Prince Lionheart weePOD, Green

Prince Lionheart weePOD, Green

The Prince Lionheart weePOD is the mod pod for training time. The weePOD is adjustable to most toilets with simply a twist of the dial. The rigid base provides strength and stability. The cushion is removable for easy cleaning and there is a built in splash guard. Anti-slip edges protect toilets. It hangs easily when not in use. For ages 18 months plus.

Main features

  • Soft, cushiony seating surface is comfortable and gives baby a sense of security during training time
  • Removable cushion for easy cleaning
  • Fits most toilets with a twist of the dial
  • Built in splash guard
  • Comes in 3 colors

Verified reviews


beware of used items

I like the design and function of this toilet and it fits well for us… that said the seat was dirty!! I couldn’t see a place to contact the seller after receiving this. I accidentally ripped the package, so we decided to clean it ourselves– but YUCK!! Our daughter isn’t interested in it yet, but I think it’s way better than the Bjorn seat we have. We also have the larger and smaller Bjorn seats in other rooms, so I can’t report on our daughter’s satisfaction… she’s still coming and going with the potty training. Please be sure to check the seat before you use it!

Kim Staples, TX

My son never wanted to use this

I bought this for my son when he was 2 1/2, but by then he was used to sitting on the toilet facing the wrong direction. He straddles the toilet and faces the wall/toilet handle. Something he learned at preschool I think, cause he didn’t learn to sit like that here at home. lol. He never wanted to use this product and preferred his way of sitting instead. I also bought a cheaper lightweight toilet seat at Walmart with a stool, but he didn’t want to use that either. This toilet seat is rather heavy though for a young one to put on and off the toilet all the time. If bought, you would probably want to keep it on the toilet all the time for this reason, if you have a spare bathroom that is.

Mia Engelhard, NC

Comfortable but barely fits on a standard toilet seat!

We bought this seat after our Primo Ducka potty seat finally wore out after nearly two years of use. This seat looked more durable, comfortable, and was my son’s favorite color (aqua blue).The WeePod has a very cushy seat and splash guard that easily wipes clean, though some liquid does go into the cracks underneath the seat. There is a handle on the back of the seat for hanging when not in use.While our toilet seat is a standard sized round seat, the WeePod has to be tightly wedged on the toilet seat each time, which is a bit difficult for my toddler to do by himself. The WeePod has an adjustment knob for the rubber “feet” that hold the seat to the toilet, but even on its smallest setting, it still barely fits our toilet.Overall, this is a quality seat and my son likes using it, but I wish the feet were able to be adjusted a bit further.Update (11/29/12): After about 2.5 years of daily use by our boys, the rubber hanging handle finally broke, and some of the seat’s rubber is a bit discolored, so we are buying a new Prince Lionheart weePOD (this time, Mommy is choosing poppy pink!). 🙂

Gabriela Racine, OH

Great for EC’ing little ones

Bought the Weepod a month ago to EC my then 4 1/2-month-old who at the time was about 25″ and 13 1/2 pounds. She has a small bum and most toilet trainer holes are too big so she falls through–the Weepod is therefore perfect! I also chose it over the Baby Bjorn because the seat seemed warmer and squishier for comfort (we have the Baby Bjorn little potty and my daughter sometimes squirms / refuses to sit on it because the plastic is cold). So far, no complaints! Since my daughter couldn’t quite sit up by herself when I bought this, the higher back was great support and now serves as something to push off of when she’s done. The tightening wheel works easily (just a few turns in each direction depending on whether it’s being put on or taken off the toilet seat) and the sturdy loop works well being hung in our small bathroom to free up the seat for adults. Also, the Weepod doesn’t get steamy / slippery from shower humidity, so I never worry if my daughter uses it immediately after we jump out of a shower.I sanitize / wipe down my Weepod weekly and like that the colored part can be separated for anything that falls into the lip (the white part in front wraps around the colored area), mainly spit up at this point. You have to push the back down firmly to resecure it underneath, but the unit is very solid once this is done.I purchased my Weepod from an independent vendor (slightly cheaper than Amazon’s price) so have no comments about other reviewers who say theirs arrived dirty. Even at this price, the Weepod is well worth it!

Stella Trion, GA

I liked the first one, the second arrived torn & possibly used (?)

This seat arrived with a tear on the underneath & sort of looked used which was weird. I ordered a previous one that arrived new (as it should!) & really liked it, and although my toddler is not quite yet ready for potty training I ordered a second one for upstairs (to be prepared)…which arrived torn & I hope not possibly used. Once I contacted Amazon they refunded me immediately & are addressing the situation. Thank you Amazon! Too bad because I really like the seat, but will not order another from this company.Update: I ended up returning the original seat as well. It left large red marks on her legs and she had a hard time getting up from it, sort of sticks to it and gets sunk in a bit. Amazon once again pulled through! I ended up ordering the Mayfair 183EC 000 NextStep Child/Adult Built-in Potty Seat with Lift-Off Hinges, Elongated, White from Amazon and absolutely love it. Super easy to use for both child and adult, and no separate seat to deal with.

