Protective Bottle Sleeve 4 oz, Blue/Pink,2 pack

Protective Bottle Sleeve 4 oz, Blue/Pink,2 pack

Protective Bottle Sleeves for standard glass bottles, designed to help protect Dr Brown’s glass bottles, but they cannot prevent all instances of breakage. PBA, PVC, Lead and Phthalate Free (Bottles not included).

Main features

  • Protects against accidental breakage
  • Patterned holes to view graduations
  • Improved grip for parents
  • Insulates fluid in bottle

Verified reviews


Really grippy, but afraid to take them off

I feel a little guilty about these – I got them put on the bottles with no problem (by turning them inside out and rolling them onto the bottle), but I am afraid that it will be horrible to take them off for cleaning, so I don’t. Since the bottles are glass, it is easy to see if there is any buildup below the sleeves, and I haven’t noticed any after a few months of use (not continuous; my husband prefers the lighter plastic bottles).They are very nice to hold, but the Dr. Brown’s bottles are so beefy and grippy (with raised lettering) on their own that I’m not sure I would purchase these again. My 5-month-old daughter hasn’t attempted to hold these yet, but she will try with the light plastic bottles. I may feel differently about these if/when she starts to try to hold them?

Tabitha Roseglen, ND

Nice but inconvenient

These sleeves are really nice for the bottles, but unless you buy one for each bottle or wait till your baby is older it really is an inconvenience to put these on when trying to rapidly get a bottle to a crying newborn.

Jesse Harrison, MI

Great sleeves!

I have several of these sleeves for my Dr. Brown bottles. I really like them because I have dropped them from time to time and none of my bottles have broke. Also with the holes you can see the measuring lines just fine. These are easy to put on and get off too.

Queen Fairland, OK

It’s fine

It works. One Blue, One Pink. I think that they are pretty easy to get on and off. I can slip them on and off and rinse off and hang to dry.

Miranda Milroy, MN

hard to put them om

In our culture, it is preferred to hide the bottle when feeding in public, so I bought these sleeves as they seem to fit the Dr Brown bottles well, but they r verrrrry hard to put them on… so couldn’t se them.

Emma Mainesburg, PA

Definitely Handy

I only purchased one set of two of these protective sleeves. You don’t really need them around the house. I only use them when we are going out to protect the glass bottles. I haven’t dropped one from full height so I don’t know if they would really keep the bottles from breaking but it does protect them from clanging against each other in the bottle bag, and from clanging on other things like the car door. Also, since they are rubbery they keep them from sliding around in the cup holder on the stroller or on a wet table at a restaurant.

Suzette Galesville, WI

Glass bottles + ceramic tile floors = lots of shattered glass

I mostly bought my daughter glass bottles because I do not want the free radicals that are released from plastic to get into her milk. I feel slightly like I’ve negated the renewable resource aspect of glass, though, by purchasing silicone.

Tisha Argillite, KY

slipped on easily and make for a more attractive bottle

The sleeves slipped on easily and make for a more attractive bottle. I am not 100% certain that they will provide more support if the bottles are dropped, but my fingers are crossed. Does make for an easier grip and nicer looking bottle. We breast feed primarily with some pumping/bottle feeding. So far so good.

Esperanza Remsenburg, NY

They are ok

I got those for my glass 4 oz Dr. Browns bottles. They are super snug so after few uses I have stopped using them cause it would take too long to slide them over the bottles which is quite inconvenient when your baby demands to be fed, especially in the middle of the night. Why I do instead is just let the cold water from the faucet run over the bottle for 5 seconds and that cools it off sufficiently and is quicker than battling the covers. They do fit much easier over my evenflo bottles though which is why I gave it 3 stars instead of 2. I should also mention that they do cover up the measurement lines.

Colleen Massies Mill, VA

No more clinking!

I love these! I don’t have to worry about my glass bottles clinking and breaking while traveling. The grips make it easy for my daughter to hold the bottles. They can be a little hard to get on, but run a little water on it and it slips right on. I move the holes so I can see the ounce lines and I know where to fill it to.

Lakisha Cherry Tree, PA

Great product

These covers are perfect. Easy to slip on and clean. I feel more comfortable taking glass bottles out without needing to worry about breakage. I only wish they came in more colors.

Angel Swainsboro, GA