Prince Lionheart weePOD Basix, Ash Grey

Prince Lionheart weePOD Basix, Ash Grey

The Prince Lionheart weePOD basix is soft and cushiony. The seating surface is comfortable and gives Toddler a sense of security during training time. Built in splash guard, attaches securely with suction cups, easy to remove and wipe clean, stands upright when not in use.

Main features

  • Polypropylene
  • Imported
  • Soft, cushiony seating surface is comfortable and gives baby a sense of security during training time
  • Removable cushion for easy cleaning
  • Fits most toilets
  • Built in splash guard

Verified reviews


In my day, we didn’t have weePOD’s. Too bad for us.

My wife and I are the proud owners of 4 of these puppies. Now we don’t have to worry about our kids falling in the toilet butt first and getting flushed down the toilet. It is every overprotective parent’s worst fear, next to kids falling off bikes without helmets or being unreachable by cell phone. BUT I DIGRESS!So, I was doing my usual Amazon comparison shopping on my iPhone while shopping at major brick-and-mortar retailers when I stumbled upon this great find. It was on the shelf at this particular retailer, and the Amazon review told me that I had found a winner. Elated (as elated as you can be about a toilet seat for training a toddler), I bought 4 of them. Yes, that’s one for each toilet in the house. I was most concerned about the new oval/elongated toilet in our downstairs bathroom. Our old round toilet broke, and the plumber recommended an elongated toilet for reasons I cannot repeat in an Amazon review. BUT I DIGRESS AGAIN. Anyway, I wasn’t sure this seat would work well for all of our toilets. As you might guess from my 5-star review, it works PERFECTLY! Like a poopy in the toilet, not in the underpants, this is cause for celebration. Seriously, though, this seat is a real winner on multiple fronts:+ Simple, Dummy-Proof: Just put it on the toilet!+ Soft/Comfortable: They should make real toilet seats out of this stuff. Very nice! If only my butt were small enough!+ Easy to Clean: Just wipe away. No small crevices or other tough-to-clean areas.+ Universal Fit: Fits our round AND oval/elongated toilets.+ Space Efficient: Stands on end beside the toilet when not in use. Very cool.+ Integrated Splash Guard: Works great for our little guy’s little guy, if you know what I mean.+ Excellent Value: For the money, I feel this product is an excellent value.+ Fashionable: Berry Blue is quite the statement. Why sit on a white seat when you can have Berry Blue?

Gwen Follansbee, WV

The best seat money can buy!

Product Endorsement: I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a potty lid for their little ones. Of course I can only speak from experience of having a boy, but I have to say of all the different seats we’ve been given/bought/tried this is beyond the best. It’s light weight, the suctions make the seat stay in place, the front flap keeps the pee in (BIG issue with the other seats having a boy), very comfortable to sit on for long periods. Every other seat I’ve had issues with the little guy wanting up after seconds or feeling like he had to hold on to something while he sat, absolutely no issue with this one. Because it is so light weight, we also took it bowling with us today. It fit perfectly on the big seats there and fit in a canvas tote bag for easy carrying. I have it in blue, noticed that the Ash Grey one was only $12.99 today, so I purchased a second one. This way no worries if someone is using the bathroom the seat is in, we’ll have one on each floor.Prince Lionheart is an excellent brand for everything we’ve tried. Durable, long lasting, very comfortable and extremely easy to clean. I don’t often back something so strongly, but after spending probably $130 on various seats and small potties… this is beyond the best deal and purchase.

Ashlee Karnack, TX

Skip this.

I loved this seat at first, but it lasted less than a year. It eventually cracked in half. The bottom is poorly designed, it’s just exposed foam that turned disgusting colors from becoming stained with urine no matter how much I cleaned it. The splash guard was awesome, but it just didnt last.

Geri Pitkin, CO

Love it

Awesome little potty for such an awesome price!!! It is soft and cushy for little bums and doesnt move a smidge when hes on it. Its easy to remove and it sits discreetly next to the toilet. I bought the silver one and it looks just as it does in the pictures. This is my first potty purchase and I love that I dont have to buy one of those little pottys that are obnoxious to look at, expensive and disgusting to clean and also a pain to transition to big pottys later… Do yourself a favor and just buy this one!!!

