Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump

Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump

A double electric personal use breast pump ideal for daily use. Natural Expression pumping, One touch let-down button designed for faster milk flow, customized pumping with adjustable speed and vacuum control. Stylish backpack contains everything mom needs to pump. Battery Pack for pumping anywhere, anytime. Includes: Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump with 2 Phase Expression pumping in a stylish black microfiber backpack bag, Removable cooler carrier, Removable motor unit, Double pumping accessory kit, Manual breast pump, Cooling element, AC adapter, Battery Pak with soft cover #9017004, 4 collection containers and lids, 2 container stands, Breastfeeding Information Guide, Free breast pumping accessory samples.

Main features

  • Daily use breast pump with electric, battery, or manual operation
  • “Natural Expression two-stage system that simulates baby’s actual nursing patterns
  • Double or single pumping
  • Stylish black microfiber shoulder bag
  • Adjustable suction/vacuum

Verified reviews


Where’s the suction?

I was very disappointed in this pump. The faceplate popped off every time I used it and I ended up having to pump with my foot on it to make it work. I didn’t think the “let down” feature was even needed – a regular electric pump accomplishes the same thing. Then you needed to hit the button once let down begins and you have no available hands to do that with. Annoying! I say skip this pump and get the Pump In Style in the backpack. Much better and save yourself $40 while you’re at it.

Jeannette Knox City, MO

First-time Mom wondering why you need this particular model? Here’s why …

If you question how often you would use a pump (in order justify the expenditure to yourself or a reluctant husband/family member) here’s why YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT THIS PUMP:You can pump a bottle so that your husband or family member can help you with the numerous night feedings or give you a much needed break to take a nap or go do something for yourself.You can pump a bottle to take on the go in case you are going somewhere you cannot easily breastfeed.If you get mastitis or a clogged milk duct, you will need to pump that breast empty every feeding so that you will heal quickly. It was so painful for me but this pump gave me much needed relief.When the wonderful time comes that your baby sleeps long stretches at night, you will get engorged. When you wake up with very full breasts, this pump can quickly relieve you and not risk you decreasing your milk production when they start sleeping through the night.You can pump ahead to freeze your milk in case you get sick and need to take medication that is not good for your baby. This will prevent you from having to give up unnecessarily on breastfeeding too soon.ALL OF THIS CAN BE DONE SO QUICKLY WITH THE MEDELA BREAST PUMP. It is the only machine on the market that can accomplish what it does in the amount of time it does and it is worth every penny. So if you need help in justifying why the expensive machine is worth it, those are a few of my best reasons why I can’t live without it and you shouldn’t either.

Valerie Monarch, CO

AWESOME milk supply because of this pump!!!

I am a part time stay at home mom, and I would not have made it to 9 months of breastfeeding without this pump. I had a lot of problems breast-feeding my second baby. No problems with the first – go figure. I could not nurse her in the beginning due to cracked and bleeding nipples (from not nursing in the correct position) and this pump got me through it!! My pediatrician told me if I wanted to keep nursing I had to stop nursing (weird I know but she was right) and only pump. The way my daughter was nursing was making my nipples worse. So I stopped nursing her, and only pumped. My Dr. said the simulation of the pumping would heal the nipples. 5 days later it she was off my “are you crazy?” list – as I was all better. I got some breastfeeding consulting (so worth it) and off we went. The pumping actually healed my nipples and allowed me to still give her breastmilk. With my first baby I had the original Medela and it was pretty good, although I had problems with my supply. Mainly this was my own fault (I think). I did not pump at the exact times my baby would have eaten while away from him. Big no-no. Then with my newest daughter I decided to splurge and get the advanced backpack one because my milk supply was so important to me. WOW, what a difference. The beginning 2 minute cycle of the pump is awesome. It definitely feels MUCH more like an actual baby nursing, and closely matches it. For me this pump cuts down on the beginning pain when you first latch on the pump and start the cycle. With the old one it just jumps right in a starts sucking REALLY hard. With this one the beginning cycle is softer and quicker – hence getting the nipples ready and the milk flowing before really sucking it all out. I had an incredible supply of breastmilk and had bags and bags in my freezer for date nights!! 🙂 I am a part-time stay at home mom – SO yes this is for people that plan to be home all the time with their kids. Sometimes she doesn’t nurse all the milk out, so I pump the rest once she’s done!! It’s great!! Also, the sleek design of the backpack allows me to take it out and not feel self-conscious. I also bought the vehicle adapter and this allows me to pump while on the way to the movies!! Another way I keep my supply up. I can’t say enough about this pump.

