Pump-a-Pair Hands-Free Pumping Accessory for Top-Hook Nursing Bras

Pump-a-Pair Hands-Free Pumping Accessory for Top-Hook Nursing Bras

Pump-a-Pair is a, fast, easy and affordable hands-free pumping accessory! Pump-a-Pair is a simple strap that works with your breast pump and top-hook nursing bra or tank by attaching to the hook on the strap of your nursing bra and hooking to the flap of your nursing bra. The breast pump’s shield then slides into place under your nursing bra flap and is supported by your nursing bra. You can also adjust the length of the Pump-a-Pair to create the correct support for the shields. Pump-a-Pair is one size fits all because it uses your nursing bra or tank that is already sized for you to create hands-free support!

Main features

  • Fast, Easy and Convenient to Use and store with your pumping supplies!
  • An Affordable way to make pumping more comfortable and enjoyable!
  • Read a magazine, go online or play with your baby while pumping!
  • Works with YOUR top-hook nursing bra or tank (designed to work with all top-hook nursing bras or tanks and all manufacturers of breast pumps)
  • Breast Pump and Top-Hook Nursing Bra NOT included and are required for use

Verified reviews


Not so great.

This gadget didnt really work for me, i could not get it attached and adjusted to where it made sense at all and it still didnt allow me to go handsfree. Spend the extra money and buy a pumping bra.

Fay Conway, MO

Does not work

This definitely does not work as described. It is way too long even when adjusted to it’s shortest setting to hold up my bra and allow me to pump hands free. I had better luck just reconnecting my bra after placing the shields on. Don’t waste your money!

Natalia Harrisonville, PA

I like the idea of it

I like the idea of what this product is “trying” to do. It honestly didn’t work for me though. The straps needed to be shorter. It didn’t hold my boobs up, only caused them to sag too low and loose suction. This will work if your nipple and areola are low, but if not then it may not work for you. I gave this 2 stars only because I like the idea of it cause it honestly didn’t work for me at all.

Angie Twig, MN

Does not add any value

This product was appealing to me because I wanted something that could be hands free with any of my nursing bras or tanks. All it does is lengthen your bra straps so that you can tuck the pump parts into your bra and have your bra hold them up. You can achieve this by just adjusting your bra straps, this doesn’t add any benefit really. The only thing it does is allow you not to have to adjust your bra straps back after pumping but I don’t see that as a big deal. I was very disappointed in this product.

Dale Straughn, IN

Hmmmm… helpful but not really worth the price

Pros:Can use your existing maternity braHas some adjustability in terms of length neededCons:I met with a lactation consultant who advised against this product. She said it cuts of the milk ducts on the side of the breast.Product is really expensive for basically a piece of fabric with two clasps.May not be helpful for ladies with small breastsDespite what the lactation consultant said, I still do use this product but kind of do massage on the sides to get those ducts flowing. I really like that I don’t have to strip down and change bras to pump 6 to 8 times a day.

Pansy Chrisney, IN

Great concept-wish they were shorter

I love the concept, and they work if I sit absolutely still. But they would work much better if they were shorter. I am fairly petite and even adjusted to the shortest length, there’s too much slack in them and they don’t pull the nursing bra up high/tight enough. I’m going to still use them but I have to be very careful in them.

Elinor Pattonsburg, MO