Elise Seville, GA

GREAT easy seat!

I’ve now potty trained three boys, we’ve always had issues with the toilet seat inserts some the pee would get caught in the bottom ring others the pee would get all over the toilet seat it’s been a long going issue and I’m always so happy once the child finally outgrown the seat! This seat however is very easy to use and very easy to take on and off that toilet which is very important in a house with only one bathroom.We’ve had it for a while now and it is held on the seat with two little suction cups and due to the material the seat doesn’t slip or move around on the seat at all. I haven’t had to deal with the pee on the actual toilet seat either thanks to this potty seat. Sometimes my little guy gets some pee on the pee shield but just a quick wipe and it’s gone. I paid less than Amazon is asking at Target and quite frankly I would have paid more! this is the best potty insert seat we have had….I wanted to edit to add we have an elongated toilet and it fits great

Gabriela Braidwood, IL

Excellent Seat

We own two of these Prince Lionheart weePOD toilet seats. My toddler was too scared to sit on the big potty until we purchased these. Now she won’t use the other little potties we purchased. She feels safe and secure while using it. Suction cups hold it to the seat nicely so she doesn’t feel like the seat is moving around. It also gives nice padding to the seat. Really easy to keep clean. I would definitely recommend this product.

Earnestine Cave City, AR

Simple and does what its intended to

Our big guy is just starting to become familiar with the potty and this has blocked a stray stream already. Does what it was made to do.

Tammie Southside, WV

Great and sanitary!

I love this seat! I love that it is soft so it is more comfortable. I love that it has suction cups underneath to stick to the toilet so it wont slide around. and I love that there isn’t extra nooks and crannies that germs can get it. All the other ones I looked at had a soft seat but a hard plastic bottom creating a lip where germs can sit and hide. This one seems so much more sanitary to me.

Deidra Dellwood, WI


Fits both my oval and round toilets. My very skinny son fits comfortably on these (we have two) and he isn’t afraid of falling in. Soft and comfortable. I absolutely think this is the best choice for potty training. We went through a few that sit on the floor before we came to this and and I wish we would have started here.

Tammie Saint Libory, NE

Great for Potty Training—Safe for Boys.

I ordered this product for my two year old son who is starting to potty train. We wanted to get him a seat that was comfortable so that he could start going on the toilet. We’ve ordered other Prince Lionheart products in the past and have always been pleased, so we went ahead and ordered this product.I must say that I’ve been very pleased with this overall and will be ordering these for all of the grandparents houses.PROS:-Very soft and cushy, which means he doesn’t mind sitting on there (for as long as it takes him)-The little lip in the front is high enough to keep pee from going everywhere, but not so high that he gets caught getting on and off the toilet-The bright color is a plus—helps the appeal factor-Very durable-The back is hollow, so I was able to get one of those 3M command hooks for the side of our cabinet and we can easily hang when not in use-Stays very secure to the toilet seat (even despite some wiggling), via some suction cups at the bottom.Overall, I would recommend this product to other parents exploring potty training. We intend to have several. While it doesn’t have the appeal of a licensed character, it is very high quality and practical. (I’ll just get some Diego stickers as a reward!)

Muriel Passadumkeag, ME

Perfect seat

My son puts this on the potty himself and it gives him a great sense of healthy independence. He can also slide off it safely (before I can catch him!) by himself when the stepstool is not by the potty. Also, it is really easy to disinfect. We have elongated toilet seats and this seat fits them well. We will definitely be traveling with this during Christmas.

Helena Sloatsburg, NY

Caused a rash.

I liked the functionality of this seat…at first. We were only using it for fun/practice at first, so I didn’t associate it with a rash that developed on the back of my daughter’s legs. When we started using it all the time, the rash got much worse and is basically everywhere the seat touches. I guess she’s allergic to something in it, although I’m not aware of a latex allergy or anything else that has had a similar affect. I returned mine and the rash is clearing up.

