Puj Flyte – Compact Infant Bath

Puj Flyte – Compact Infant Bath

The Puj Flyte makes bath time easy at home or on the go. Its compact shape allows it to fit in a suitcase, making it the perfect travel companion. Setting up bath time has never been easier. With no buttons or fasteners, the Puj Flyte can be setup by simply setting it in the sink. That’s it! During bath, it cradles the baby, keeping them protected and comfortable. In such a comfortable position, they won’t want to get out! The Puj Flyte fits in a wide range of pedestal and countertop sinks, allowing parents to bathe baby from a comfortable, upright position. No more bending, kneeling, or backbreaking. You can give the entire bath standing up. Its material is mold and mildew resistant; and since it’s non-absorbent, it dries in seconds. It’s also super easy to clean. Simply use traditional soap and water to gently rinse the surface. It will help it stay extra squeaky clean.

Main features

  • Cradles and protects baby during bath
  • Small enough to fit in a suitcase
  • Great for home and travel
  • Fits in wide range of pedestal and countertop sinks
  • Non absorbent

Verified reviews


A useless product

Writing this review despite a total lack of time. This tub is a total waste of money: have to bathe my three-month old daily because of eczema. I use a gallon of water and one tea-spoon of hydrogen peroxide to desinfect her skin. Tried the tub for this purpose today. It only fit three quarts of water. Ok, I thought. When I very gently put my 12 pound baby in, of course some water came out through the overflow slots at the edges. Well, when I gently took the baby out to see how much water was left — there was no more than a cup of water. If you would like to bathe your wee one in a cup of water, this may be the tub of choice then… Anything more than that will flow right out through the side slots. A total waste of money and ridiculously overpiced.

Elizabeth Rudd, IA

Jusr alright…

Good for a newborn that it does not hold much water, but it has no support, and is slippery when wet. Baby slides down in it an it crooks her neck. Very compact and good for the sponge baths, once the umbilical cord is off and you can allow the baby to sit in water, this will not do it. Expensive for something you may use for maybe 4 weeks.

Vilma Centreville, MD

Good while it lasts, but he didn’t fit in it for long

After about 6-8 weeks, he was too big. We tried to push it to 10 weeks and he made quite the mess.My only complaint was that as soon as we out him into it, the water level got RELLY low. To remedy this, we left the water running a trickle while he is in it. This worked great until he accidentally hit the hot water off with his arm and cold water started running onto him. He started to wiggle a lot and I had to pick him up mid-bath to readjust the temp, haha.

Mellisa Cottage Grove, OR

Worked great – briefly

It didn’t take long for baby to grow out of this but I loved it for those first weeks. If I just want to give her a spongebath I would still use it, as it doesn’t hold much water.

Fay Hereford, AZ

love Puj

I may like the Puj Flyte more than the original Puj! The material is slightly harder and the shape of the flyte fits well in our sink. My husband prefers it over our original puj because he feels that the original falls apart from the magnets. This has no magnets so he has nothing to worry about 🙂

Roberta Oakman, GA

Don’t purchase if you have a big baby!

Despite many reviews that warned me of the small size of this, I went ahead and purchased it because I really, really, really wanted to bathe my son in the sink. Well, he was 9 lbs when he was born and never lost any of his birthweight, and he literally outgrew this when he was a month old. We ended up just bathing him in the bathtub with a little water. This turned out well because there was no "transition" to the big bathtub. Now that he can be on his tummy, he absolutely loves playing in the water.The other features of this bathtub are nice. It’s compact and slim and beautiful and modern. But if you have a big baby, it just doesn’t work. So, listen to the reviews!!

Mercedes Ottawa, IL

Its great for storing flat

I spent a lot of time trying to find a baby bath that could be folded and put away because we have a very small space. Most baby baths are huge and bulky and don’t fit anywhere. I have used this for 6 weeks now and I have appreciated the ease in which I can take it out, use it, and put it away.What I like:I like the size and shape of this bath which makes it foldable and portable if needed.What I don’t like:Other reviews mention the fit in some sinks and we have had difficulty with this being to close to the faucet in the bathroom sink. Our son loves bath time and kicks his feet which puts his knees too close to the faucet.I don’t like the fact I can’t keep the baby upright enough without having to constantly hold him. This bath doesn’t keep the baby from sliding down and even using a towel in the bottom of the bath for traction, has not been enough to keep him from sliding.This bath is a bit more expensive than the bulkier baths and can only be used until the baby is a pretty small weight which will require buying another bath.Overall I am please with this for as long as I can use it but sure wish the baby didn’t slide down in it so much.Recommendation:I would recommend this for anyone looking for a space saving option, is traveling and wants to take a baby bath with them, and doesn’t mind not having the free use of both hands during bath time.

May Isleton, CA

Love it!

