Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug, Ladybug, Large

Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug, Ladybug, Large

The distinctive shape of the Original Wheely Bug is very user friendly. The bright and friendly design is an instant attraction to girls and boys alike. They go backwards, forwards, sideways, and round and round. Children don’t get stuck against obstacles like some other ride on toys. Wheely Bugs help promote gross motor skills and balance like no other toy. Wheely Bug bodies have a padded layer of sponge which is covered with a tough layer of polyurethane leatheroid and can be easily wiped clean. They are great to use on smooth level floors and ideal for indoors. Wheely Bugs are constructed for years of fun and are sure to become an heirloom toy.

Main features

  • Designed in Australia
  • All our products are designed to safe for babies children
  • Simple and clean design that just simply works
  • Totally new concept to encourage gross motor skills while having heaps of fun
  • Bright, soft, unisex design an instant attraction to little girls and boys alike

Verified reviews


WOW! Great toy, lots of fun!

This new Hedgehog Wheely Bug is the first made with a removable cover. The “fur” on the hedgehog is super soft and cozy. Our 3 year old even sits down next to the Wheely Bug Hedgehog and talks to it like a pet. 🙂 I am quite impressed with the ease of use too. Our 16 month old climbed right on and was able to wheel himself all over without any help. These caster wheels work amazingly well. We L*O*V*E our hedgehog Wheely Bug! I received a sample product in exchange for my own honest opinions.

Amy San Martin, CA

Just okay

It’s cute but my twins don’t love it. I keep thinking that maybe they will really like it one day but that day hasn’t come yet. Even other children who come over to play don’t seem into it.

Corinne Ashby, MN

if you can accept it’s not for carpet, you’re going to be happy with it.

Okay… I admit that I was drawn to this thing because it is adorable. Imagine my happiness when it came and not only was it as cute in person, my son loved it.The construction is remarkable in this day and age, and they are completely honest on the product about what surfaces it should be used on (smooth and flat… this isn’t a big mover on any sort of carpet, but that is obvious to anyone with a desk chair). The bolt on handle does not have coverings over the bolts on the bottom, just a warning. I am frankly happier with that because things like that invariably fall off and wind up in the “fix it later” drawer. I would recommend shoes and dont even think of rocking this thing in on a sidewalk or driveway or you are going to chew up the wheels. but for doing laps around the kitchen or empty garage, it’s brilliant.

Blanca Rugby, ND

This thing ROCKS!

My daughter got this when she was 3 and at 4 years old she still rides it all over the place, it spins in circles, sideways, back and forth… its so awesome. Every kid that comes over hops on it and goes for a ride. It’s truly one of the best toys I’ve ever bought her, we’re getting the smaller one for our 1 year old as well. I can’t wait! I recommend this to everyone I know, totally worth the $$!

Geri Indian Lake, NY

cute but small

We love this toy but wish we would have gotten the larger one. My daughter is small so thought this size would be better but is too small for her to ride on but she loves to push it around the house. Well made and very cute.

Terri Rockford, IL

Very cute

Very cute, but my kids just didnt play with it. I know most children love these, but unless you have a rather large expanse of hardwood floors, they arent really so much fun.

Minerva Chester, IL

Great for Toddlers

My 16 month old son loves this ride on toy. We call it his “Wheely Bug”. He pushes it all over, rides it, and flips it over to see how the wheels work. Great toy and very durable. Need to watch little ones, since this toy does not have a back. They can slide down pretty quickly.

Carly Dawson, AL

Too small to help with the first steps, too big to ride on.

we got this because the push-cart we had for our older son when he started walking only went forward/back, and it would frustrate him that he couldn’t turn. Unfortunately, the Wheely Bug is so small/light, that when downward pressure is put on the U-bar from the front of the bug it just tips over. We’ll need to wait at least 6 months, and maybe a year for the baby to get big enough to ride it.On the plus side, it’s a really sturdy, well-made toy that’s stood up to being "borrowed" and abused by a 5-year old.

Elnora Mannington, WV

I LOVE this! My son ADORES it.

I bought the small cow used on ebay for my son when he was 8 months old. He didn’t get into it until he was about 15 months old. But now, he absolutely LOVES it. He wheels around all day, and spins, and just has so much fun going around the kitchen island, and down the hallways. It is SO much better than the plastic ones (we have a hand me down one, and it’s nothing but frustrating for him, as the wheels don’t turn). I got the small, and he’s totally fine on it. He’s almost 33 inches tall now and it’s not too small for him at all. I will definitely invest in the bigger one when he does grow out of the small though.