Hope La Follette, TN

Comfy and Cute

I was sick of having to clean out my daughter’s potty chair so I bought her a potty seat to fit our toilet. She loves it! It’s a hot pink color which she loves and it adjusts to fit either a round or elongated toilet perfectly! I bought a matching Baby Bjorn step stool. She is very happy!

Laurel Ocate, NM

Great Potty Seat

I am potty training my son and this seat is very comfortable for him. Fits perfect on our toilet and no more red marks on his legs from the potty. He doesn’t mind staying on the seat for awhile.

Krista Sabana Seca, PR


My daughter LOVES this potty seat. She had been off and on wanting to use the potty for several months, so I made sure she was able to have access to potty seats in all levels of our house…I wish I had more of this seat. She loves how “cozy” this seat is. It fits the toilet perfect so she isn’t slipping around like our elmo one (sorry don’t have a brand, just bought it at Babies R Us). She also likes it more that our Fisher Price potty chair that has sound and lights for rewards…After getting this seat she was completely potty trained in 1 week just after her 2nd birthday! I know it wasn’t the seat that made her potty trained, I think it was that she felt comfortable and secure sitting on it. The materials it’s made from seem like they will hold up really well and will last through my next child’s potty training.

Jerry Wildorado, TX

comfy seat for little tushies

We keep this on the toilet in our kids’ bathroom. They really seem to like it better than using the small potties. I like that we can flush instead of cleaning the small potty. We have twin two year old boys. The raised front catches most pee, sometimes they go over the edge. Because it is so high, they had a hard time getting up on it at first with a standard size stool. They are now able to at 36" tall. Also, they can’t pee standing up with it on the seat.

Marcia Forest City, NC

Finally the one for boy

Like the potty on the floor model comfortable and good for boy to use!! And this is better because the cover part shield is not removable so my son won’t be pulling it off like the other one. I wish I got this first. Because we have tried two other different brand which can buy at the local stores which turn out to be very messy. Those are more for smaller kid and girls only. If you have a normal to bigger size boy this is the one to buy!

Debbie Custer, KY

High quality seat!

This potty attachment seems nice, comfy and my DD really seems to love sitting on it. I don’t keep it permanently on the potty, because I use the lid to sit on during her bath time. So putting it on the seat and not tightening it at all actually works very well. It doesn’t slide and still sits safely on the toilet.We have an elongated toilet and reading the reviews here really helped me to see that this was a perfect seat for that type of toilet.We are only just starting to potty train, but I anticipate this seat will last us a good amount of time!

Desiree Jackson, MO

Best potty seat on the market!

We bought this seat when my son was 18m old. He used it occasionally until he was fully potty trained.This seat is very comfortable and fits small butts.We got a second seat for his school because it is the only one he will use.

Eva Igo, CA

Cushy Comfy and Easy to Clean

Great product. I love the look and the material the seat is made of. My baby seems to not mind sitting on it. It’s easy to take apart and clean.

Frankie Ararat, NC

Great potty, even for beginners

We’re not one’s for a bunch of clutter lying around and the idea of emptying a chair all the time was not appealing to us, so we went with this seat and a simple, no skid stool for our 2 year old. He’d been interested for a while and likes to do as the adults do and we are so glad we chose this seat. It is comfortable and the splash guard keeps the pee in. We really like that we can hang it up when we have guests and now that he’s 2 and a half, he can put it on the toilet himself when he is ready to go and gets on and off it like a champ. Highly recommend!

Denice Clearwater Beach, FL

Daughter would only use this seat!

The quality is great, and the size is perfect for our elongated toilet seats. Our daughter refused to sit on a ‘naked’ potty and we ended up having to travel with this seat. It was adjustable enough that we never had a problem fitting it to a seat. The only negative I have found is that there is a small crease where urine can collect so its important to clean it as often as possible, but other than that it was the best seat we have used to potty train our little girl.

Lora New Home, TX

Love it!

Once I receive the correct potty, (thanks to amazon) the other seller sent me the compleatly wrong potty, it’s been awesome! It’s very cushy and comfy for her to use and it’s super easy for my 6 year old to move so she can potty on her own without the insert!

Josefa Log Lane Village, CO

Great seat for boys!!

The splash gaurd works well and I never have to worry about my son making a mess like I have with others. The product seems well made and easy enough to take on and off but I think it would be a pain if adults had to share the same toilet.

Jerri Palouse, WA

Comfy Little Seat

We haven’t really began potty training in earnest yet, but when we do put our 15 month old on the weePOD, she can seat there comfortably and on her own. The seat installs and comes off quickly. Really not a problem at all. She has gone a few times and the seat was clean and afterwards, nothing go in the way. It was easy to clean up her as well. My only hesitation to recommending this seat would be that you can’t put the seat down, but that is an obviously limitation of this type of seat. In our house it isn’t a problem because our daughter has her own room and we leave it on the toilet constantly. Like I said though, it does remove easily. I remove it when I give her a bath and is really no trouble. It is better than having an extra potty on the floor taking up more room. As most products from Prince Lionheart, the weePOD is a quality product. Just make sure it fits your space and usage requirements.

