Proudbody My Little Prints Baby-Safe Ink Pad, Blue

Proudbody My Little Prints Baby-Safe Ink Pad, Blue

There is nothing more captivating than your baby’s little hands and feet. ProudBody’s baby safe ink pads easily create keepsake imprints of a baby’s hands and feet. The ink pads are reusable and the ink is smudge proof. ProudBody’s ink pads help parents take baby’s prints quickly and without mess from the moment of birth. Uses include putting baby’s hand and feet prints on birth announcements or thank you cards. Baby’s prints also could decorate a belly cast or help parents keep track of their little one’s growth.

Main features

  • Quick do it yourself project
  • Safe for baby’s skin
  • Easy clean up; smudge proof
  • Reusable
  • Recommended age: 0 2

Verified reviews



You would not believe how much this ink means to me. I’m sure I sound crazy. But seriously, this ink was great for capturing my baby’s prints for her scrapbook. I caught them while she was sleeping so I wasn’t able to apply much pressure when printing. The ink was a little hard to get to rub off at first and felt as though I put a bunch on, but the prints showed up a light gray (that may have happened because I didn’t apply much pressure though). Ink came off with ease using baby soap and lukewarm water (I was scared of the mess we might create!). Baby’s skin looks safe and sound. I was only planning on making her prints for scrapbooking purposes, but now I am considering greeting cards for family.

Briana Brookings, OR

Worked well for me.

I read lot of negative reviews about this product but I just wanted to use it once to take foot and handprints of my infant. All other options were too expensive so I decided to give it a shot. I am very happy with my purchase. The ink was wet and I was able to get good prints. Also it came off easily.

Rosalyn Ravenden Springs, AR

Worked well

I got the black ink and was reluctant to purchase since some of the reviews mentioned that the ink was dry or dried too quickly. I didn’t have either of those problems. My 11 month year old baby used it as a “signature” on a few cards and it worked perfectly. Although she is quite fidgety I was able to stamp her hand well, press it well on paper, and it easily washed off. It wasn’t a perfect picture of her hand, but I just wanted to get a simple hand print to indicate her size and not a true FBI finger print match. If your going to use it for more than a few projects I wouldn’t recommend it since I do think the ink dries quickly for an ink pad after the package is opened, but for a simple hand print for a few projects I think it works fine.

Marie Portis, KS

Received it dry but just add water

I was looking for ink to make hand and foot prints of my baby for cards to relatives. Despite the negative reviews, I decided to try it, figure I could return it if there was a problem. The ink pad did arrive dry like a lot of reviewers noted. However, I just added a few drops of water to the ink pad and it has been working great. We have made a lot of cute hand and foot prints, and the ink wipes off easily with a wet wipe or just water. It even came out of the carpet without too much hassle.

Queen Squires, MO

Too small for baby hands and feet

I purchased this product thinking I could use it to ink my 3 month old son’s hands and feet to save his baby prints. The ink pad is actually really tiny, which made it hard to get the ink onto my son’s hands and feet, since I had to keep turning it in different directions and at different angles to get the ink on him (though I think more ink ended up on me and the table). If the pad was larger, it would have been so easy to just press his foot on it, then onto a paper. Sigh.I haven’t tried it again because it was such a hassel. But, while ink did get all over, it washed off fairly easily – which is a plus. I’d recommend this for small stamps, or if you have something to roll on it, then onto your baby’s hands or feet.

Alisa White Mountain, AK

hardly worth it..

Pad came wrapped in cellophane, but was dried up. I inked my baby’s foot multiple times to apply more ink and each time the print was a light gray. Will not buy this again.

Rosie Saint Just Contract, PR

Easy to clean

I use this to have my baby "sign" cards. I do either a foot or a hand. It’s easy, doesn’t smear, is a good size, doesn’t stink or stain and washes right off.

Dee Redding Center, CT

Nice but difficult to clean

When we use it to do the print of our daughter’s hands and feet we were a little bit worried because the ink did not go away easily!Beside that it’s a good product!

Janna Bellville, OH

Eh. Dried up but I added water & it worked

I saw other posts about them being dried up but I took my chance and it was rather dried up but I added some water and got adequate hand prints for thank you cards.

Frances Hyannis, NE

Not very satisfied.

I like the fact that this product is baby safe but it didn’t really work out for us. It kind of bleeds a bit and you don’t get a really clear print. We were using it to take foot prints of our daughter. We tried several types of paper and it still didn’t look right. Mabye someone else will have better luck with it.

Ebony Burlington, TX

Perfect for tiny hands!

This was just what I was looking for! I used this to put my daughter’s hand and foot prints in her baby book. The ink went on easily, and also removed easily with a baby wipe!

Jan Ben Bolt, TX

Works great

I read to do prints while babies are asleep. Worked well but does not come off easily. Took a few days to completely go away. 🙂

Arline Luning, NV

Great ink pad

I ordered the black ink pad. When I first got it, I didn’t think it was going to be a very good ink pad. It didn’t look very high quality. But I was wrong! I did hand prints and foot prints for the baby book as well as prints on multiple Christmas cards for family. The prints all turned out great and the ink was easy to clean off my son’s skin. All in all, it worked well for what I needed it for and now I have it for future use!