Charmaine Ceres, VA

Great for small bathrooms!

Needed a potty seat for our toddlers upstairs bathroom as the footprint of the room is quite small. No place to put even the smallest floor potty. We have the Summer Little Loo potty on our main floor and absolutely love it! While we don’t do a lot of potty training upstairs we knew something was needed as holding my fiercely independent little man over the toilet was not making him fond of potty training. This fits and stays on the toilet seat. Since the bathroom is in his room removal for guest use isn’t an issue. My main concern was safety since we leave it on except when cleaning, but the opening is too small for child to stick his head into(we tried off the toilet of course and it was as hilarious as it sounds!!). As a precaution we do have a safety knob and a safety latch on his door and not just because of the wee pod but sink and tub as well. My son is very comfortable on this seat and while he is still small enough I have to pick him up and place him on it, he can sit on it without me holding him. *disclaimer: do not leave your child’s side while using!!* I may not have to hold him, but I am right beside him in case of an accident of any type. The seat is firm, but not uncomfortable and the splash guard is high enough to stop the pee. As I’ve found with this potty and the Summer Little Loo it is best to place your child centered on the seat, not at the back even though more of their tushy is on the seat at the back. Middle allows boys to be close to the splash guard without being so close it gets everywhere and not too far back that the splash guard is no help. Middle also allows their legs to be in a more natural and comfortable position rather than forced to the sides from the width of the toilet.I do clean after every use. Pee dribbles tend to accumulate around the suction cups, same as the feet on the regular toilet seat(maybe because I live with all males?). Suction cups are very strong! Has never moved while my son has been on it nor when he has yanked on it inquisitively.

Karla Oakley, ID

A nice seat for a tall potty novice

I haven’t had this seat long, but it is comfortable for my toddler. She is rather tall for her age (about 40 inches) and she fits on it without concern.The seat is easy to wipe clean, and fits well on the toilet. It seems as though it will hold up well to normal use.There are suction cups underneath the seat, but they are rather small, sit flush to the seat, and take a bit of work to suction. Perhaps it is due to the size and shape of my toilet. I think pushing on the seat a lot might weaken it, so I try to suction it, but don’t force it every time. Because of the potential lack of suction, I’d recommend supervising a child’s use of the potty while using it (which is a good idea in general).

Clarissa Shermans Dale, PA


Best potty seat for boys. Easy to clean, stands up on it’s own and the pee guard works fantastic for our son. Suction cups secure the seat so I’m never worried it will slip off. Highly recommended.

Katharine Lares, PR

Bought two, they both cracked!

We bought one of these seats for my then 1 year old and it was just perfect. Works great for boys, works on our round toilet, comfortable, etc. We used it for about six months before it got a crack. I read the reviews and it seemed not everyone was dealing with this issue, so we bought another one. And a third for my parent’s house. Within 1 month of using the second one, it too cracked. Bummer. We ended up just wrapping the sides of the seats with duct tape. We’ve been using them that way for about six months, now, and they’ve held up – but they are starting to separate under the tape and my son says they are ‘owie’ now. I just ordered a new seat from a different brand. I really wish this seat held up! It’s just so perfect for boys and it’s very easy to clean. Light weight, too. We’ve taken in on vacation and camping and whatnot without issue. Too bad about the cracks.

Jodi Branford, FL

Loved it at first, over time it cracked!

At first I thought this was the best seat, it was soft, fit all toilets we tried it on, was made of one piece so it was easy to clean, etc. I told my friends about it and even bought 3 (two for our home, one for grandma’s)! However after frequent use the seat began to crack. It started on the inner edge of each side in the center, I guess the part that has the most pressure pushed down on it and nothing under it for support. Eventually it cracked to the point it is unusable. I have two kids and expect items like this to last for use with child #2 which this did not even make it through the first one! I ended up buying the hard plastic arm and hammer seat that is about ten dollars to replace it.