Maggie Mc Laughlin, SD

Very Cute And Fun Mouse

This was bought for my daughter for her 1st birthday. I really love this mouse. 1st of all it is adorable. Maybe even cuter in person than in the picture. My daughter likes to kiss it and pet it, like it is a family pet. She also likes riding on it. The wheels can move in any direction, not just forward and backward like most ride-ons, so it makes it easy for her to maneuver through the house. No getting stuck. My 3 year old (almost 4 year old) also rides on it! He is too tall for it really but he loves it too and actually rides around on it really well. There is a large version for big kids, so we may need to consider it for his birthday. Also I would like to say it is made very well. My 3 year old boy is ROUGH with everything, including his sister’s mousey and this toy has no signs of wear after a few months of use. I am very happy with this toy and would recommend it to others.

Kayla Coleman, MI

Fun toy

We love the wheely bug at our house! I love the simplicity of the toy. My daughter has so many other ride along toys that play music and/or light up. I love the fact that the wheely bug is simply constructed, with none of the sounds or lights. It works great with our hardwood floors, too. My daughter has a blast with it.It did take my daughter a few times to get the hang of getting on it. The wheely bug had a tendency to roll out from under her. She figured out quickly how to steady it as she sits on it. Also, the small is pretty small. My daughter is 19 months and she is already almost too big for it. But, I would consider looking into the bigger size soon.

Sheri Mendon, NY


I purchased this for my two-year-old daughter and she uses it every single day. She is 36″ tall and she fits on the large size perfectly with room to grow. This toy is a must have for all toddlers and I highly recommend it!

Katheryn North Benton, OH

We love the bee!

This little toy is so great. My little one year old is still too little to push himself on it but he loves to push it around and play with the little antennas on the front. The quality is awesome and it’s definitely worth the money.

Twila Wooster, OH


Its different from the other ride-ons available. One addition that would have been helpful is to at least give some kind of horn or any other push thing that toddler would enjoy.

Marianne Fostoria, KS

Grandson likes it

My 13 month old grandson really likes it a lot. So does his big sister who is 6….it is too little for her though.

Lynnette Eutawville, SC

Wheely Bug

After reading other customer reviews, THANK YOU, decided to go with large size; my grandson is 13 months old, 27 lbs and 32 inches tall, Tiger fits him great now and should last him a few years! The small size must really be for very tiny babies!? Very well made and easy to navigate – runs well on carpets w/o thick padding, too! Nice rounded handlebar instead of “two sticks” so baby is unlikely to hurt itself. Sturdy and well balanced so it doesn’t tip over easily; actually has to be pushed over on purpose. I’ve been watching these Wheelies for some time now and am happy they’re making better choices for boys, this Tiger is ADORABLE with his stripes, fuzzy tail and ears!

Toni Los Lunas, NM

Glad we got a Small

Small works great for our 34.5 inch tall 22 month old. She rides around (“I’m zooming!”) no problem. At first it looked really small to me but she sits on it comfortably. If we got a Large one she would probably have issues with her balance. This seems expensive, but it is actually really nice in person – much nicer than I thought it would be – and seems like it will last us a long time.

Estela Trevett, ME

The small is perfect size for a toddler, large is way too big.

After reading the other review about the small size being "so small it would fit a doll, not a child," I purchased the large size. The large size was WAY too big for my 1 year old! She is 15 months, of average to above average height, and will still be using the small for a long time. The child’s legs need to be long enough to not just touch the floor, but also be able to bring their legs forward and back to be able to scoot it along. My 15 month old still needs a little longer legs to be able to scoot better. She is of average or above average height. I think the suggested ages are right. My child will be ready for the large at about 3 years old.

Marion Mccutcheon Field, NC

Great 1st Birthday gift

I bought the tiger for my son’s 1st birthday. I got the smaller size and I’m glad I did because his feet wouldn’t have touched the ground if I got the larger size. He absolutely loves this toy. He loves to ride on it and push it all around. Couldn’t be more pleased with this product. Excellent quality.

Danielle Crichton, WV

Very sturdy and fast toy

It is a great and fun toy for my 2 year old/soon to be 3. When he was younger, it was a little scary, as it doesn’t give much support. Some of the reviewers say that they outgrow the smaller size too quickly, but if their feet aren’t touching the ground well, then they don’t have much control on this toy, which can go really fast. This toy also is pretty sturdy, as my 2 year old demanded that I sit on it as well (multiple times), so it does withstand a 135 pound person ok/hasn’t cracked yet. The great thing about this toy is that it can go 360 degrees and quickly, as opposed to some of the other sit down toys that only go forwards and backwards, and the wheels don’t turn at all, so he has to shift the toy at a different angle multiple times to get it to turn around, the Wheely Bug’s all 4 wheels turn, so he can spin around quickly.