I have a small bathroom so I didn’t have space for a big tub. This is perfect. When I’m not using it, I hang it on a command hook on the tile wall of my bathroom. It fits perfectly in my bathroom sink (I have a larger sink with an oval shape and a faucet that can move to the sides so it’s perfect) and then stores neatly out of the way. It fills up quite nicely, so my son is somewhat submerged in water. He’s only 6 weeks and fits very well in this; however, I do see that I will have to use something else in a few months, which I don’t mind. I didn’t have the option of using my kitchen sink to bathe my son, so this was a perfect fit for me. My son loves it as well, though I have to admit he is very complacent and has not been picky about anything. At times when my husband is bathing him he holds him a bit unconventionally, and my son has even grabbed the sides of this when he feels unsafe. I still hold his head when he’s in it because I’m not sure if it would cushion his head enough if he were to bob against it, but as he gets a little older I will probably give him more freedom in this. I just wish it came in more colors.UPDATE: My son finally outgrew it at five months. Well, he actually outgrew it at four months but my husband insisted on using it for another month until his splashing got to be too much for the sink. I kept it hanging in the bathroom because I loved it so much and just didn’t want to accept he was too big to use it by giving it away. Then one day I finally had to bathe him in his new bathtub (I bought the duck infant bathtub, super adorable and my son loves that one now) inside the big bathtub (because of his splashing), but I hadn’t gotten around to buying a kneeler yet. I was folding a towel to place on the tile for my knees, when I happened to look over at this hanging on the wall. When folded, it’s a little curvy but just about a good width and length to kneel on. Light bulb goes off and I take the flyte, place it on the floor in front of the tub (curve towards the tub wall), place the towel over it, and kneel on a light and fluffy cloud (I’m sure you can just kneel on the towel, but this gives a little spring to the towel). No need to spend money on a kneeler, this is perfect for that use once the baby outgrows it! I was able to kneel just on this without the towel also, but the towel gives a little height so I can reach in the bathtub better. Obviously it’s not worth buying it as just a kneeler since there are cheaper options, but if you’ve used this tub for your baby and now he or she has outgrown it, keep using it this way unless you have someone you can give it away too. Just thought I’d post this suggestion to show that it can last longer than just a couple of months.

Juliana Blakely, GA

Did Not Work in Any Sink We Tried

We bought this for a 10 day trip with our four month old daughter. It did fold up and fit in my carry-on suitcase as advertised but it did not really work well for bathing her. I tried it three times in three different sinks but it never seemed to fit properly. It only ended up holding a small amount of water so she got cold and uncomfortable (but not very clean). It was easier to just sponge bath her, in which case we did not need to buy this kind of expensive tub.

Lorie Plymouth, VT

Love it!

It took me a long time to decide between the Puj Tub and the Flyte, but I eventually decided against the Tub because of reviews about how the bottom would randomly unfold. I didn’t have this for my first child, but I wish I did! It was so much easier to sponge bathe a newborn in this. It fits in our small sink perfectly, but I would recommend a high-arc faucet so baby doesn’t accidentally hit it. It’s very easy to clean, quick to dry, and easy to store. I just hung it on a 3m hook behind the bathroom door. I would absolutely recommend the Flyte!

Ruth New Pine Creek, OR


This did not fit well in our bathroom sink and our baby slid all over the place in it. Save the money and buy the $10 bathtub with sling that everyone else uses and bathe your baby in the kitchen sink or bathtub. I can’t even get anyone to take this for free!!

Cheryl Victor, ID

Great for first few months

We loved this tub for the first few months of our baby’s life. It was super easy to use and clean. I’m sad that our baby is too big for this now!

Aline New Lothrop, MI

must have for newborns

if you have a short list of "must haves" this should be on it for new baby. (especially if first child)Makes life much easier giving baths without breaking your back or fear of dropping kid etc.(i had super large baby and could use it till she was 6 months old which was 29" 22 lb)

Alyson Aaronsburg, PA


We have a generic pedestal home depot sink and this worked perfectly. It is angled well so baby’s head was up out of the water and served as a good cushion barrier from the sink. Huge plus was that it folds up so nicely for storage in a very tiny bathroom.

Naomi Veneta, OR

I would not buy again

I don’t like this bath at all. I was really whetted to the idea of washing the babies in the sink. I’m short and our tub is deep so the only way for me to reasonably wash them is to crawl into the tub since my arms can’t reach from the outside. Before you purchase this, you need to consider the dimensions of your sink, shape, and placement of the faucet. I think if your sink is too small, this is going to be difficult to use. In addition, if the faucet is low or protrudes too much, it will be obstructive. The best combination would be a medium-sized, oval sink, with a faucet that isn’t in the way. Having said that, I have a large, square sink with a very high faucet that can be rotated out of the way.Cons:1) It doesn’t have a drain at the base. After you’ve washed your baby with soapy water, the only way to empty that dirty water is to lift him out of the Puj tub, flip it over to dump the water, and put him back in. It’s a bit dangerous when you’re by yourself and the baby is a wet, slippery mess.2) It doesn’t fit my square sink nicely. It tends to tilt to one side or the other spilling the baby out.3) Even when they are older and bigger, they tend to slide down to the bottom leaving their neck extremely flexed and crumpled.Pros:1) It folds up nicely saving you a ton of space and also allows you to take it with you if you travel.