Elsa Edmond, WV


color was very light and hard to see on the inside cover of books I placed my grand-daughters hand print.

Pauline Brigantine, NJ

Not bad at all

I expected a product that was much worse from the reviews on here!The pad wasn’t dried out and I successfully made a few dark prints of my 3mo’s foot. The prints were clear, if slightly grainy (the ink seems to be a bit thick). Holding my son’s foot steadily and preventing smearing ink all over seemed to be the greatest challenge with this product, and that’s not the product’s fault!Clean-up was a breeze.

Georgette Bayfield, CO

This work great 🙂

I bought this for my baby book i am making and every month i do her hand and foot print. i put it in a ziplock bag which seems to keep it fresh. comes of babys hands with a baby wipe and doesn’t seem to leave any rash 🙂

Adela Rockwell, IA

It’s just OK

Just as other reviewers said- it’s pretty dried out. I couldn’t press my baby’s hand or foot into it and get enough ink to stamp. I rubbed her feet and hands on it for a while and got enough, and the print was OK. It does wash off easy.

Socorro Burlington, NJ

Works great, wipes right off!

I purchased this item despite the other negative reviewer, who seemed to have just received the wrong color. I ordered a black ink pad and received black. The ink works great! We took a footprint and handprint for our baby book (my daughter is 6 weeks old). I will probably add footprints to personalized items for Christmas. The ink works fantastic, and the best thing is I wiped it right off my daughter’s hand and foot with a diaper wipe! No mess. Very easy to use and the memories of her tiny hands and feet will be priceless.

Kimberly Lula, MS

Great ink pad for baby’s foot and hand prints

I purchased this ink pad in order to put my 7 week-old’s hand prints and footprints in his baby book and on a wall hanging given to me as a gift. It worked like a charm with just the right amount of ink on his little hands and feet, and the ink washed off easily with soap and water. The pad was a little smaller than the size of the baby’s feet and hands, so we had to press the ink pad to the rest of him a few times but it worked fine. A quality product!

Vonda Selma, IN

Ink Pad was DRY- DO NOT BUY

I decided to go against all of the bad reviews of this product and give it a try any way. I wish I hadn’t. I’m not having to ship it back to Amazon because my pad would not do any good print. It feels wet but barely any ink will stick and definitely does not allow you to make any usable prints. I ended up going to JoAnn and got a much bigger washable ink pad for much cheaper.

Meagan Volin, SD

it works

i would have been better off getting some type of roller, my 3 mo old doesn’t cooperate much when it comes to his hands. the ink doesn’t come out very easily so it takes a while to get enough on his hands while fighting him to open his hands, but it works.

Mallory Valley, WA

great for a few uses like baby books

dried out a little but they sent me a replacement. I was able to use it again by rewetting it w a little bit of water later on.

Lelia Strasburg, VA

Dry and faint, barely gets the job done

I took a chance with this product despite negative reviews because it’s the cheapest baby pad on Amazon. It’s as others have mentioned, really dry and faint. I was able to get a pair of light but somewhat acceptable footprints on my baby book.Some tips: 1) add some water to rehydrate the pad, 2) kind of drag your baby’s foot on the pad rather than just trying to press it down harder. Bonus tip: 3) if you mess up the print on your baby book (my daughter stepped her right heel down twice), take a soft white eraser, use it on paper first to make sure it’s clean and not smudgy, and you should be able to lighten your mistake.

Joni Bloomer, WI

Dried out

I completely regret purchasing this item. It was completely dried out when I opened the seal, and it ruined my opportunity to get my daughter’s feet and hand prints into her baby book. I would NOT get this, and I would not recommend anyone to purchase this item.

Dawn Harris, IA

it was ok

The good thing about this ink is the color. I should have used washable marker. This stuff smears very easy I couldnt get a good print and wont come off ANYTHING, clothes or hands. I would think twice before using this again.

Audra Pinehurst, NC

Love this ink.

I’ve used this for numerous hand and foot prints of my 3 month old twins. The case does not snap or click closed, so you’ll want to be careful to make sure it’s closed when you’re done with it. I am able to easily wipe the ink off their hands/feet with a baby wipe.

Judi Ontario Center, NY

Both inkpads were dried out – Don’t buy!

Unfortunately I didn’t listen to the reviews. I ordered a black ink pad and it was completely dried out. I returned it and exchanged it for a new one and that was dried out too. Quite disappointing because we can’t find a baby-safe ink pad at any of the stores in our area.Do not order this ink pad!

Christy Marcellus, MI

no ink

The ink pad was dry. My husband and I tried different things to get ink out of it (water, baby oil, etc.) and nothing worked. Very disappointed. I should have listened to the reviews.

Candace Canyondam, CA

Impossible to use for baby prints

I was able to use is for my own finger printWithout problem. Not super high quality but it work. But never was able to do my newborn’s hands. There was not enough ink and we had to keep her hand on the paper way to long for it to work.

Joanne Fingal, ND

Faint print

The ink is so faint and equivalent to a dried-up ink pad. Had to wipe baby’s feet on it many times to transfer the ink and even then the print was so light. Not sure how it will hold up for archival purposes in a baby memory book.

Mabel New Buffalo, MI