Doreen De Beque, CO

love it

Returned this item, because we received 2. Son loved this toy from 18 months. he still plays on it at 2 years old.

Jessie Long Lake, MN

Cute and fun!

My kids, ages 2, 3 and 6 all love these. My 6 year old is big for it, but he still like to ride it around occassionally. They are so cute and really maneuverable on our pergo floors. It’s a really fun toy that’s different than other ride-ons because of the swiveling wheels. My kids love them and so do I!

Liliana Selma, CA

Small size perfect for a one-year old!

Even after reading a good amount of the posted reviews, I still wasn’t quite sure which size to buy for our one-yr old boy (above average height- 78%). Then, following a reviewers suggestion, I searched it on Youtube. I saw even big five year olds zoomin around on the small with no qualms. I cant imagine our little one being able to reach the ground on the large. Very glad I got the small. He loves it and the cow print is awesome. Great quality product and a perfect first birthday present! See our posted picture above. Black onesie, blonde hair, cow.

Ilene Riverside, UT

Hours of fun and he can’t walk yet!

My son got this for his first birthday and he adores it. He cries if we take it away. He can’t even ride it yet. He pushes it all around the house. We do have hard wood floors and when he gets it onto carpet it does look a little less fun as it takes more effort.

Tamika Ellington, NY

These are fantastic toys!

I first saw these at a local indoor play place and fell in love with them! Now my 12 month old got one for his birthday and he can already scoot around on it. (He is 99% for height) My three year old loves it but I had better get him the larger size before this one gets worn out!

Aimee Kentwood, LA

So cute and well loved

My 16 month old loves this toy. And I can see it growing with her for a while since the neighbor kids (8 and 10) love it too. High quality and the small size was fine for my taller than average child.

Catalina Brusly, LA

size small ladybug

My daughter received this as a birthday gift for her first birthday. She is now 15mo and has the skills and height (86th percentile) to use it. I loved it right away, it’s constructed well and made of easily washable, vibrant, durable materials. She now loves it too. She can easily ride it from hardwood to carpet and turns it with ease so she can choose direction and doesn’t get frustrated. Our friends’ kids ranging from 2-4 yrs enjoy it as well so I see this bug being a good investment.

Benita Landing, NJ

Purchased for 10 month old

The large was the perfect height for my 10 month old to push around while he learned to walk. He could get it going pretty fast! Beware the fur, he likes to bite on the furry tail and I’ve pulled pieces out of his mouth and seen some make it to his diaper. Also, we’ve noticed the leather like exterior torn in a couple places around the tiger’s hip area. At 18 months now he can sit on it and push it around a bit but he’s still a little small for this, and prefers his smaller push toys. I still have to watch out that he doesn’t chew on the tail so I keep it in the other room most of the time.

Natalia Lyons, IL

Perfect for toddlers

I had the same debate many others had with which size to get!?! I opted for the large because I wanted more use out of it. Glad I did because my daughter is 2 1/2 and can still ride it even though shes on the taller side 37 inches. The toy it’s self is well made and study, we haven’t had any tip overs. It does fly on wood floors FYI lol we have carpet but at Grammy’s house it’s all wood so my daughter loves to whip around….make sure you don’t get in the way..ouch for toes getting run over. On the carpet it does ok, not as fun as the wood/pavement. We have the mouse one which is super cute, I had my son a few months ago and he’s at that teething age so he likes to eat the ears :/ but they have held up great. I do think the price could be better but overall it’s a good toy

Kaitlyn Stebbins, AK

Love this bug!

This is the best ride-on toy I’ve seen. The wheels rotate in all directions, so kids have no problem pushing it around the floor. No more whining because the toy won’t go the direction they want! It travels well on all surfaces. My daughter is able to ride from hardwood floors, over our throw rugs, and back onto the hardwood again, without skipping a beat. I wouldn’t try it outside, though… I think the concrete would scratch up the plastic wheels too much. The surface material is very easy to clean. I bought this for my daughter when she was 1 y/o. She didn’t start to actually ride on it until she was about 15 months old…but before that she had a blast holding onto the handlebar and pushing it around the house! It was a great hit at her party!! Her 3 y/o nephew had to be forced to get off of it and went home asking for a “bug” for himself.

Rose Glen Alpine, NC