Protect-a-Bub Single Compact Sunshade, Black

Protect-a-Bub Single Compact Sunshade, Black

Compact Style Ideal for Older Children Same Protect-a-Bub Quality in a Smaller Shade Great for Small Strollers/ Joggers with a Canopy Pediatrician Recommended The sunshade can be left attached to the stroller or folds away easily for storage in an included fabric bag.

Main features

  • UPF 50+ (the highest sun protection rating possible)
  • Specially woven fabric is breathable and doesn’t retain heat
  • Great for smaller compact strollers
  • Pediatrician recommended
  • Sunshade can be left attached to the stroller or folds away easily for storage in an included fabric bag

Verified reviews


Wrong shape!

Whoever came up with this design must have been an idiot. There is a reason umbrellas and most sun shades don’t curve upwards — the reason is that you don’t want to get hit by the sun or rain when you are facing it! This one appears to want to re-invent the wheel and of course fails miserably: when the baby is facing the sun this shade does not do anything to cover his/her face. What a waste.

Ebony Marlow, NH

Gets the job done

I just got this recently. It does what I needed it to do which is always block the sun from my daughter’s eyes. She hates the sun in her eyes so I was always having to walk backwards if the sun was facing towards her. It was easy to attach (attaches w/4 string ties). I use it w/ a MacLaren Quest.It is not super aesthetically pleasing. My husband says it looks like one of those “granny” hats. But the color matches fine w/my stroller. The other downsides I see are: 1) I am going to have to unattach it if I want to fold up the stroller. Luckily I don’t have to do this too often since this stroller lives in our house. 2) It is harder to get baby in and out of the stroller w/this canopy on b/c it doesn’t fold back and so I have to bend very low to pull her out and she hits her head on the canopy sometimes, but it is soft so it doesn’t hurt. This could be due to the fact that I did not install it as far back as it could go since I did not want to cover up the “window” that is in the stroller canopy so that I can still see my baby.One last word – this size is “compact” but it is a pretty decent size. I can’t imagine how I would have fit the larger size one on my stroller. It probably depends on the size of your stroller.But all in all I am satisfied with my purchase since it is does what I needed.

Socorro Vandalia, MI

Great product

I absolutely needed this and didn’t know it until I got it. I have my 6 month old in his Maclaren Triumph stroller since he loves to look out and doesn’t squirm in it like he does in his car seat/frame stroller. However since he’s so short in the stroller the sun reaches his face. This product works perfectly! It tied on very easily and is adjustable. I also just leave it tied on all the time and I just fold the stroller with it attached. Not a problem at all. I personally haven’t had the wind blow it back either. I feel so bad for kids and babies when I see the sun beating down on their heads and I’m glad that I have this product so that doesn’t happen to my son. I wish more people knew this is out there!

Pauline Peckville, PA

works well, looks great

Bought this in dark brown to go along with my daughter’s Juicy Couture Maclaren stroller.It’s the perfect color match!It can be tied down 3 ways-1 completely covering my sleeping toddler (no more bringing along a blanket which goes dirty majority of the time)2-partial shade (like the picture depicted in this product) 3- halfway between full & partial.It “rolls” to fold again,I just pop it in the shopping basket below and it has a nice carry bag.definitely worth the money!

Jan Corbin, KY


Good versatile product. I bought one for my smallish stroller to extend its canopy and then I bought another to provide a sun shade over the car seat. The ties that connect this canopy to the stroller are long enough and the shade is flexible enough that it works for either use, and I’m sure I could find more uses for it. I’ve been using it (not gently) for a month now (I don’t remove it when I fold up the stroller) and have not seen any damage or frays at all. I am very happy with this product, which is why I bought a second one (it’s better than having to keep switching it from stroller to car seat).

Beverly Letcher, SD

Perfect – Keeps sun off my Little One

I was afraid the "compact" wouldn’t be big enough for my full size jogger, but it’s perfect! No matter what direction we are walking it keeps the sun off my baby, but she can still see what’s going on around us. The shade on my stroller was small and would collapse with every little bump we went over. This keeps it in place wonderfully! I do have to untie it to get her in and out of the stroller, but it’s as simple as tying your shoes, I don’t see that as a big deal. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it. I tried it on my umbrella stroller to see how it would fit, it looks a little large on there, but it’s worth it to keep my babe from burning.

Corine Ethel, AR

EXCELLENT solution for Kinderwagon Hop!!

I registered for this sunshade in hopes that it would be the solution to the Hop’s problem of shading the back kid but not the front kid. It works amazingly well with the Kinderwagon Hop! I am beyond pleased and impressed with the quality of the material and the thoughtful construction. The biggest surprise is that I can actually fold up the stroller, and if I twist the sunshade and tuck it in, I don’t even have to remove it and it allows the hop to fold up compact which is one of the stroller’s main features and selling points. The only con is that if you plan on moving the shade a lot (retracting it indoors and pulling it out for outdoors) you will have to remove the shade. But if I’m going in and outside (as in an outdoor shopping area) I likely won’t be needing the sunshade for the small amount of time I’d be outdoors. Short story, if you have a Kinderwagon Hop and want more shade, this is your solution. I will try to add pictures when I can.

Jennie Glens Fork, KY

Awkward on my Graco Cleo

I’m still trying to figure out the best way to use this thing because it’s awkward on my Graco Cleo. It covers the stroller and stayed on in the wind, but it just doesn’t look right. For some reason it looks like it’s tilting on one side regardless of where I position the ties. I also can’t get it to cover my baby’s feet – only a problem if your baby is barefoot a lot. Maybe the regular protect a bug is better.