Marjorie Henry, TN

Life saver!

I have this pump & it is heaven sent! My daughter was airlifted to a hospital an hour away after she was born & this pump saved me! It was comfortable to use, convienent to have & has a great little ice chest area. I stayed at the Ronald McDonald House for a while & it was great to have in the middle of the night – all I had tro do was oump & put the milk a3way right there. In the morning the milk was cold & I would bring it over. The bad is stylish & has room for everything you need.

Aileen Gramercy, LA

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!

When shopping for a breastpump 7months ago, I passed on this pump and opted for the Ameda Purely Yours, which worked fine up until last night when the motor broke. Since I pump exclusively and plan to breastfeed exclusiveely until my son is 1yr., needless to say, I needed a new pump immediately. I was looking to replace my Ameda but local retailers don’t carry that brand. I ran out to BRU and picked up the Medela PIS. I LOVED this pumped from the MOMENT I began using it!!!!! Like the Ameda, I am able to pumped both breasts, but with the Medela I get my 8-10oz out in 1/2 the time. Now it only takes me 5-10mins MAX and I’m done. This is perfect since I pump 3 times at work. I love the sleek backpack. The only reason why I’m not giving it 5stars is because the entire assembly is much heavier that my old Ameda, but that’s okay with me. Everything else about the pump is perfect. I don’t mind the 2 bottle top caps…nothing leaks through them..so who cares if they’re not regular caps. I’ll definitely recommend this pump to anyone who has to pump more than 2x per day. I only wish I had gotten it sooner instead of the Ameda. Now that we’re planning on #2, I feel confident that this pump will last through that 1yr of breastfeeding that baby too.

Christi Irene, SD

LOVE the PIS Advanced and It’s Worth the Extra Money!

The Pump in Style Advanced is the BEST pump out there! I have the shoulder bag version and it’s worth every penny. The pump itself works great and is very efficiant and quick. The bag is roomy and I keep all of my supplies for pumping away from home in it. The let down feature is nice and I find it helps speed things up. Medela PIS is the best!

Karla Morgan Mill, TX

An awesome pump

Because of initial problems breastfeeding, I used the hospital grade Medela symphony for the first month of my son’s life. After returning that rental, I went out and bought the PIS Advanced backpack. This is a great machine that gets out a good amount of milk in a short amount of time. This has been great now that I am back at work and sometimes only have a quick break for pumping. This is so easy to set up and store that I can set the pump up, pump, store the bottles and put everything away all in about 20 minutes and still get as much as 10 ounces in one session.I don’t use the bottles that came with the pump for long-term storage. I use Lansinoh storage bags for the milk that I freeze and for the refrigerated milk, I bought an adapter that allows me to pump straight into Avent bottles. I’m not sure the bags or the adapter are on sale here on Amazon, but they’re worth looking into.

Carolyn Laurel, MS

Tried & true pump

I am lucky enough to own at least 3 breastpumps, and this one appears to be my favorite! I have used: Bailey Nurture III, Playtex Embrace, PIS Advanced, Medela Harmony, Avent Isis, Medela Hospital grade and a few others. They all have their pros and cons.I originally bought the Playtex Embrace for when I went back to work, and I even bought 2 extra breast cup sets so I wouldn’t have to clean them during the day (I pump 3 times a day). This combo worked fine for me, and the Playtex pump has its merits. I found, however, that the PIS is much easier to clean and assemble, with less parts to take apart and wash at the end of the day, so I have ended up using only the PIS (with a Harmony as a backup for emergencies).I have found it easier to have 3 total sets of connectors and valves/membranes and one set of breast cups to use (Try the soft fit and larger sized ones to find the perfect fit). When I’m done pumping I just remove the cups and wipe them with the terrific Medela Quick Cleaning Cloths for the next use, and throw the connectors into a ziplock bag to wash at home later.I find that the volume of milk I get is approximately the same using the Medela or the Playtex, but since the Medela is so much easier to clean at night, this one wins over the Playtex Embrace.I did have to buy a car adapter for the Medela and the Playtex comes with one. Also, I use the Playtex bottles and One-step storage system with Drop-ins, so I had to buy 2 kits in order to have to adapters to double pump with.Now I plan to buy a Hands free pumping bra next.Thanks to all these wonderful products, I am able to feed my baby exclusively breast milk and she is now five months old.I plan to continue pumping at work for at least seven more months and I believe the PIS will take me there.

