Professional Clinical Large LCD Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Professional Clinical Large LCD Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer


Main features

  • Imported
  • Intuitive guidance system, Fahrenheit readings
  • Adjustable audio alarm for high temperature
  • Memory of the last 32 temperature recordings, Low energy consumption: 100,000 on 2 AA batteries
  • One Year Warranty

Verified reviews


It works

I bought this given it was the cheapest, highest rated IR thermometer I could find and I needed something ASAP to check my 6 month old’s temperature when all other methods were failing. After getting the unit I noticed that all the other reviews appear to have been planted to boost the rating of this product and get some sales (in particular the typos and vagueness of some of the reviews, including mentioning shopping on this company’s website for more products? come on now). Anyways I’d invite any of the other reviewers to prove me wrong on their authenticity.At any rate, here is my real review:First thing I noticed is the product model number didn’t match the one on the box I received. The product looks the same as the pictures on this product page, but the model number was not. It does have all the features mentioned though, except the “intuitive guidance” that it claims. Also the sensor opening doesn’t appear to have any cover over it. I’d expect some sort of clear plastic shield or something, but instead it’s just a large opening. I’d just be careful not to get anything in there that might mess it up.At first when I inserted the batteries that either it didn’t work at all or the batteries that came with it were dead. I tried some other batteries and it powered up, so I then checked the voltage of the batteries that came with it and they were charged. I then discovered that the negative terminal of the batteries that came with the unit had some sort of label stamped on them in an ink that was preventing a connection to be made. The ink rubbed off and the batteries then worked.Once I got it actually working the measurements I was getting seemed pretty good. It typically measures about 98.4 on me when my temp with a standard oral thermometer was 98.6. Every once in awhile I do get random readings that just seem off (97.8, 99.1 occasionally), but it just takes a second to try again. I’ve found that pushing the trigger and then moving it across the forehead then letting go sometimes results in better measurements. I also found that just pointing it at the back of my mouth also gives an accurate measurement, at least if I haven’t had anything to eat or drink for 15-20 minutes (this also works for my son who must think it’s food and opens his mouth wide when I put it in front of his mouth). As for intuitive guidance, I have no idea what they are talking about. It just takes the temperature of what you point it at. I know CVS or Walgreens has a similar model that actually lets you know when you are the right distance from the object, but this unit doesn’t have anything like that. Roughly 2-4 inches seems to work consistently well though.In general I think this works well for a spot check of a temperature, but if I want the most accurate reading I’m still going to be using the oral thermometer once I realize I have a fever to worry about.Update 1/29/2011:In the past week my family put this to its first real task when we all ended up getting the flu. We found it very difficult to get accurate readings all the time. For example I used an oral thermometer to measure my temperature and found it to be 100.7 at one point. My wife then took my temperature with this thermometer and it would read anywhere from 97.9 to 100.5 depending on where the temperature was taken on my forehead. We also tried various methods like swiping the thermometer across the forehead while holding the button down, different distances, etc. We never got a real consistent method besides trying it 5-10 times on different places of the forehead and just taking the highest temperature as the closest to actual temperature. I stuck with the oral thermometer all week for better measurements and we continued to use this thermometer for spot checks when we didn’t want to wait multiple minutes for a result (particularly on my 8-month old son).

Bernadette Lubec, ME

Would not buy again

At first we were very happy with this but after using it more and having to really rely on an accurate reading with a sick 3 month old it is useless. The readings are never right and you can take your temp in the same spot seconds apart and the reading is often a degree different. I cannot rely on it at all and it is really useless at this point. Waste of money.

Lorena Glencoe, OK

Random Number Generator

I’d give it zero stars-but not an option and I’d return it, but I guess the return window is really small. This thing is a random number generator. It gives a different reading every time and there’s a big difference every time. Does not match any other readings with any other type of thermometer. I loved the idea, not the product.

Desiree New Town, MA

Wonderful for kids/babies

We’ve had this for about a year. I can’t believe we used to pin down our infant with a thermometer in his armpit before we got this. This is so much easier and faster! It is a little inconsistent, but I think it’s close enough. For example, sometimes it’ll read 102.2, then 101.8. It usually doesn’t vary more than .5 degrees. If you just want to know if your kid has a fever or not, it is good enough! Well worth the money.

Erna Calimesa, CA

Used right away

I ordered this thermometer for our 2 year old daughter who refused any other type of temperature taking. Unfortunately we had to make use of it right away as she had an ear infection. I can’t speak to its specific accuracy as this was the only reading we had, but I do know it was EASY to take her temperature when she was sleeping. I could even silence the convenient beep to let you know temp has been recorded. It is FAST and QUIET and UNDETECTABLE to child. She did have a fever, according to the monitor, which was confirmed at doctor’s office. I would recommend product.

Edythe Beetown, WI

Highly user friendly & idiot proof!