Gilda Lancaster, OH

returned for full-size.

I really like the shade and got a lot of compliments on it. I returned it for the full size version because the sun was still getting to my little one.-Easy to install-Easy to put away-I could still keep it on when I folded my stoller although I would not recommend storing it that way.-Because of the angle of the sun in the evening, we needed a little more protection for my baby’s fair skin and light eyes.-Pay attention to the trim color on your stoller. I originally bought the navy one to match our green stoller, however the handles and everything else are black (duh!) and I prefer things to match. When I purchased the full size version I opted for black.

Dona Bluff Springs, IL

Excellent shade, looks a bit funny

Excellent. Keeps the sun off very well. Easy to install/remove. Folds up. Nice quality. What can I say? If you live in a sunny place go get one.

Shannon Beeler, KS

Just what was needed.

This works great for a Mclaren Triumph. It is super easy to attach and folds up easily and fits in a small bag.

Julia Glenwood, NY


This product is easy to use, easy to store, and does a great job of keeping my baby out of the sun. Amazon had the best price, fast and easy shipping, and I couldn’t be happier.

Annmarie Kinsale, VA

does what it’s supposed to!

Got this for the Maclaren Triumph. It definitely does the job. It’s easily attached with four string ties and folds up in the small bag (included). It’s fairly large, can’t imagine needing the larger size. Baby seems happy and shaded, but can still see what’s going on. It’s only annoying to take off if you want to fold the stroller, but not the product’s fault so I can’t knock a star for that. Great addition to my umbrella stroller!

Bethany New Geneva, PA

love it!

This works perfect! I love how big it is and shades the baby from the side and from the top. It was well worth the m oney!

Tracey Hordville, NE

Works great in the Phil and Teds Sport!!!

We use this sunshade on our Phil and Teds Sport model – takes a minute to get it set up but works excellent. Especially for loong periods out in the sun – covers your child completely. The canopy on the Phil and Teds is not great so anytime were going to be in the sun for a period of time I put it on. I also purchased the Protect A Bub backseat/tandem cover – again takes a min to set up but great su protection!

Delia Gulf Hammock, FL

A life saver during the summer!

I buy this for a long weekend at the beach and it saved our lives. Our daughter is 2.5 months old and she enjoyed our walks without complaint. I buy the stroller fan and it helped more!! It is very easy to assembly! I use it all the time! I highly recommend this product.

Beverly Anderson Island, WA

Great protection!!!

This is easy to “install” – and the protection is perfect. My son is 4 months old, and isn’t using sunblock, so this has been a lifesaver! We love it. The only con is that you have to untie it every single time you want to fold the stroller…but really, what would the alternative be…it’s not like there is a stroller out there that can offer this much protection. Buy it – you’ll love it!

Mavis Camp Wood, TX

Simple and it gets the job done

Great supplement to those strollers like the MacClarens that do not have a full canopy so the babies end up exposed to the sun (those little shades they come with don’t cover anything). Very easy to install and put away when not in use.

Lydia Greenwich, NY

Pretty good

This is pretty good and works well to shade my lo. Only thing is that its a little too long and blocks her view.

Judi Santa Rosa, NM

Makes outdoor strolls more enjoyable

I love going out for walks with my daughter in her stroller but she absolutely hates when the sun shines in her face for even a second, she automatically starts to fuss and cry. It seems like all of the stroller manufacturers make the shades on their strollers very short so that very little of the baby is actually in the shade.This sun shade is the perfect solution – it’s light and easy to use and attach. A few simple cloth ties and I had it attached to her stroller in a few moments, and it is easily removed and folds up to be stored until you need it again. I definitely recommend this for anyone who uses their strollers for out-door walks often. I only wish they came in more colors or better yet fun prints.

Renae Sanostee, NM

This is a must-have item

This product is fantastic. It fits perfectly on our Chicco Cortina. The existing shade on the Cortina is thick and nice but almost worthless because it’s too small. This product is simply necessary and it works just as I’d hoped. The angles to block sun so it does a good job even when walking towards the sun. When my baby is in shorts on really hot days, I have to either cover his legs or put a lot of sunblock on because they do get some sun, but most of him is in the shade. If they made an even bigger one, or a UV protective bubble (just kidding), I’d buy the biggie.

Margarita Gilbertville, MA

Great product

This is great, I love it. It ties on with four ties, one at each corner and protect all but my son’s feet in the stroller. He does not mind it either. It folds up easily and is light. Definately one of my better purchases.

Ada Hemphill, WV

The best!

This was one of the best purchases I made in my child’s first year! Although we live in Seattle, where sun is a rare guest, but I used it every day during the summer.It worked great on my Chicco infant car seat (while on a frame)- it can be used to protect the kid from the sun, or pulled all the way down, so the kid is completely shaded. That way he doesn’t see anything and can sleep better and longer.

Debora Newark Valley, NY

Fits Chicco stroller perfectly

This is a wonderful product that easily attaches to the stroller. It creates a lot of shade and reflects the sun so your child doesn’t get so hot. It can be a little awkward to get the child in and out of the stroller with the large sunshade on; however that issue is easily remedied by temporarily untying one side of the sunshade or moving the stroller tray out of the way. Highly recommend this product!

Kathrine Leonard, TX