Proudbody Basic Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit

Proudbody Basic Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit

ProudBody’s basic pregnancy belly cast kit is affordable but with no sacrifice in quality. Everything is included to enable an expecting mom to create a basic belly cast. This kit does not include any finishing materials and is a perfect choice if you want to leave your belly cast plain white or doesn’t want a smooth surface on your completed belly cast. ProudBody’s basic Kit contains one less roll of belly casting material than its deluxe Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit. The four rolls of belly casting material are still more than sufficient to make a full torso cast (from top of chest to the bottom of belly). If you want to include your hands, arms and/or thighs in your belly cast or if you are a plus sized mom, you may want to consider the purchase of ProudBody’s deluxe pregnancy belly cast kit instead. ProudBody’s basic pregnancy belly cast kit includes: 4 rolls of belly casting material (each roll is 4″ wide x 5 yards long = 20 yards of length), all natural belly casting lubricant, plastic drop cloth, 2 nitrile (non latex) gloves, easy to follow instructions (written in English, Spanish and French).

Main features

  • This is the pregnancy belly cast kit you should buy if you want to leave your belly cast plain white for a simple, elegant look or if you like the layered look.
  • Easy to use kit. Dries in 1-3 days (depending on climate).
  • 4 Rolls of Superior Quality Casting Material; Each 4 inch x 15ft for a total of 20 sq ft (more than other basic or standard kits)
  • All-Natural Lubricant; No Messy Petroleum Jelly
  • Contents: 4 rolls casting material, all-natural lubricant, gloves, 9x12ft drop cloth, complete instructions in English, Spanish & French

Verified reviews


Great keepsake, takes longer than described

I really liked doing this although it took a bit longer than it said. I did, however, do a similar cast to the one on the front of the box that wasn’t just a belly. Also, please be sure to use A LOT of the lubricant. I didn’t use enough and it really hurt pulling it off, sort of like a Band-aid. I really treasure my cast though and it was worth the pain to have it hanging on the wall!

Carissa Newcastle, WY

Very easy to do

I bought this exact same kit from here. Very easy to use, a little messy but it could be a lot worse. My husband did the cast on me and it was a lotta fun. It dried pretty fast too. Some advice if you’ll do this: use VASELINE instead of the lubricant that’s on the kit. Mine ran out so I tried to apply as much as I could… but it hurt a little bit when I tried to put the cast out (the skin sticks to the cast) cause it wasn’t enough. Be careful with the belly button, it sticks to the cast and it hurts to put out, also the nipples… apply a lot of Vaseline in those areas. Other than that, I’m completely satisfied with this product. Looks beautiful.

Lolita Monroe, IN

I liked it

I was only 27 weeks when I did this cast and it took a lot longer than I thought. Sitting there waiting for it to dry got unbearable and the smell almost made me get sick. Plus even after it was dry the edging of the cast fell apart and left a mess everywhere. I used it at my baby shower for everyone to sign which was fun but I’m not sure if I’d do it again.

Viola Barhamsville, VA

fun to use….

really enjoyed casting my belly 😉 this kit is easy to use… messy so save the area around you with plastic.

Jeannine Keego Harbor, MI

Loved this product

I loved doing my cast although it took long to do and any pregnant woman knows how uncomfortable it can get but other than that it was great. I was reclined when I got my done and that helped a lot. I would advise though to use an old bed sheet rather than the plastic on what you plan to sit on it just stuck to my body and made it a little more uncomfortable you can then use the plastic for the ground cause it can get messy with the water and casting material. The other reviews complained about the lubricant that came with it but what i did I like used the whole jar and just plastered it on everywhere and the cast had slipped right off if it wasn’t for the bra I wore underneath (i hate the ones with the nipples showing and plus i did it in front of my family) probably would have shifted and not made a great cast. And the trick to smoothing the plaster out is when you’re applying like the last 2 layers apply the strip then wet your fingers a bit and rub it in gently like applying powder make up I found that helped my cast have a smoother look than a bandage look. I’m also petite so I didn’t buy the deluxe kit just the regular one and I had more than enough material left over but use that material to reinforce the sides and smooth out any part that looks ridgey. Hope this review helped..

Kimberley Gough, GA

Super Fun!!

This is the second kit I have purchsed the 1st was 4 years ago and another now for the second baby. My husband and I have fun with these kits and it creates great keepsakes for the kids

Lynda Mindenmines, MO

get it!

We made one cast at the baby shower and a second one with my husband, so much fun and definitely memorable!

Reva Arlington Heights, MA