Protect-a-Bub Classic Sunshade – Twin – Black

Protect-a-Bub Classic Sunshade – Twin – Black

The Protect-a-Bub Classic Stroller Sunshade attaches easily to any canopied stroller or carriage and is made from a woven UPF 50+ breathable fabric that provides 98+% protection from the sun’s rays as well as full air circulation. The Classic Stroller Sunshade is ideal for parents who want both protection and complete visibility for their infants and toddlers. Fully adjustable to be compatible with all canopied double stroller models.

Main features

  • UPF 50+ (the highest sun protection rating possible)
  • Specially woven fabric is breathable and doesn’t retain heat
  • Fully adjustable to fit all canopied side-by-side double stroller and jogger models
  • Pediatrician recommended. Stroller to be purchased separately.
  • Sunshade can be left attached to the stroller or folds away easily for storage in an included fabric bag

Verified reviews


Great choice for combi twin stroller

I have infant twins and this sunshade is perfect for my combi twin stroller. It is able to protect my babies from the sun so I can get out and not worry about the sun getting in their eyes or on their delicate skin. It attaches/detaches easily and looks stylish. Everywhere I go I get questions wondering where I got it!My only complaint is that I wish the ties were a little longer.

Elena Arnoldsburg, WV

Good shade, clumsy attachment

First and foremost, this shade provides good sun protection. I also like the added benefit of privacy. I don’t feel like people are staring at my twins. The only drawback are the attachment strings. They aren’t great and there should be one more in the middle of the top to evenly secure it or it starts to slip. My MIL offered to sew more straps on it but in the meantime we are safety pinning it to the stroller shade. I take the shade off between uses when I fold my stroller up so I find it a little clumsy to put on and take off again but according to the directions, you can leave it on too. Overall a good sunshade for sun protection. Would be great with a couple tweaks.

Nicole Berlin, MA

Very difficult to attach to Combi Twin Sport Stroller!

This shade is very difficult to attach to the combi twin sport stroller. I was very excited to receive it as I have read some great reviews but it seems that after struggling to find a good place to tie it down, I spend the whole time we are out wrestling with it. It is constantly falling creeping forward and I have to tug it back. A tie in the middle would be a good step in the right direction. I can’t get my kids in or out of the stroller with it attached because of the way it bows down & in, it’s impossible to get them out without snagging them on it. The ties are very difficult to untie, velcro straps would have been a much better material.

Bridgett Lehigh, KS

used on JEEP TWIN UMBRELLA stroller

Used this on a JEEP TWIN UMBRELLA stroller when we went to Disney World. When going to any theme park a sunshade on your stroller is a MUST. Now, because our double umbrella and many others does not have very sturdy canopies, there is really nothing for the sunshade to rest on across the top when you tie the ends down to the stroller. We actually placed the top middle part of the shade OVER the middle handle on the stroller (the jeep double umbrella has 3 handles to push with across the top). By using the center handle as a support this sunshade was awesome. If you have a different double umbrella with better shades (like the McClaren which I think is the one pictured), the shade will be supported by those smaller shades.

Trisha Strausstown, PA


I used this on our first trip to Disney. I have a three year old and a three month old. I used this product with my Combi double stroller and it worked great. It kept my little ones protected for the hot Florida sun. It also worked really nice when it rained in the middle of the day. It isn’t water proof, but it worked for a short period of time until we could get under some protection. It folds up nice and small and I keep it stored under my stroller at all times. I’d buy again!

Leigh Stormville, NY