I bought this to check multiple temps daily on folks. I didn’t want a thermometer that required disposable covers or constant alcohol swabbing, so this is perfect. Just point and click to get the person’s temp. I find myself pointing it at either the neck or forehead, but anywhere is fine. The paperwork included reports a 0.5 degree Fahrenheit variation, which is the same as most others. Plus, you really impress your patients!

Adrian Eudora, MO

Very useful

Have had this for a few months and have used it several times, I feel it is accurate and definitely easy to use. Highly recommend!

Cornelia Keene, ND

easy to use

This point-and-click thermometer is easy to use and non-invasive. I definitely prefer using this over the rectal thermometer on our baby.

Dolly Boyds, WA

It actually works very good and it’s accurate

It sucked and deserved a 1 star until I read the instructions and started using it correctly 😉 It’s accurate and convenient. Has surface mode to check bottle,bath tempeture etc.

Marta Fayetteville, WV

Lasted only 1 year and 10 months and the temp was off by good 3-4 degrees

I bought this item on Feb 2012. It stopped working/died on Dec 2013. I was hoping this $45 one will last longer than this…(When I purchased, the price was higher than now). Not to mention, the temp was always off by 3-4 degrees. We took it to ER on one of the occasions and they said it’s pretty far off…Seems people like the Exergen one better, so I got them now. Let’s see how well it does and how long it lasts!

Tonya Canton, SD

works very well

We bought this for our infant and it works very well. It gives an accurate and consistent reading. Of course the "head reading" will be different than an aural, oral, arm-pit, or rectum reading… but that’s documented in the instructions, and you can adjust it so that it agrees with other baselines if you wish to. Seems to be good quality. Only drawback is it must remain in the room you intend to use it in for 10 minutes before you use it. We leave it in the baby’s room.

Jaime Saint George, KS

Will never go back!

I will never, ever again go back to a traditional thermometer. Our daughter is very sensitive to touch and we always had a hard time getting a reading off of her. This makes it SO easy, and she even asks for us to scan her forehead!

Maricela Essex, VT

Very accurate and easy to use

I bought this thermometer for routine temp checks on my husband after he had major knee surgery. The hospital sent us home with some adhesive crystalized thermometer strips to stick on his temple and those things are very accurate. Husband’s temp kept dropping down to 95 degrees, then jumping up to 101/102 within a few hours. I began using the SantaMedical infrared just to compare readings and it was giving the same readings as the hospital strips. Husband went back into the ER a few days after surgery and his temperature there was the same as the readings I’d gotten at home with the SantaMedical. At that point, I figured it was pretty accurate. Now that husband is all better, I’ve started using this thermometer on my toddler son and it’s much more accurate than any other thermometer, especially the Braun thermoscan I bought for him which is always wrong. The only thing I don’t like about this thermometer is that it can be hard to get a good reading if there is a lot of hair on a person’s head, near the temple. My son has a thick mane of hair and it’s hard to find a good patch of skin on his temple where the hair won’t interfere with the reading.

Wendi Omaha, IL

Not accurate

After using this thermometer for a few months, we got a temporal one instead. This one just isn’t consistent. Sometimes that’s ok, but if it’s a difference of 3 degrees in an one year old, it needs to be accurate.

Noemi Ochelata, OK

Love this and no more fuss

This is great I have not had to change the batteries yet since I got it in Jan. ( give or take) you do have to make sure you point it to something cool before pointing it to the forehead. Also make sure you have it on the right setting . Easy to use too .

Lucille Baptistown, NJ

great for frequent readings; plenty room for user error

I love being able to quickly get temperatures when baby is I’ll. Only concern is if not used exactly as directions instruct the temperature readings can vary tremendously. Would pay more for verbal readings as well.

Hillary Barataria, LA

Quick and easy

I am giving this 4 stars because the first one sent to me did not work. However, it was replaced and the new one seems to work well. I wish there was a lower volume though. It is either too loud for a sleeping baby or muted, but that is not a really big deal. I love how quick and easy it is to use. I’ve tried so many different baby thermometers for the ears and forehead and this one seems to be the most reliable.

Lindsey Silver Grove, KY

Great product!

I really like it and it’s so helpfull. When my baby was sick I could easily check his temperature as this did not disturb him at all. It is very accurate also, compared it with the ear one and was the same or a very small difference, of 0.2. Great and I recommend it!

Alicia Jonesville, TX


I am amazed by this thermometer! I bought it to measure my baby’s temperature and it exceeded all expectations. Not only can I measure a body temperature without contact in less than 2 seconds, but it can apparently also measure the temperature of the air and the temperature of the surface (i.e. food). Would buy it all over again…

Ivy Winifred, MT


Easy to use and allows you to get accurate temperatures without trying to put anything in the baby’s ear, which is nice when the baby is upset

Kathi Burlington, KY