Belinda Mandan, ND

Finaly I found the right one

I tried Mommy’s helper, Baby Bjorn and two no brand potty/toilet products and nothing worked and before I was ready to give up I found this one. I have boys and the main problem I had with all the previous products is that they all leaked. This is the first one that it hasn’t leaked at all. It fits perfect on the toilet seat and the suction caps underneath work well. The kids like it. It’s soft so they don’t complain. It’s also wide enough so it won’t drop inside the actual toilet as one of the other products did. I like it and most of all the kids love it and like using it.

Gertrude Lakehurst, NJ

Comfortable, versatile, and easy enough for a kid to use

My son potty-trained right around his 3rd birthday, and while he’s not small for his age, he found full-size toilet seats rather frightening and preferred using his potty chair (with the bucket that must be emptied by an adult). He didn’t like the flimsy removable seat that came with the potty chair, as it slid around on big toilets and made him feel unstable, so that wasn’t a good way to transition him to an adult toilet. This seat is FANTASTIC. It is very soft, comfy foam that supports little bottoms and absolutely stays put on whatever toilet you use. Kids can put it on themselves, too, since the suction "takes" right away (and is easy to disengage when you’re done, too). Since we got it 4 months ago, my son quickly gave up the potty chair and went for the regular toilet, hooray! We only had to take this seat with us in the car for a couple weeks, enough time to help him feel more comfortable on adult toilets away from home; once he felt confident that he wouldn’t fall in, he figured out how to climb up onto a regular toilet seat and balance himself with his hands. No more Prince Lionheart seat. We’re now handing it off to relatives with a 2-year-old. Very satisfied with this product.

Guadalupe Barnwell, SC

Comfy but broke

This seat is very comfy my son wouldn seat on the generic trainer seats with handles he sat on this without a problem. He is tall for his age and natuarally heavier so after 9 months of frequent use it is tearing on both sides. I think the design is flawed since other people complain of the same issue. if you want to go for this seat I think the slightly pricier wee pod might be better since the foam seat is attached to a stable hard base preventing the foam to crack.

Meagan Fort Huachuca, AZ

excellent potty seat

Attaches well to the toilet, nice and soft, easy to clean, and the catch is perfect for little boys. I had a friend over with her toddler, and she wanted to know where I got it — it was so much better than the plastic ones they had at home. We have several of these, and no complaints at all.

Zelda Youngsville, NY

Perfect Toddler Potty Seat

Wow. This potty seat is perfect for my curious 18 month old. It’s soft-ish and comfy, stays on the toilet nicely, is a wonderful shape that helps him feel secure and blocks pee from splattering all over the place. It’s easy to rinse and store. He can just sit up in his little throne, with his feet dangling, and read a book or watch my iPad while he tries to figure out which muscle groups to use while he perches. Kudos to the designers of this one.

Lela Elk, CA

Didn’t like it till we had to use it

My wife and I bought two potty seats when our son started to show an interest in using the potty. We bought this one and the Arm & Hammer Secure Comfort Potty Seat. After careful deliberation and testing on our two toilets we decided to go with Arm & Hammer and return this one. Mind you, this was before a concerted effort to potty train our son. Fortunately, Amazon told us to just keep the Prince Lionheart and refunded our money.What we liked about the Arm & Hammer over this one was how snug it fit on our one toilet. It did not slide at all and since that was our primary toilet we didn’t mind that it did not fit on our second toilet at all. What made it snug on the one toilet meant that it would not seat on the other. And I don’t mean that it slid around or didn’t fit well, I mean that it did not fit at all so was unusable on that toilet. This one fit on both toilets but not tightly. The suction cups would not work on our main toilet so it could slide around. It worked better on our secondary toilet so we just left it in there. In hindsight the greater flexibility is a selling point. I would not want to travel with the other only to find out it does not fit on the toilet seats that are available.Ultimately though, when we actually started potty training, our son greatly preferred the Prince Lionheart. I don’t know if it was the hardness of the Arm & Hammer or if it was colder or something but he would always go to this potty if he didn’t use one of the portables. I can probably count on one hand the number of times he used the Arm & Hammer. He has also peed over the top of the cup on that one during one of the rare emergencies where we through him on it, something that has never happened on the Prince Lionheart during countless uses. Mainly though he will sit on the Prince Lionheart for as long as it takes for him to finish. We are talking 5 or 10 minutes if necessary when his pooper is acting up, which is something of an achievement for a kid with the patience on an antsy ferret.Bottomline:Pros:- Apparently very comfortable- Will work on a wide variety of toilet seats- High cup in front for boys to avoid pee-overCons:- Not a tight fit on any toilet- Suction cups don’t work on all toilet seatsI debated about giving this seat four or five stars because we almost returned it. I decided to go with five, however, because it is undeniably more versatile and functional than the other seat we tried. It is very effective and just plain works. Finally, it has made potty training a much less miserable experience.