Susanna Athens, MI

Great for sore breasts!!!

I was breast feeding my newborn and had just about decided to give up breast feeding when I found this pump. It allowed me to continue to feed my baby breast milk while I gave myself time to heal. I used the AVENT bottles with pumped milk and she had no difficulty switching between the two.

Renae Hoschton, GA

Fantastic pump!

I had a fever in the hospital and they did not allow me to feed my baby until my fever broke. So as a result, they gave her a bottle in the nursery. Needless to say, weaning her to my breast was not easy and very, very frustrating. To further complicate matters, when my milk came in, I was so engorged that it was taking her twice the work to get anything. I was using a mini electric to relieve the engorgement which was not working well at all. I was fed up and I decided to pay the extra money to buy this pump because of all the great reviews. I am so happy I did because I was able to relieve the engorgement enough so that she was able to feed. I was able to wean her to the breast in less than a day after using the pump. And, when she is done with one breast and doesn’t want the other, I am able to empty it in less than 10 minutes (sometimes even just 5 minutes!). I highly recommend this pump because it saved my baby from being on formula.

Traci Mamers, NC

Worth all the money!

PROS:1. Inconspicuous2. Let Down starts in the first 2 minutes3. QUICK – 15 max mins per breast4. Can pump two breast at a time5. Plenty of accessories to start with (and spares)6. Durable (this bag has been with me everywhere, including travel and still holding strong)7. Can be used in a CAR with the attachementCONS:1. Not very quiet (I use cloth to reduce the noise)

Violet Westford, VT

Still running strong with child #2

I received the pump in style as a shower gift for my first child over 3 years ago (2003). Due to medical problems early on I had to exclusivly pump for child #1. The pump worked great. I used it several times a day and it was very effective and comfortable. I used it for about 3 months straight after she was born. I stopped using it not because it wore out, but because pumping several times a day for months was so much work that I couldn’t keep doing it. My determination ran out before the pump’s did! After that I packed it up and planned on using it again if I had another child.Child #2 was born early December 2007 and I was very pleased to find that my Medela pump was still in excellent working order. Child #2 was a professional breastfeeder from day 1 so I only used the pump when trying to boost my supply or to relieve pressure from engorgment when the baby wasn’t hungry. I’d say I used it a few times a week for the first 2 months. After 2 months I had to go back to work and my Pump in Style came with me. I’ve been working for a few weeks now and I use the pump twice a day. It works as good today as it did 3 years ago. The quality has not gone down one bit. I plan on feeding child #2 exclusivly breastmilk as long as possible and I’m confident that my breastpump will allow me to do so.If you plan on going back to work and pumping, or if you plan on having multiple children then this is a great pump for the job. It LASTS. Its expensive, but better to spend the money upfront, get a pump that works great, is effective, comfortable, and will last you through the years than to throw money away on a cheaper model that you’ll end up replacing.The pump is so great that I’m willing to bet that it’ll last right through child #2 and if we decided to have another child, it will be ready to go again in a few more years.

Audrey Caroleen, NC

Have really liked this pump!

The spotlight review gives so much great info, I won’t try to repeat. Just wanted to suggest that if you have any questions, you should get someone to help show the best way to use the pump for you.The hospital I was at had a strong lactation program. The lactation consultant who worked with me when my daughter was born offered to help show me how the pump could work best for me. Everyone thinks about getting help with breastfeeding, but it hadn’t occured to me until then to get help with the pump too!!! It helped alleviate so many of my concerns about using the pump correctly to get the most milk.I was quite frankly intimidated by the whole process and it helped so much to have someone go over how the pump works with me. I’ve used it every day for almost 6 months and it has been a great pump.

Christy Toyahvale, TX

Great pump! Easy to use!

