Protect-a-Bub Classic Sunshade – Single – Black

Protect-a-Bub Classic Sunshade – Single – Black

Fully adjustable to Fit all Canopied Stroller Models, including car seat stroller combinations and manufacturers such as Maclaren, Zippy, Peg Perego, Bugaboo, Silver Cross, Baby Jogger, InStep, Bob, Graco, Eddie Bauer and ANY other stroller with a canopy. features The Single Stroller Sunshade Attachment provides shelter in both sunny and overcast conditions and reduces glare on sensitive young eyes. The mesh side vents/windows allow for 70 percent sun protection, cross ventilation and maximum viewing. Single Stroller Sunshade Attachment can be left attached to the stroller or folds away easily for storage. The Single Stroller Sunshade Attachment can be left attached to the stroller or folds away easily for storage. Purchase two single stroller sunshades for tandem strollers, one for single strollers.

Main features

  • UPF 50+ (the highest sun protection rating possible)
  • Specially woven fabric is breathable and doesn’t retain heat
  • Fully adjustable to fit all canopied single stroller and jogger models
  • Pediatrician recommended
  • Sunshade can be left attached to the stroller or folds away easily for storage in an included fabric bag

Verified reviews


Gets the Job Done

This shade is basically like a piece of spandex with piping in the front to give it the curved shape – it fit my Graco Metrolite stroller with no problem and can see how this would/should fit any stroller. Really easy to put on/off and adjust if needed. If the sun is pointed right at us, I can easily just pull the shade so it goes lower and then just pull it back when the sun is not in our face so my baby can see more! I would recommend this to anyone who thinks they need to get their baby sunglasses for taking walks.

Jody Port Orchard, WA

Recommend this one

We have a Jeep Liberty Limited jogging stroller and while we love the stroller, the canopy leaves a lot to be desired. It was hard for us to take our dauther for walks during the day because the sun was always getting in her face. I started doing some research for some sort of canopy extender and reviewed a lot of the ones on Amazon. I decided on this one because the reviews/details state it is flexible and large enough to do it’s job. We purchased it and have had it on our stroller since the day it arrived. It ties on easily and depending on where/how tight you tie it, it can be adjusted even further to cover part or all of the stroller seat. It also folds up with the rest of the canopy when you push it back, so it stays out of the way when you need it to. The only thing is it does catch the wind a lot easier, but other than that, no complaints.

Allison Medina, TN

Love it!

Have had for almost 2 years and we use it all the time. Great to have for little ones to keep them out of the sun.

Dianne Beech Grove, IN

Can’t live without!

This sunshade is FABULOUS!!!We were trying desperately to keep baby out of the sun with clothes pins and blankets and it was super frustrating. This sunshade has made life so much easier!It stays on and stands up to strong winds… we use it to keep the wind off him, too! You can even leave it on when you fold the stroller up for storage or transport which is great.It always makes me so sad to see little ones in their stroller being blasted with bright sun and harmful UV rays! This sunshade makes it so we can avoid slathering baby with potentially toxic sunscreen while not having to worry about sunburn.I would recommend this to anyone and have already purchased one for a friend. 🙂

Courtney Coulterville, IL


We used it for 2 summers and hoping for another Baby to use it more. I made the best decision to purchase this shade! There were cheaper ones – my friend’s tear after 2x she used it. That was my base info to buy this product. Covers perfectly, We have a Maclaren and a Citymini I think it works on every single type of stroller – we also used it on UppaBaby stroller. Over all it is a good buy!

Dorothea Lincoln Park, MI

Returned compact version for this one!

Better sun protection than the compact version (but that is kind of a no-brainer). I would highly reccomend this product to anyone that uses their stroller outdoors often. Easy to put on and remove.

Lauri Tiptonville, TN

LOVE this for our Chicco Cortina stroller!

We live in Southern California, and have season passes to Disneyland so we definitely needed something that could shade our son better. This fits great on the Chicco Cortina stroller. Its a LITTLE annoying trying to get the shade to stay up though when trying to get the baby in and out of the stroller, but its definitely worth it. It ties on, so it can fit any type of stroller. On the Cortina, it goes down almost to the tray and completely enclosed my son, letting him nap easier since it was dark, and protecting him from the sun. Love the mesh sides as well, it really helps to have that open when its so hot outside. I get so many compliments on this while I’m out!

Melanie Coulter, IA


I’m a first time mom and was confused when I bought a pretty expensive stroller and the sun always hit my daughter’s face. It got to the point where I actually stopped taking her out for walks because I could see she was getting annoyed with the sun…and who could blame her. I bought her two hats and even sunglasses, but they all wound up on the ground. So I did some research and found this and it works great! It doesn’t work on my cheapo $20 umbrella stroller, but works very well with the other one. You just tie it on, shape it, and that’s it. It’s flexible too, so when I stuff my strolled in the closet, I just bend the shade back and when I’m ready to use it…it just pops back into place. This is really wonderful; I am so happy I found it.UPDATE: Rain, sun, or wind…this thing is still in excellent shape and works great. Anytime I see a baby in a stroller squinting because of the sun, I tell mom or dad to buy one of these from amazon. I was literally in traffic one day and I saw a baby that could’ve really used one of these, so I made a u-turn, rolled my window down and told mom to buy one of these…that’s how well it works!

Penny Hannacroix, NY

Just what I was looking for

I bought this to go on my Chicco Cortina stroller, and I’m happy to say it fits on nice and securely. I live in a pretty windy area, and it hasn’t budged yet. It is definitely made to go over an existing sunshade, so don’t try to use this on a shadeless stroller. The only negative, which really isn’t a big deal to me, is that it (obviously) blocks the little window to view baby that’s there in the original shade.Living in the Pacific NW in the winter, I haven’t used it in the sun yet…however, it’s been excellent for keeping the wind/sprinkles of rain from disturbing my baby (anything more than random sprinkles, I use the raincover).. On my particular stroller, you can adjust the shade to go in front of the baby to keep the sun out if needed. This shade still allows for that to happen, and very nicely blocks everything but a small gap, which is perfect when there’s a steady wind blowing directly into your baby’s face.With the infant seat snapped in, it covers the whole thing making it nice and dark in there for sleeping. For the winter, that’s fine, but might get too hot in the summer depending on where you live.

Arlene Long Pine, NE


Works great with my Maclaren stroller, brown color matches nicely, and it is a nice size, so it keeps sun out and baby happy, easy to put on, but i do have to take it off to take baby out or fold the stroller. Overall amazing product with great function, glad I bough full size, it covers my baby completely as of right now

Kasey Era, TX

Works great on a BOB stroller

Has much better coverage than the built in shade. Really about the only complaint about our stroller was the lack of coverage when the sun is lower in the sky. This really does the job. Easy to tie around the handles, and easy to swing across to either side when it’s needed.

Jenny Evington, VA