Patricia Willow, OK

pretty good

the seat fits well, seems comfortable and I don’t worry that my tiny two year old will fall through the hole. however, i’m waiting to use this seat as the "pee blocker" bump on the front makes it difficult for her to climb on the seat herself. I want her to be able to easily get on the toilet whenever she has to go.

Amparo Venetia, PA

Excellent! Great for boys!

I love this potty seat! It is fabulous for boys!Pros:-one piece- —-there are no extra pieces to pinch their legs or for germs to hide- soft -great for those long stints of sitting during early potty training-my son loves to sit on his potty seat- soft pee guard- great for boys to not only prevent pee going in the wrong direction, but helps prevent injury of their "boy parts" because unlike other models it is soft- easily cleaned-anti germ surface- stable on round toilets-although I haven’t tested the oval toilets yet.neg:- needs more color options

Leticia Adams, WI

this is great

I love this little potty seat. It fits on my toilet well and the suction cups make it so it doesn’t slide around. It’s very supportive for my little one’s bottom end and I have no fear of her falling through . It’s great.

Dionne East Dixfield, ME

Love it!

I bought this at Target for 12 bucks (on sale), it is a cool seat, perfect for boys since it has a splash guard and I love that it has no crevices for urine to get into and wipes clean really easy. My 4 yr old loves to use it.**Update** After 10 months of daily use with a 32 pound 4 yr old boy, it has a small crack towards the inner rim. It hasn’t effected the usability yet. Lowered it to 4 stars due to this.

Lauri Willis, MI

We have two!

We have two of these, in each of the bathrooms my son (now almost 2) uses. It’s small enough that we could start EC with him at 3 months old (we’re sort of passive EC’ers), it’s cheap price without cheap quality (we’ve owned ours nearly a year now and no trouble), it’s a single piece of plastic….no problems as he’s grown. He’s always fit onto it. It’s simple to put on and take off, and easy enough to store. We love it, I have no need of any other potty!

Bettie Blue Mountain Lake, NY

Love it!

Pros:- Beautiful, bright turquoise color. I actually like looking at it. It’s "fun", as far as potty’s go.- Works well with our elongated toilet seat.- Stays in place once on toilet seat- Stands up on its own, so we can store it right next to the toilet. It would be nice if you could hang it on the wall (it’s so pretty! 😀 )Potential Con:- The only reason for the 4 instead of 5 stars is that my son still pees over the protector. However, it works more often than not and is way better than not having one on there at all. I’m sure it’s comparable to other potties with guards out there.

Rosalie Majuro, MH

Good while it lasts

This seat was great while it lasted….which for us was about 8 months. The kid liked it from the start, and it seemed comfortable for her to use. The suction cups on the bottom didn’t hold very well, but it wasn’t a big deal. Even if the seat shifts a little we didn’t have to worry about pinching because of its thickness. I liked that it doesnt have handles, because I didn’t want her to NEED to potty with handles, and yet it is tall enough that when she wanted to hold on to the sides she could do so without touching the toilet. Unfortunately, the seat started to crack a couple of weeks ago and now the split has traveled all the way up to the top of the seat, so it’s time to look for another before a pinched butt happens.

Genevieve Lewistown, IL