I bought this pump on ebay for $219 including shipping. Before buying, shop around for a good deal!Anyway, as a first time Mom, I had no idea what I was doing when it came to pumping and this pump is really easy to use. It only has one dial, so no need to fiddle with dials while pumping. All I do is turn it on and place the cups on my breasts and hold them there until I am done. The pump automatically switches from letdown mode to regular mode after 2 minutes. And, if you want you can press a button to switch the modes sooner than that. I do that sometimes, especially when I single pump. But when double pumping, it is hard for me to hang on to the collection bottles while playing with buttons and dials. I can get a good amount of milk in a short amount of time. Doctor Brown’s bottles fit right on, so I don’t have to transfer the milk from one bottle to the other and lose all the stuff that gets stuck to the bottle when it is refrigerated. The motor is a bit loud – I find it distracting when I try to visualize my baby to get let down. But I have never had a problem letting down and the amount of milk I can collect has been increasing steadily with practice.The first time I used the pump I only got 2-3 oz, but now I get a lot more than that – probably an average of 7 or 8 oz at a time unless it’s early morning. Then I get about 9 or 10 oz in about 8 minutes.You can buy Evenflo brand breastmilk collection bottles – 4 for $4.99 – instead of the pricey Medela breastmilk storage kit to use as extra collection bottles.Medela customer service is great too – When the Advanced was first manufactured there was a problem with the faceplate coming loose. This knocked the yellow plug out which caused me to lose suction while pumping. I called Medela and they overnighted me a new faceplate at no charge.One thing to note: I am finding that I want a manual pump as well because a manual pump is more convenient for travel and at home use. Sometimes, when I’m out without the baby I need to pump and it is just too inconvenient to plug in all the hoses of this pump and use the battery pack. A manual pump is easier. The one that comes with the pump is exhausting to use (it’s a bicycle horn style pump) so I just ordered a Medela Harmony as well. I plan to leave this pump at work so I don’t have to drag it back and forth. It is heavy! I’ll just bring the bottles and pump horns back and forth which should be a lot easier.

Lawanda Columbia Cross Roads, PA

Great pump!

I used the Advent Isis for a while, but found that I was maxing out at about 4 – 6 oz each time. This pump gets me at least 8 if not 10 oz each time. This was helpful as I pump most of the time and nurse only one or two times a day.The carrying case makes it easy to pump at work and anywhere else I go.

Lynne Payson, IL

Takes too long!

I received this as a gift and was excited to use it since I had been renting a Medela Symphony for 4 months and didn’t want to keep paying $75 a month for a pump. This thing gets the same amount of milk as the Symphony, it just takes twice as long to do so. My morning pump time has increased from 30 minutes to at least an hour each time and my pumps during the rest of the day have gone from 15-20 minutes to 30-35. I go back to work soon and can’t afford to take such long breaks so I’m hoping I can find a quicker pump before then. I just ordered the Ameda purely yours and am hoping it works quicker for me. I’ll update after using it.

