Protective Bottle Sleeve 8 oz, 2 pack, Blue

Protective Bottle Sleeve 8 oz, 2 pack, Blue

The Dr. Browns Silicone Protective Bottle Sleeves are designed to work with the Dr. Browns glass baby bottles. Made from 100 % silicone, easy to grip cover will help prevent bottle breakage. Helps to prevent heat transfer. BPA free, top rack dishwasher and sterilizer safe made for Dr. Brown’s 8 ounce glass bottle.

Main features

  • Easy to Grip Cover Will Help Prevent Bottle Breakage
  • Helps to Prevent Heat Transfer
  • 100% Silicone; BPA free
  • Top Rack Dishwasher and Sterilizer Safe
  • Colors May Vary

Verified reviews


Good idea, hard to see through

I purchased these bottle sleeves to protect the glass bottles I purchased. Although a good idea, once on, it is near impossible to see the ounce marks on the bottle. You would have to fill the bottle with water before putting the sleeve on to prepare it and once it is on, if your baby doesn’t drink the whole thng, you have to twist the sleeve and try to see through one of the holes to see how much s/he ate or take it off again. It became such a pain in the butt for us that we no longer use them. Maybe if your baby consistently eats the same amount of ounces this would not be a concern, but for us it was.

Pansy Clarkston, GA

Works well but not sure if it helps with spit up/gas

Some people swear by these, but they didn’t help my newborn with spit up/gas. And it is a lot of cleaning to clean all the parts if it isn’t doing any better for the baby. Not sure if the bottle system helps with nutrient absorption like it claims, maybe it does. If you use these and want to wash parts in dish washer I recommend the basket that specifically holds them. My baby is now several months old and I find myself preferring the Lifefactory bottles, but these are worth a try if you have a baby with gas/spit up issues.

Alyssa Millerton, OK

Does the job

Pros: protects, easy to use/remove, easy to clean, looks good, able to see through to see how much milk is in the bottle.Cons: adds an additional layer of work to bottle prep/cleaning.Conclusion: I would recommend this product, but wish there was a more mommy-friendly (easier) way to make glass bottles safe.

Heather Mesa, AZ

They aren’t bad, and they work as described

We simply didn’t use them. I put them on the bottle, my hubs couldn’t read the ounces, so we took them off and never put back on…They aren’t bad, and they work as described, but simply weren’t needed. By the time he could feed himself, he wasn’t dropping them, and if he was, i took it away.

Rosie Crystal Lake, IL

Good product with a few exceptions

This is a nice product. It adds a lot of functionality to the glass bottles, making it so we can pack them in the diaper bag and so our son can carry his bottle and nobody has to worry about dropping a bottle.There are just a few caveats that I would like to mention:1) It is hard to take the sleeve off. It can take a minute or two. This is just something to be aware of for new parents, especially when you can be pressed for time.2) The sleeve can get gunky if the sleeve is already on the bottle when you are putting powder formula into it (because inevitably some powder spills out of the bottle). The solution would be to put the sleeve on after you have prepared your bottle.3) The extra thickness and traction with the sleeve can make the bottle a tight squeeze in a diaper bag side pocket (at least ours).As a result of the above, we do find ourselves using the Dr. Browns plastic bottles more often because when we use the glass bottles, we use them with the sleeve.

Elnora Sargentville, ME

great product!

These do a great job of protecting the glass. They make it easy to hold onto and if you drop it the glass won’t break. Couple tricky things to know tho – I don’t think they’re worth having until the baby is old enough to be holding their own bottle – they don’t come off very easy (which is good as they dont slip and slide when you don’t want them too) so they don’t dry well if you wash the bottle and sleeve together. The little finger holds should be adjusted so you can see the fl oz you measure to most often.

Nan Bucklin, KS

Good purchase

For those of us who like using glass bottles (and Dr. Brown makes great glass bottles) these sleeves are a nice protection against broken glass. I did drop one of the bottles on a wooden floor and it did not break, which I attribute to the sleeve.

Reva San Benito, TX

Peace of mind and a little character for the bottle

Background: We use glass bottles. I don’t like the idea of a lot of plastic stuff for my kid when she’s so young and has such an immature immune system and is developing at an incredibly fast pace. I frankly don’t like it for me either, but especially her. The BPA scare woke a lot of people up, but I don’t think we know what other chemicals or toxins are in plastic for "BPA-Free" products either. Science, as beneficial as it may be, is rather limited in the grand scheme of things with wonderful "discoveries" occurring daily. Glass has been around for a long time and in my opinion is much safer and inert. With the exception of it breaking. Feel free to write me off as a loon, but when I have a safer alternative that’s pretty easily available, why not? And I know there are still plastic and silicone parts to the Dr. Browns bottle, but we’re trying where we can and where it’s reasonable. So to address this current product:Product review: The sleeves are good insurance for our glass bottles. I know they won’t turn glass into shatterproof material, but they certainly offer a level of protection. That’s all I suppose anyone can expect. I found them pretty easy to put on, didn’t need to use dish soap or do anything other than just slide them on. It wasn’t so easy as to be concerned that they will fall off on a whim, but certainly not difficult. My kid is exclusively breast fed so the bottles are for when I feed her (which isn’t too often) or when her sitter feeds her, a few times a day. The bottles have been dropped a few times, but have had no residual cracks or damage. Of course I don’t know how much is as a result of the sleeve or the way it fell, but I imagine at the very least, it helped. It definitely gives me some peace of mind and adds some character to the bottle. You can definitely pick out of a crowd if your child is at daycare or if there are loads of other bottles around.

Kelsey Northome, MN

Fit well, Added grip, more protection from a fall.

As my title says, these are the reasons we purchased them. They are made by Dr. Browns for Dr Brown bottles and fit them well, not sure where or why others are complaining that they don’t fit other brands of bottles. You don’t buy a part for a chevy then complain it doesn’t fit a ford.Great product. They are individually packaged, so pending the person at amazon you could get two different colors, we received two of the same in the color pictured, but they are also made in a green that I’ve seen.

Rosetta Cypress, TX

Less nervous about using glass

great for my dr browns glass bottles. I was always nervous about them breaking if they fell over, but with these sleeves I feel more at ease. the only thing is that I wish the bubbles in the sleeve design were straight so that I can see the lines for the measurements better.

Erica Grand Marais, MN

Great but hard to remove

I only use these if I am going out and have to take a glass bottle with me. The bottles are expensive and I wouldn’t want one to break so this is the perfect way to avoid that. However they are fairly hard to remove and require several minutes of fiddling to do it.

Rachel Prairie Lea, TX

Perfect for Dr Browns Glass Bottles

These are perfect for the Dr Browns bottles. They are easy to get on with water and they stay on!I feel so much better knowing there’s less of a chance of the glass bottles breaking with this sleeve on.Also, I did a lot of research and this is a two pack for roughly $14, which is very comparable to the price of other brands.My 4.5 month old has an easy time holding the bottles herself with these sleeves on.I also feel better about packing them in the diaper bag. Before, I was nervous just having the glass bottles in there.I highly recommend these. As a matter of fact, I came back to this item to order another set.I first ordered the blue ones because the green/pink were out of stock and they look exactly like the photo.

Frances Sabana Seca, PR