Suzanne Junction, WV

Comfortable, sturdy, and good pee guard

This thing is very sturdy – no movement when a clumsy kid is sitting down on it, and you can screw it to fit the seat (by tension, so no damage to seat) and keep it in place. The grey cushion is supportive but a little giving so it seems pretty comfortable. The pee guard has saved my son’s pants hundreds of times when he sits.The only drawback is that it is a bit heavy, but my 3.5 year old can pick it up and put it on the toilet himself if I am not able to immediately help him and he really has to go, so I’m not taking off any stars for that. The weight helps keep it sturdy which is more important to me.

Earline Burkittsville, MD

Finally a seat that works for a boy!

LOVE it! I originally had the Ginsey Sesame Street Potty Seat and no matter how far back my 2 year old sat, the only purpose the “pee guard” would serve was to aid the pee in shooting up over the seat and onto the floor. This would upset my son and cause him to not want to use the potty.This seat is PERFECT! It fits my toilet perfectly and has a rubbery base to keep it from slipping on the toilet, it is soft and super comfortable, easy to keep clean, and the best part is – the pee guard actually works! It is high enough to keep the pee IN the toilet no matter where my son sits on the seat. He used the potty happily 5 times today. The pee guard is also very smooth with no edges that he could get caught up on like I read about some other seats. 5 stars all the way around!

Marquita Roscoe, MO

Just okay

My daughter likes it and seems very comfortable on it, but I can’t imagine why they made the hard plastic material go over the rubbery part on the outside. There’s a lip there where any leaks can just run down and hang out. Yuck!

Freda Easley, SC

Great Seat!!

This potty seat is fantastic! Fits very securely to the toilet and appears to be very comfortable. Highly recommend! (I have a daughther so not sure how well the deflector works in the front for boys)

Jeanette Callao, MO

Comfy and fits

My toddler daughter has rated this as "very comfy."She uses it easily. It adds a bit of height to the toilet so a step stool is needed.It fits the toilet seat well with very little wiggle when it is adjusted properly. We have a standard size, oval-ish toilet seat.It comes off easily when adults need to use the toilet.

Misty Millfield, OH

Love the Seat

This seat is wonderful! I love how it adjusts to whatever size you need it to be. It is also great because it is no hard cold plastic.

Angie Millville, PA

AMAZING.. Can’t live without this

This has made my potty training nightmares vanish… My son love’s this.. it fits our toilet very well and makes it so he feels stable and safe on the potty. I love this product. I love that I can carry it every place without much hassle. It functions extremely well, it is very sturdy and it is super easy to clean

Nelly Winesburg, OH

Excellent, the only one that really works!

I bought the Fisher one first and didn’t fit the toilet, it was also uncomfortable for my baby. This one is great because it is adjustable and so comfortable for the kids.

Dollie Mount Vernon, AL

good quality product

The material is very comfortable for my toddler to sit on it, and the design is very smart! My toddler is happy to try her potty time, that’s the good start! And with a proper safe step combo, that’s all you need for your toddler’s potty training!

Concetta Mauriceville, TX

Fits tightly, attractive color

What can I say, I’m a bit of a sucker for kids’ things that look more modern than tacky, but I do still like a little color in my life. So the look of this seat attracted me. You do have to screw and unscrew it each time you use it if you don’t have an extra toilet to leave it on, so that could be a bit of an issue if your kid needs to go quickly. For us, it worked fine, was comfortable for my daughter to sit on, felt just as stable as the regular toilet seat (much better than the ones you just place on top), and my daughter liked the color enough to be interested in trying it out. It was helpful to have for about 6 months to a year when she really wasn’t interested in sitting on a small potty but was too little and wobbly to sit on the big potty without extra support. Plus, easy to clean and still looks brand new, so will work for multiple kids. Probably too bulky for travel – this would just be for home.

Dale Port Huron, MI

Potty easy

My son is potty seat-a-phobic and, Im not gonna lie, he was pretty scared of this one too. Mommy, on the other hand, loves it.Pros: the seat is made of a nice dense cushion with a smooth and easily wipeable cover. The seat easily locks in place on the toilet seat with the turn of a small knob. To remove, just lift it up. The seat is large enough to seat my little guy comfortably; small enough to store under the counter, best part is how EASY it is to put on and off the toilet-it can easily be done 1 handed.Cons: my kids still pretty afraid of the toilet, so he’ll only get close enough to flush.Update: Now that my little one’s been using the toilet for a couple of months, he LOVES this seat. It securely fastens to the toilet seat so that he can get on and off all by himself without the seat falling off. It is easy for an adult to remove with 1 hand, however, secure enough for my 2 year old to get on and off by himself.

Renee Forest Hill, LA

Great cushion and support for younger trainers

This worked well for children up to the age of three. As our children grew older the opening in this seat was too small for them to comfortably and messy to use when it was time to defecate even though the regular toilet seat proved to be a bit of a challenge since it was still too big for preschoolers.

Angel Coahoma, MS