Sondra Munster, IN

Handsfree pumping

I’ve used all sorts of medela pumps, hospital grade Lactina, Symphony, and the PIS advanced is just as good if not better. I didn’t like the Symphony at all b/c the diaphragm that goes on the machine has to be really tight or it won’t have good suction (which is most of the time). I’m on my third PIS advanced. With my first child, I had the PIS advanced backpack, first generation, and pumped for a year. The amount of milk was adequate (had enough frozen away for extra month after I stopped). I just didn’t like the faceplate (I broke 3, where you attach the tubing to the faceplate), and the storage space for the backpack is very limited. Then I bought the PIS advanced shoulder bag with my second child. The storage area is better but the faceplate is still the same. Then the PIS advanced limited edition came out. I saw it and fell in love with it. So I had to get it. It’s the nicest one thus far and long overdue. The motor sits in a separate bag and the tubing can fit in the side pocket. There is no danger of breaking the faceplate. I can just carry that to and from work. I have two sets of parts, one for home and one at work). The bag has lots of storage space and best of all, it’s chic. They have blue, chocolate and black. It also doubles as a diaper bag for me.As for hands free pumping: the only reason I was able to pump for a year fist time and now 11mo and still going is b/c of the hands free pumping kit. You have to get the Medela softcup bras (they’re comfy anyway) that supports handsfree pumping. There are 2 tabs inside on the bottom and one latch on the top. You don’t need to buy the whole hands free pumping kit; you just need the loop and hook attachment (part #3007073). That hooks onto the top of the bra where there is a latch. Then you tie a rubber band (thicker kind from any office supply store) around the tabs (3 of them, two sewn in the bra and one from the loop and hook attachment). Then you put the breastshield with connector with bottles attached on your breast. Then you loop the rubber band separately around the connector (the part where you’re suppose to attach the tubing). Connect the tubing, Viola, it should stay there snugly. You don’t have to hold them anymore. You can also use this method with the softfit breastshield. If you have larger breasts, use bigger rubberbands or link two together. Now you can massage to get more milk, eat lunch, type on the computer, whatever (just can’t lie down). You can buy adapter for avent system and pump directly into their bottles, or other brands. And there is no need to pump every 3-4h after your milk supply is established… that’s insane. In the first few weeks it may be necessary to establish supply. I pumped 4 times a day and was able to get min 30oz a day (I was bottle feeding breastmilk exclusively), then slowly decreased to 3, to 2 to 1 as my baby got older. The key is to pump all the milk out (with massaging and squeezing your breast) and then let it run 1-2min longer. Also, use the maximum suction you can tolerate (this will increase and plateau as you pump). If you want to decrease supply, just pump shorter and longer period of time lapse in between pumping. If you want to increase, pump longer and more frequently as well as drink more water/eat more. I could increase and decrease my supply at will, even without breastfeeding.I pumped directly into 9 oz or 11 oz avent bottles using the avent adapter (avail at Babiesrus). There are other systems out there. I used the lansinoh milk storage bags to store my milk. I store about 10-12oz (max 12oz) in each bag, squeeze all the air out, and deep freeze it for 6mo. I know lansinoh suggest less than that, but it can be done as long as you get all the air out. The trick is to use the side of a table, push the milk up to the ziplock and squeeze close the ziplock as the air is pushed out. Since there are two zippers, a little milk can leak out of the first zipper to help get all the air out. The bag will expand in the freezer just fine. Once it’s frozen, just don’t nick the bag (b/c it’s easy to damage it) and it will stay fine for 6mo in a deep freezer. Even if you do damage the bag, it’s ok. it’s just a pain when you thaw it. When you thaw the milk, you might see a little precipitate, but baby likes the milk just like it was fresh.Happy pumping.

Sydney North Stratford, NH

Medela is best

This is definitely the pump to have if you are going to have to pump much. I had to pump the first month of my baby’s life while she was in the hospital. I had a lot of trouble getting my supply up since she wasn’t on me, and I wasn’t even able to hold her much. I used the hospital pump during the day, and at night this one after I got it. At first I had a single pump (Medela), but it took twice as long. Plus, the lactation consultants say that double pumping stimulates your production better. I got as much from this pump as the one at the hospital. Pumping is not fun, breastfeeding is so much easier, but if you have to pump this is the way to go. Medela pumps are much better than the rest. Breast milk is so much better than formula. Whatever it takes, it is worth them getting the breast milk.

Elaine Como, MS

A must have for nursing mothers!

I purchased the Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump and it was the best purchase that I have made! I nurse my newborn, she is 1 week old, then I finish pumping to “empty” my breast as this allows her Father to feed and bond with her as well. It also helped my mature milk come in faster which was a lifesaver with a hungry newborn.This product is definitely worth the money and is highly recommended by me.This will also help when I go back to work so that my milk supply will not decrease during the day.

Kerry Tornillo, TX

I couldn’t live without it.

I originally used the Avent hand pump, but I realized after 2 months that I had to get an electric pump because my hand hurt and it took too long to pump. I absolutely love this pump. I accidentally sat on one of the tubes and it caused a piece to break off of the plug, but it still keeps suction and I haven’t had to replace it. I will with the next baby though. It’s relatively quiet for an electric pump too. The bag is cute and discreet so I never feel awkward carrying it. I would recommend buying the steam cleaning bags too — they’ll save you a lot of time. I really think that this pump made it possible for me to return to work and continue to nurse. Well worth the money, especially if you plan to have another baby in the future. Don’t forget to buy the car adapter as well!

Mallory Woodland Hills, CA