Aisha Pine City, NY

Outgrew it quick & burn risk

This worked great at first but since our daughter was a month or two old we have used a baby bath that sits in the tub instead.She likes to kick her legs and feel the water with her feet and couldn’t do it with this tub.A safety problem is that they can reach the hot water handle which could burn your little one easily. When my daughter was less than a month old she was already turning that handle when she swung her arms. I just turned her the other way so she would hit the cold water handle instead. Still not fun though.If they poop in the tub (happened a lot in the beginning for us!) I would rather have poop in the bathtub to clean than my sink. Just seems grosser…Not worth it for the money with the burn rid jabs since they outgrow it quickly.

Jeannine Lometa, TX

Was just fine till 6m old

We were using it at home and to travelEasy to clean, immediately dry, folds, light, warm with water, fits most of the sinks.

Molly Bradford, NY

Didn’t work in my sink

I really wanted to love this thing. Great concept and would have been perfect for travel if it worked. Unfortunately, couple of issues:-My baby loves to be immersed in the water. The Puj Flyte only allows water to hit his bum and waistline.-Doesn’t work in my bathroom sink because the spout is too close to the sink. Actually it’s not that close, but when I tried putting the baby in the Puj, it was way too cramped and he almost hit his head and kicked his feet on the spout a few times.-Didn’t work in the kitchen sink either. One side was too cramped and water only came up to his waist. The other side of the sink was too large for the Puj.Really unfortunate! Still on the search for the perfect tub for my newborn!

Barbara Gerber, CA

Great baby bath

We love this. It’s perfect for our small sink. He grew out of it at about 25". But now he’s big and strong enough to go in the tub with a little help.

Toni Nash, TX

Love it

This was the perfect option for us–we live in a small apartment, and I hate things that take up a lot of space. We’ll eventually migrate to a mesh seat in the big tub, but for now this is awesome. Be sure it fits in your sink though–some are too big or too small. I just wish that the company made an option for converting this into a "big tub" reclining seat as the child grows!

Cathryn Miamiville, OH

awesome portable bathtub

We registered for the Puj because we lived in a small 1 bedroom apt and knew we would be traveling around a lot in the first few months of my son’s life. The puj was awesome for these first few months. It folds up and can be hung in the shower to dry between uses and when we traveled or flew places with him, it could easily fit in our suitcase and then we could bathe him in any sink –kitchen or bathroom sinks.He is starting to outgrow the puj now at about 3 months but now he is big enough to bathe directly in the bathtub, so we can avoid having to buy one of those huge infant tubs that do not fold up for easy storage.

Aurelia Mc Kinnon, WY

slips around in the sink

as I mentioned, this slips around in the sink but, it is much better than nothing. I have to keep one hand on the whole tub/kid assembly at all times or it would just tip over. It seems to be slightly buoyant so it tends toward tipping.This has some slots for straps but I didn’t see any straps in the package.on the positive, this is cushiony, and warms up with just a little water. it lays flat and measures no more than 24" x 10" x 1.5" thick when folded. it folds flat lengthwise. you unfold it and can sort of jam it in the corner of the sink to keep it upright.This is ok for traveling. I like the First Years tub http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000067EH7/ref=wms_ohs_product?ie=UTF8&psc;=1 much better but it doesn’t fit in my suitcase.

Susan Desoto, TX

Puj Flyte

I used the puj flyte with my 1 month old. I actually put my 4 year old in the tub, washed him up, then bathed the baby while my older child continued to play in the water. It was great to get two things done at once. Plus my 4 year old was occupied while I took care of the baby’s needs. When I laid the tub in the sink I was happy to see it fit perfect. The sink spout easily filled the tub as the baby laid in it. The baby was not so sure about the bath. The height of being in the sink worked great. It was nice to have everything so close and in reach. I didn’t have to bring a bunch of stuff out for his bath. The tub itself fills up and has a little hole further up the side. I would have liked an additional hole to release water lower down. Evan was not too happy about all the extra water and I think it is easy for it to fill too much. Plus when it came to dumping the water it was a little more difficult to maneuver, but I managed. Overall, I like this tub and will continue to use it as baby’s bath tub while my 4 year old is in the bigger tub to help save time.I think the puj flyte is perfect for people that travel or have limited space. It is really compact, easy to store and use. I also think its great for anyone that wants to use the bathroom sink instead of the kitchen sink to bath their baby.

Ivy Sanborn, NY

Great storage and material

I needed something that stored well because we lived in a tiny apartment. This thing is well padded and fits well in the kitchen sink. I never tried it in the bathroom sink, but I think it would work just as well. We now use it in our larger/deeper kitchen sink in our house. Love that I can still put it away.

Teri Albion, PA

Works great for newborn

Soft and flexible. Works great for newborn. We put it inside a flat bottom oval tub, which we then put on top of the changing table so it was easy to reach.

Marcella Wilson, KS

Love love love this!!!

We have a small home lacking storage so I was searching high and low for a compact bath solution for my newborn. This is perfection! It fits in the bathroom sink, no back breaking bending over a bathtub. It is soft enough to comfortably cradle the baby yet structured enough to keep the baby safe. I would highly recommend this as a wonderful space saving option.

Helene Killbuck, OH