ProudBody Pregnancy Belly Painting Kit

ProudBody Pregnancy Belly Painting Kit

A pregnancy belly painting kit enables an expecting mom to turn her belly into a work of art. The FDA approved water based paints are easy to apply and remove. This project makes a great activity for the entire family, especially young children. The kit will easily paint 20 pictures covering mom’s entire belly. Any unused paints can be stored for future use, such as for children’s face painting projects. The do it yourself kit contains an eight color professional water based make up palette (black, white, red, pink, orange, blue, green and yellow), belly painting sponge, belly painting brush, painting tips and design idea sheet, and a sheet of temporary belly tattoos.

Main features

  • FDA approved, water based paints are easy to apply and remove
  • Contains 8 different colors of paint (black, white, red, blue, orange, pink, yellow and green)
  • Left over paints can be stored for future use
  • Belly painting brush, belly painting sponge, painting tips and design ideas sheet and sheet of colorful temporary belly tattoos included
  • Kit easily paints 20 pictures

Verified reviews


not what i thought; its just paint

I thought it would give you ideas of how to paint or what to paint but it is just the paint itself and a sponge, which is a little overpriced for what it is. Great concept and it turned out really well, just wonder if i could have bought some non toxic paint at the local store for 10% of the cost.

Denise Sacramento, CA

Given its limitations, it does the job

This product allows you to paint colorful designs on your belly. It certainly does that. I had my friend, an artist, paint a beautiful Hamsa on my belly. The colors were initially vivid, especially when applied in multiple coats as instructed. My skin had no reaction to the paint, and it washed off easily in the shower later on.The paint kit comes with a brush & a sponge, and the following colors: black, white, blue, pink, orange, red, green, yellow. The paint is applied with water. There is plenty of paint to decorate a bevy of bellies, or to paint yourself multiple times.The downsides, if you want to see them that way, are that the paint doesn’t stay on very long. It is only meant to decorate and bless the belly, photograph the results, and then wash it off. Over the next few hours, it faded like an old wooden carnival sign. I think this is an important note for anyone who thought they would paint something and wear it around all day. This painting kit is not meant for all-day wear.My friend, the artist, also wanted me to note that the brush is not the best quality. She did a fine job but felt constrained by the materials. If you want a professional piece of artwork, you may want to get your own brushes. However, for the average person, it probably doesn’t matter all that much.

Valeria Beltsville, MD

Loved it!

Lots of paint to use several times. Advise: if you have more than one "artists" working on you buy extra paint brushes/sponges!

Candice Mereta, TX

cheap utensils, not enough paint…

This idea is great. But the utensils were cheap, like seriously the sponge would wipe away the paint, the thin plastic pan the paint was in was so delicate we had to work slow as to not break it in half, and the brush was a joke as the bristles brushed off in less than 5 strokes. We had to use my professional paint brushes that I had stored away in boxes in the back of our closet. The 8 paint colors had a nice thick consistency when mixed properly but we really had to layer it on to get a vibrant picture without it fading before we actually got to take a snapshot of it. We got two fading pictures out of it, but that was with he help of 6 watercolors from target, almost a month of frustration, and the ridiculous amount of time we had to spare. I gave birth soon after the second picture, with paint still left over which I guess we’ll save for him to paint with but pfth I’d rather get him real hand paint.I’m glad I came across this idea, but the $2 water colors and a $2 face painting kit from a $.99 & up store would have produced the same results.Steal the idea, don’t waste the money. ** stars for the two pictures, thats all.

Roseann West Babylon, NY

Good except one thing

This kit is great, I used the same one on two pregnant models so far. My only complaint is that it only comes with one brush and it is a small cheap one.I think a bigger one or a second bigger one would be more useful. Also, the sponge that comes with it is not the best, I think one of those girls triangle make up sponges and better brush would be much better.The kit is great but I would go out and buy (if you don’t already own them) those 2 items to use with this.

Henrietta Bricelyn, MN