathing my baby in the shower with me. It was a little difficult when my baby was a newborn, but once he could hold his head up strong, it was wonderful! A+ tub! Now I’ve moved on to using the Prince Lionheart FlaxiBath WITH the Puj Tub. When he’s a little bigger/stronger, I will use the FlexiBath solo.

Jenna Fremont, WI

Another newborn essential

Now that I’m on baby #3 my list of newborn essentials has been whittled down to just a few items. This is most definitely one of them! I only wish I had found it sooner. It’s essentially a glorified bucket, but it works wonders during bathtime. I have two older kids (3 and 2) so I needed another way to bathe the newborn. I’ve never been a huge fan of bathing in the sink and I wasn’t about to buy yet another gigantic bright blue baby tub. I wanted something portable and lightweight that wasn’t a complete eyesore. The cushion at the bottom of the “bucket” is what really sets this apart. There is a small divet for the baby’s bottom making it easy for the baby to stay in a sitting position. My two month old has no problem sitting in it and holding her head up unassisted. My favorite thing about the tub is it’s ease of use. You suction the seat to the bottom of the tub, fill it up and you’re ready to go. Cleanup is just as easy, since there are only two main parts. I love that there aren’t a bunch of attached toys or useless pieces. It’s also super portable (you could fill it up with baby stuff on a road trip so you dont have to sacrifice space). And the best part is that my daughter absolutely loves it! She’s submerged up to her chest so we dont have to worry about her getting cold during bathtime. She also loves the sensation of being able to splash her hands and move around in the water. I imagine this will ease any fear of the water and make learning to swim a breeze (fingers crossed!). I would definitely recommend this to any mom based on it’s appearance, ease of use, and fuctionality.

Luella Stewart, TN

Too much effort

The plus side of this washpod is that it requires very little water and can be filled and cleaned quickly.I have twins. My boy HATES it and screams whenever he’s put into the tub – by contrast, he’s ok in a regular infant tub. My girl was OK in it when she was younger, but since she has become strong enough to pull herself up, it no longer works for us. She pulls herself up and stands in the washpod – this kind of defeats the purpose of having the washpod to begin with, since she just ends up being wet and cold.Also, washing their bottoms is near impossible in the washpod. If and when I use it (which is very rarely these days), I wash their bottoms before I put them inside.

Alexis Cayucos, CA

Baby and mama love it!

My little boy loves bath time and never cried in the wash pod. This was the first bath we tried and absolutely love it. We also bought a sling and a chair that are ok but he cries when he gets cold so we use the wash pod almost exclusively. He’s able to sit up and is well supported while I wash his hands, neck, face, hair, and even down below. Awkward to lift him up to wash his tushie but not too bad. I bought this when I read other reviewers say they used it to calm fussy babies. When you’re at your wits end and nothing seems to soothe your baby the wash pod will work like a miracle. Added bonus that the baby looks soooooooo cute in it. I also bought it to get an adorable first bath picture like I’ve seen posted. My boy was 6 pounds at birth and still using it 4 months later at 15 pounds . I’m hoping he fits into it until he can sit up in a tub but he’s big and growing fast so we’ll see. Too bad it doesn’t come in a bigger size too.

Susana Rawlins, WY